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I ordered a pizza by phone around 6:00 p. m. and told them I would pick it up around 7:30. I live about 45 minutes away, but needed to go grocery shopping. I was running late and called them at 7:30 and told them I was running late, but would be there shortly. the gentlemen said that was fine, it was waiting for me. I got there and there was no pizza. they tried giving me a personal pan pizza instead of the large pan pepperoni pizza that I had ordered. I told them that was not my order so they pulled my order up and it said large pan pepperoni pizza. they 2 guys ran around for about 5 minutes and said I guess they forgot to make your pizza. the personal pan was for another customer named tracy. they came back another 5 minutes and said we did not forget to make your pizza we are out of pan crust. I kindly said thank you and walked out. on the way home I got madder and madder. my son is autistic and for most people who know some autistic kids only eat 6 to 10 kinds of food, unfortunately pizza hut pizza is the only one my son will eat. I order any where from 3 to 5 pizzas every week from this pizza hut in bastrop, texas because I work in that town. well anyway I called back to the pizza hut and asked to speak with the manager. she got on the line and said she gave my pizza to the wrong tracy and that they were not out of pan pizza crust. so I told her your two employees just lied to me because they did not know what happened and she said "yes" they did not know what to tell you. she never apologized. so a another girl named "tracy" paid for a $3.00 pizza and walked out with a $15.00 pizza. she said "yes". the problem is this is not the first time they have done this to me. they gave my pizza to another girl named tracy when I ordered there a couple months ago. the bad part was the manager was rude about it and I told her this not my fault this was done. this manager about a month a go I ordered a pizza and I wanted a tea to go, so she handed me the cup to make my own tea. they didn't have any customers in there and I always place my order to go to take home. I will never, never walk into the bastrop, texas pizza hut again. I will have to drive an extra twenty minutes out of town to giddings, texas, but at least they always get it right. I hope people in the real world when they make a mistake can own up to it, instead of making the customer feel like they did something wrong. I don't want anything out of this. I just want to let someone know that it did hurt my feelings, but at least I can take the blame for my own action.

Tracy lambert.


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Pizza Hut - Pizza hut is ripping-off millions of consumers!
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
Pizza Hut - treatment of employees
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
Pizza Hut - treatment of employees
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Feb 15, 2010 12:58 pm EST

I toke my son and 8 of his friends to pizza hut for part of his 10th birthday party. I booked the table about 3wks in advance, and i was told to order the food half hr before we were due to arrive..I was on a very tight schedule, as Parents were coming to pick the children up in 45mins, we were lead to believe that the food would come to the table a couple of mins after we all sat down, then we were told that there had been a problem with the order so nothing had been ordered at all, we just couldnt understand why nobody had called us to ask about the order as we had left our number with them for that reason..So after this the waitress told us the food that we had re-ordered would take 6mins...well 15mins plus later we were still waiting, I had to leave my sons party and call 7 Parents to ask them if they could pick up their children over half an hr later than planned, Disgraceful, we just could not believe it, we will never be entering Pizza Hut ever again, what a total nightmare, Cheers Pizza Hut...

Sep 01, 2007 12:00 am EDT

I called to order a large stuffed crust half pepperoni half cheese. We were all very hungry & the pizza finally came, I got the plates & picked up a piece; no stuffed crust. I called our local Pizza Hut here in Gering, NE & I was told that they would deliver another, but that I had to give back the first pizza. I cannot believe it, I have never heard of having to give food back especially after I had to actually pick up a piece to find out there wasn't any cheese in the crust.

I stated to have my check sent back & pick up the pizza, I am calling another pizza place. Too bad that no one else does stuffed crust, this is what my family was wanting so badly.

Disappointed In Gering, NE.

Sep 06, 2007 12:00 am EDT

The Driver (Curtis) was driving too fast on Whiskey rd at the Kroger when I was attempting to cross the street. When I got to the Pizza hut at Whiskey rd I attempted to tell the manager about the incident and was told by Curtis " that I should get the ### out of the store". The managers instead of apologizing told Curtis to "come on". I do not think this is the right way it should have been handled. I live on Whiskey rd and walk to the store frequently. I do not what to worry about Curtis's driving or his bad attitude. Should your driver be cursing at people who are concerned about crossing the street? Are your managers not train to handle the drivers? They allow him too talk for the company and said nothing too me while Curtis threaten me. I know this isn't the policy of most pizza delivery places. There is insurance problems involved with this. I may be one citizen but I will tell everyone I know about Curtis and Curtis's behavior.

Feb 09, 2008 12:00 am EST

I called in an order for delivery of the pizza hut special 2 large pizzas bread sticks, cinnamon sticks they said it would be about 45 min... I said that is fine... then they called me back in about 10 min to say that the college had ordered 100 and some lg pizzas and so they were out of would I like med crust and they would give me three pizzas instead for $15 plus bread sticks and cinn sticks... I agreed and that was fine... it has been about 2 hrs now and no pizza... I call and ask about the pizza and they say they are out of med crust and they tried to call us back several times... I checked caller Id and they had called one time and that was that...

I told her to forget the order and I would not be back... this is not the first time I have had an issue with our local pizza hut... last week we went in to dine in and ended up waiting 2hr for our pizza... after 45 min we inquired about our order and they informed us they had lost our order... This pizza hut over the course of 5 or 6 years has gone from bad to worse... If I was corporate I would be embarrassed to have them associated with their company. The service is horrible and has been for a long time... and surely I am not the only one that has complained. Something needs to be done!

Mar 03, 2008 5:43 pm EST

My family and I ordered 2 orders of cheese sticks to be delivered. We were told it would be at least 50 min.s for them to be delivered. We said ok. After 1 hour and 20 min's we called back and the female who answered said there had been no order for our name... GOFF! We order from there regularly which can be obtained by our phone number. A male answered the phone. We did reorder because we love Pizza Hut foods. The complaint is of poor service and no regret of bad service. It should be brought to your attention. Sarah Goff... we live off of east main... 5 min's walking distance. The original 50 min (alleged) wait was bad enough.

Mar 23, 2008 2:58 pm EDT

Take out order promised for 15 minutes took 45 minutes. When asked about it, the lady at the counter was very rude.
Ticket# 47 at 3/23/08 2:24 pm at the above location.

How can I lodge a complaint with Pizza Hut? I did not see a place at their website.

Mar 28, 2008 4:09 pm EDT

I ordered a stuffed crust pizza and they said it would take 45 minutes to deliver it. After an hour and 15 minutes I called them and they said they knock on the door and no answer. Then they said they called my number and a woman answered and said she didn't order a pizza. Which was impossible since I had the phone the whole time. Then they said they would remake the pizza for full price and send it out in 45 minutes. we will see.

Jun 13, 2008 8:13 pm EDT

This was the worst; first the server came to the table; are you ready; than drinks came one straw (2 People); no tableware; no sugar( forgot to order). Salad and bread strick come; no fork; asked and had to ask a different server for tableware wait time; well my pizza there and no tableware how was I to eat by salad with my fingers I guess. Finial got a fork; after we were done; she comes back and ask if we had enought sugar; drinks are done. She takes the check and goes on break and never comes back after waiting 25 mins, because there is no one to ask. found the manager and talked to him; he say I 'll talk to her and he was sorry about the experiecne. We also waited appox 20 min for orders to be taken. I like your food ; but I will not go back for awhile due to the long wait and no tableware; and the lack of communition of the servicer for not letting me know she was going on her break and having another person take over for her; and the manager was not very concern of my feelings. I do not know the servicer name; she did not ware a name tag. I guess that so no one will be able to name her. The table was very small; you could not really order a large pizza and have it place on the table ; with drink without something getting spilled or falling on to the floor. I think that dining out is a speacl evening; and with the cost I would like it to be enjoyable for myself and husband; and this was not enjoyable; the dinner from Hell.
I hope you are able to do something about the poor service and manners of Pizza Hut.
Ginny B
Ford City PA.

Aug 05, 2008 2:20 am EDT

August 4, 2008
My family and I ate at the Pizza Hut on Geist Rd in Fairbanks Alaska with very poor customer service.
Our order was placed for drinks, bread sticks and pizzas. We ordered our drinks and appetizers and specified to the waitress that we wanted our appetizers before our pizza. (This I've never understood, why would they bring it with the main course or after?)What is a appetizer? Small portions of food served before the main course. The waitress returned later to take our pizza order. When our pizza arrived without plates or forks 30 min. after ordering. I asked to speak with the manager. The manager stated that if we wanted the appetizer before our food that we should have told our waitress at the time we ordered. The bread sticks arrived at our table 10 minutes after our pizza. The only action the manager took was to give us free drinks. Free drinks what a rip off. We told the manager that we would not come back, she stated that she did nothing. Well she was right she did nothing to make this right. The manager nor the waitress returned to our table to ask how our food was. What is it with these chain restaurants? Waitresses complain when they don't get tips. Get the order right, don't forget about your tables and you'll get your tips. The restaurant was so crowded a total of 7 people, 5 of them was us. Do we tip? Absolutely, when the waitress has done her job correctly. The manager needs better training and so does the waitress. This was absolutely ridiculous. Not one apology from the manager or the waitress.

Apr 10, 2009 9:51 pm EDT


Oct 11, 2009 6:53 pm EDT

Wednesday 7th October, I took My Family to pizza hut middlesbrough at 5pm, Food and service was excellent. Drove back today 5pm again, we had 2 options Nandos and Pizza Hut, But thinking of how enjoyed last wednesday it was an easy option to chooose Pizza Hut over Nandos . We walked in and we were welcomed by Tom 64 waiter, he introduced himself supable, i had no doubt that we choosed the right option . we ordered drinks .I was drinking a Budiwiser which is not even showing on my bill for som reason. He served me on a dirty glass, I asked another lady for a fresh glass, Guess what she brought an even dirtier glass .I had no option but to drink out of the bottle.We had starters 2 chicken wings hoping to get kids meals at the same time .Surprisingly Tom assumed that we sharing Starter with kids he then brought side plates, Unlike the lady who served us on wednesday, she asked if she could bring Kids meal with our starter . We had to wait for 5 mins before we can strt eating our stater becasue the table had only 3 forks and 3 servietes shockingly with no knifes.after the starter that was another 215-20 mins waiting for plates to be cleared . we asked for a coke of wich we had to remind tom after a while. When the main meal came, The rest of the food was nicely done eccept a cold hot spicy Pizza which was cold .I was looking around, All i could see was people looking through the Kitchen for their Orderes and empty tables .But there were people on the que .After 10 mins those same people were ashered to same empty tables .My wife said she thought maybe tables were reserved . This was my unexpected suprise from that resturant.If only i took the girl who served us last wednesday i will be glad to go back and enjoy ur unique food taste again . Otherwise i have got a question you need to ask a Manager who was incharge on that day what his purpose for openning such a big resturant on the 11October with such a shambolic Service. I will be contacting trading standard with regarding a Dirty Glasses. I mean one is a wellcomed mistake but if i ask for another glass im expecting a clean. That was Shocking Customer Service Pizza Hut . Wake Up! reciept vat no [protected], 11/10/09 17:34pm tabl 5/1 chk69 gst4. Thank You.

Nov 04, 2009 8:05 pm EST

I ordered a pizza from a very busy employee who had no idea how to do her job.I told her that I was staying at the Hampton Inn and she hung up before I could tell her room or anything.I then called back an hour later because pizza had not shown up and the guy who answered the phone told me my order had come back to the store so instead of remaking my order they just sent it back out cold! Such bad service that the driver apologized profusely but it was all not his bad.Do not eat at the Pizza hut in Searcy, Arkansas

Jul 18, 2010 8:26 am EDT

semalam saya dan kawan saya 2 orang lagi pergi makan tengah hari di pizza hut jalan putra. ini adalah kali kedua saya pergi ke pizza hut sana. nak kata busy x pun, tapi adalah dalam 3 meja ada pelangan, staff ade dalam 4 orang, tapi tiada seorang pun jumput kami. then our self went to have a sit, then press the bell to have a menu bt no one alert. no point you keep the bell on the table. after a few minit my freind went to salad place, kotor n daki hijau di senduk tu. agak kotor sangat. lalat banyak. adakah ni pizza hut or kedai mamak? then a staff come to my table and give only 1 menu to let us share 3person... he...he...he... adakah pizza hut ni miskin untuk nak cetak buku menu pun x cukut duit. if dont mine i can donetion to you some pay. then staff yang sama juga datang nak ambil order, we order pizza meal 3. and we also add 4pcs honey bbq wings. isit add on price or ala'carte price. but in the bill they give me ala'catre price... isit if we ask to pack the balance pizza u will put in paper back? dahlah ambil pesanan pun lambat, pizza pun dah sejuk, gelas tak bersih, sudu tak bersih, ambil order pun muka masam. will uyou be agree if you went to a shop to have ur lunch with ur friends and they treat you like this? so so so so so so bad service. if compare with the new at catay lama n tesco, jalan putra totaly out. i like to go the new pizza bcos the enviroment is so nice and good service. also tesco (keep it up guys). hope when next time i went to the pizza hut jalan putra the service will be changed and clean.

Feb 03, 2011 4:31 pm EST

3.2.2011 sy n cousins tlh pg ke pizza hut di kb mall pd pkul 9.40mlm..kteorg tlh order 1large lava pizza, 4 pieces chcken wings n 3 glass of pepsi..kteorg dk d meja no 15..ape yg kteorg skt ati ialah dgn lynan waitress kt order waitress tu ckp pizza akn siap dlm ms 30mnt..fine, kteorg bh trme lg..about 40mnt pizza xsmpi2 lg n kteorg keep waiting..tbe2 dtg waitress bw pizza dlm kotak n ckp "kak ni pizza akak"..kteorg t'kjut n ckp "kteorg nk mkn kt cni bkn t8 away"..pastu dia pn ckp "eh, cian kt akak..t sy g ltk dlm dulang pizza tu"..da la kata2 cm sinis pastu t8 tyme gler nk dtg bg pizza dlm dulang..padahal g ltk pizza dlm dulang je bknnye wt pizza..yg plg malang lg dulang tu basah n dia xltk cutter(xtau nme pe) yg nk gne tok amk pizza..da la pizza da sjuk gler cm yg da lme pnye...kteorg tkn button xde sorg pn yg dtg..lbh 10kali tkn xde org dtg smpi org kt meja sblh pn tau n wt bunyi cm tlg tkn loceng tok kteorg..ble ade sorg waitress lalu kteorg pn pggl n dgn muke kerek dia jwp dgn nada yg kuang ajr "meta(jap)"..ble dia dtg kteorg ckpla da la slh bg pizza sedangkan kteorg nk mkn kt cni tp wt t8 away pastu bg dlm dulang yg basah n xde cutter..nk g ltk pizza dlm dulang pn tu xrmi customer pn..lbh 5mnt tggu dia xdtg2..kteorg yg lpr jd bengang n trus blah n g byr..another waitress t'kejut sb kteorg xmkn n tnye npe xmkn..kteorg jwb "poor service"..manager yg pregnant just suh byr pepsi n chicken wings je.dia mtk maaf...bkn psl duit yg kteorg kisahkn tp lynan waitress kt situ..tggu lbh sejam tp xleh mkn pn..kteorg btl2 lupe nme waitress yg xdtg2 ble ckp nk avoid kteorg..lau letih pn dia xptot lyn customer pn pnh keje part-tyme waitress tp xdela prgai cmtu..dia yg plh nk keje cmni so dia ptot tau tugas dia..kteorg dtg kt ctu bw duit n byr..bkn mkn free..tlg plh waitress yg btl2 blh wt keje..

Aug 17, 2012 2:53 am EDT

we ordered 2 set of pepperoni pizza in 17/8/2012. the driver said he will arrive after a few minutes so i come down after 3 minutes. i waited and waited and 20minutes had passed. however he was still not there. i call to pizza hut that why the driver is not coming yet. so he said he was on the way. 5 more minutes had passed but the driver was still not there. i began to get angry so i went home back. as i went home back, the driver called me to come down. i was so angry and i just sent him back. it was too late for me to eat pizza. Jalan song, Kuching in Malaysia Pizza Hut's service is really really poor. i wish it won't happen anymore.

Dec 08, 2012 12:57 pm EST
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A lot of things have gone on in the last year, ill try to summarize it. Number one the place is completely understaffed and the impossible is expected. So everything gets done halfway and everyone gets yelled at because they are 3 hours late on deliveries and the board is full of orders and customers are all the way out the door waiting on carryouts and complaining.

The manager is yelling at employees in a condecinding antagonistic manner, in front of customers who are strangers, friends, family, your sunday school teacher and your pastor, rude insulting smart aleck remarks. Antagonistic, condescinding, and offensive tone of voice.
I have many examples of which this is just one...

The manager hands me the pizza as it had just came out of the oven and im grabbing packets of cheese and pepper to put in along with it and look at the map on the wall to see where im going, which is outdated and has little info, The manager starts screaming at me that i should already be gone, been out the door and the pizza was just handed to me.

I looked at him like he must be insane. And ran out the door without even being allowed to look at the map to see where i was going. The only way that pizza got delivered was because I called them on my cell phone and they returned my call, but they didnt get it my call and return it right away, so it went from being first on my delivery to second. So it was late because of the manager.

This man is the most smart aleck offensive person i have ever worked for. My pastor and sunday school teacher go there and they hear me being talked down to like a dog.

Breaks, yeah right... more like, can you work and stay over till 1230 and get these dishes done. I rarely approached about a break

maybe 4 times? and that was only a lunch break to save budget. I was cheated out of the majority of my breaks over the course of 15 months. My breaks are the responsibility of the management to guarantee that they are provided and taken. I am NOT the only employee there that this is customary to.

The TEAM MEMBER HANDBOOK FOR PIZZA HUT AND WING STREET RESTARAUNTS MANAGED BY DALAND CORPORATION handbook even only gives you 5 min breaks, KY law is 10, the handbook is out of compliance with the law. A copy of it will be sent to The kentucky Department of Labor.

Theres black mold in the vents, water stands in the dish area because the floor is sloped wrong, lots of water, one of the 2 drains hasnt ever worked, you cant squeegee it there is probably black mold under the tile too, when you walk on the tile its like water is coming up thru it.

The air vent/ air conditioning stytem, by the dishwasher hasnt worked in forever, temps of 105 F in the kitchen for over a week this summer,
and the thing is supposed to be venting the harmful fumes away from the dishwasher, so i have been breathing this every day this vent isnt functiong as it is supposed to! So we are just breathing the toxic fumes instead.

I brought a fan to work and it was in the car, employees told me to get it and bring it in since it was so hot, so i did, when he walked in he threw it out. the other manager had said it was ok.

He replaced the fans with ones he bought that hardly even worked, little tiny desk occilating fans. We endured the heat and the toxic vapors, and still are breathing them, the vent needs replaced or fixed and in operation NOW!

The garbage disposal hasnt worked in NINE years on the dish sink, when it stops up, which is always, i was instructed to stick my hand into a live garbage disposal to clean it out. I told the assistant manager she was crazy for sticking her hand inside a live garbage disposal and that i would not be doing that!

Now, how can this health code and OSHA
violation be overseen?

Ok there isnt time to rinse the dishes, if we did where would the water go? so they get run thru the machine without being scraped or rinsed. This is still going to take until 12:30 in the morning to get done this way.

So guess what that stuff is on the side of your pizza you thought was burnt cheese. Its crud thats been left on the dirty pan and run thru the dishwasher with sanitizer and dryer soaking into it then thrown between pans on a shelf and used the next day, dried crud.

The pizza cutter and pizza cutter holder is put out in the morning and never is washed or rinsed all day long, 12 hours in use with the crud building up on it accumulating bacteria. This is a health risk to everyone. Both of those items should REGULARLY be cleansed and sanitized and dried.

They cant keep help, everyone quits, wonder why...altho there is a segment of the staff that are enablers who perpetuate and accept all of this. Not all, most employees are afraid of them or afraid to say anything except under their breath. The management and the franchisee as well as the County Health Department should be closely scrutinized and held liable for all of my accusations so that these problems are resolved in a timely manner.

I am fileing complaints with every agency concerned in the state offices of the Department of Labor, the Kentucky State Health Department and OSHA.

When the County Health Departments inspecting, everything is covered up and made to look like its all fine, They had me run the extra sink full of sanitizer because the dishwasher didnt pass and then the assistant manager whispered, just until they leave, when they left, the extra sink was emptied and was not used as instructed by the health department.

How the garbage disposal and the stopped up floor drain as well as the wrong slope of the floor or, standing water, and black mold have passed any kind of health inspection is beyond me. I know employees have slipped on that slick wet floor and fallen to the ground. It is a safety issue as much as it is a health risk!

Not all, but most employees are afraid of management and are afraid to say anything except under their breath.The bad apple manager has infected those closest to him. The last i heard even some of the assistant management has had enough of the managers attitude and sharp tounge.

2 manuals I have from this company go against everything I have told you.

I know this isnt the "pizza hut way"

I know this has been going on for a long time, and enablers have aided that, this is the only way i know to make it change.

I will probably never ever eat there again, nor will my family.

The problems that i see now go beyond management because i am sure the owner of the locations., he owns 2 of them... ultimately it is his responsibility to make sure his business is run correctly. It is also the responsibility of Pizza hut.

i ordered a pizza from the sterling, va pizza hut it took 2hrs and 24min for them to come i told the manager how much longer we were waiting all night he said 2 hrs more they said our pizza would be free and charged us.then we told the manager to cancel our order it was taking way to long and then the pizza hut guy got here the pizza was ice cold. it takes only 15 mins to get to my location from the store the manager was very rude and the service wasnt any good dont buy pizza from the pizza hut sterling, va location.

Oct 02, 2011 8:03 pm EDT

COMPLAINED about garlic bread about two weeks ago which did not taste of garlic and was like a rock and phoned to order a pizza tonight and was told could not deliver cause theres been multiple of complains about the food but only complained once and said we wound just have free garlic bread next time so was not putting anyone out JOKE! but if ya getting multiple complains about the food does that not say whats going out is crap and its not like customers are getting value for money as it is DOMINOS the best get good customer service

May 19, 2011 6:15 pm EDT
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Nov 22, 2010 10:00 am EST
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Dear Managment of pizza hut hyderabad,

Iam Richard francis visited eat street hyderabad.

I visited to eat street hyderabad with my family twice in week in the evenving. my order was take by mr. sampath the pizza, garlic bread, pepsi and total amount around 1000 rupees he told me that i asked the bill he said that there was a problem with printer than i said it ok he shown me the amount in the system . than i visited on second time of this month with my friends than he said same that printer is not working. than we observed mr. sampath making money with out billing. so please take action on this complaint.

my email id: [email protected]

thanks & regards
future globe infra solution
managing dirctor
richard francis

Nov 20, 2010 2:57 am EST

I meant to say "pebble".

Nov 20, 2010 2:57 am EST

Ya know, my mom got pizza from that place and it was [censor]! i love pizza, and im only 12, i take one bite and the pizza is warm, yet it litterally tasted like [censor]. Yet my mom said that me and my cousins had no taste and that pizza hut is a great eatery. More like a great hunk of [censor]! I hope that pizza hut gets shut down until they GET THEIR LITTLE FUKIN PEPPLE BRAINS TOGETHER AND ACUALLY TRY TO BE LIKE DOMINOES! (fuked up chance that'll happen)

Aug 19, 2010 7:50 pm EDT
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This evening on 8/19/10 I called the PH delivery store at 7:03pm. I was told by Emily that the pizza would be to me in one hour and 15 mins, which would of been alittle after 8:15. So, 8:30 rolls around, NO PIZZA. I called the store s/w a so called manager, rude black male who stated to me that the pizza still has over 40 mins to reach me. WRONG, you stupid ************************ I was told 1 hour and 15 mins. So, 8:40 rolled around still, NO PIZZA. I called back and demanded a refund on my credit card! PIZZA HUT HAS LOST ME AS A 3-4 TIMES PER WEEK CUSTOMER! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!

Jul 17, 2010 7:04 pm EDT
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We live Va and we have always went to the Pizza hut in Louisa, but here lately every time we go there the service sucks...we just went there toningt and order a large pan pizza, while we was there they had other customers come and they got there food before us, well my husband asked the waitress what the deal was, she replied they had messed our ticket up for a pickup order, so we had to wait another 20 min. after waiting 40 mins. already, and when they finally brought our pizza it was not done all the way..we spoke to the manager and it was really no big deal to him, I do not see us returning to pizza hut .

Jan 11, 2010 6:15 pm EST

I have worked at a Pizza Hut, and when my days are off, i might go into work and eat something, sometimes the buffet, salad, or maybe some pizza, and something to drink. If they got rude to me, i wouldn't tip them some money, not if they weren't wait on me, you are suppose to have your appetizers before your meal. they are suppose to ask you do you what your appetizers now or with your meal?

Nov 05, 2009 8:30 pm EST


May 07, 2009 1:55 pm EDT

i totally agree with fox y vixen...and ordering 3 to 5 pizzas a week for Autistic children? And you order them from a Pizza Hut? if you can't stand the service then why not get off your lazy butt and make a homemade pizza - but instead of a high cal and high fat dinner you could make it a healthy meal with vegetables, fruit, non-fat cheeses, wheat crust...use your imagination!

May 02, 2009 11:25 am EDT

First of all yes, they did you wrong about the order mix-up, and you should have been reimbursed completely for it, or would have had another pizza free of charge, that indeed is poor customer service as well as management skills on behalf of the manager.

I can say as a Bastrop Resident/ Bastrop Pizza Hut consumer for 17, I personally have had no bad experiences with the Pizza Hut in Bastrop Texas. They always get my order right, and they never mix up anything in quality and in pricing. In addition I have found them to be nice and courteous with me and my family. I'm sure that you can report this to the corporate headquarters.

Pizza Hut - Corporate Headquarters

Address : 14841 Dallas Parkway

Zip/Postcode : 75254

Phone : [protected]

About them not filling your to go ice tea,
OMG! what is the big deal, you have legs and the ability to make your own tea! This shouldn't be part of your complaint, Pizza hut is NOT a gourmet restaurant, and believe it or not, it's rather common in restaurants/fast food restaurants to give customers their own cup to choose or make the drink of their choice. I agree with the majority of your complaint except that, personally I felt you were just plain lazy on that, seriously, it takes 2 minutes lady!

May 01, 2009 2:52 am EDT

The way you speak to the employee on the phone will determine what sort of response you get. I work at Pizza Hut and work so hard to deliver the best possible product and service to every single customer I speak to but things do go wrong. Especially in an unexpected rush period and customers need to understand that and exercise some patience and control when making a complaint. Pizza Hut is customer focused and from my experience are constantly encouraging employees to deliver the best. If you are not satisfied with your order, first contact the store you placed an order with and speak to the manager. The customer service hotline can be contacted if you are not satisfied with the manager's response. When complaining, please understand and take into consideration that we did not stuff up your order on purpose. Rude managers and employees exist in every company and unfortunately that cannot be helped.

Sep 15, 2008 4:57 pm EDT

09/14/08 Domenic, Annie, Adam and I came into a Pizza Hut in Greenville, MI. It was about 4:30 p.m. and we were very hungry.

Our breadsticks came and we dug in. To begin with we were shorted one but decided not to say anything. Dom and I split one and were enjoying conversation when Annie said...look at your bread our horror there was a large black hair on one. Dom told the waitress and the waitress told us the manager had made them, she would get her.

When the manager came, which was five minutes later, she was very snobby and said she was sorry and we would not have to pay for them. When she left, Adam said at least we have this plate to of breadsticks to eat. As he lifted the breadstick, a large blonde colored hair was trailing from it.

We got up and left, sick to our stomachs and grossed out.

As we glanced at the staff, it was noted by Adam, NONE of them was wearing hair nets.

Mar 18, 2008 5:08 pm EDT

Some of the problem you are experiencing from Pizza Hut may be due to the change in the major corporation. Most of Pizza Huts in the US were owned by Gene Bicknell in Pittsburg, KS. under the Corporation National Pizza Co. About a year or so, maybe a little more, he sold the corporation. So it has been ran under new managements nation wide ever since. I think they have all suffered.

Feb 26, 2008 10:54 pm EST

The policy of getting the pizza back cuts down on the scammers. Why are you so defensive about returning the pizza? Is it because you are a scammer?

Feb 26, 2008 10:49 pm EST

You should. If that is a true story, I would bet that the manager as well as Curtis are gone from that store by now. If not, then the next higher level manager needs to go so they can all be replaced. Pedestrian safety is serious business for Pizza Hut. Did you call the corporate hot line?

Feb 26, 2008 10:16 pm EST

Tracy, try using a last name. The manager obviously needs to train her people to communicate better, to the customer and themselves. Going to a different Hut is your best bet.

Edna, are you drunk? Do you understand me?

Feb 26, 2008 8:30 pm EST

My history-20+ years in casual/fast casual dining. This problem is a direct result of the price you as a consumer are willing to pay for the product. Think about it; should you really be surprised that minimum wage workers, mostly high school and college students, would mess up, not care and if fired, move on to another job in a similar establishment? The only people making a living wage in this business are the store level and above managers. Delivery drivers work for tips and they know who tips and who doesn't. Most are part time, are out of the store most of the time and do the dishes when off the road. Wait staff work for tips too. They are either the laziest of workers in the store, or the hardest of workers and the hard working ones move on to more lucrative locales (higher priced establishments). The good ones usually only do this type of work for a couple of years until they can be employed in what they really want to do. Cooks (CSR's fall into this category-at my store I do not hire CSR's-everyone answers phones) are the least appreciated, most underpaid (my company currently pays $6.40 to $7.00 hr-there are NO bonuses, NO further raises-NO incentives what-so-ever) and therefore hardest to fill position in the store. The lowly cook does prep work, makes, cooks, cuts and boxes the pizza, answers phones and takes orders and when I find someone who can consistently show up, do what is expected and doesn't ### about everything, that person is on the promotion list (and quickly or they won't be around for long-two blocks up the street they can start at $8.00 hr). Underpaid, overworked employees translate into poor service. Just trying to get through the rush is sometimes all you can do. When my store has a bad day, meaning not enough people to staff for the amount of business we see, we just put our heads down and push on through. We give away a lot of pizza and piss off a lot of people. Unfortunately there is no way around this. The upper management only looks at numbers. Understaffed equals great labor. That, sales beating last year’s sales and food cost are all they care about. They go home at 4 or 5pm, never, ever are in a store during Friday or Saturday nights’ rush. Basically, we are on our own. This is the M.O. of just about all such casual/fast casual dining establishments; the rule, not the exception.
In summary: unless customers are willing to pay MUCH more for their product, they will lose on the service side. Those of us who care will try to satisfy, but we can only work with the tools we are given. When you place an order, don’t assume your mind is being read. Ask questions. Make follow up calls (preferably after 45 minutes if that's the time quoted, not 2 hours). Don’t be abusive to the CSR. It will only make matters worse. Once you raise your voice, or talk down to the person on the other end of the phone or across the counter, you might as well just give up. We have a lot of other customers to attend to who aren’t being ### about it. People instinctively want to do a good job and instinctively respond to kindness. Everyone makes mistakes, including you. Remember that and your life will be smoother in every way.

Feb 18, 2008 7:17 pm EST

On 2/18/08 I called pizza hut in phenix city alabama @ 6:20pm and order a med thin half double CB and pine apple and the other half PP and CB the girl that answered never repeated my order like I said I wanted. After 3-times with her repeating the order incorrectly I just said yes the order is correct then I ask how long would it take for it to be delivered the young lady then said 1-1/2.The hour and half came and past I never received my pizza.I then called back to pizza hut and ask to speak with the manager a young lady placed me on hold then she came back to the phone and stated something but I couldn't under what she said then I replyed and said you place me on hold and the young lady said yes I did in a rude way I then ask to speak with the manager. She come on the line I asked her her name I could never understand what she was saying her name was then she yelled her name out and I still could not understand her name the rudely spelled her name to me.Then I stated to her I have order a pizza @ 6:20pm and I have not yet received that pizza that rude manager ask me what did I order I stated half CB and Pine apple and the other half CB AND PP.She then yelled you order a pick up I stated to her I order this to be a deliverly pizza that rude manager Claydean then stated we will get it delivered and hug up.They recooked the pizza and I received that pizza @ 8:46pm the deliverly guy knocked at the door and I answered and he rudely said did you order a pizza and I stated yes 2 hours ago he then provided me with the pizza and walked away never said sorry for the order or sorry it taken so long etc.he just turned around and walked away.During the time bfore I could find this complaint I called the online [protected] phone# located in Montogomery Al.36117
The online information to seek for help to make a complaint and a lady answer the phone at the above number and I couldn't understand her name but she was nice and I ask to speak with a manager and he finally came on the line and I ask him for his name this was @ 8:37pm and he sound like he was saying mvp,mpv I just couldn't understand the guy name then he yelled Micheal then I became very up set with him and stated to him you know you'll are some rude people that works for pizza hut and he stated to me your rude too and I stated to him you want be any help at all cause your so rude and I hung up on him.This is the poors and baddest services I've ever received from pizza hut something should be done to the people write up fired etc. whatever it takes so no one else will experience this service again.

Edna Frederick.


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