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Citibank Complaints & Reviews

Citibank / Citibank Deleted my Account from their system

Namgay Dorji on Mar 7, 2017
I opened citi gold account with citibank n. a, la-rancho park 10680 w pico blvd los angeles, ca 90064 on december 11, 2010 and assigned ms. rosa shadsirat to assist. citi bank couldnt provide me with my debit card during my stay in los angeles and I had to returned back to my country. when...

Citibank / NRI, NRO account

Atinder on Jan 20, 2017
Had Citibank NRI/NRO account for many years. Last year I got letter that the bank was closing the local branch and gave me the option to use another branch or close the account. Long story short, my account was closed and I was sent demand draft checks to USA. As it turns out, there is no...

Citibank / Customer service

Margaret Breen on Dec 25, 2016
The company refused to reply to an email that I sent regarding poor customer service regarding my account. I will never do business with Citibank again. Costco deserves better service as does the consumer. I paid my account on time and Citibank said they didn't receive it. I sent the check...

CitiBank 1627 NW 27th Avenue, Miami FL.33125 / Personal account

kiperr on Dec 12, 2016
Disappointed with the service.few employees this location, I never encounter such a rude banker in Citibank in this location i was there today and big lines they have 2 employee in the counter and a 1 banker in the left booth that i approach him because theres no one in check in register...

Citibank / Citi bank not honoring account settlement agreement

johnnie B on Oct 28, 2016
On Sept 20 2016 .I called Cit bank to make a one time settlement payment because I lost my job and got behind on my account, We settled for a sum of 566.72. Citibank sent me a letter to verify the agreement, A bank check was sent out for that amount . I called Cit bank Oct.11 2016, told...

Citibank / Transition from American Express to Citibank via Costco

Fred Derf on Oct 17, 2016
This transition was and is a fraud. I had no intentions to sustain my membership with Costco.However, all without my knowledge, Costco opened an account in my name with CitiBank then charged my membership to this card I did not know existed. I had no idea I was doing business with Citibank...

Citibank / Late charges/interest charge

mscharwath on Oct 1, 2016
On 8/21/2016 I set up auto pay and received confirmation that Citi Bank had received the auto pay information. Today when reviewing my account I see that I've been charge a late charge and an interest charge. I waited 20 minutes to talk to someone who told me that I didn't set up auto pay...

Citi Bank - Credit Card / Fraudulent offer

Gr Brandt on Sep 27, 2016
Card applied for and received "0% introductory APR for 21 months from date of account opening..." but Citi is charging interest from initial opening of account, stating that there original offering was in error...and so live with it or cancel the card...typical response to be expected from the banking industry...beware of offers from Citi credit card

Citibank / Credit card

Tony23Gork on Aug 21, 2016
We missed the fine print to ALSO link our checking account to the new Citi card. I think thousands are also in the same boat. Today, after several exchanges with Citi to clear up this and schedule a fund transfer on 22 Aug 2016 my wife found her card was blocked. This was due to a ~...

Citibank / The costco credit card

vince baccari on Aug 18, 2016
I cancelled it as the interest was excessive, $40 some dollars on a $280 purchase. I'm not sure what you negotiated that was improved over Amex. Generally I have found that COSTCO is a good consumers advocate, but it was a big fail in this case.

Citibank / Costco Credit Card

rach m on Aug 3, 2016
It has been a month and a half since the credit card change and I have STILL not received my card. I have called multiple times, been stuck on hold for hours, had to change my address/information twice because the first time wasn't "permanent" (wtf?), never received a statement, still...

Citibank Uk / relationship manager for CitiGold

Bontiti on Aug 1, 2016
I have been a Citigold UK customer since 2012. Each time I contact my relationship manager by email, I can only get a response from him after sending him 3-4 reminders. On average, I need to wait 5 working days before receiving a reply (the worst one being over 10 working days for...

Citi Bank / Costco Card

BRUCE1025 on Jul 8, 2016
Just talked to CITI; they took my credit account from American Express. My interest rate at AMEX was 15%; they immediately jacked it up to 27.5%. I have a high balance which will cost me thousands! I've been a big fan of Costco; but this is ridiculous! I will CLOSE MY CITI BANK CARD - WHAT A RIP OFF!

Citibank / Credit card

carla villarreal on Jul 6, 2016
I did not receive my business card, AMEX expired and I have had numerous problems as a result. Called to get a new card and it took 2 weeks for action. Called again after one week and now finally have received 3 cards (!). ...two had the same credit card number but different costco account...

Citibank / Not downloadable to Quickbooks

Geanette Cebulski on Jun 26, 2016
The new Citi Card is not downloadable to QuickBooks - mainly only Quicken. Also, it appears that unless you sign up for paperless billing you cannot even view the statement on-line. The rewards are fine but when I have to spend a significant amount of time entering the transactions into...

Citibank / Best Buy Visa

Protocull on Jun 1, 2016
Let me start by saying i am a 10 yer customer of thi s card on autopay so there is no history of late payments and they earn money off my interest (albeit a relatively small balance). So today i go online to check my account balance and i notice that it appears like my account i...

Citi Bank / Online buying

Amar1 on Apr 7, 2016
The image ?https://www.accountonline.com/acq/chooser/content/en/images/header/cb.gif? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Dear Valued Customer - AMAR SINGH Congratulations ! This acknowledgment sets forth certain terms upon which {MR JOHN DANTE } is interested in...

Citibank / check fake email or not

Navaneethchandran.B on Dec 11, 2015
My name is Navaneethchandran.B I received a mail from citi bank that they received a TRANSFER ORDER placed by their Customer Dr Rose Cohen instruct them to transfer the sum of(38, 000INR) For my item as a payment for (ITEM) and it has been successfully processed and has consequently been...

Citibank / I want to know weater this was scam email

pratab on Dec 6, 2015
My name is sri and just want to know/confirm is that this information was true/rite.Transaction summary: merchandise amount rm4, 200.00 myr shipper agent charges rm2, 500.00 myr western union charges rm300.00 myr total rm7, 000.00 myr transaction number sw1100591978909ca quantity 1...

Citi Bank / Wrong information and bad customer experiance

Ahmed El Naggar on Nov 19, 2015
I am writing you today to explain my dissatisfaction & bad customer experience in your respectable Citi Bank Egypt I am the owner of TITANIUM Master Card Credit I went to Citi Bank branch “Mostafa El Nahas” on date 10 Nov 2015 to deactivate my credit card The agent there told me that I have...

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