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Citi lowered my credit limit for no reason

I had done a transfer balance to 1 of my citi cc's last year. I was instantly approved for this transfer.in feb of this year, 2020, they actually increased my credit limit, which I did not ask for. Then 2 months ago, then decreased my limit so now it looks like I maxed out my card, which I never in my life did. I'm never late with payments and always paid more than minimum due. I called and inquired as to why this was done and was told that it's because of other balances I have. (insert baffled smiley face) I have a mortgage, a car payment and 2 credit cards that have balances on them. (I actually have 9 credit card but never use 7 of them) so I do not know why they say this. To reiterate, I had these when I took out the balance transfer so I do not know why it was fine at the time, but several months later they changed their mind. I wrote to them inquiring why and how this change has adversely affect my credit score but I have yet to receive a response. I will pay off both citi cards as soon as I can and then close the accounts.

Failure to process florida central credit union money market account a payment

On 04/30/2020 i've try to make a payment of $1, 000.00 to bestbuy citi credit services by my florida central credit union money market account and after bestbuy citi numerous attempts to process it, it got failed & rejected, so i've borrowed my son's checking debit card and paid it, and now I want to claim a refund $1, 000.00 to my disabled son's checking and the citibank denies and rejected my claim, stating that "it's a little too late to retroactively process your claim", cause the citibank delayed their response due to a pandemic time.

Notary service

I phoned my branch and asked whether they provided free notary services for customers. The gentleman on the...

Late fees

I called prior to my payment due date and was supposed to have been put on a deferred program. I have contacted them numerous times and every time I have been disrespected and these people have to empathy for what people are going their right now. I chatted trying to get a late fee taken off my account that had been deferred. Javier started out by asking for a payment when I am protected by a deferment. Contradicted the fee reversal policy. I have been an excellent customer for well over 10 years and have never been late or asked for any assistance and this is how they treat people in a crisis. Don't bother doing a survey - they don't care how you feel.

Citibank nri services

Hi There,

I am an NRI Customer holding both NRE and NRO account with Citibank. I am frustrated that i am not able to order cheques online.

My Acct numbers are as follows:

What is the easiest way to submit for getting 25 leaf cheque book for both accounts please? I have wasted three days with out any outcome.

I understand its COVID but we are in 21st century and we should be able to submit these requests via Citibank NRI mobile app or Online.

Please help ASAP.

Lokesh Palyakere Srinivasa

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Credit card

I had 2 citi credit cards. All my accounts are auto pay. I mistakenly failed to set up auto pay for one card. Attempts t contact me were viewed as spam, scam, junk. Nothing that boldly caught my attention. I missed 3 payments. When I realized my mistake I apologized and paid the account in full. My credit score dropped significantly. My unblemished credit report severely damaged. I request the removal of the negative reporting. It was a mistake and paid within days, in full. Citi was not damaged financially. They were made whole. It is my opinion that the harsh unnecessary response was excessive and in harmful spirit. Citi was making an example of late payers consequence. There was no reason to destry my character over this mistake. Corps have no empathy or sense of the spirit of goodwill. The man that destroyed my credit did not take advantage of a mutual resolution with neither having hard feelings. They do not like me and I do not like them. Beware of this aggressive, hateful, power hungry and greedy bank/credit card. During this pandemic crisis they have chose to make personal finances subject to harsh, unconcerned and damage. No good will or integrity, honor.

A/advantage master card-last 1646

I have tried Seven (7) time with phone representatives to close this account, instead they have replaced it...

Fraud department

Let me have the opportunity to bring some fraudulent activity to your attention on our credit card, on november 26, 2019, I decided to buy a commercial steam carpet cleaner for our home and hire a woman to use it here at our house, we recieved the first of two units about 3 days later with united parcel service delivering it to our door.
The problem with the unit is it has extractor water that is supposed to spray separately from the steam function if so desired, and the vacumn sucks up the steam moisture along with the extractor water.
The problem is that the machine shut off with a "no water" error message even when both water tanks are full rendering the machine useless.
The merchant bought a ups return slip at first but called to say he would bring a working machine, and he would pick up the defective one so dont give the first one to the ups driver when they come for it.
The merchant brought a second machine and took the first one, I asked him if he checked the second one before he left to bring it to me, he said he would check it here and had it blowing steam but the extractor water would not come out and the error message shuts the machine down because it has a boiler in it, the merchant told me if he could leave it here and if we would try it he could come back if we had problems because he was in the area often, and we would get it worked out, I believed the merchant and allowed him to leave the machine for it to be tried here.
The second machine shut off like the first one with both water tanks full. I fully believe now this merchant wanted me to keep this 30 days believing he would come back if we couldnt get it going so they could keep the $1299.00, and proceed to wear us out with a warranty claim, which is not going to happen cause I called 48 hours later to say I didnt want the second machine either.
They wanted me to drive 40 miles with the 80 pound box to yukon oklahoma to the ups drop at lowes lumber yard, I called them 3 times to bring it to their attention they needed to buy a full prepaid return label so ups would come here and pick up this machine, just like ups left the first one here, the merchant said in his letter to the credit card company I called 3 times to say ups did not come here, the deception on his part at this point is that I called to tell them they failed to buy a full prepaid return label 3 times, because they told me they fixed the pickup problem 3 times and did not, I never called to tell them ups does not come here, only to tell them 3 times they did not pay for the pickup service.
We called within 48 hours to tell the merchant he left us a second dead on arrival machine and were informed they had done all they were gonna do for us and I needed to return the machine at my expense, expecting us to pay for a dead $1299.00 machine and or use our resources to haul the machine 40 miles in the return process is not going to happen under any circumstances, so we want the credit card company to secure the full prepaid return label, and have ups come here where they left the first dead machine and pickup the second dead machine just like they brought the first one.
Now the most disturbing part of this is after us steam got our card number information, they sent us 2 bad machines, the merchant lied to the credit card company, there was a ski trip for $2647.26 charged to our account, and all the other charges on this card appeared only after us steam got this credit card number, every charge on our card at this time is fraudulent and we think the credit card company will find a crook at us steam if they will spend any time at all on this,
No results, we had to close account due to inaction of the citi bank fraud department, they claim we will pay for dead on arrival steam cleaner for $1299.00, the machine remains avaliable for pickup as we never accepted the dysfunctional unit and am not responsible for return shipping

  • Updated by acidjazz · Apr 13, 2020

    us steam was the fraudulent merchant, defective steam cleaners

nri — ach transfer from usa to india

I scheduled an ACH transfer from my US bank account to citibank NRI account on Feb 2020. Unfortunately due to the issues involved with the Corona virus. I had to cancel my trip to India and did not need the money in the indian account. Right on the day of the transfer I called them within 15 minutes and tries to cancel the ach. They said they could not cancel the ach and I there fore I did a stop payment on the US account. Citibank was notified that the ach had failed within 4 business days and even though the acct displayed the transfer, the amount actually available for transactions was not increased by the ACH amount. So I did not have access to the funds at any time.
I get charged 40000 rupees on march 15 because that was the day they calculated between the max difference in dollar /rupee conversion. I asked them what dates were used to calculate the rupee conversion difference and they wont give me an answer. This amount was not a flat fee. The rep Sarbjeet Sahra Sehra wont answer any questions directly and refused to send my concern to any one superior. Now my account is locked due to lack of minimum funds. I have had the CITI bank account for over 15 years.
The reps are the worst I have encountered. I work as an SVP at a major US bank and I would not expect this kind of poor customer service from any one.

typical waiting time is over one hour

Any time I call the Customer Service at Citibank, the typical waiting time is over one hour. And when someone responds, the person answering has a very poor comprehension of English and I have to repeat myself numerous times. Apparently, the phone is being picked up in some different parts of the world, where English is not only not the primary language, but also literacy is not as good as well.

Citigold relationship manager

We have been clients of Citibank NA for over 35 years and originally opened our account at Citibank in Staten Island NY. We were assigned a Relationship Manager with NO input from us a few years back. We have never met this gentleman by name of Vladimir Gusman and in every interaction that we have had with him he is rude and abnoxious. Please note that we are both professionals and have never been treated the way we have been treated by him by any other financial institution with whom we have a relationship. We are now located in Florida and have an excellent relationship with a Relationship Manager in a branch close to us and for over a year we have been requesting a change on our accounts and our relationship manager to this person. This request sent by Ms. Joo has been consistently blocked by Mr. Gusman and I have no idea why. The last time I checked we as clients have the right to bank with who we choose. I would like a higher up from Citibank to let us know why our Citigold Relationship Manager cannot be changed to the one in the Branch where we live and why we need to suffer the rudeness of Mr. Gusman. Perhaps it is time for us to move the funds elsewhere.

Credit card

I received a text from Citibank stating my credit card payment was past due. I reviewed my online banking account payment was sent 3/17 paid on the 20th same date payment is due. When I reviewed my account at Citibank it required a payment, I inadvertently sent the requested payment. I have been trying to contact the customer service to no avail for the last seven days, after a certain time of holding it automatically disconnects. Today I received a letter stating I have a past due balance threating it could jeopardize my privileges, encouraging me to CALL NOW. I called not once but twice only to get disconnected. How dare you Citibank. As a banker myself I will report you to the regulators.

Coronavirus assistance

Why in the world is Citibank doing NOTHING for its credit card customers other than waiving a late fee ($35) during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

All other credit card, insurance, mortgage companies are offering forbearance or deferral for a month or two with no interest or late fees, or something of substance?

Citibank is using this as an opportunity to show how much they dislike their credit card customers.

Absolutely awful by Citibank!

been trying to contact citi cards by phone or chat through website since 20 March.

It appears that either their phone system is down or everyone was dismissed due to virus.

saving account / ach / website

I recently opened a saving account. I clicked on "Add Fund" and create two transactions (2/25/2020). The next...

deactivation of credit card

I have 2 credit cards from citibank that I wanted to deactivate unfortunately, I no longer live in the Philippines for more than 3 years now. I no longer use and no longer need my credit cards that's why I tried to cancel it when I visited the Philippines last January. I called their hotline maybe 5 to 8 times. I was redirected to different people who were not able to help me at all. I am now back in the US and still finding a way to cancel my cards cause I dont want to be charged another annual fee this year. I tried their online chat support, but they were not able to help as well. I was advised to do it via an online account which I dont have. I didnt have an account because when I was trying to register for one, I was required to provide the registered mobile number connected to my credit cards which has long been deactivated since Iam no longer in the Philippines. This is frustrating because I keep on paying the annual fee of both cards which I no longer use.

absolutely awful!

Back in November I cancelled my credit card. I have been with City Bank AT & T Universl Card - Platinum Card - over 10 years. I cancelled my card due to a recurring charge that will not go away. After I cancelled my card fully paid, City bank allowed the charge to go thru. They allowed a charge and then on top of that they charged me late fees for months. I called them to dispute the charge - I spoke to 3 people - explaining all the details - no regard. they said I have to pay all the charges or it will continue to increase. I asked to speak to management and they said they are not available for my dispute and unfortunately their system will not allow to credit any charge fees. I just have to pay the full amount.
I'm 84 years old. Living on social security. This is the payback from being a loyal customer for over 10 years. The nonsense they come up with in marketing for loyalty programs its all a slap in a face at the end. There is no customer service.

I will make sure all my friends and family and social media finds out how disgusting they run their business.

late payment removal due to the unusual situation

Dear Complaint Members at Citi Bank Organization,
Subject: Constant Insufficient Money and $35 Penalty in My Citi Bank Account Due to the Negative Effects of the Replacing Soviet's Health Professional (Physician Assistant) Job with the Actual American Graduate Medical Doctors

Issue That I Discussed with the United States Government Regarding Constantly Having Financial Disaster with Lack of Job to Practice Medicine in the United States

My personal experience is very similar to what I found later on about strange behavior that Polish community experiencing by some paramedics made decisions to do not pick up Polish elders to the Emergency room in Poland (Dr. Masziak, Professor of hab, Lublin., and the Head of Psychiatric in Lublin, Poland) regarding the Soviet type of health care relates to the time that me, my mother, and a neighbor picked up my father to the Emergency Room in the main Hospital of the city of Bandar Pahlavi (Gilan, Iran), while there was no Physician appeared to check up my father when we arrived in the hospital, and after 15-20 minutes losing time there was a physician who showed up with the bad news. The incident of losing my father on that day motivated me to become a physician in that time. On the other hand, when the dream of becoming a Physician by the United States and Poland became true [protected]), I noticed that the one who appeared as a medical doctor could not be a medical doctor, but the Soviet type of health professional (Physician Assistant) who might purposely showed up late since my father was a Police officer (Immigration Police Officer with One Star) in that time. To avoid such misunderstandings and for protecting the loving Polish people to do not face with not trusting those with worst intentions and history against Poland, one humble idea for the great Polish government would be to use the actual European graduate medical doctors from the Polish graduate doctors or other European graduate medical doctors to make sure they the loving Polish people receive the most acceptable type of health care in Poland. I also noticed that the same group of the Soviet type of health professionals (Physician Assistants) are very protective and feeling responsible regarding those patients with the Soviet background, while they have fewer interests to provide full service with every other population in the United States. Recently, I discovered a new fact which I believe this could be the main cause of misinterpretation regarding shortages of the medical doctors in Poland that I wish the Great Polish Government to investigate a possible few Soviet Medical Doctors (Belarusian-Polish Learned Language Individuals) who might be left Poland by leaving multiple signatures for the Physician Assistant working under his responsibility (e.g., One Soviet Medical Doctor who might left 50, 100, or more signatures for the other young Soviets to misrepresent as health professionals in Poland) in Poland.


The course "Physician Assistant" is the Soviet career (Abbasi & Salehnia, 2013; Aghajanian & Merhyar, 1999; Feldshare, 2019; Ramer, 2018), has no credentials to be called doctor, no backgrounds or intention to become a doctor, and we have several unusualities in the United States as well by group of strange people (the Belarusian English-Learned Soviet) using the American social media to vote against Vaccine to make our society become volnurable for catching every possible diseases that only the society type of one year schooling and one year shadowing a doctor could create such a disaster with the name of social morality or I call punishing the Western society through our health service. Moreover, failure to create academic testing by the NBME (Kaplan & Saccuzo, 2013) which cause the American graduate medical doctors constantly fail can be related to what Soviets is planning regarding health socity of the United States and allies.


Hossein Divan-Beigi, M.D.,
Online Ph.D., Student Industrial and Organizational Psychology [protected])
Graduate Medical Doctor (Physician, [protected])
Graduate Disciple of Christ [protected])
Graduate Agricultural Engineer (Agronomic Affaires, [protected])
Citi Bank Card Number: [protected]
Exp: 09/24/2024



Abbasi, M., & Salehnia, M. H. (2013). Disaster medical assistance teams after earthquakes in Iran: Propose a localized model. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, 15(9), 829. [Google Scholar]
Aghajanian, A., & Merhyar, A. H. (1999). Fertility, contraceptive use and family planning program activity in the Islamic Republic of Iran. International Family Planning Perspectives, 98-102.
Belarusian Americans. (2019). History: First Belarusians were registered either as Russians or as Poles. Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belarusian_Americans
Belarus-United States Relations. (2019). Only 20% of Belarusians approve of U.S. leadership. Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belarus-United_States_relations
Feldshers. (2017). Physician Assistant History Society. Retrieved from https://pahx.org-/gallery/feldshers/
Kaplan, R. M., & Saccuzzo, D. P. (2008, pp. 317-331, 567-608). Psychological Testing: Principles, applications, and issues (8th ed.).
Ramer, S. C. (2018). The Russian feldsher: PA (Physician Assistant) prototype in transition. Samuel, S. C., Ramer, PhD. Retreved from https://journals.lww.com/jaapa/pages/articleviewer.aspx?year=2018&issue=11000&article=00013&type=Fulltext
Sample Curriculum. (2018). Physician assistant studies (MS). Northeastern University.
UK College of Medicine. (2019). Medical school education: Curriculum overview. Retrieved from http://meded.med.uky.ed-u/curriculum-overview

Lowered my limit and reported to Experian 1/4/20

I received this info from experian credit report on 1/4/20
I don't understand why it was "lowered" when i've always paid on time and it has a $0 balance. I was informed this would negatively affect my credit rating. I don't care that the limit was lowered but I don't want false negative influences on my credit report.
— this was copied from my experian report.
Po box 6497 sioux falls, sd [protected]
Phone bymailonly
Activity revolving charge account
Previous limit $3, 700
New limit $2, 501
Account number
Account status
Date opened oct 1, 2000
Account type revolving charge account
Balance $0
Credit limit $2, 501
Payment info
Updated on dec 1, 2019
Past due amount -
Highest balance $1, 126
You've made 100% of your payments on time for this account.

saving accounts

I opened two savings accounts between November and December, To fund the first account, I transferred fund...

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