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ClickBank Customer Service



917 S Lusk St Ste 200
United States - 83706

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 390 6035(United States) 0 0
+1 208 345 4245(International) 3 1
Mon6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tue6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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ClickBank Complaints & Reviews

ClickBank / non-delivery of email information paid for

Narelle McGregor on Feb 19, 2019

CLKBANK*COM_GZZIV36V 208-472-9400 - transaction dated 14/01/2019. I was to receive an e-book for the amount charged to my credit card($60.05 AUD) which to date (20/02/2019 I have not received. I was to receive an e-book for the amount charged to my credit card($60.05 AUD) which to date...

ClickBank / charges from april 9, 2018 thru august 27, 2018 did not agree to these charges and don't know what they are for. it is a scam.

SSouder on Sep 3, 2018

I am getting charged for an item I did not purchase for $56.99 ON APRIL 9, 2018 or at least if I purchased it - I would have only allowed a one time charge. I am seeing two charges per month on my account of $9.95. I have a charge of $56.99 reference # Q933AK4T and 11 charges totaling...

ClickBank / I need to return a duplicate order.

Alice Campea on Aug 4, 2018

In error I placed a duplicate order for back to life system. And I immediately contacted click bank. You sent me a copy of your Notification to the vendor and credited my discover account. Now I have received the duplicate order (fwm123xm). I need to know where to return it and if you have Recharged my account. Alice campea ([email protected]

ClickBank / disabled clickbank account due to 1 chargeback

TJennings1 on May 17, 2018

I have been working on line full-time for over 5 years I have never had an issue and always ethical in my dealings. It appears the chargebacks I had were from the same person who signed up for a $1 trial and when reblled the week later forgot they signed up and lodged a complaint. I wa...

Clkbank / video for exercises to help back pain

M Linda Thompson on Mar 22, 2018

I ordered a video and book to show exercises to eliminate back pain. My bank account was billed immediately but I did not get email confirmation of my transaction and when I try to contact the site, the email is not valid. I had forwarded a copy of the "order confirmation and customer...

ClickBank / ebooks

Luz sylvester on Jan 28, 2018

I placed an order and I was told that I would receive my order confirmation in my personal email [email protected], but I didn't receive anything! My order confirmation is 7YHRG4RE. Purchase date 1/28/18. I need to know what kind of people are you, scamming honest people, like me that...

ClickBank / unknown charge on statement

MonVra on Jan 12, 2018

Hi, I am looking at my statement and have found a charge from your company that I have never authorised and have not received any email to let me know this charge has occured. My details: Westhaven Retreat Bruno & Monika Stompe, Monika Vratil Uunauthorized charge of NZ$168.28 approx...

ClickBank / unknown charge

Travis James on Sep 13, 2017

Hello, I was charged 530 DKK ($83.75) on September 12, 2017. I do not recognize this charge. If it is a mistake, I would like it corrected please. Will you please send me a summary of the charges? I am getting very concerned about this, as someone may have stolen my identity. Thank you...

ClickBank / blast4traffic

Wys96 on Feb 20, 2017

I wish to apply for a refund for his product BLAST4TRAFFIC as I realise it is not serving its purpose. I bouught it on 02/10/2017 at $34.50 with the email address [email protected] The order number is 9GSSLPPE. I am from Ghana, and also a clickbank affiliate. Please alert and update... / quick treatment for plantar fasciitis

JayCee1948 on Dec 16, 2016

I live in Australia, was visiting in Canada and having trouble with my feet. I purchased an eBook for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis- paid for it with my credit card and the eBook was sent to my email address.I am having trouble with my BIGPOND email and I never received it. The...

Clkbank / they charged me three times

Niikn on Dec 5, 2016

ClkBank is a total fraud and they charged me three times without my permission. First when they charged me they said it was a mistake, promised me a refund and said that it won't happen again. But then there was another charge made and after several days another one. I tried to reach these... / ridiculous!

Bran on Oct 4, 2016

I can't understand what is the problem with ClickBank!! They do not accept my cards! I tried so many times but all the time they say that there is something wrong with my card. Never had any problems before. And the most ridiculous here is they customer service which refused to help me! I... / motor vehicle title search

Peter P. Sevetz Jr on May 28, 2016

After posting an ad for a used car on Craigslist I received an email from an individual who said he name was "Christopher Tiede" He stated he was interested in my car but I needed to access a website ( for a very specific vehicle title search which was required by... / their website and programs ruined my system

Mr012345 on Sep 3, 2015

I won’t advise other users to deal with I have used the website and their program one day, but after this day my computer started to lag and in result the whole system was broken. I needed to reinstall the system and this website was full of viruses and other bad program...

Clkbank*com / fraud transactions

Katherine Adel on May 11, 2015

Cairo 11/05/2015 Subject: Fraudulent transaction - (CLKBANK*COM) Potential loss amount : 79, 99 EUR, 79, 99 EUR, 79, 99 EUR, 79, 99 EUR, 79, 99 EUR, 79, 99 EUR Merchant description :CLKBANK*COM_7XNK8XE5 Trans date :08-05-15 Transmission d/t :15/05/08 21:07:19, 15/05/08 21:06:15, 15/05/08... / they overcharged me and ignored my emails

Pepperrr on Jan 22, 2015

I logged in on the website ChroniC Commissions. It was mentioned that the download was about $50 and after I ordered the download, these scammers took $185 from my account. I have no idea for what. They provided the magazine, but it was too much to pay such sum for the...

Clkbank*restore Vision / did not send product purchased

Marilyn Dudley on Jul 6, 2014

Their website showed exercises that you could obtain that would help you strengthen your eyesite and stop wearing glasses. I very foolishly sent them my credit card number. Now that i have seen they are a front for a scam, if i cannot get my money back i will cancel my credit card. And...

Clickbank Product / charge

WALTER G. TAYLOR on Mar 27, 2014

The above order was not completed due to power failure. Next order 53339742rt87f88e was completed and is acceptable. Next order 533396e7nfq84eld was also completed and is acceptable. Your confirmation will be appreciated. Thanking you walter taylor

The Clickbank Code / can't get hold of michael jones

T Pretorius on Feb 25, 2014

There was two amounts that was deducted from my Mastercard I'm aware of the First One but not the second one. According the Website I do have 56 days to ask for a refund. I did try and send a few mails thru as the address that is giving to a person that you must go to too raise a...

Clkbank*com Download / $149

Oleg Vorontsov on Dec 21, 2013

Recently when checking the credit card statement I found out that there are two transaction of inr674446 12.14.2013, deducted from my account by CLKBANK*Download.The merchant area code given on my statement is 208-472-9400 and the transaction ref is MT (Personal Information Removed)n...