Lowe’s / no help loading lumber

United States

I am a 65 year old woman and able to do physical lifting—thank goodness—because if I go to Lowes, I know they will never help me load or transfer product to my pickup truck. Today I purchased 27 2 X 6 boards 10 and 8′ long. I asked a male clerk for help who was walking around in the lumber dept and he simply nodded his head and disappeared. He did return when he saw I had loaded up the boards and offered to find more 8′ boards because the bin was empty.

He came back w/ a heister loaded w/ more boards, put them onto the shelf and then disappeared again. When I checked out I told the female cashier that I would like someone to help me load. No one showed up. I loaded my truck with these heavy wet boards and guess who was now being a cashier? The same young fellow. He did stop what he was doing to run out and help another fellow his own age load up his truck w/ plywood. Bypassed me on the way back to grab my cart when I put the final board into my pickup.

This is typical service at lowes. I try not to go there and avoid the place most of the time. I regret going today!! Hope not to give into the convenience of the store location again to buy product. Lowes sucks!!


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