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Pizza Hut Pakistan / unfaif treatment

1 Pakistan Review updated:

I am an employ at pizza hut f/10 branch, islamabad, pakistan..
I have been working for the past 8 months as a cashier..
I was forced to resign by the managment. They have no respect for their employes.
The management at pizza hut f/10 branch, islamabad, pakistan has no respect and dignity for their employes. They use bad language and threathen they employees. I was told to wash dishes and when I refused I was forced to resign.
The manager takes undue advantage of the company. They get wrong refunds and do not payfor the food they eat, which is against the company rules.

I would like some concerned person to take a look into this... My name is nasir ali khan and my # is [protected].

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  • Sm
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    Dear Sir,

    I am Kashif Qaseem your regular customer, I want to register a complaint about your service which is continuesly going bad from few weeks. Last night I ordered a Chicken Tikka Large Pizza on your Pizzahut Mr Abbas tak my order at 1:31AM & slip time was 1:32 am, he told that you will have received your order within 30 to 35 minutes (means 2:02 AM to 2:07 AM) then he forwarded my order to Khayaban-e-shahbaz branch.I did not receive the order afterward I called & reminded at 2:12 am the person told that you will receive your order within 10 minutes but I do not receive till 2:23 am.

    Again at 2.23 AM I let them know that I did not receive my order yet, the order person said again repeating the sentence that you will receive your order with in 10 minutes but as usual I did not receive. Afterward same thing happened twice and he replied same as I mentioned above in 10 minutes time difference, at last I call again to call center and told them still I didn’t receive my order at that time rider has arrived and delivered my order at 2.45 AM. I got my order but I am sorry to say that it was cold not fresh and not so called “ OVEN HOT”. Again I called and complaint about this to your staff person Mr. Abbas, he said that I forwarded you order to khyaban-e-shahbaz branch there supervisor Mr. Shahzad call you now but I have received his call after 5 to 7 minutes (2:55 AM) and said you will be receiving hot & fresh pizza, finally within 10 minutes (means 3.05 AM) but finally I received my order at 3:15 am (means after 20 minutes) I got new & fresh one but with out onion topping & garlic powder but I paid full charges. (I must mention that I receive my order in 1 Hour & 33 Minutes, is this the service that the multinational organization should deliver)

    It was not happened first time but two times before that I received the bad service. But I must say this time it was worst because I did not ordered for myself alone but for my some special guests which I invited for special occasion & I really felt shame in front of them.

    I hop that you will note my complaint and punish that related persons as no one can feel pain & shame like I faced.


  • Ze
      1st of Oct, 2008
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  • Aq
      14th of Jan, 2014
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    sir tody i deliver a pizz from your rwp branch. in pizza there is no chiken. plz tell me now what i will do. contact me

  • No
      21st of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    pizza hutt ma waqi resppect nahe ha boss managment employe ko ye smjti ha k ye hamare ghulaam hain gaal gloch dhmkiaaan k ma tmhain utha ker reasurent se bhr phaink doon ga etc etc ma b pizza hutt ka employe hun lahore se rasikh shb ap ne sb yahan per pizza hutt ko lootny aur zalim loag bithaye huye hain. jinhain apny se neechy walon ka zara sa b ehsaah nahe. ap ko chahiea k ap khud har unit visit ker k apny employes se poochaon

  • Ja
      14th of Sep, 2014
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    I have been mis guided by mr shah noor who happened to be the floor supervisor on 15th of september 2014 at 1:00 am. I ordered a split pizza half super supreme half cheese lovers which is my normal order for the last two and a half years. Today when i called i was told that they dont give that pizza out and he forwarded the call to mr Shah noor who happens to be the floor supervisor he insisted that we dont give that pizza out on phone we are not allowed to which was new for me as i have ordered that pizza a minimum of 200 times or even more in the last 6 months. Which made me curious so i ordered a different pizza and called again from a different number and ordered the same split pizza ( Cheese lovers and Super supreme) and the guy on the phone took the order and confirmed me the price. Once the order was confirmed which was priorly denied by MR Shahnoor i asked to talk to Mr Shahnoor the floor supervisor and the representative came back and cancelled my order and said that we are not allowed to book this order. When i asked to talk to Mr Shah noor again they kept me on hold for atleast 30 mins and no one answered. ill make sure this gets through to every one on the web, news, and social media. I am sure you would be aware of the business losses mcdonalds is facing due to its negative hype on SOCIAL MEDIA, i wish Pizza hut Pakistan all the best to defend the poor and egoistic customer services of your representatives.

  • Ha
      22nd of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I just ordered a Pizza today
    There was a regular deal which the person explained
    When i enquired whether can i upsize it, he told me that with extra money, you can do that
    Due to some reason my landline got disconnected, when i called back, the new caller refused to upsize it, i had a talk with the manager CSR Mr. Muhammad Sohail, he listened to the call log am started defending his employee, i told him that i will go for complaint to which he said, this is my name & number, GO SUE ME..!!!

    I am seriously disappointed with the behavior of your Call center employees, this is what they are being trained for

    You have lost a customer for good
    And as far as i have my circle of people, i'll inform them never to order from
    Pizza Hut, as they have no respect for
    Really disappointed with your service.

  • Da
      3rd of Jan, 2015
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    yes i agree with you numan sunny . me bhi pizza hut me job krta tha wahan ke maneger ki galiyan or dhamkiya itni ziada ho gai the ke me ne apne area coutch umer khan ko complain ki magar koi faida nahee hua unho ne kaha tha call kr ke me tum ko bulaonga magar aaj tak nahee bulaya tha wahan ka cachear sadiq tu jesey meneger se bhi ziada power rakhta tha uski or maneger amir ki complain ki magar ek mounth se ab tak kuch nahee hua ab hr depatment walo ko pata chal jayega ke rider or staf itna jaldi kinyo bhag jata hay. me pizza hut ithad karachi ka ek esa rider ho jiske oper talukat nahee hain is liye ghar pe beth gaya.

  • Em
      16th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    i m employ in pizz hut for jehlum city, but the team of girls with us are mostly prositutes, they salected by sexual relations to sir zohib, sir waqar, sir sajid, i wana mention name that nemi relation with sir waqar, shaheen relation with sir zohaib both are fammous prositute of there area they came here to to get closed with new co workers to blackmale them to provide them also to make some clients for there team which they deal there all are working in traning in mangala brunch take action it will ###ed your piza hut..

    your will wisher,

  • Na
      28th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Aj hm by fortres lahore wali pizz hut ki branch ka visit kiya
    We ordered soup the soup was like hot water
    When we call waiter he said
    Yahan aisa hi soup milta bai
    They do not registered our complaint
    We also tell to manager
    We follow this complaint
    Please take action
    We also call at help line they aaid
    Abhi apko call aye gi branch sy
    But no reply
    Kindly take action

  • Na
      28th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    Please take action

  • Ha
      14th of Feb, 2016
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    I'm hasnain samana
    I'm sitting at your dilkusha (tariq road) Karachi.
    waitting 4 my Order since 45 mins & the staff is not responding as only 1 man is serving on the floor I also complaint to the manager but he also not respond but M isbehaved also may I ask you what we are? Are we beggerz or what?
    Even thay donot have goody bags for children
    They donot have any thing accept pizza
    So I request you to plz look in to the matter &oblidge
    My a.mail is

  • Am
      14th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    Worst serrvice demonstrated by your home delivery order desk no. 111 241 241 and ore than that by your Karachi University branch. Order placed at 7.15 p.m but due to improper delivery includes missing items followed by careless action against 8 to 10 calls to order desk and branch, till now at about 10.45 p.m. no proper order been served. 2.5 hours have been passed but nobody is taking care from your representative on nos. 111 241 241 and Karachi University branch.
    I have talked to almost 8 - 10 your representative but I feel that I am purchasing it with ZERO price.
    You must have to look into this as I have never seen such type of worst service in my life.
    Plwase takr proper action by investigating it and inform me on 021-34690649 or 0300 2003125. Amin

  • Fa
      1st of Apr, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I have visited Pizza hut restaurant Five Star, Hyderi, Karachi, I walked into restaurant 10:45 pm. After 25 minutes of waiting, when nobody came to take our order, I call one of the staff nearby to take my order. Then nearly around at 11:10 pm. Our order was taken by staff. after half an hour we have been served our starter. While we were eating starter. The staff came to me, told me that for some technical reasons we can't server your meal. I said why can't you tell me earlier on? So he said the oven is out of order. In fact the family came after me in to the restaurant was served meal before our order. When i started to complain the manager, The staff became very rude to us. One of the staff member was literally shouting at us. He was saying what is the big deal if you had to wait for an hour? So I said are you joking me? The one staff member that were shouting at us, pretend that he may start assault us any time. I want to know is it that your customer service? Is this the way you treat your customers? I have paid 460 something for the starter roll. I believe that we shouldn't suppose to pay for this starter once our full order is not served. I am very disappointed with the service and very very rude behavior of your staff. I want you to take an action. and refund the amount that staff took from me. Also i will never visit Pizza Hut again. Also i will make complain to the head quarter. I must say the staff has no manners whatsoever.
    I would highly recommend everyone to boycott them.

  • An
      26th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    Dear Sir/madam

    With reference to my previous letter Dated 25th of August 2017 (Copy Enclosed) I wanted to register a new complaint about your service which is continuously going bad day by day. Last Saturday 23-06-2018 I ordered Chicken Fajita Pizza Without Onion and Green paper at 1:05 pm and they promise me to deliver it within 30 min of time after 50 min they delivered my pizza with green paper topping on it (picture enclosed) after that i registered a complaint on 021 111-241-241 they told me that branch will contact you, every time I have to put a complaint after 40 to 45 minutes and same story they repeat again & again that branch will contact you soon after exact 2.5 hrs at 4:30 pm Branch Manager Mr. Adil call me and ask me to take my complaint back and promise me to deliver new pizza within next 30 min. As i am fed up with the calls i ask him to deliver it on next time and he promised me to deliver my new pizza at any day in morning shift so i called today 26-06-2018 12:15 pm at branch contact no 021-34531758 my call was picked by Mr Faizan he told me that Mr Adil resigned last Sunday and told me to registered a complaint to your call center, i again registered a complaint at 1:15 pm & Mr Abdul Rehman your Call center agent promise me that branch will contact you soon but after waiting of 1 hr i called your Call Center no again at 2:15 pm and your so called Mafia Leader of your Call Center Mr Amjad Ali told me that i am again black listed for making many Complaints & branch will not take my order anymore.

    Is this your policy that when a customer made complaint, you put them on block list rather than to resolve the issue.

    I request you to kindly resolve this issue, contact your higher authority and take some necessary action against your staff. I hope your management will take serious action against your staff.

    Thanking you and awaiting your immediate and positive response.

    Anas Parker

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