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Had a campaign running in adwords that ended on a certain date. Campaign was paused within adwords system, but over a month later the billing is still going for the campaign that was paused. Spoke with Google and their staff said they were willing to offer only a partial refund and leave our company stuck paying almost $20, 000 in ukrainian dollars or almost $2500 in us dollars.

They admitted that their adwords servers have experienced glitches before where problems have been experienced. However, they were not willing to provide the refund for the actual amount that was stolen from my business by Google.

I do have future campaigns that I will spend on with search marketing, but I will use other sources other than Google and choose to never advertise with the company ever again. What they did is steal from someone else and play the game with their technical back-end support to fraudulent bill someone for ads that were aired after a dated event was already ended. There wasn't even a web page active for the ads to send people to a landing page. It had a message stating that the event ended on a certain date.
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Jun 04, 2013
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      Feb 26, 2018

    Google is hard to fight against. Here is a letter I sent them 02/21/2018. Still no response:

    Mr. Veresh,
    To date we have not resolved the dispute to my bill.  I wish to resolve this matter and continue this business relationship.  Here are my complaints regarding the service my company has contracted with Google:
    Note that our adwords account is a call only campaign.  We are charged when a customer clicks and calls our company so that we may offer the service.  I am the only person answering the phone calls.  I am the administrator of the online adwords account.

    1)  main complaint - for example, on any given day, google says and charges for 5 clicks they say i received.  on that day i only recvd 1 call.
    the 5 clicks were NOT translated into 5 calls.  How do i know that the google algorithm does not automatically generate "ghost" clicks in order to charge? 

    specific day - Jan 11, 2018 google says i had 48 impressions and 6 clicks for a charge of 4311.  i received only 2 calls.
    Jan 7, 2018 google says i had 29 impressions and 3 clicks for a charge of 20.14.  i received only 1 calls.

    Jan 31, 2018 google says i had 60 impressions and 9 clicks for a charge of 66.08.  i received only 6 calls. (this was a good day but those extra 3 clicks i am being charged for cost me nearly $40)
    This is my problem.  Google has the smartest engineers in the world and they CAN find a system that uses the customer's phone numbe and verifies that a call was made.
    I believe that your algorithm charges for multiple clicks from the same device (IP address).  This is not fair to the customer paying for the click. 
    2) the billing statement is intentionally vague regarding the time of click, search term used, etc.
    This makes it hard for a the client paying for the click to verify it as real or a 'ghost' click generated in order to charge for it.  on a simple website paying for leads, the algorithm appears to always reach the daily budget indicated by "packing" the site with generated 'ghost' clicks in order to charge the maximum a client indicates he wants to pay.  On a small site, with a small budget, most clients just blindly pay the bill.  Multiplied by the thousands of users of adwords and adwords express, this adds up to millions each month.
    I am one little business owner who will happily pay google for each call recieved. I do not want to think google generates revenues by creating ghost clicks. 

    "Do no evil" is the mantra for Google.  Please review/scan/scrutinize my bills for the last two years and help me correct the overages that I paid.  Please change the ad display algorithm for campaigns that utilize the 'call only' to charge ONLY when a call is generated.
    I may be reached at [protected] or personal cell [protected].
    Thank you,
    Joe Aleman III

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      Mar 29, 2018

    Google Adwords is a rip off! Signed up to help a small business with the promise of not being billed over $26 a day and not to exceed $760 a month. Then the billing started first few days were under the $26 limit then it starting exceeding the limit so the service was cancelled. As soon as it was cancelled it doubled for the last few days now Google Adwords expects a payment which is not ethical. What a bunch of cheats.
    They are misleading and a fraud as far as I'm concerned.

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      Apr 15, 2018

    I went into my Google Adwords account that was set up by my assistant back in July. She had put together an Adword campaign and I assume when I went back into the account on April 5th to simply use the keyword planner may have accidentally initiated the campaign.

    Two days later over $700 was billed to my credit card for a campaign for a domain that not longer exists and for a company I don't work for. There were no conversions and clearly Google can see that the domain didn't even redirect on the days the campaign ran. Simply a 404 error. Even knowing this, their Indian call center was adamant that I owed the money.

    Want a scam. No notification that a campaign was started, no previous billing on the account, a campaign linked to a dead domain, and no conversions and they still want to collect. Clearly this was an error and the dirty bloodsuckers still want to collect over $700.

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      Jan 02, 2019

    Google is indeed an EVIL company. I have no doubt there are many "ghost" clicks that cause small businesses money.

    Google cannot tell you much information on who is "clicking" on your ads, yet we read all the time about how much information they know about everyone.

    I look forward to the day they get sued for bilking BILLIONS of dollars out of small (and large) business owners.

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