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Complaints & Reviews

HDFC — translate captions; credit card support number

Greetings from the Reserve Bank of India. In view of the numerous scams and fraudulent withdrawal of funds from the accounts of gullible citizens, RBI has initiated a drive of...

relieving letter request not responding

Hello sir/madam,

I am abhay nalinbhai vora. I was employee of hdfc bank. My employee code : a34684. I was resign on 15 dec, 2018 and the resignation was accepted which screenshot i attach in the mail but till i didn't get the relieving letter it passed almost above 1 year so i request you to please release my reliving latter today itself because i have to give the latter to other company so please release the latter today. I sent the mail yesterday also but till i didn't revert back from your side so i mail it again. It's urgent please try to understand it is my career priority. this is my fifth mail please release my reliving letter.

This is my details :
Name : Abhay Vora
Employee code : A34684
Superviser :Devendrasingh vaghela
office location : chaprajpur branch jetpur.
Contact No Branch manager : [protected] (Amitbhai patel)

relieving letter request not responding

not getting otp on my registered number with hdfc bank account

I did the shopping on and I needed "One Time Password" to buy the products but HDFC bank did not send me "One Time Password" and I was unable to buy...

behavior of marketing caller

Team @ I am using HDFC credit card more than a two year, but daily basis I am receiving calls for credit card, 1000 times I told to put my number in DND. But no response today I received a call for credit card again and your customer care executive abused me with word " chutiya Sala " is this a behavior of your employees towards to customers? I need proper strict action on this or I will file a complaint in consumer forum because I have all recordings

Vijay Carvalo


hdfc fastag

I am a customer of hdfc bank.
I ordered hdfc fastag on 14th dec online and paid 500 Rs from my Savings account. Customer and Wallet I'd were created but fastag was never delivered to me even after 2 weeks.
No response from hdfc fastag customer care even after several calls.
Is it the way to treat your customers??
Fastag application Reference no HFR01102123.

inaccuracy in credit card, dues collections

To, The Manager HDFC Bank Card Division B.L.B Road, Thiruvanmiyur Channai-600041 Subject: Inaccuracy in Credit Card dues collections Sir, With due respect i want to state...

money transfer

My family send me money from india to canada through HDFC Bank. Employe of bank filled wrong account number so i did not get my money.scotia bank send money back because they cant match account number because this was wrong.after one month my family get money Which is 12000 less than original amount.i really have to suffer alot due to negligance of bank staff.


Respected sir,

I am Noor my complaint is regarding the following, DEBIT CARD ANNUAL FEE-Feb-[protected]-MIR1906031335671, I would like to know why I got this charges and how many times because as per my information I am using an old card which I got in opening kit and that was free of charge. Please help me to understand this.
Kindly do the needfull.

Thanking you,

  • HDFCBank Oct 15, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. This is not the experience we want you to have. At HDFC Bank, it's our endeavor to understand your needs and provide you with the highest level of service. Please click on and share your complete details along with the details of the charges. Please mention reference number TT15101900006 along with the requested details for us to help you with the solution.

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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request for noc

Dear Sir, My name is Priya Singh holding credit card 4893 77XX XXXX 6004 have made the complete ourstaing credit balance payment on 5th Oct2019. However today, since I had to...

net banking

I am HDFC Bank savings account holder, currently I'm in USA. When I try to login to Netbanking, event hough I entered valid credentials, it says invalid login so I tried to reset IPIN by choosing "OTP sent to mobile and email". Now I could get the OTP sent to my phone but not on my email. Looks like the emails sent from this particular email id "[protected]" are not received. I could receive all other emails from HDFC on the same email id . Due to this I'm totally blocked from accessing my account and any means I try to contact HDFC are not helping. Please resolve this issue ASAP.
HBL-[protected] - complaint number for your reference.
Escalation number: HBL-[protected]

  • Co
    Comely Pree Oct 12, 2019

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    Saying that there isn’t any risk with forex trading is also a sign of forex trading scams. There is always a risk when it comes to trading. Forex trading is not any different. Stay away from sites that are promising unrealistic things.
    You are angry and sad. You were one of the victims of forex trading fraud. You have lost a lot of money, and the possibility to make some profit. This is something that will make anyone furious. However, the good news is that you can get help.
    Help is available for you to recover your funds. The only thing that you need to know is where you can get that help. You don’ t wants to land in another scam besides the forex trading scam as well.
    This is the good news. When you are making use of chargeback, you will be able to recover your funds. Funds that you thought you have lost forever. Yes, you can report it to the police or even open a case at your lawyer, but this isn’t going to bring your money back.
    Chargeback is the only way that you can be sure to forex trading get your money back into your account. However, there are some things that you should know about chargeback first.
    Chargeback is a service that assists you and other victims to recover your funds after you have been scammed. They can assist anyone that have made bank deposits and that have used their credit card and debit card for paying. and email; [email protected]

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  • Ti
    tipwings Oct 12, 2019

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bank wale bina btaye paise kaat lete h

dear sir
hdfc bank wale account se bina btaye paise kaat lete h, maine bank se parssonal loan liya h mere ek baar emi se kum paise reh gye account mai bank walo ne 1000 rup extra kaat liye jubki bank walo ne intimate bhi nhi kiya mujhe next month bank ne again1000 rup kaat liye care wale phon kaat dete h plz solution my problem grib aadmi kaise bhrega etni late fee.

  • HDFCBank Oct 03, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused. This is not the experience we want you to have. At HDFC Bank, it's our endeavor to understand your needs and provide you with the highest level of service. Please click on and share your Account No. or Customer ID & registered contact details with the complete concern. Please mention reference number TT04101900001 along with the requested details for us to help you with the solution.

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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personal loan, regarding providing fraudulent information and cheating of money by executives

My personal loan number [protected] While the agent Jack mobile number [protected] and iswar mobile no [protected] who the employee of hdfc proposed me for the loan, explained me about the pressing fee zero and the only stamp duty 500rs will be charged. By this assurance, In the agreement I signed for the loan also it mentioned the agreement fee zero, and at the time of disbursal call I had clearly explained that I don't want that loan with the huge processing fee and try to cancel the loan. But those people didn't hear my words and disbursal the amount with deduction of 6000 rs from my account. I have the photo copy of the loan agreement and call recording of all those and I will forward when you are in need for enquiry.
After the disbursal of the amount I called by mobile to these executives regarding this issue and they replied that they will return the 5500 rs amount to my account.
After that no response from these executives and their behavior is worst if called them.
I need my my 6000 rs back or cancel the loan.

Kindly go through this and return my 6000rs otherwise cancelled my loan and I will return the whichever credited in my account, I don't want to continue the relationship with cheating bank



neft charges keep going, in spite of rbi instruction for free

HDFC Bank keep charging NEFT charges and they have charged for me in bulk in Sep, 19, inspite of RBI instruction for NEFT free transaction from 1st Jul 19. Even though in HDFC...

credit card - signed card holder agreement, t&c and signed application form-requested - reg:-

Sir, Hai! several times I requested via HDFC Bank customer care tool free no. but the bank not responsible for this (mentioned below) issues, So Please send me a copy of the'...

about rude behaviour

Sir I'm chuni majumder customer of your bank in dharmanagar branch.I have an account over there.Sir it is so embrassing to give such complaints that your bank staffs behaviour wa...

loss of cheque

Bring to your notice that we have submitted a cheque#[protected] amounting 108395/- on 30th july 2019 in sector 31 gurgaon branch. The cheque got bounced and it has to come to the...

Account reconvert into salary account

Dear sir, My name is praveen Kumar Singh, my account no is No.[protected] in hdfc bank. I had open salary account in your bank, but still now no transaction, and balance goe...

credit card

Hdfc is cheating on customers in the name of credit card. @hdfc #hdfc bank.

I have updated autopay in June 2019, but they keep charging me interest, late fee other fee and when I talk to customer care they don't resolve it. U have to pay is the customer care answer. They find excuses to not close my credit card. I'm pissed of, they are looting my hard earned money

RBI should ask for proper message system from banks before charging customers ( telecom company do message).

Everybody please check ur banks credit card charges also, jago grahak

HDFC bankCredit Card Smart Pay

I didn't Activated my credit card even though HDFC Bank paid RS.100/-per month to Vodafone prepaid from April'18 to July'18 through their Smart pay service. I don't understand how they paid​ as I Never activated Credit Card.Now HDFC Bank hold RS.3969/- from my Savings Account towards Credit Card bill.
Request you to look into matter and help to get hold amount in my Savings Account.

Ajit Kulkarni

HDFC bankhome loan

It's a shame HDFC chose employees who don't know how to read NRI bank statements. They have n number of questions with every transaction on the statement. Even after Clarifying, they don't understand. Mind it, If the assessing officer is on leave, your application would be on hold until they return back to work. The most amazing thing about this team is, they don't compare apple to apple to determine the approval. Example: they took details of a joint existing loan and repayments of me and my partner to assess my application and eventually rejected. But they did not consider the income earned by both of us. They just calculated my income with a loan repayment that is being paid by both of us. This is common sense that they lack unfortunately. The most frustrating part is their attitude towards the clients seeking finance. as if they are doing a great favor to the borrowers. This team must have got on to this roles by recommendation or obligation, but they lack customer service skills unfortunately.

I got approval from ICICI in two weeks, but these buggers wasted a month's time to say that they can't approve the loan. Unfortunately the only reason I waited this long is to negotiate interest rate. Now after all this bad experience I would suggest everyone to go with other options than wasting time with HDFC Singapore.

HDFC bankcredit card address to change

Registered Mail: ora.[protected]
Today I am regrating to have account with HDFC BANK. Your service is more than pathetic to any Government bank. I am sorry but I write what I felt. I am trying to change my credit card address from last more than month but no resolution is given by till now.

I have raised a request for my credit card address change in July First or Second week of July( I do not remember the exact date) which you can see in your system. I Changed my address in HDFC Net Banking. I have done this on request of your customer care executive as according to him if I am using HDFC Net banking and My credit is linked with bank then in that case if I update my address in that it will change for Credit card automatically. It's more than 15 working days but still it is showing me previous address only. Again called to support officer now They told me I need to send mail to credit card support team as well which I did but it's been more than 2 working days still did not got any reply.
Is this is your service and support. Please provide me solution else I will be force to change my Salary Account and Credit Card to other bank in future.

HDFC bank — complaint about changing of contact number

Dear Concern, I have an salary account in Entally Branch, Kolkata, i lived in Belghoria(Kolkata), now i want to change my mobile no, as i m not using my pervious no for long...

HDFC banktransaction / fund transfer with imps

Hello Support,

My Account Details:

Name: Bapatla Harish
Cust ID: [protected]
A/c Number: [protected]
Contact Number: [protected]

I tried to transfer funds from my account, But I can't able to transfer funds to other account. I want to transfer funds Via IMPS to other Axis bank holder. Everything is Ok steps:
1) Added Beneficiary Account.
2) Added Amount 1000/- and Remark
3) Clicked confirm option and in next page I confirmed everything but in the Next Step:

*** We regret to inform you that we could not complete your transaction. For more details, please contact your nearest HDFC Bank Branch, or our PhoneBanking service. You can also write to us at : ***

Could you please resolve this issue.

I tried calling the customer care there is no proper response from the team.

HDFC banknot able to transfer fund to another account

I am a HDFC account holder and facing below error while transfer fund to another account. Since there are so many complaints related to this issue why don't you fix it. I have some emergency to transfer the fund. Today I visited near by. Branch but they didn't have any idea about this issue. Very poor service. So disappointed.
Please fix this issue ASAP.
*** We regret to inform you that we could not complete your transaction. For more details, please contact your nearest HDFC Bank Branch, or our PhoneBanking service. You can also write to us at : ***

  • Hd
    HDFC Bank_Cares Aug 07, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    I request you to share your complete concern with screenshot, account number/customer Id and registered contact details to [email protected] with ref ID- TTU070819-09 in the subject line. Will assist you better.

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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HDFC bankcredit card service and account

I am very much unsatisfied with the service HDFC Bank has been provided. I had my salary account before and got changed to savings account ok I got it, but there is no prior information about the terms and conditions about the details of the account and for credit card I have used it only once which I paid the bill for it and again on next month I am getting message that i have some dues but how? I never used the card after that, and now I got a call that I have 8000 outstanding balance wow HDFC bank hats off to your services, when I asked for what they are charging so much money they say that it is some GST charge and all, so the bank charges more than 1500 per month for GST and such things. It clearly shows that how they are doing their business. And upon that I got mail from bank that if I don't pay that amount for which I haven't used even 1 rupee they say that they will take legal action against me, is this some kind of threatening they are doing . Since I have already paid I said to myself that I am donating money to the poor company. And now I am calling to the customer care for the credit closure details since I have already filled the form and it's been nearly more than two weeks since they said that it will be done on 7 working days I am not getting any satisfactory information. Thank you for your wonderful services the worst experience I ever have with such bank.

HDFC bankmissing of relieving letter, experience certificate and pay slip


My emp Code: S6472.
I worked in HDFC Bank from Sep 2007 to Oct 2010. Started my career in welcome desk and then moved to teeler. At the time of relieving i was in Chitlapakkam Branch. My branch Manager name, Kavitha Thiyagarajan and Cluster head, Kasi. I lost my relieving letter, experience certificate and pay slip. Kindly reissue and send it to my mailing address stated below.

312/W12, Kayidemillath Second Cross Street,
RMI Nagar,
Mobile Number: [protected]
Email: [protected]

Thanks & Regards,
Shakila Banu

HDFC bankunauthorised charges or deduction from my bank account

I harbans narang,
My account no. Is [protected],
My alternate contact no. Is [protected]

I (harbans narang) my account no. Is [protected], this is my current account there is a deduction of money from my bank acccount I want my money back, please help me out from this
The deductions are given below:

1)-11 jun 2019 cash deposit charges 310519-mir1915584166393 mir1915584166393 11 jun 2019 146, 128.54

2)-15 jun 2019 cash deposit charges 310519-mir1916496955721 mir1916496955721 15 jun 2019 32, 806.13

3)-08 jul 2019 cash deposit charges 300619-mir1918626984340 mir1918626984340 08 jul 2019 34, 271.68

I want my money to be refunded, plz help me out from this, plz refund this money as possible, my customer id is [protected]
4)-15 jun 2019 service charges-may19-[protected]-if5050 15 jun 2019 2, 920.50
My contact no. Is [protected]
Bank is not solving my problem
My account is in the hdfc bank palwal branch.

  • Updated by Tarun Narang · Jul 12, 2019

    i Harbans Narang,
    My account no. is 50200038533780,
    my alternate contact no. is 9582047838


    1)-11 Jun 2019 CASH DEPOSIT CHARGES 310519-MIR1915584166393 MIR1915584166393 11 Jun 2019 146, 128.54

    2)-15 Jun 2019 CASH DEPOSIT CHARGES 310519-MIR1916496955721 MIR1916496955721 15 Jun 2019 32, 806.13

    3)-08 Jul 2019 CASH DEPOSIT CHARGES 300619-MIR1918626984340 MIR1918626984340 08 Jul 2019 34, 271.68

    4)-15 Jun 2019 Service Charges-MAY19-28112771-IF5050 15 Jun 2019 2, 920.50
    MY CONTACT NO. IS 9582047838

HDFCcredit card

I have not activated my credit card which was provided to me while opening the bank account for salary purpose. But they have applied many unexplainable charges which I am not aware of and neither the customer service associates are able to explain the same. Now the bank is pressuring me to pay off the amount of approx 8, 000 and no one is helping me to discuss even with the matter and the bank has already started sending collection agents.

HDFC bank — credit card upgrading by giving wrong information

It's really shameful for hdfc that they say we deserve first position bcoz we are giving best services.But what about your fraud which you are doing with your customer?Here voice...

HDFC bankcredit card


I am writing about jumbo loan I have taken on my cc, now I am planning close all but when I see the statement it is all wrong it does not show the total loan amount which is pending it shows only last amount taken as it is combination of three jumbo loan. Tried calling many times nobody provide logical answer . I have called around 10 times and tried of calling again and again.
Name binderpreet Singh
Email id [protected]

HDFC banknegative balance in hdfc account

Hi, Team

I am salary account holder with your bank since 2009.I have issues with negative balance in my account. Since I was in out of the country I was not using my account and when I came back I was shocked to see negative balance.
I have raised a complaint in National complaint Consumer forum and Hdfc bank central teams has suggested me to pay 177.85 INR to waive off my negative balance.But I still don't see any response from your team.

Please help me to clear my negative balance issues so that I can use my account.


negative balance in hdfc account

HDFC bankcredit card related

Dear sir,                                                                          I have bank account on your name is Nidhi mehta.before some month, i Gaven application to block my credit card.. But, still it's not blocked. 1187 rs deducted on 06.06.2019 in my account..m very disappointed.. Pls send my money back as soon as possible..                                               Thanks,                                                                     Nidhi

  • Updated by Nidhi mehta · Jun 07, 2019

    Dear sir,                                                                          I have bank account on your name is Nidhi account no is 50100125488852...before some month, i Gaven application to block my credit card.. But, still it's not blocked. 1187 rs deducted on 06.06.2019 in my account..m very disappointed.. Pls send my money back as soon as possible..                                               Thanks,                                                                     Nidhi

    Sent from vivo smartphone

  • HDFCBank Jun 11, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    We request you to write to [email protected] seeking closure of credit card from your registered e-mail address to enable us to check and assist further. We were in receipt of your letter for card closure and were unable to close the card as the card number mentioned in the letter was old card number. Mention this Ref No. TTU110619-02 in the subject of your mail so it'll help us track your e-mail.

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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HDFC — refund for one year membership fee

I am a hdfc bank credit card holder. The bank has auto debited rs.1399 from my credit card number ending with 4995 without my concern on date 06/06/19. I am not interested about...

HDFC bankirresponsible behavior of staff or guard

The guard shahrukh and cashier bharat das of your bank are very annoying n totally indiscipline, use phone continuously on duty.
Talk rubbishy, very impolite n gunda gardi and all on duty.
Customers are not satisfied by such behavior. so take immediate strict action against guard and cashier.
Bank staff is also supporting both of them. and no one's taking action against them. due to which there were quarrel between customers and them

  • Mu
    mukesh9995 Jun 25, 2019

    I have applied for the New debit card and i not still received

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  • Rs
    r s2741 Jul 31, 2019

    @mukesh9995 If you have already debit card and it has been expired then its bank responsibility to replace new debit care in advance not of customer.

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  • Mu
    mukesh9995 Jun 25, 2019

    Very rare behavior and

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  • Ch
    Chuni majumder Sep 05, 2019

    Sir i'm from tripura...I'm chuni majumder customer of your bank in dharmanagar branch... It was so embrassing to give complaints but i'm bound to give such complaint according to your bank staffs of dharmanagar branch...There behaviour was too rude that it can't be intolerable...i think for such kinds of behaviour of your staffs you can't gain profits from the particular dharmanagar...After getting such behaviour no one wants to create a account and i don't think so that anybody who visited your dharmanagar branch will never wants to open any account...It was my mistake that i opened in your bank...I hope you will take actions to staffs...One staff his name is polash and a lady o think she is just married there behaviour was too i genially request you to look on such matters

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HDFC bankmy account transfer

Hi I am trying to transfer money for the new beneficiary that too 25000.
Very emergency, my family is needed for surgery.
But I am unable to... worst app I came across with...other banks wont not let us wait for even a minute to transfer amount.
Please resolve my problem as soon as possible.

My mobile number is [protected]
Customer id [protected]

See the below error

We regret to inform you that we could not complete your transaction. For more details, please contact your nearest HDFC Bank Branch, or our PhoneBanking service. You can also write to us at :

HDFC bankpre-authorized transaction on my hdfc forex card

Hi !

I am having HDFC Forex Card. I have made a hotel booking in Paris via without any payment transaction. However the Paris hotel have done pre-authorized transaction from their end on my HDFC Forex Card and it seems the amount have been deducted from my account. I can see in my card statement that transaction is in Pending status. I have checked with merchant and hotel and they confirmed that they have released the transaction on the same day itself to bank itself.
I have already checked many customer had complaints regarding pre-authorized transaction on Forex Card.

Kindly released this pending amount back to my Forex card urgently as amount is quite high. Kindly contact me if you need more details.

Name : Pranita Pande
Transaction Date : 28th April 2019
Transaction amount : 2065.90 NOK

Pranita Pande

HDFC bankcommunal and racist behaviour of staff

I was interested to open nre account in main brach in meerut, the officer incharge refused to open it
Simillarly I tried it in maharashtra nanded, there also staff behaviour was bad. and it took more than one month to open account. I think it is not a secrete training of bank to really not bank should train staff not to behave on communal line. and bank must employ muslim staff in every branch.

  • Hd
    HDFC Bank_Cares May 16, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    We can help with that. Please write to [email protected] with your complete issue, branch address & contact details. Mention this Ref No. TTU160519-03 in the subject of your mail so it'll help us track your e-mail.

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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HDFC bankregistering for online access of loan account

Hi There,

Myself Dharmendra Kajiwala, resides at 21/241 Parasnagar part-2, Sola road, Naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India- 380063, holding Non- residential loan account (A/c: ****97000) with HDFC bank behalf of my wife Parul Kajiwala. I am trying to register online for my existing loan. As It mentioned on HDFC website I have entered all the information from my last statement of loan (Loan a/c no, Date of birth, Amount of last premium paid) to create account for existing loan. I tried on all browser chrome, Firefox, and IE. It consistently showing invalid loan account number. I am sure that I am entering correct account number every time from my loan statement.

I am complaining for inconvenience because of failed HDFC IT (Digital banking) service or wrong instructions to create online account . I am not able to access my account information even though I have all information that needed to create an account. This is very basic facility that must stay live 24/7*365. I am requesting compensation for the inconvenience I have faced because of failed functionality. As customer of banking institute I am acquiring right for instance access of account through digital banking. How can I trust on online services of HDFC? As workflow contain all required details I can not provide screenshots.

You need to contact my son for further details. Abhigna Kajiwala, cell phone: +[protected]. email: [protected]
I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You

  • Hd
    HDFC Bank_Cares Apr 12, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    We can help with that. Please write to [email protected] with your Loan Account No., the screenshot of the error & registered contact details. Mention this Ref No. TTU120419-09 in the subject of your mail so it'll help us track your e-mail.

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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HDFC bank — payment not made to intended individual

Dear sir, On 22 Mar 2019, i had made a net transfer of Rs 500.00 to Maj Gen Sapra's ICICI bank, New Delhi bank acct, through your Netbanking. Ref No. N081190781247328 dt 22 Mar...

HDFC banksaving account

Dear Sir/Madam -

I have been trying to update my details on the account as I moved to US and didnt update the details earlier.

I have spoken to the branch manager and branch reps and suprisiringly their attitude to help and resolve this issue has been lax to say the least. After asking them to change the information and sending them documents, i am still waiting to hear back after more than 2 weeks.

Customer name: Saurabh Rajwade
Account number: [protected]

Please help at your earnest. I have been a customer for over a decade and never faced this issue.

Thanks and Regards,