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ABN AMRO Bank reviews & complaints

ABN AMRO Bank complaints 13

Jan 08, 2020

ABN AMRO Bank - international banking service

I am complaining about abnamro's intention to close my banking accounts in 6 months time contained in a letter dated in september 2018 which I only received 6 weeks later due to our slow postal...

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ABN AMRO Bank - cibil related matter (abn amro credit card no. - phoenix arc private limited - account number r1cp308186)

I would like to draw your kind notice that once I was a credit card holder of ABN AMRO Bank. Recently some irregularities have come to my notice while applying for a house building loan. In course of...

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Aug 11, 2010

ABN AMRO Bank - their behavior has changed, when the loan is almost at the last phase

I have a home loan with ABN AMRO bank since 2003 and this loan is ending in Sept 2009. I have been paying all my EMIs regularly. Since the last week I have been getting recovery calls and letters from the bank and they also sent a man called Anil Sharma to my residence in my absence. My loan ends soon and I really dont know why suddenly ABN AMRO is resorting to this highly unproffessional and derogatory behaviour. Everything was fine since the last 6 years and suddenly I am not sure why their behavior has changed, especially when the loan is almost at the last phase.

Jun 03, 2016

I am holding ABN AMRO gold Credit card (Which was given to me as a life time free card and afterwards they changed their words)

Once day I got call from Reliance Heath that I will get their mediclaim policy because they have tie up with ABM AMRO. They gave me details of policy and I told them please send me policy details on my postal address then ONLY I will decide whether to go with the policy. I never received any document from Reliance. Then even I forgot that I am supposed to get any documents from them.

2-3 months later I got call from ABN AMRO that I have to pay 9000 Rs for the policy and I was shocked because I never gave confirmation to policy. I tried all my efforts to cancel policy then policy has been canceled but still they want me to pay cancellation charges.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ABN AMRO Bank - harassing calls from recovery agency

I was having a credit card of abn amro bank and there was a mutual settlement with the bank I suppose 20 months back. the card was settled in three equated installments. I paid the two installment...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ABN AMRO Bank - how abn amro services its corporate customers? a pathetic story.

This is what I wrote to abn corporate service department. the issue is still in not resolved state after filing i.e. june 1, 2009 : (I have doing numerous followups and very frustrated by abn people's attitude towards "making things happen". by the way, this also happens to abn's slogan after their merge with rbs : (

— forwarded message —
Date: sat, aug 8, 2009 at 12:20 pm
Subject: how abn amro services its corporate customers? a pathetic story.
To: in. service. [protected]@in. abnamro.com
Cc: imran. javed. [protected]@in. abnamro.com


Here is the summary of the problem that I have been having with abn amro.

I bought mf (portfolio having folio number 5013268/46 - ing optimix
Asset allocator multi manager fof scheme - divi) through abn
Representative for headstrong.
I sold this mf on may 4, 2009.
I filed a complaint on june 01, 2009 as redemption amount not received.
Complaint #r283200907033054, r2832009060115179, r283200906095686 (do
You know why you issued three reference numbers for the same issue?
You need to re-think on how you operate customer support system. may
Be you need to consult some it professional to take a look at your
Support system).
Dialog (email + phone) with customer support went on for more than two
Months with no sign of problem resolution from abn amro side.
While interacting with customer support, I realized that the support
Executives hardly take things seriously, do not carefully listen to
Customer's problem, lacks attention to details resulting to questions
On trying to understand problem again & again and most importantly
Lack of will to address the issue to the resolution.
Its now more than three months and I still did not receive my money.

So I am escalating the issue through this email and if this escalation
Does not solve the problem then I will have no choice to knock the
Doors of consumer court and notify the media (internet/tv/print) on
"how abn amro services its corporate customers?"

A frustrated and dissatisfied customer,
Rajesh gheware
Cif number : 1427726

ABN AMRO Bank - fraud & harrasment

This is with regards to royal privilege club fee debit in to my captioned card.

In this regard I would like to inform you that one of abn's executive called me and told me the features of this offer as per below:

You will be getting two watches absolutely free (without any handling charges) with offer detail.
After that he told me about offer in detail.
Than he told me that you are going to receive all offer detail in written, first you need to read and when you feel its ok than call again customer care and confirm your booking for this offer and than finally bank will charge inr 4500/- against this offer.
I told ok but also told 3-4 times that this offer is not acceptable to me till I don’t receive watches and offer detail in written, he told ok, you will received shortly.

After all these conversation, on 10th of july 2009 abn bank charged inr 4500 + service tax, without any confirmation from my side, after 10-15 days I received a letter in which abn bank informed me that we have charged you inr 4500+service tax against above offer without my confirmation (even it was not acceptable to me at all).

When I received letter from bank, I called to customer care and made complain about this and requested to reverse immediately, somehow I made complain and confirmed by executive to get it reversed within 5/10 working days.

After some time, when I asked to abn's customer care about reversal, again they told me it will reversed soon, I called 4 to 5 times in last 2 months for confirmation about reversal of above charges but it not happened till today.

Due to this debit amount, my current month amount payable is become huge, which was not payable by me at all, accordingly I have paid inr 2468/- against my monthly emi, rest amount is against above unwanted offer fee.

Today I receive statement for this month in which you have charges late fee inr 650/- finance charges retail inr 182.24 & finance charges cash inr 0.04

The reversal of principle amount inr 4500/- + service tax has not yet made after 2 months of my request.

Now, due to overdue of my account their collection department calling me again and against and making harrasment to me.

Please do advise me in this matter

Vishwjeet maroti

Apr 22, 2018

Hi Staff
my name is mirza akmal from switzerland.
last month i have start deal with to buy scrap fridge compressor with company (see in attachment)
i have payed (see in pdf ) still he dont attend my call .he send to me passport copy . you can see in attachment .
i have attach all my bank details and Netherlander bank details, i think this is a very serious case . why i inform you please help me
if you need more info from me please ask any time with mail r whatsup [protected] r call me
i will waiting your positive response
please read seriously my case

Oct 12, 2009

I have saving account with your bank.

My Debit card used to work fine ealier, few days back when i used it in one of the atm counter, it started giving the message that - the card is blocked please call the service provider. I am facing lot of inconvinience as i used to rely on the card itself for my daily transactions.

I need to know what procedure do i will need to follow. Do i will need to issue a new card for myself or the same card will start wokring. And also if i need new card, what is the procedure to do that.

Also in case of a scenario when all of the sudden card stops working, what are other ways to with draw money from account. As i have been trying to conntact the call center no given at the card, i am always getting it busy or it gets disconnected as soon after getting the ring. Is there any other no availabel if the customer want to talk to any customer care representative of your bank.

Oct 02, 2009

Similar problem occur to me also.

Hi Sir,

My Name is Prakash SB. And tis is reference to the Abn Amro Ticket number : [protected].

On March 31st I have purchased a Product form ABN Amro called SUPEREME PLUS OFFER NAVI MUMBAI on 31st March 2009 for Rs.5000/- and it has been told that I will get this product with in 15 days. But I didn’t receive the product till dated. I raised a concern to Customer care and they provide me ticket number which is mention in the above. When ever I called to the CC I will get the update that it will be dispatch again but till now I didn’t received any thing.

Now at last I planed to close the card because of frustration got from Customer care and the Abn Amro call's to pay due payment.

The main reason to no paying the amount is because of this product which is not received to me and I told to so many Abn Amro callers, but no use.

Now when I calculate the product charges till now including the Late fee + service charge + interest on product cost it will be equal to double of the amount all most.

Now I am requesting to revert back my product amount as well as revisal of the all the charges.

When I requested the same revisal of my amount to the Customer care they transfer to concern department and from Customer care when I asked for the revisal of my amount, they just respond me like I placed a request, then I asked when I will get my revisal they said " they don't know about that and even they don't know whether I will get the revisal also, I asked her name she told me SWETHA.

Now I feel Its a purely a Fraud from Abn Amro. They commit all the promises but they never follow.

If we didn't pay the amount then you will be harassed to pay the bill every day and you have to tell each and every caller about your problem.

As I can see lot of costumer are suffered from Abn Amro Product.

I request you to help me get my amount back.


Sep 02, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ABN AMRO Bank - cheat and harassment

They informed me that, they will send a card were you will have unlimited purchase without any limitation, with 20 to 40 percent discount on every product, I refused for morethan a hour but they forced me to purchase just they stop the recorded conversaton and I was asked not to speak while pressing my cvv no in the mobile finally I agreed only after cancellation if not satisfied, but now they claim they have no cancellation for the product, the fee they charged me is 5460/-, I was genuine costomer for any bank that I have transaction now I am forced by them and now I have stopped pay ment from that day,

See the consumer fate

He has to under go all the terms and conditions for every products,

There are many easy way for payments but no way for cancellation if he dislikes

None of the system has an easy way for the costomer to over come this burdens

This bank has curved me to aragent maner of discusssing matters with any other product from any company,

Mostly I never buy any thing after this banks harassment.

I feel shame on this bank,

I will advise my 5000 friends in online with proof of documents not to deal with this bank,

Including realatives, and other friends.

Jan 28, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ABN AMRO Bank - credit card amt

According to me, I need to pay only rs.14, 183.84/- but the latest statement shows that I need around 30, 000.00. I had already pointed out the facts in the customer care and launched complaint with the reference to this with the no.1696150 - customer care executive rajini. after that I gave the complaint again to the customer care executive mr. arul and the number is [protected] for which he told me that I will get call back within 24 hrs.

Till now I have not got any call from the banker.
Still after paying the outstanding amount promptly, I am penalized.

• there is no abn amro bank at coimbatore, so I pay through some agency for that you are debiting my account for late payment fee & finance charges for that again service tax etc…

• four times my account is debited for get set go offer and after so many discussions/calls to cust care, my account got reversed.

• for an already cleared emi worth rs. 2139/- it has shown till nov-08, for that difference amount we are charged interest, finance charges etc..,..

• I had not received statement for a couple of months for that I had launched complaints

• again for the reversal of charges I had made so many calls to customer care.

Really I am fed up with your card and people; I don’t want to continue and want to surrender the card.

Kindly do the needful immediately.

Oct 05, 2008

ABN AMRO Bank - abm amron cheated

Hi I am a customer with abn amron bank, I was been cheated by the bank, I took smart cash the executive sold that loan and me offered 800aed samsung gift, when I went to shop to collect the gift, actual price is just 289aed I was really shocked seeing the worst camera, I remember that the agent promised me 800aed, I spoke to two more guys from abm amron bank, they told they can’t provide me promised 800aed gift, I am been cheated 500aed from the bank, the service form the bank is the worst I have ever, I want justice from the bank.

Note: all the conversation between me and agent is recorded; please help me to get back the promised 800aed.


Nov 20, 2008

I wish to share my unpleasant experience with ABN amro bank and the way they are harrasing their clients.
I had taken a personal loan.Somwhere in July I wanted to preclose the account.I called up their executive and asked him to bring me the statement and tell me what is the amount to be paid for ensuring the account is closed.He did not bring the statement, when asked, I was told that I have to pay Rs18000/-for closing, for which I gave him the cheque.He assured me that he will send an NOC shortly, which never happened.Say after six months one of their executive called and asked me to pay Rs400/ enabling me to get the NOC, and she promised to send the same within half an hour, till date nothing has come.Thereafter I kept on receiving calls from this bank saying that, I have an outstanding payment of Rs.6000 plus inspite of telling them the facts they have argued.This problem was told to the bankers including their customer care departmen and legal department who kept on calling me.At last they agreed to collect Rs 3000 plus for which they did not agree.I was travelling with an advocate when one of the person called from so called department and when I asked them to talk to my advocate they raised a doublt and demanded that I should send them a copy of law certificate of my Advocate, which is too much.Finally without any choice I agreed to close the chapter, I frocefully agreed to pay Rs 1500/-and wash my hands.At this point of time people from various department called me about 50-60 times and kept on harrasing me.They told me that a person would come and collect the amount and handover a fax copy of the closure letter, but the person turned up without anything.Two days back when I was in meeting these people now and then called me asking me to pay the amount, which was not possible since I was away from my workplace.The worst part was one of their lady executive/Manager asked me why am I attending meetings when my profession does not hold meetings and I was telling a lie.One of her close relative is in service profession and he does not have meetings why should I have it.This is indeed very insulting.This rude behaviour of this bank staff only indicates their indecent attitude towards their customers.They treat their clients as some low class people or beggers.
I am very upset wiht this bank, if at all they have some concern towards humanity they shoould respond to this grivience or else we can take it for granted that this thier way of life.
I am sure somebody is listening.

Aug 27, 2008

ABN AMRO Bank - fraud and scam

I was receiving a call from bank again and again that they r providing me a credit card after telling no many times finally they convinced me and without my information they provided me 2 add on card...

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Dec 30, 2007

ABN AMRO Bank - harassments, very rude and impossible credit card payment collectors!

My mother who had a heart attack last october 2007 is slowly recovering from her illness. late last week, she received a long distance phone call from an arab man looking for me and telling her that I owe the bank money and I should pay back. he even told my mom that he will put me in jail. my mother was very upset and nervous for hearing this information. my mother is in makati medical center for mild stroke today. she was rushed to the hospital this morning by my daughter for mild heart stroke again. my mother is in the philippines and I am here in dubai. why do they have to call my mom in the philippines? today, my daughter called me and informed me that an abn-amro collector called again telling me to prepare 14,000+ aed to pay my dues for visa and al ameera. can somebody put a stop to all these harassments from abn-amro? their style of collecting and prompting people to pay is unreasonable. they can kill people with this way of collecting. I am still capable of settling the outstanding dues as I am still working in dubai. I see no logic for abn-amro to call my family back home just to get through to me when they almost have all the information as to where they can find me. they do not listen to reasons and they hunt people down like there is no tomorrow. they threaten people by telling them that the police will be after them and they cannot leave the country because the immigration department has been alerted. they threaten people by saying that they will speak with the managers about the non-paying employee then the employee will lose their job. how can that employee be able to pay them...

Jul 30, 2009

They are forcing regarding credit card payment continuously while driving, taking food, in night times, evenings, from 24x7 all the credit card collection centre people giving.And also putting education cess, more additional interest are putting in my card.

Creating lot of problem and also putting unnecessary stress on the Credit card holder. I am a regular customer of ABN AMRO Credit card holder since 2007

So kindly do the needful action against the credit card collection centre payer. Don't give pressure on the Credit card holder.

Thanking you.

Sep 11, 2008

dear sir,
i was apply for account & Credit card in ABN AMRO Bank through ur Sales Person Name: SUNDEEP Cell No: [protected].
Your sales person collect my appliction on 12 August 2008 and he was ask me that soon your account wil be open and soon you will recive ur credit card but sir i did not recive any credit card & any thing more. and sir also he is not attending my phone call.tel sir what is this...?

Aug 28, 2008

recently we purchased two reebok ms dhoni signature bags from the value section .within a week the straps of the bags started tearing.kindly see into the matter as soon as possible.pls reply on the below stated phone no-[protected]

Feb 05, 2008

The vodafone promotion pre-recorded calls received from morning 10 till night 9, is annoying, to say the least. The language is in kannada and it is a language that slaps one's ears with that THOMMBA THOMBADHU PAISE etc. Why dont the vodafone authorities stop this undue interference in the liberties of individuals. There is no scope for even venting one's anger as those are, as already said, pre-recorded calls! HELP HELP!


Jan 04, 2008


You should contact the Human Rights Organisation in the country you reside or to their offices which serve UAE.

I don't think Police will help you as they will support only the bank. The Bank have NO rights to contact your family back home in Philippines when you are present in the country from where you have taken the credit card/loan.

You may consult with a law firm on the right proceedings. I believe there is no Human Rights Organization in UAE.

I wish you all the best. I have gone thru these kinds of harassment a lot in my life. If you make the Bank aware that you have the right to contact foreign missions for help, they will stop harassing and assaulting you.

Nov 27, 2007

ABN AMRO Bank - easy cash loan account-emi discrepencies

Dear sir,

Please find below pasted my first compaint letter copy. inspite of several correspondence to the bank
Till date abn amro bank not taken any action sort out this. but unfortunely they insisting to make payment for uncessarily charged on account.

With regards,

N. shreekanth

Sub: discrepancy in my easy cash account emi amount

With reference to the above subject, I would like to bring to your notice that I have been billed excess emi for the above referred easy cash account from my 7th emi billed on 10/07/07. regarding the same when I contacted to your helpline officer ms. priya on 23/07/07 she confirmed me that there is a error in software due to which excess emi amount (i. e. rs.3083.75) reflecting in my statement. she advised me to make the actual emi amount of rs.2497.00 only and the excess billed in my statement (i. e. rs.586.75) will be reversed in my next statement.

After all this communications when I received my next month statement dated: 10/08/07 as told to me the excess amount has been reversed, but once again my emi amount has been billed for rs.3055.10. regarding this once again when I contacted to your helpline mr. abhishek-customer relations officer he told me to make the actual emi amount of rs.2497.00 only & assured me that the same discrepancy will not be repeated in future billing and the error / discrepancy
Will be sorted out at the earliest.

But unfortunately when I received my subsequent month's statements i.e.10/09/07 & 10/10/07. I was surprised to see that same discrepancy is still continuing and on top of it I have been charged late fees of rs.458.27 + st-rs.56.64 and rs.600
+ st-rs.74.16 respectively. when I contacted your helpline service the same assurance I am getting what was told to me 4 months ago. I would like know is this the way of working in a leading "multinational bank"? and is there is
Any value for your "commitments made to the customers"? and I am very much eager know is there is any "responsible person is working in this bank"? I am extremely sorry to say all this, but the experience I had
With your bank making me to question the creditability of this bank.

Kindly requested to look into the matter and do the needful immediately without any further delay.

Yours truly,

N. srikanth.
Contact no : [protected]

Aug 19, 2009

hmm, bad response. I am planning to cancel my credit card, coz i am heavily using it and doubt if someday i might be charged wrongly.

Oct 06, 2008

can I get my home loan emi statement from Apr'08 to Sep'08

Jul 05, 2008

Dear sir,

This is regarding my credit card cash withdrawal of total Rs.16000/-, and my credit card no is [protected],
i took money on 2006 and i continiously paying every moth 1500 to 1600 to till this month in between i am paying 7000 after that they said that u have to Rs.23000/- i asked this person for the statement.
i calculate the amount which i paid till this month is 37000/- so what is the interest rate and what is the principle amount is pending because they are not giving me the statement so how could i know my status.
Every month of 1st they call me asking for money to aginst card, i asked them for statement they are refuse and only giving twomonths back statement.

what will i do in this case pl suggest me, and revert back me on this mail or my cell no.

Milin Manjrekar,


My debit card no is [protected]. This account was started at Bangalore and lost few month I am not activated. Now I am in Chennai and I have continue same saving account.

please help me to give the guide line for above.

I have sufered for last 2 yrs by taking home loan from ABNAMRO BANK.MY HOME LOAN ACC.NO...

Nov 15, 2007

ABN AMRO Bank - discrepancies in credit card statement

Sir, Sub: discrepancies in monthly statement. Ref: credit card # [protected]-xxxx-8163. With reference to the above I would like to bring to your notice the multiple discrepancies incorporated in my...

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