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South Africa - 5241

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+27 113 504 000(Johannesburg) 57 35
+27 118 956 000(Johannesburg) 12 13
+27 219 297 500(Cape Town) 25 16
+27 315 344 000(Durban) 10 14
180 Commissioner Street, Absa Towers North, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27 113 504 000

15 Alice Lane, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 118 956 000

Cape Town
163 Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, Plattekloof, Cape Town, South Africa

ABSA Bank Complaints & Reviews

ABSA Bank / arms and service inside the branch

Sandile88 on Apr 21, 2017
What I do now, I d for the sake of service and of the wellbeing of clients at Absa, I am not a client of absa's but was appalled at the service and dispersement of information and also the arms outside. The atms outside the branch had some technical issues, the one on the far right wa...

ABSA Bank / till waiting for absa accredited electrician

emilicha.wolters on Apr 19, 2017
Claim no. 3179389 Thank you! After four months absa finally managed to get a professional contractor namely, jbc contractors, to fix our badly damaged roof after sever hail storms in december 2016. Pleazzze we now beg absa to send a professional electrical contractor - no just any company...

ABSA Bank / absa home loans

Nmaharajr0122@gmail.com on Apr 18, 2017
I currently work for Capitec. I have been considering changing bank's to Absa. Previously I have not had any issue's with Absa until now. Recently your bond's department declined us for a bond approval not because we can't afford it because I asked if that's the case, but because when my...

ABSA Bank / claims not being finalised - 3226820 and 3237530

Gabi Pisanello on Apr 18, 2017
On 3 March I lodged claim # 3226820 and on 23 March claim #3237530. I have had no response to either for repairs to be completed. The consultant for claim # 3226820 is Pumeza Somzama and for claim #3237530, Thabiso Chaka. I have called on 23/3, 6/4, 11/4 and 18/4 and spoke to a...

ABSA Bank / credit card

Tao Mosweu on Apr 17, 2017
Is now 3 months not getting my credit card, I made calls to credit card department and they keep telling me the courier can't reach me on my phone. I have given them my number several times but the problem still persists. At the brunch theory can't do anything, they keep on telling me to...

ABSA Bank / debt review listing on my nme/ account

Jeanitta on Apr 15, 2017
RE: Account 4550-2704-3615-4012 Last year I approached a company to try and assist with Debt Consolidation, instead they listed my number under Debt Review. I have submitted all the Documents to the Ombudsman for assistance, but for some reason the debt review listing is still on my name at...

ABSA Bank / homeowners insurance

Janse van rensburg Anita on Apr 11, 2017
Claim no 3243492 I call daily to follow up on my claim and have left numerous messages for someone to call me back regarding our claim and till today nothing. Even threatened to cancel my insurance but doesnt seem as though absa cares about loosing a client. Left messages with numerou...

ABSA Bank / Personal loan

Ivy mamojela shabangu on Apr 9, 2017
Good day I have a problem with the personal loan that I have with absa. I have been sent from pillar to post calling the contact centre. I finally had to walk in a branch so I can know where my account has been sent too... the lady at southgate mall provided me with contact details for...

ABSA Bank / Harassed

Brandon Wallace on Apr 8, 2017
We have been harrassed by an absa debt collector for the past 4 weeks. We made 2 arrangements with the bank to pay off a balloon payment. One on email and telephonicly in the bank its self. After no correspondence back from the bank we thought all was ok as we had made arrangements and had...

ABSA Bank / Customer care/enquiries

mpume73 on Apr 7, 2017
My wallet was stolen at Gateway Mall Umhlanga, , few minutes after that money was withdrawn from my account.In my wallet there were cards for my husband and mom.Mom is a 78yr old who is blind, so I keep her cards.They attempted to withdraw money from her card but the notification said it...

ABSA Bank / absa home loans poor communication from credit managers seems they don't care for clients at all

Steven Allan on Apr 6, 2017
I have been an ABSA client since United Bank days and I'm supposedly a platinum customer probably only to pay higher bank fees. I applied for a home loan of R1, 6 Million on a house in Pretoria I paid a R385k deposit I had an existing home loan for R840000 for my house in Strubenvale in...

ABSA Bank / Sale of property

Tesis on Apr 4, 2017
I am currently busy trying to sell my property with the help from Absa programme that I was put under. We are on the final stages where the property has to be registered under the new owner Absa suddenly sends me an AOD stating that I must pay an amount of R38k, the amount I was not told...

ABSA Bank / Service

Swan03 on Apr 4, 2017
Good day I was shocked to see that the ABSA branch in Zastron Free State does not even keep us their small stock like plastic bank coin bags. As i asked if i could get a few bags because we have a lot of coins to be sorted and then banked, the lady tried to help but there were only 5 old...

ABSA Bank / Fixed deposit

Kupsamy Victor on Apr 4, 2017
I have been to the Absa Branch, Smith Street and Gardiner Street. sat with the consultant for 45 minutes and could not open a fixed deposit account. The consultant tried to process the information many time, and failed. I had another errand to run, so I excused my self for about 15 min. The...

ABSA Bank / My account that was frozen

Audrey Fisher on Apr 3, 2017
I have a ABSA savings account and on 24th of March I tried lock on my internet banking because I wanted to load a new beneficiary then I received a notification that I cannot lock on my account. I immediately phoned the internet customer help line and was informed that my internet banking...

ABSA Bank / Service

Emile vd Walt on Apr 3, 2017
Just tried to deposit lots of R 1 coins at one of ur branches. lady didnt greet asked me abruptly do i have an account with absa. i said no but my wife does. i can give u her account no and she said NO YOU have to have an account. I said what do u mean must i send her then, she said yes. I...

Absa Bank Sterkspruit / Condition of the bank and the slow consultants

palesa b skomolo on Apr 3, 2017
I am an Absa bank cloent who arrived this morning at 09h45 and im standung on the que and its hot inside, there is no airconditon swithed on (that is if its working). There is also elderly people here who have health problems that said they have been here since 9h00am. Please fix thi...

ABSA Bank / absa bad service forcing me to pay r1200

rethabile nape on Apr 1, 2017
Thisabsa have a very bad customer service in all south african banks i dealt with, ill never ever recommend to a friend, friend of a friend, a family friend, a colleque, a family member to all my social network friends. 0n the 1/12/2016 i received a cal from absa telling me they adding a...

ABSA Bank / absa credit card - bad service

Rethabile on Mar 30, 2017
In December I applied for a credit card increaseknowing that I will have to hire a care for the holidays, my increase was approved, only to f8nd out in January when the company I hired from only charged me on my credit card that the increase was never applied which had meant now that I...

ABSA Bank / Recovering of car installment

Nazira Olivier on Mar 29, 2017
I was out of work early last year and missed one, yes just one car installment of r3500 and some odd. I started working successfully around my 2016, where i have since to date not fallen behind any of my car payments. I started to receive calls from a mr hendrik combrink who advised he i...

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