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My son and I went to McDonalds on Sunday Nov.11 for breakfast. The restaurant was not busy. The person behind the counter did not get the order right the order took a long period of time with part of the order sitting on the counter to become cold while waiting for the rest of the order.Then we are told that there is no butter in the entire store for the hotcakes.During our breakfast one man became so frustrated that his order wqs wrong and that he had to wait for it to be corrected he just left the order on a shelf and left. I know that the few people who will not return which includes myself will not hurt company profits so it will not really matter, but in good conscience I cannot return to an establishment that does not appreciate my business

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Aug 03, 2016 5:14 am EDT

This past week my family went to the McDonalds on hwy 30 near Kanapali on Maui. The guy at the drive thru got our order totally wrong. He also did not tell us that the ice cream machine was broken so we ordered some ice cream and then found out we did not get it when we got our food. We went back into the restaurant to get the missing items. They got it wrong again and then told us the ice cream was working I think the mistakes happened because the staff did not speak English very well.

Jul 25, 2016 5:06 am EDT

Other customers came ahead of us who were waiting to get our orders filled, Had to wait ten minutes for my order because of these other bumping in line to get free coffee they emptied the remainder of coffee so the waitress had to make fresh coffee so the"PAID" customers had to wait. Very bad business practices. that is chatham store in ontario.

May 26, 2016 8:32 am EDT

Been a month, you would think they would get their smoothie machine fixed. Or maybe they just don't want to fix smoothies and frappes, either way it's a managing problem, maybe instead of a fixed / new smoothie machine they just need to get a new/ fixed manager. ( the worst McDonald's in Johnson city, all the other McDonald's try really hard to be good service). I'm just not going back to East Main McDs anymore, I will just drive across town, well to get a smoothie I guess that's what it takes. 5/26/16

Mar 02, 2016 1:39 pm EST

Hi I'm a international student in California state.One night I forgot my Macbook Air in MC Donalds in Great Mall California, by the next following day i asked my bag so they said --no bag identified, , can you please help me in that because I came here for study purpose even i can't bare to buy another laptop, , it was very useful to my studies.

Please let me know how can i retrieve back my laptop.


Feb 24, 2016 11:29 am EST

hi, I go to di fferent mcdonalds weekly, pinellas park fl., largo, today I shop in Walmart 8001 us hwy 19th no. Pinellas park, fl, i go to get breakfeast for me an my husband, he has tea, i ask for a cup for water and they say we do not have water cups, now I go to the others, you get either a ready madr cup with a lid or a sm., one I take my meds with water, this is so rude

Feb 24, 2016 11:30 am EST

no cup of water for patrons

Feb 01, 2016 6:49 pm EST

Stopped for lunch. order came to $2.33. Gave cashier $20.53. Changed received was $15.20. should of been $18.20 complained at order pick up window. was asked to park and manager would need to pull the till. after a 20 minute wait, manager came out and said the till was correct! I was shorted $3.00. I will not be stopping there again. very disappointed!

Oct 27, 2015 12:36 pm EDT
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At lunch yesterday I went to get a 20 piece chicken nugget meal and when I brought it home and took a bite of chicken and it was cold. This was the worst McDonald's I have ever had. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

Aug 09, 2011 12:02 am EDT

Whilst going to maccas for my morning coffee I decided to have breakfast as being soo early needed a pick me up, so I ordered a bacon and egg mcmuffin meal with a large coffee
and the NT news paper, whilst the lady was processing my order she encounted a clich with the paper pricing as I was looking at the screen the whole time I seen the prices vary from $1.20 for a standard Monday - Friday paper to $1.60 which is for a Sunday Paper, now she then spatted some words and then gave me the total amount which was $9.45 as seeing as she worked there I thought that she might have known how to correct these paper prices however once handing me my meal and the reciept I went outside to eat my meal and read the paper, looking at the reciept I noticed she had indeed charged me for a Sunday paper of $1.60
now this many not seem much and its not the money I'm worried about as its only 40 cents, however she knew what she charged and still had the never to hand me the reciept.. I was going to say something then to her however I thought I may aswell keep the reciept and publish it for the complaints board to see but I can't find a fkn former to do this within Australia... if anyone knows of one could you please let me know...
as I think this issue needs to be dressed regardless of the issue she still over charged me what a load of bs!
not happy... I've attached the reciept for viewing! just think its a weak effort to overcharge then hand me the reciept whilst I watched...I probs shoulda said something then and there but ohwells just want people to be aware of the scams they're doing. FCK YOU MACDONALDS :) tsskk!

Apr 16, 2011 8:00 pm EDT
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i went to mcdonalds today, the superviser was very rude and did not try to explain my order. i had ordered a bacon angus burger and the sign said 50 percent off and only got 1.00 back . SHE WAS WALKING AWAY WHEN I QUESTION HER ABOUT IT AND WENT BACK INTO THE KITCHEN. I myself am an employee of the fast food chain and this is not exceptable. The cashier was not treated properly niether the superviser was talking to her like she was stupid in front of me i felt bad for her. THIS SUPERVISER SHOULD BE TOLD PROPERLY HOW TO TALK TO PEOPLE. She is no better then her costumer or co-worker.

Dec 27, 2009 11:02 am EST

i have lived in Wahpeton for many years going in and out reg. but the one women needs to be fired im sorry-- every time i go in there is is complaining how tired she is how her back and feet hurt, how she needs to sit-- constiant complaining-- she tells me she has worked there 4yrs-- um where is the management to this place and why is she still there--
specially after i stood in line oh about 2weeks ago she was training in a tall blonde lady- we realize it will be slow we had no problem!- She the trainer yelled at this poor girl who she was training treated her like dog ### the whole time not really showing her nothing just yelling!-- in front of customers--- finally the person infront of me a young lady oh about maybe 28- 30-- if that- told this lady traing hey you have customers here you NEVER talk like this infort of them and i know your not the manager-- she then called that lady a witch-- and told one of the manager Jeff to do something about this women--
well a day or so later i went back im in there alot-- she was up front why the heck she still have a job-- she was still rude to this lady the next day--!--
And have witness others she has treated the same way-- i want this women fired--

Aug 19, 2010 9:39 pm EDT

Date: 08/19/2010 12:30 PM
Visit Type: Drive-Thru
RestAddress: 1055 Sherrylynn Blvd
RestCity: Pleasant Hill
RestState: IA
RestLandmark: Across from Smith's Super Chute
Ordered food for myself and children, none of us eat pickles. Got home, dropped off children and went to work. Opened up one of my sandwichs while driving on way to work, tags on every one says w/o pickle. Had pickles. Called store and a woman named Joy was rude, called me a liar and actually expected me to go home and get sandwiches from my children, which also had pickles on them, saying "we don't give away free sandwiches here". I did remove the pickle from the one sandwich I ate and have the other 2 still in bag which I will go to store, present them, and hope that this woman is fired for her lack of customer service. I never asked for anything for free, but in my world, I do expect to get what I pay for, and I certainly did not pay for the bad attitude and lack of good customer service. On top of it all, she hung up on me. Obviously, I figure you guys won't do a thing about it. But I will be sure to let others know about my experience and myself and my family will no longer patronize your franchise. Michael Johanson Central States Communications

Nov 04, 2008 9:39 am EST

You may want to look out for cricket an cell phone secruvr or should I say lack of. I tryed out the service {not a good move on my part} and have found what it means to drop a call over and over, tryed working it out with them and droped them on my land line...LOL just was hung-up on I had so many problums in the 3 mths I had service it hard to see how thay stay going... So check it out and you will see...sory to say...Mark

Aug 15, 2008 9:23 am EDT

On several different occasions I have had the worst customer’s service in the world at Mcdonalds in Oklahoma City. Many times I have overlooked the behavior of fast food workers; they are required to cook a large quantity of food for the vast population who comes to their establishment. With that said I don't think as a consumer I should have to pay for bad service of any kind, mistake do happen and as long a they are taken care of ASAP I'm ok. This is not the case of the McDonalds I have visited four different times.

The first time I ordered my food and I repeated the order because a Mexican American with broken English took my order (I did not mind repeating order, I wanted to be correct...this was OK!) I then paid for my order and get too the second window, one of my items had been left off...! I then asked is there anyway for them to charge my card and replace the items that had been left off. (As a manager I would have gave the customer the replaced item at no charge, it wasn’t my fault the order had been messed up) Noooooooo the manager an African American handed my credit card back and told me they did not have time to ring up another items, I should have told the Mexican American who a messed my order up in the first place to re-do my ticket.

WHAT! she messed it up because she could not process the english language and now I'm supposed to go back through the process again! I took my order and my card and left!
On the second occasion, I try the drive through again, this time a African American teen took my order and I repeated it twice it was process correctly I took my ticket went to the second window...guess what I was handed one large order of fries by a Mexican American manager, I looked at her and asked her who’s order is this?!

I gave her my ticket which had the correct order; a chicken sandwich, fries, and a coke...? She looked at me and said keep the fries and started shouting at the African American girl who took my order...I said excuse me did you look at ticker order counter to make sure the order was correct...and did you not look at my ticket it is correct I made sure of that before I got to the second window, NOW who handed me the large fries...not her! You did she handed me my correct order and again I left. The third time the same thing happen again this time it was two Mexican Americans same thing again...order correct in the back...wrong when I get to the second window (there is several weeks that go by between each visit same thing happens again and again)

Fourth and final time 8/15/2008 I decide to go in no more of this drive stuff...well this must of being the morning of the Mexican revolt. I go in and say "Good morning" this young lady acts as if I wanted to take her family hostage, the way she looked at me and never move her lips to say anything, I proceeded to place my order, she got everything correct until I looked at the [email protected]#$%, she asked if my order was to go I said yes, she then proceeded to roll her eyes and look down as if to say, "I'm not feeling MCDONLDS today and I’m not feeling you either!”

Mind you now this is my first time seeing this young lady, at all...I had never seen her before in my life! I had paid for a deluxe breakfast and a medium coffee guess what she put a small coffee on my ticket 69 ks#04 store 6362 08/15/2008, I stated no I wanted a medium coffee what will I have to do for the correct size? She looked at me very cold and said “nothing” and walked off.

I saw the manager was very busy, so I looked around for a customer service number and low and behold it was on the wall [protected] ext x877, I did asked the manager is this the customer service complaint number? She stated it was I again took my order and left the store. On four separate occasions I have put up with the worst customers service ever either from the management staff or their workers...all McDonald’s are not like this! I have been to a few; yet this one has the worst staff in the world minus the ones who really went out of their way to get the order correct...and have the workers or the manager get it wrong!

Aug 16, 2008 1:32 pm EDT


Jan 02, 2009 1:44 pm EST

Today, Jan 02, 2008. I walked into the nearby Mcdonalds resturant. I frequently eat at Mcdonlds and have always had excellant service. However, today, the Mcdonalds customer service help were extremely RUDE! They did not use customer skills, such as "how are you today?" or "how can I help you?" They were just staring @ me and I had to intiate my order. Well, I placed my order and did not receive any thank yous or is there anything else, I did not get any feedback, as a "normal" Mcdonalds would do. I then received my order and again cashier did not intiate any conversation at all and RUDELY insisted that I am only allowed two ketchups for my order. I become upset and immediately stated that, in all my Mcdonalds experiences, no one has ever told me that i am limited to two ketchups. I felt that my Mcdonlds experience @ Window Rock was the worst ever. The cashier went on to complain to me about my request for more ketchups and insisted that I was done. This definitely needs some attention, as I' m sure that if I recieved this experience, imagine how many other customers recieve the same attention at this particular Mcdonalds. Again, I am well aware of the wonderful service that is encourged @ a Mcdonalds Resturant. Please respond to this compliant.

Sep 18, 2010 12:12 pm EDT

A week ago, i received stale /rubbery chips, and when i took them back to complain, the employee said "sure ill get you the fresh ones that just came up..." Now, tonight, I ordered a simple order of 2 big macs ( no pickle) & 1 chicken burger through the drive through. I was told to wait in the bay, not specifying which one. I parked and waited, and waited, and waited, for about 10 mins, then to see my order get given to another car also waiting in the bays. Meanwhile, car after car were leaving the drive through with their food having ordered after me. I finally spoke up and said that the order was mine. I drove off, we began to eat. Firstly, the burgers were cold and must have been thrown together because they were so messy, but the 2 big macs had pickle in them when id specifically asked for none. Out of courtesy, they never apologized for the delay and most certainly didn't give me anything complementary. It happens time after time at SEAFORD McDONALDS, in SOUTH AUSTRALIA. This all happened about 2am on a sunday morning. Surely they are not that busy that they could muck up that badly. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE 3 MINUTE RULE THAT IF ITS NOT DELIVERED TO YOU WITHIN 3 MINUTES, IT'S FREE! Customer service is just not the same, and it sucks cause were paying more for the food, but you dont get any better service.

Aug 16, 2011 7:28 pm EDT

I had a complaint about McDonald's, and as they don't offer email addresses on their Corporate website for consumer complaints, I sent the following fax. It's been over a month now, and I have not received any sort of reply.

On July 9, shortly after midnight (around 12:45) I visited one of you locations:

H9G 1X1

After waiting for 15 minutes in the drive through for the car in front of me to proceed from the order speaker/window I was finally able to place my order. While placing my order, the young lady said to me “whoa whoa, slow down, you are going to fast”. I proceeded to place my order at a pace that I hoped would be better received. Once I completed my order, I proceed to the payment window. I then sat there for another 5 minutes before being able to proceed to pay, as there was once a gain a car sitting at the payment window.

Once I got to the payment window, I was greeted by a McDonald’s employee who said to me “24.87”. I was not greeted with a good evening, welcome to McDonalds or anything of such…just a “24.87”. As I was somewhat frustrated at this point with the delays, I proceeded to ask the McDonalds employee why I had experienced a 20 minutes delay. Her reply was “you waited 5 minutes” gave me my food and she walked away.

A receipt was not included with my order, so to aid you in determining who served me, below is what I ordered @ 12:45AM on July 9th:

• 1 Big Mac
• 2 Quarter Pounder with cheese
• 1 Single cheese burger
• 4 small fries

The following are the issues I have with this visit:

• No customer service from the order taker
• No greeting from the payment taker / food delivery
• No empathy when I questioned the length of time I waited to/for my order
• No receipt included with my order

I have included my mailing address above, but also an email address which you can use to answer my concerns.

Aug 24, 2011 9:28 am EDT

On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 8:41 AM, McDonald's Auto Response wrote:
Your comments have been received by McDonald's Australia Customer Service
Department. A member of our team will contact you if you requested this
option. Please do not respond to this email as it was generated
automatically. Once again, we thank you for taking the time to contact
McDonald's with your comments.

I was eventually promised coffee vouchers by McDonalds Australia customer service department but none were sent.

May 18, 2012 2:45 pm EDT

I went to my local mcdonalds drive thu on the 14th of may 2012 I had my two young children with me Iwas due to start work in approx 1hr so I chose the drivethru for convenience, i ordered myself and my children some food i proceded to the payment booth i handed a young man my credit card then i seen what i thought was him swiping it thru an eftpos machine then he quickly squated down he was acting quiet nervous scratching turning red etc I asked what was wrong and was told this will take a while i sat there waiting people behind me...two other people entered the booth i asked what was going on i was ignored then a women came rushing in saying "he has dropped your card under the cupboard i need to grab some guys to lift it and then ill bring it out so just go wait in the waiting carpark" i waited and waited and waited you get the picture...a young rude girl came out basiclly threw some bags of food in my window and i said excuse me what about my card she gave me a blank look and said i dont know what your talking about i looked in the bags it wasnt my food she took it back and walked off...i continued to wait the manager finally made his apperance and said "we have a huge problem your card has fallen behind a wall and its gonna take me a couple of days to get a builder to get it for you. we decided that because he should heve it out by wednesday i would wait, as it takes 7-10 working days to cancel and order another one (i had put all my funds on this card because i was buying my daughter a bedroom suite over the phone) so i left with a free meal (which i had to ask for!) Now to clarify i am not to annoyed that the card was dropped its human error its life the way i was ignored left waiting annoyed it continues to get worse..tuesday comes every tuesday i take my two children to a church playgroup and before i go i always get a hot chocolate for myself from mcdonalds so i thought perfect i will ask about my card when i get my hot chocolate i asked tyo speak to the manager i waited and waited and finally said dont worry im going to be late i will ring later i left a woman ran out to my car and said "excuse me but the manager just said he has already spoken to you and you know it was going to take a couple of days so yeah" all said in a laughing smartarse tone i said righto no problem i was here so thought i would ask... wednesday comes im starting to worry i have 10 dollars on me my children are going to pre-school on thursday and i have no money for food..but over a thousand on my card...great feeling :-/ my son has book fair etc etc i ring up head office im told by a rather unprofessional woman to stand in mcdonalds refuse to leave until i get my card back...i am a nurse at our local hospital...would be a great look getting arrested.. so i ignored her advice and stressed the importance of getting this card back by today NO LATER she said yes yes i will ring you back sure you can guess nothing i head of to work feeling sick to the stomach my children are left to have a pie for dinner and two sandwiches and an apple for pre-school my partner had a sandwich for dinner i scabbed a spare meal at work...didnt work my butt of for this but whatever my partner who is livid about all of this takes it into his own hands rings mcdonalds is told that to bad cant get the card out nothing they can do he rings head office is basically laughed at told oh well not to worry! by this time its nearing the weekend i withdraw funds out of my four year olds savings tade us through until my new card applogy nothing but bad customer its worst on every level from the store to head office there is so much more that was said i dont have the energy to put it in writting i will be taking this further with ronald mcdonald though this is australia not the slums...

Sep 07, 2013 2:11 pm EDT

My complaint is that ever time i go the mcdonald they ask you to check you the screen to make sure you order is right but they never check the order berfore they give it to you . I so sick of calling back when i get home and find out that something is wrong every time the fries are cold and you had me pull up the window just to tell me that i have to wait 5 min longer and to pull up and wait to get cold food or the sandwich look like you just slapped it together, in the mornings the bread is so hard you cant eat it, the worker are so nasty if i wanted to wait on my food for another time i wouldn't have came the day after, cousmer that hate the new set up who came up with two drive thru it's not working or the worker need to be retrained sick of getting other people order's . Madd Grandmother !

Jul 17, 2013 12:20 pm EDT
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Food served in Jasper, TX, store on July 4th, 2013. Owner stated "mistakes happen" and never asked to even see the burger.

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Jul 17, 2013 12:18 pm EDT
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Check out my YouTube picture of a Big Mac served to my family in Jasper, TX, on July 4th.

Search on "molded" "Jasper" "Big Mac" to see the picture. The owner told us "mistakes happen". Seemed very accepting of unsafe food quality.

Hi. McDonalds is at war with kids pushing unhealthy habits that will make them sick now and shorten their lives. Fat, salt, sugar, growth hormones, antibiotics, gmos, pesticides, chemicals that mimc food--all designed to create addictions, and starve their bodies.

No amount of phony concern--like Ronald McDonald Houses--can cover up the crimes McDonald's knowingly perpetrates for profit.
Boycott McDonalds. Save your children.

Dec 28, 2012 1:53 pm EST
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Dec. 19, 2012 3:30 pm Store 12489 Hawkinsville, Ga. Bought a 1/2 pounder and a cup of coffee. Gave the employee $20 bill. She gave me the coin change back and receipt. On return to house discovered $14 in bills were missing. I returned to store and expressed my wishes to talk to the mgr. An employee handled my complaint and conversed with Mgr. Empolyee did not want to be involved in the discussion. Supervisor would not speak to me. The emplyee said they would check the cash register. She came back and said they were $5.00 Short. I received no other information as what if anything they would do about giving me my $14. I had to ask for the store number and she showed me the number on the wall. Called your number required to leave message and return my call. Needless to say never heard a word from them, just as I do not expect to hear anything from this memo. The employee was a small, black female who had her hair in locks. I am a retired law enforcement officer and you have a thief amoung your employees. The thing I am going to do is sit and see if anything is done about this. If nothing, as I expect, advertisement that I will submit meet shall be by conversation with each and all people. By the way, that day I had 6 $20 bills in my billfold. No $5, 10 or 1.00.

Dec 05, 2012 11:29 pm EST

Sounds awkward Ellen, 15 minutes standing in front of someone waiting to be acknowledged and then she dropped a penny on the ground. Can you believe it? I'm guessing you have no perception of time, and 15 seconds = 15 minutes in your world. Did you get your double big mac combo with large fries and a diet coke though?


I was ordering my meal on Dec. 2 /12 at 5:00 pm in Kirkland Lake Store . This young lady took my order and I gave her the money for the order she gave me some of my change back . To start everything I waited about 15 mins. will she stared in space before she serve me and she look my way a couple times. But in the process of giving me. My charge back she troop a penny on the floor she look at it . But she could bent down and pick it up like she should but she was to lazy she look like it was a real job. Lazy people like this lady gives business a bad look . I wasn't worry about the penny is was her add it-to it could been more money that she dropped . Your truly Ellen Parrington

Jun 17, 2012 9:13 pm EDT

I only have negative comments to say about the McDonalds at
Pointe-Claire, Québec
Phone: [protected]
After speaking to many acquaintances in the area around our house, we all agree that we are VERY surprised when this McD's gets our orders right. The wait times inside are very long and then when you have to go back to complain about your wrong order, it only aggravates you more. How many times have I gotten home after the Drive-Thru to find out it wasn't what I ordered?! Ridiculous how the staff operates in this location. Either being brain-dead is a pre-requisite to being hired or they have the worst of managers so the servers are just as horrible as the managers. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PLACE ALREADY!

Jun 14, 2012 12:47 am EDT

You probably don't need the butter.

Jun 14, 2012 12:44 am EDT
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I went in to kilmarnock macdonalds And with my meal i ate midges I complained and The staff werent interested at all Get a grip mcdonalds as word gets around and It could be something like thie=s type of treatment that closes you down ( this is kilmarnock scotland)

Apr 20, 2012 11:57 am EDT
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Aug 09, 2011 9:14 am EDT
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It is an easy mistake to make. You should have spoken up at the time. You are making a big deal out of nothing. Yes, she overcharged you. HOWEVER, you did not say anything about it.

If you really must make a big deal of it, send this complaint without ANY changes to the corporation. They will certainly take you seriously with that atrocious spelling and grammar. You must also leave in the phrase "she encounted a clich." What does this mean?

In other words, stop being a ###. You lost 40 cents over a simple mistake, which YOU made the CHOICE not to correct.

Apr 30, 2011 2:08 am EDT

I feel as thought you are an incompetent ###. the only difference between an all-wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicle is that the all- wheel drive comes on automatically making it more convienient for you in the long run and the fourwheel drive you actually have to stop and turn on and off.

Dec 16, 2010 7:13 am EST

McDonald's is a company of stocks...not the vision of Ray Crock. I watched MdDonald's corporate destroy my hardworking honest father after he worked his whole life as a franchisee with all kinds of awards and recognition.One day he told them he was retiring and wanted to sell his store. You would think this good store owner of 35 years had signed with the devil! They started giving him horrible scores on thier inspections instantly and devalued his store to be worth NOTHING! For 35 years every time my father got ahead, McDonalds would find some new equipment he HAD to have or would make him totally remodel so he was ALWAYS in debt.
What a racket! No wonder people find the food unpalatable. There is nothing in it thats good.

Dec 13, 2010 7:06 pm EST

Here is a link that contains some information that may help you the next time you're in a McDonald's.

It's some insider secrets on how to get your food quicker.

Aug 21, 2010 4:38 am EDT

Hello Michael:

I want to thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience at the McDonald's in Pleasant Hill, IA with me. Your feedback is very important to us as it allows us to better understand how we can improve our service to you.

I am sorry for the unprofessional service and inaccurate order you received. Please be assured that we want to provide you with an exceptional experience every time you visit us. From your email, it is clear we did not meet your expectations. Again, I am truly sorry we disappointed you.

I want you to know that I have already taken action on your feedback. After reading your email, I immediately shared the information you brought to our attention with the local franchise owner of the restaurant you visited. Additionally, I notified our regional McDonald's consultant who works with this owner for follow-up in the restaurant and appropriate corrective action.

Again, Michael, thank you for sharing your feedback. We appreciate your business and we hope to have the pleasure of serving you soon.

McDonald's Customer Response Center


Aug 19, 2010 10:21 pm EDT

Obviously you do not believe in getting what you pay for?
That is part of the whole problem in america now.

Noone wants to honor a warranty or back a product.
I run a business myself. I do what is required to make my customers happy, period.
Some of us are old fashioned and have a belief system, others don't.

Jun 17, 2010 12:48 pm EDT

Hello sir, my name is Kashyap n iam frm rajkot gujjarat [India] well i want to bye a franchise of macdonlds n i talk in mumbai office so he told no tht we r not intressted to give franchise in ur place and this is not a small village this is big city and in our city people look for quality and i known that ur quality is good first i was in bahrain and i like ur food now i shiffted in india so there is no franchise of macdonalds so i thought that i will start the franchise over here but your people are not intressted to give franchise sir plz contact me my number is 0091 [protected] or [protected] and my email id is [email protected] and people who i talk about franchise his mobile number is [protected] and his name is Mr. Virendera and he told me no sir plz tell how to bye franchise.

Jun 12, 2010 10:50 pm EDT

haaaaahaaaaa! Love da comedy! And I do have legs.. still like men.

Apr 06, 2010 1:27 pm EDT

I have found that with McDonald's if the service is bad, food takes too long from the order time or just no more butter for hotcakes, people need to ask for their money back and then contact McDonald's headquarters in Chicago, IL to find out if the restaurant you were visiting was privately owned or corporate owned.

Corporate owned restaurants usually want to please the customers and keep them coming back. They will always reimbuse you for your order if you request it (before eating it); give you a discount if the wait is too long or order is incorrect or even sometimes give you the meal for free.

People need to start demanding from companies as much as they demand from you. If we all do this maybe just maybe they will start making sure their employees and management is up to snuff on their qualifications.


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