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+27 315 344 000(Durban) 14 19
180 Commissioner Street, Absa Towers North, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27 113 504 000

15 Alice Lane, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 118 956 000

Cape Town
163 Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, Plattekloof, Cape Town, South Africa

ABSA Bank Complaints & Reviews

ABSA Bank / Cannot use my internet banking

GrahamCarl on Jul 21, 2017
Good Day On the 17th of July 2017, I tried to do a transfer via ABSA internet banking, I could not due the their security system surecheck which does not seem to work outside of South Africa. I contacted the ABSA actionline and they instructed me to clear my web history and try again. I...

ABSA Bank / 2nd time around to pick up new card

Sangiroafrika on Jul 19, 2017
Today I went to the Uitenhage Branch (eastern Cape) to pick up my new credit card as I received a message to do so. The first time after waiting almost a 40min. As there was only one person at this counter I was told I need proof of address. Today do have my Absa Credit card account with...

ABSA Bank / vehicle loan debit order

Walter Michael Scharf on Jul 18, 2017
I am at a point of no return with absa. I bought a vehicle and obtained a loan from absa. I signed their 'e-contract' which clearly shows my personal bank details. Absa actually managed to debit my wife's account!!! I am sure that is against the law? We reversed the the debit...

ABSA Bank / estatements (english and afrikaans only)

StreetProfesor. on Jul 16, 2017
I have registered for eStatements to be sent to my email account, and receive an email stating that my eStatement will be sent on English and Afrikaans. Now my question is why sent eStatements only in English and Afrikaans?What should I do in order for me to receive my eStatements in my...

ABSA Bank / absa online banking

My problem is that I am unable to access online . I went to ABSA Lenasia and was unable to access my account online. The customer service at ABSA Lenasia tried to assist me by calling the support, but failed to rectify the problem.The problem is that when I try to log in to my account, the...

ABSA Bank / visa card (platinum)

JGerhardJ on Jul 13, 2017
I have a concern, which I did voice earlier, with no resolve. I just made payment on my VISA card to purchase software (which I often do as part of my business). The secure payment site was MyCommerce (a Digital River Company). The transaction was processed with NO 3D verification. How i...

ABSA Bank / absa revolving loan - pathetic product... dump it

BeverleyC on Jul 12, 2017
I have complained numerous times regarding the above product on Hellopeter and get a reply from a Daphne Le Grange that I will be contacted. She sent me an email on 18 April requesting my ID No which I sent to her on the same day so that she could investigate further. Sent another email to...

ABSA Bank / poor service - absa insurance company

Meensahree on Jul 12, 2017
My geyser stopped working on the 07/07/2017 - no hot water supply. I could not get hold of the insurance the weekend so I contacted my own plumber who replaced all the components of the geyser. Still not working. I had a second plumber out again at my cost and the geyser is still not...

ABSA Insurance / failure to reimburse for the cost of a new geyser after the old one burst

Chris J S Taylor on Jul 12, 2017
Insurance Claim 3265078 for a burst geyser Despite many telephone calls during which I have spoken to many different consultants (Palesa, Thuba, Angie, Phosedi) and having received promises of action from each of them, I have still not been reimbursed for the Geyser which I paid for. All...

ABSA Bank / No changes done on account

Marika Ras on Jul 12, 2017
Since end of May 2017 I went into the bank 4 times to activate the "notify me" on my cellphone, every time they say it is activated, but up to date I still do not get any notifications on my phone and it is frustrating as I can not keep record of what is being paid or not. I also do not...

ABSA Bank / fraud banking

Nkanyiso Msani on Jul 6, 2017
I was recently conned trough EFT banking with people using fraud capitec account to transfer funds from my Absa Saving account as a vehicle deposit. Within 24hrs once upon once reliezing the scam I contacted Absa fraud to block the transfer in wich I was assure of the blockage and...

ABSA Bank / fraudulent account

Patrick Xolani Manjo on Jul 5, 2017
Hi, I'm Patrick Manjo. I have a complain. Last year some people opened an account at PEP but I don't really know at which PEP store. Apparently the account was an Absa account. The Fraudsters claim R8745.60 and used absa account and I have never opened a transactional account. I have once...

ABSA Bank / unauthorised debit orders/ waiting period for the agent to call me back.

Gugu Radebe on Jul 4, 2017
03 July I have called Absa for 2 consecutive months complaining about un authorised debits orders. You don't get any resolution about the issue but rather getting numbers of un existing company's. For the past 2 months an amount approximately to R400 has been taken from my account, its 4...

ABSA Bank / opening of overdraft and also charges been debited without my approval

Rene.daniels. on Jun 29, 2017
I opened an ABSA Bank Cheque Account in 2016 May at the Claremont Branch in Cape Town and was advised that I would be able to use this account to open an overdraft as well. Nothing has been done in respect of the overdraft and everytime i go to the bank personally always getting...

ABSA Bank / I am complaining about the lousy service that was provided

geegeecools on Jun 22, 2017
I advised about the new product that the bank offers, and I was very much interested in the product.I went to the Boulders branch on a Saturday with my document, ID, Proof of Res and Settlement Letters.When I get to the branch I was welcomed by a host and she checked my document and she...

ABSA Bank / I am complaining about absa bank customer service for smme.

I have a personal savings account with ABSA Bank 9278524940 for the past 15 years. I have started a registered business in December 2016 and was refused a cheque account for some reasons. However, ABSA opened me a Business Savings Account 9327891204 which I operated for 6 months. As my...

ABSA Bank / credit card

Andreas van Zyl on Jun 21, 2017
I am struggling for over 4 months now to submit a disability claim. I sent all the relevant information to the credit card department. I tried to phone to find out what the feedback is on my claim but am holding on for 10 min plus with no one that ever answer. Also sent a lot of emails to...

ABSA / fraud line 0860557557 do not answer the phone

Darryl Nair on Jun 20, 2017
On 19 June 2017, I called Fraud line to get my online banking reactivated after doing a sim swap. It took 16 minutes for the phone to be answered. Then, the call was cut after speaking for 3 minutes. I could not call again as my airtime was depleted. On 20 June 2017 I called again from a...

ABSA Bank / fica

Anyone there on Jun 19, 2017
This has not been resolved from Nov '16. I sent all my doc's thru 7 times. I am too upset to repeat myself again. GOD Please give me strength... GOD Please give me strength... GOD Please give me strength... GOD Please give me strength... 4550 270514681019 Too m any names to mention, a...

ABSA Bank / unauthorised charges and failure to address complaint

Scan3404216 on Jun 16, 2017
I discovered a monthly debit of R59 for an ABSA service I specified in writing I did not want has been taken from my account since 2014. I lodged a complaint at the end of May 2017 but my emails remain unanswered, I have tried phoning the complaints "resolution suite" and am put on hold...

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