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Sonic Drive-Inpoor work enviroment

Date of incident september 19, 2020 at 10:00 am
While i working at this job i have realized that due to a certain fact that my manager has three daughter that work at sonic, i was targeted by one of his daughters who does not like me thus, suddenly i had been cut from carhoping and was only able to do fountain, she had made me do the chores no on else liked although it did not bother me as much but once i had found out there had been false accusations against me. I realized that the treatment by my manager and the other carhop was only going to get worse as i finished work that week, i had gotten my schedule for the following week and had been cut to only work three days, while anytime i did work which was 9am to 5pm, we would be told that you cannot go on break because we are not obligated to, i have tried my hardest to stick with the job but as i am being paid 7.15 and hour, i must find a new job and i am filing this complaint so that no one else will have to go through the same hatred that i have.

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    Shake wrong

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      Sonic Drive-InWaiting

      In newton Kansas we ordered at the standing stations. We were waiting over 20 minutes just for then to answer after we pushed the button. After they finally answered they walked passed us and helped everyone else and once the finally order it took another 20 minutes just for us to get ice cream cones. After they kept walking passed us seeing us stand there they didn't ask us if we were waiting. It's like they didn't care or didn't want to help.

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        The manager has hes wife coming in telling employees what to do and hollering at them and disrespecting them...