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Citibank Complaints & Reviews

Citibank / pending charge

Akhila Klein on Oct 16, 2017
A pending charge of 150.00 has been on my account 9/30 for 15 days. The vendor says the charge was cleared from them on 10/01 as it was a deposit only and no charges were required. Talking to Citibank they say it is the problem of the vendor, the vendor says it the problem of citibank...

Citibank / misinformation received from branch management

Marilyn McAtee on Oct 13, 2017
We went to make a deposit to our account and was told by the "manager or assistant manager" that the deposit would take about 8 weeks to clear. We asked 8 days?, she said no, 4 to 8 weeks. The reason was that the check was drawn on a New Mexico Bank, and the teller added that checks from New...

Citibank / erin nelson

JroCastellanos on Oct 7, 2017
I went into a Citibank on Camden Branch: 3510 Leigh Ave San Jose, CA 95124 and was “helped” by Erin Nelson. I have a credit card with Best Buy and there was an issue, for the last 6 months I have gone to Best Buy and they told me to call Citi Bank or go into a facility. I called and they...

Citibank / customer service

Caron Feldman on Oct 6, 2017
I am very disappointed and disgusted with the rudeness of the customer service and Well as the management team when u call the 800 number I just opened an account with them after 15 years of being with Wells Fargo bc of a fraud situation as well as all their hidden fees I thought Citibank...

Citibank / credit card

Jcwilliams on Oct 5, 2017
I submitted payment for my credit card on September 28, 201 for $1, 200 The amount left my account was posted to my Citibank account but not posted to available funds. After speaking with customer service and the credit department the told me that they were still awaiting confirmation of...

Citibank / bank manager and staff extreme religious bias.

Dr. Barron on Oct 3, 2017
Bankers with the bank manager at the Bronx NY branch. Refused to serve me apparently they didn’t like religious leaders. I was told citi bank don’t open accounts for church who gross was under 25, 000 annual. My organization is not required to file but even attempting to show them the IRS...

Citibank / open new account

Phoy Chin Tan on Oct 2, 2017
I faxed my Social security number, non driver state ID, signature page and my husband driver ID to support my living address in USA on 2nd October. I'm disappointed with your Citibank open account options as your staff told me that I must have utility bill to support my living address and my...

Citibank / worst bank I have ever encountered

Nigel D'Heldt on Sep 25, 2017
I have been locked out of my Citibank account for over 60 days now, and Citibank. I have had two conversations with them, sent two emails to their security team, and have complained in writing, but they have totally ignored all forms of communication. I have now filed a complaint with the...

Citibank / checking account

Gaddi Salomon on Sep 25, 2017
I recently closed one of my accounts due to the horrible customer service that I've received from day 1. The remaining balance was supposed to come to me as a check form, and I never received it. I called customer care and they claimed it was wired to someone on my behalf. I asked for some...

Citibank / citi debt collect me on a "never, applied, never received, and never activated never used citi credit card"

Weiguo Xiang on Sep 18, 2017
First I did call Citi service for this issue, but no solution. The incident: Citi debt collect department called of "a recently closed credit card". Something like 260$. Wait, I never applied, and granted anybody on my behalf to applied a Citi credit card. They claimed it was a Costco...

Citibank / my best buy credit card

RH909 on Sep 7, 2017
So I just got my My Best Buy credit card (issued through Citibank) less than a week ago...Probably almost a month since I was approved. Anyways my issue is that after making ONE online purchase, they froze my card for suspicious activities. Kind of dumb to freeze a card after a single...

Citibank / teller at citibank hickey blvd daly city named dennis

Jen Dion on Sep 6, 2017
At about 12:00pm Sept 6, 2017, Teller at Hickey Blvd Daly City named Dennis wearing Purple polo shirt is being so rude very rude. I will pay my 2 credit cards and my credit cards are not with me so I gave my CA ID and told me, we cannot process your transaction because I need your credit...

Citibank / credit card application

Miriam Levinsohn on Sep 6, 2017
recently I submitted an application online for the Platinum Card that is offering a 0% interest for 21 months. A few days later I did not hear anything so I called in and was told there is no record of my online application. I then did an application over the phone which took 42 minutes in...

Citibank / 36,000 lost points when citi closed mastercard account for inactivity

MaryLori on Sep 5, 2017
My friend lost 36, 000 points, worth $500 towards purchases, when her Citibank MasterCard sent a letter that they closed her account for inactivity. She wrote to me in a letter dated 8-26-2017 "I felt as if I'd been hit in the stomach... lost $500 worth of points because I saved them...

Citibank / discrimination

Jose F on Sep 1, 2017
I went to cash my check at Bank #17400 located in Fountain Valley. As I waited in the long line with only two tellers the Bank Manager pulled myself out and a few others out of the line and told us the wait would be about 20 minutes. As we sat down other customers came in and we're helped...

Citibank / release $100 fund for emergency and my medication in dubai

Rashelpouri on Aug 26, 2017
Customer service. Mananger Kimberly. I stay in Dubai I have a medical emergency and my mother deposit in US $1, 300 and usually released $200 immediately and explain to her I need to get my medication I need $100 release from my account and she didn't do it. This is really BAD. If something...

Citibank / student loan (now serviced by firstmark)

Debra Foster720 on Aug 26, 2017
I am submitting this complaint as we have tried to work with Firstmark directly. In early July I sent an direct “request for help” to Firstmark letting them know I am having trouble making payment and that their billing and dates of billing was confusing. I had just made payment a month...

Citibank / cash offer for opening a checking account

Lisa M on Aug 23, 2017
InJune I received an offer from Citibank to receive an amount of cash (amount determined by type of Checking account opened) if a particular type of Checking account was opened and certain requirements were met. I met those requirements and now they have come up with 2 different excuse...

Citibank / unfair banking practices by citibank credit cards

Bharathiraja on Aug 22, 2017
Hi, This is to bring to your kind attention of some unfair banking practices that I am being subjected to by Citibank. I have been holding a savings account with Citibank for the past 18 years and unfortunately this is the first time I am experiencing this kind of a service. Two month...

Citibank / online transfer of my lotto prize detained by citibank. plc. u.k.

Praveen Desai on Aug 15, 2017
sir ' sorry to say that citibank. plc. u. k has started harassment to release my fund credit with my s/b. account no.10010262 since 1. st of august. i have paid all expenses for transfer. first paid 36000 thirty six thousand rupees for account openning, second... for c. o. t...

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