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Mcdonald's - Canada / there are other places to eat!

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I drove to the nearest McDonald's at about 5 minute to 5am, October 21, 2007. I arrived there and realized that I had to order breakfast (I was in the mood for a Big Mac). I didn't see a sign displaying a breakfast menu so I inquired about it. I heard a muffled response; "Oh My God"! I responded; "What do you mean, Oh My God! I don't see a breakfast menu." The young girl's response was; "Oh sorry, I'm pretty tired". After placing my order, I drove up to the first window and paid. After driving to the second window and waiting about 10 minutes, I proceeded to park. As I parked, the young girl came to the service window with my order. When I drove back to the window to retrieve my order, her response was; "Thank You, Bye". I know that they have video serveilance at this store. I WAS THE ONLY CUSTOMER THERE FOR ABOUT 15 MINUTES! I'm sorry that I went there and intruded on whatever they were doing. I've never had any issues with any McDonald's until now. This location is at Wharncliffe and Baseline Road in London, Ontario, Canada. They have ignorant, immature, juveniles working at this establishment. I am certain that there are people out there, needing work, who would better serve the consumer. Also; I cannot even find a specific customer complant area, on the internet, from McDonald's. I am a 39 year old, hard working tax payer who's enjoyed McDonald's for most of my life. This humiliating experience will give me hesitation in ever eating at McDonald's again. For the big wigs at this corporation. "THERE ARE OTHER PLACES TO EAT"

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  • Mi
      8th of Sep, 2011
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    in Montreal Mcdonald on Saint Christophe corner:
    1- the place is dirty filed with beggars and piss
    2- at 1am, there is one girl serving while a line up grows. people walk out
    3- I asked for a manager on sept 7th at around 2am. a black guy told me if you do not like it LEAVE
    4- The place is dirty and one cashier serving after 1am. at this corner, it is the busiest. who ever is managing this franchise is cheap
    5- The girl serving foreignore and to be sepcific germans, did not speak good english herself. while the client aksed for number 4 as a meal she was unable to understand, she had to call the other guy who was rude enough to say...leave if you do not like it
    6- I swear, that I will never bother eating atMcdonald's in Montreal
    7- this corner for your information is busy 7/7 even after 1am. there is ONE cashier taking order when there are 4 empty cashiers.
    line up mount, people walk out. review your cameras
    review how this property is managed when beggars, piss, is all around this corner.
    I am sorry to say but it seems the people managing this quebec franchise by place dupuis are cheap and lacks quality control
    the bathrooms are dirty
    the floor smells piss
    and the servants on that evening were rude
    all we asked, why is the service slow, and the black guy told us if you do not like it leave !
    we went to Amir, next door and had a healthier meal
    thank you mcdonald for this experience.

  • Kh
      18th of Oct, 2013
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    McDonald's Canada - Bad service
    Northwest Territories

    In this location lot of Filipino works and for past two years most of the time when we go for coffee in the morning is always warm if almost cold. Me and coworker had complaint so many time. Some time they told us to come and get a free coffee by the manager. Or the server will ask us if we can wait while they make a fresh coffee. Is my money is not fresh. On drive through we order then no body at the cash, I waited then honked or sometime I just drove to the next window and pay them there. Also inside they will have only 1 person on the cash, even on busy time. Many time I waited then left. Wrong order I had few time. I had drive back from home to get the right order and they never offered anything. It's endless and many people feel the same. No competition in this town so they don't care I guess. But something need to be done. Thank you

  • Ta
      23rd of Oct, 2014
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    McDonald's - Bad service

    We went to mcdonalds and opened our Big Mac to find that someone has taken a bite out of the bun.

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