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Complaints & Reviews

Absa Bank Vehicle finance — Absa Marketer Mr S. Govender is not assisting me, after I have reported a case of what I suspect is fraud against me and the bank.

I bought a car from umngeni auto on 24 January 2020 and now have problems with the car. So I called Absa to find out what should I do, only to find that Absa knows that I bought the car from funnel cars which is not true. I contacted Mr Govender who is the marketer to report this but he said his going call me back but he hasn't, instead his ignoring my calls now.
The car I was sold was misrepresented and defected.
I think this was a scheme to defraud me and or the bank.

ABSA Vehicle Finance — Not receiving further feedback irt additional amount paid to dealership who handled the private sell/buy of the car

I sent numerous emails and had phone calls with Nadia Spider who arranged for the vehicle finance on a private sale of a Suzuki Jimny 2009 model.
I had to pay Auto Investment the dealership who handled the sale R20 000 in advance before they would release the car and pay the seller the full amount for the car.
I then questioned Nadia as the premium from ABSA's statement does not show the R20 000 paid.
I contacted Marieta from Auto Investment and she assured me it must show on the statement as an additional payment made.
I again sent mails to both Nadia and Marieta Woest then responded to my emails to resolve this matter and for Auto Investment to give me a statement of the amount paid.

Absa BankAbsa trust

My brother was compensated by RAF and his money was placed in Absa trust, they've been a nightmare to deal with, won't buy him a house, car the was one time he had to go to public hospital sick they didn't pay out money for him to see a doctor, he lives like a beggar but he has money, I'm afraid he'll take his life one of these days someone has to.Do something about this department

Absa BankVehicle Natis document

Account is settled with absa a long time ago but its impossible to get the natis document from absa.
Finance account number:5073344
SR van Jaarsveld

Absa BankService

What is your rules about opening hours? Absa Ceres almost never opens on time in the mornings. Every time customers have to wait in an queue outside, because cash has to be taken from the ATM to the teller. This morning (02.03.2020) the bank only opens at 08:12 and a queue of customers were very upset, because all of us have our work and can't stand in queues because the bank couldn't finalise their ATM cash removal BEFORE opening of the bank. This is unacceptable.

Absa BankAbsa vehicle finance

I currently live in New zealand. My friend has been using my car for the past 2.5 years.

I have been working with the traffic department to get the car back from her. I have also been trying to work with a member of the finance department. Who is less than willing.

This is a really long story, but all I need is for someone from absa to contact the traffic contact I have to arrange a road block to get this car back. If we arrange a block and the car goes to the pound, it will be stripped.
We are trying to avoid this, but your staff are being less than willing.
There is only so much I can do from New Zealand. So unless you not interested in getting the car back. I need someone who can take action.

My email is - [protected]
My I.d - [protected]

This is an URGENT matter.

Absa BankVehicle finance fraud

One of the Absa employees, fraudulently use my details and open 3 extra insurances since June 2019, resulting me to be about to be listed as a bad payer about to have bad credit record. In enquiring about it, several Absa consultant promised to look at the matter and come back to me. To my surprise that, instead of getting clarity, I was sent contract ofwhich I did not ask.

The insurance open without my consent is;

1. Life Cover - started March 2019. An amount of R195, 96 has been deducted on my account . A consultant by the name Monique Peterson ( [protected] not sure if the email is correct was the one who attended the matter which has been not resolved.

2. Innovations (maintenance plan) -since June 2019 An amount R260, 00. A consultant by the name Tsepang and Lucky Lengwati promised to solve the issue.

3. Absa Warrant cover - R297. since 2019 March.

I've been promised to get call records to clarify my Name since January 2020 till to day nothing happened . I exhausted my telephone bill, calling almost every day with no help.

This is un-acceptable, for how long should i wait to clear my name and be reimbursed what is due to me. This is my last resort or I will be forced to take this to my lawyers because ABSA is stealing from me.

Ms V. Beyaphi

Absa Bank — Customer service

First of all the customer service consultant is very very slow. Secondly its the 3rd time that my app is given me problems but was last week fix for fica documents which i had to...

Absa Bankfraud

I responded to a bitcoin advertisement that had an official bitcoin stamp whereby a special offer was made for $250 to purchase partial bitcoin. They requested my bank account no as well as the name of my bank which I provided in all innocence as it was my debit card and not my credit card. I became a bit suspicious after receiving a phone call from a bitcoin "agent", so I informed them that the deal was to be terminated with immediate effect as I felt I was entitled to stop the payment going through as it was on my debit card and without a pin no which I did not disclose I was safe. I have contacted Absa bank in regard to this fraud and they offered to reverse the payment in Rands . However Absa Bank subsequently said it was my fault and they could not refund the money. Please investigate this matter

Absa Bankcan never get them on the phone

I forgot my mobile app passcode or password, as I had to delete the app and reload it as it kept giving me error messages.
I cannot remember my password or passcode as it was such a long time ago I needed it. Anywhere in the world this would be a quick fix. EXCEPT FOR ABSA.
I have spent my whole morning trying to get them on the phone. The options they give says: Choose 1 to change your password or passcode. You choose 1 and it says Option 1 - Choose this to change your limits
2 - Choose this to report fraud, or something.
Where is the option for passcode?
Everytime I go into the Welkom branch to do any little thing, it takes no less than 2 hours... YES sportsfans... TWO HOURS.
So you either spend all day on the phone, or you spend 2 and a half hours at the bank.
In th Uk they call you back. and you can change a passcode in a minute or two. Can we please stop wasting our time.

Absa Bankcredit card delivery by dsv couriers

Never received such bad service from any company. After 3 weeks of back and forth calls my card is still not delivered. After 4 times confirming my address, they still use the excuse that the driver was sent to the wrong area, what is the use calling to confirm if you keep on sending the driver to the wrong part of Oakdale, it is only separated by the N1. Didn't you hear of a GPS or road map in these modern age if you don't know a area and you call yourselves a courier service. It is more like no service.

Can't believe that banks still use you to deliver cards to their clients with such poor skills. Do you expect people to put everything on hold and wait for you to deliver on date that you arrange and don't pitch up.

ABSAcredit card deceased & fraud departments; unauthorized credit card transactions after date of death!

Client: Estate Late Stephanus Francois Nieuwoudt
ID no: [protected]
Credit Card no:[protected]

I reported the death of the deceased to your National Deceased Estates AND Credit Card Deceased Estates departments on 15 January with supporting documents. All except the Letter of Authority: the estate has not yet been reported to the master as we still await a Certificate of Balance for shares the deceased held. Without all verified values we cannot complete an inventory form and the values of the deceased's assets are reflected on that Letter of Authority.
Statement cannot be attached as your system does not accommodate PDF files
Irregular and unauthorized transactions were made on the account (not the card as the card is locked up in the safe) AFTER the death of the client.

I have been sent from pillar to post: from National Deceased Estates to Credit Card Deceased WHO DON'T ANSWER YOUR PHONES! [protected] / 4356 /4286 is of no use!
Then I tried to report the matter to the credit card Fraud division, but since I don't have power of attorney they are unwilling to assist! They did try to call the Credit Card Deceased Dept on my behalf, but they also had no luck. Please feel free to listen to retrieve the phone call at around 11:55 29 Jan 2020. I was then told to send all documents to National Deceased Estates. (the same docs I already sent on 15Jan)

I'm just glad the calls are recorded! It seems impossible to stop any further transactions from occurring.
These transactions must immediately be reversed, all credit cards carry insurance and the interest on the transactions are also to be reversed.

I await your urgent feedback

Absa Bankrcc bos

Good day

I am really upset that for the second month now my account is being debited from. I did not give anyone permission to do so and today again money was taken. Who is RCC bos and why am i paying both my credit card and them?

This happened 18/12/2019 and today 28/01/2020. Also note that is it different amounts which is very shocking and suspicious

I am really considering moving my account.

Miss D Molekwa

Absa Bankservice

Good day
Just to let you know that your service is very bad.
45 minutes waiting in the que at ABSA Savannah Mall Polokwane
For the renewal of my Debit card.
My card is expired on September 2019.
So difficult to renew it.
I am 69 yrs old and every time I go there I have to stand almost an hour on the que. Till today I been there three times.
Is that a kind of service?
Do I have to close all my accounts and move to another Bank?
Is that what you want?
Thank you for your time
V. Gaintartzis

Absa Bank — services

I went to absa East London Oxford street to deposit. My money needed change so I couldn't deposit outside. When I went in, it was a suprise to see a bank with no-one on the...

Absa Bankabsa rewards

received a phone call regarding absa rewards and the benefits offered.Was informed the cost would be R 28.99 per month was shocked to see someone had got acess to my internet banking and removed R218.00 from my cheque account which is linked to my internet banking.I have been banking with Absa for many years and have a substantial amount of monies invested in your bank as well as my wife I find this type of service disgusting causing me to have to put a block on my internet banking as I was unaware that this would be allowed by Absa. Please resolve this issue and arrange for this deduction to be cancelled immediately. If this issue is not addressed as a matter of urgency I will be forced to cut all ties with Absa and do my banking elsewhere. This transaction happened on the 24th January I received notification that somebody unknown had logged onto my internet banking.My contact number is [protected] and my name is John Hornby

Absa Bank — absa insurance department

I lodged an insurance issue on the 10th of December . I was contacted on the 12th of December via e-mail and said they are dealing with my request : CLAIM # 3720862 . I have on...

Absa Bank — service delivery at branch

Was requesting for a lost debit card yo be re issued at the branch. Was send back saying it will tale 2-3days. When I called Lienie Barrows from the Polokwane branch it wa...

Absa Bankvehicle registration documents not received

I had contacted ABSA Plumstead approximately 4 months ago regarding the issuing of registration papers for a vehicle I had financed through ABSA a few years back. I was assisted by an extremely helpful lady, who I feel went beyond the call to assist me (Nikita). My issue is not with her service, but with the response I received... They have responded by saying the documents were couriered to my home address in 2012, an address I had moved from 2 years prior... (2010).
I requested proof that I had signed for these documents, (proof which I know does not exist). I received a call saying that the courier company is unable to furnish this signed document, but it was delivered to said address.
I feel that this response is unacceptable, & the buck is being passed, resulting in me having to fork out for a copy, which is not fair as I did not received the original in the first place. What bothers me even more is, the response to my initial request, was that the documents were delivered to my previous work address, which implies that something untoward has occurred & nobody really knows where these documents are.
Someone should be held accountable for this blunder!
In addition I would like to request a letter from the bank stating that the vehicle has been paid in full.

Absa Bankloans department

I have an existing personal loan. I wanted to top up the loan as the loan is paid up to date. No arrears. A consultant from loans dept informed me of judgements and arrears on my name. The removal need to be done by Transunion.
My complaint is that I did receive a personal of R70000 after it was assessed by assessment. Ive tried to explain to the lady consultant but she was reluctant to help.
I have requested for a R40000 top up in order to clear all small debts and have one payment monthly.

Absa Bank — absa card

Absa continues to harass me for debts that are in the process of being settled by allowing law firms I've never heard of to contact me night and day, over weekends, during...

Absa Bank — unprofessional service

Staff unfriendly and disinterested. Angela, a consultant, is an absolute disgrace. My two co-signatories said they were relieved they don't bank with ABSA. The branch i...

Absa Bankmobile banking app

I am new to Absa, I do all my banking via apps it is convenient and stress free, went to the branch to get assistance just like other banks they have WiFi to assist you activate the mobile, the lady said I must use my data go outside, download the app and come back, I did that coming back a guy by the name of Thabo Mampuru was useless not even sure if knew what he was doing stood there for long ended up leaving with my app not working, what kind of Circus are running?

Absa Bankstuff

The lady who was helping me at the bulk teller had attitude"I got there to deposit company money'greeted her she kept quite I let it pass'she was busy counting money and I did not have a problem with that'because I had found her busy with it'then she assisted me depositing the company money then after I asked her for change she inch me'and took out R5 to count I thought maybe she did not her me'i asked her again she still kept quite and took out R2s to count them"I asked her for the 3rd time she took out R5s to count them I left and went to the other tellers had to stand on the que again bcaz of her

Absa Bankunauthorised journal debit of r16111.94

ABSA has just debited an amount of R16111.94 from my ABSA Savings Account without my consent or any notification. Apon contacting customer care, I was told to call the collections department. After getting through to the Collections Department I was informed that funds were debited due to my Personal Loan outstanding debt which is in arrears. I informed the consultant that this is not allowed and not permitted by law however I was informed that I will not get a refund as I am owing the bank. I explained that this in not my money as I am currently unemployed and funds deposited into my account were for a stokvel distribution. I was told sorry, I will not get a refund, Apon having a discussion with the consultant and the supervisor I continued to asked for assistance as these funds do not belong to me. The supervisor said she can only refund 10% of funds debited, I begged and explained that these funds were not for my Personal use but for distribution to other people. She said she would speak to her manager but can only negotiate for a refund of R9000. I explained that this is not right as these funds do not belong to me. I am unemployed and will not have money to pay the intended beneficiaries who want their money immediately. How does ABSA get away with doing things this way, my life could be in danger due to this as people want their money and I don't know what they will do to me. Why is ABSA not adhering to the South Gauteng High Court Judgement handed down on 27 June 2019 in favour of the NCR in respect of the Common Law Right of Set-Off found in (section 124 of the National Credit Act). The Court Judgement clearly stated that Banks may no-longer take monies from clients accounts to settle a credit agreements withowithout their concent. Please refund funds debited, people have saved their money for the whole year how can I pay these monies as I am not employed. Please .

Absa Bank — customers service

[protected] NG Mbele _ ABSA Cheque Account. I applied for a cheque account online. Submitted the FICA documents to [protected] on the 1st of October 2019. I went to...

Absa Bankabsa bank

Two years ago ask Absa bank to close my credit card because I have to pay R50 card per month fees for me and my wife. They say will stop the card fees because we are oersiners . They still bill me up to today. This has mounted to R1200. So what can I do because they do not want to close the account.
I visit them several times and every time they say they will fix it.
The last time was 2 months ago at the bank in the Garden route mall.

Cobus from George.

Absa Bankoverdrawn cheque account

Good day
I hereby notified absa that my account was debit for the wrong reasons ... Firstly I was offer a gold bundle account witch I did not approve and my account was debit for that I visit the absa branch in de aar and I told the absa employee to cancel the offer witch he did not do ... secondly a agent call me to offer me a life policy of R 92.18 policy nr [protected] I accept the offer but I ask him to make the first debit 26/12/2019 and he didn't my account was debit on the 26/11/2019 and now I am panelized for that failed debit order so the agreement was that I should go to a branch to change the debit before the the deduction date but I managed to do it over the phone but my account is still in arrears for something I did not do so I want my account been cleared and up to date I will not pay for other people mistakes and I want a callback my number is [protected]

I hope to hear from you soon
Shane fillis
Absa client

Absa Bankbad customer service

Hi yesterday I went to the Absa bank to to go and tell them to reverse my money back from an online thing that popped up on my screen and because I don't make use of their services howsoever they blocked my card opened a new card.They didnt evens tell me what the new accounts number was nothing they only took my fingerprints so I want to know when then can reverse my money back from that scheme and what happens now with the money in my old account coz it keeps disappearing I mean I've been with Absa for years and this is the service I'm getting from you guys no that's unacceptable or must I change my bank?

Absa Bank — poor service delivery

I'm a absa account holder, I was using savings account there after I was advice by a consultant to change from savings to cheque account. Now my cheque account takes more...

Absa Bank — customer service

44792 This Branch has 3 Desktops, which means three people is suppose to work at Customer services according to me? I've been here since 2011, and never have I ever seen more than...

Absa Balfour Mall — services

I had a problem with my card which was unable to swipe, I visited the branch in balfour mall and I was told they don't do chip management. I went to another branch in a...

ABSA Trustabsa trust

Good day we have a Trust Account with ABSA for my son we we get maintenance every month and we needed to change our bank account so the lady at ABSA TRUST Services that was helping me recommended that we should open a ABSA Account on Wednesday and that the money will clear immediately so the system was of by ABSA on Wednesday and we went on Thursday and we gave her all our account details with statements she told us she is having a look at it she will call she never called I did phone back numerous times because of the problems we had previously with ABSA on Friday I also phoned numerous times to ask her if the money is paid in she said yes and assured me that we will get the money on Friday and so Friday is gone we did not receive any money and now it is Saturday since Thursday we are waiting explain to me is this right what ABSA is doing and when we receive the money I will change my bank account immediately again to a different bank I just hoped it was so easy with the Trust Account I would have done it long time ago ABSA has no care no service no professionalism nothing the worse bank that could ever existed thanks.

Absa Bank — fraud

An overdraft and creditcard were ganted to my husband without my consent. I told his banker that I'm aware of my husband's application and that I don't approve since we are...

Absa Bankno feedback concerning claim about water damage

Water damage
On the night of the 22/10/2019 we suffered water damage due to a fierce rainy storm.
Water were streaming through the roof causing damage to the noti pine ceiling and the carpet.
I have logged a claim with ABSA. They were quick to react and a claim with reference number 3695958 were issued.
The contractor for the carpet were quick to react, and an assessment were done.
The contractor who were responsible to do an assessment on the roof and the ceiling were not that helpful. More than one appointment was made before the assessment could be done.
From the 07/11/2019 - 11/11/2019 I was not available as I went on leave.
During my leave a contractor phone me and ask permission to do an assessment. I phoned our servant and ask her to open the gate for the contractor.
After returning from leave I have contacted ABSA on several occasions to enquire about the claim status. Every time I was promised that someone will get in contact with me.
Up to now 22/11/2019 no-one contacted me.
This is totally unacceptable to treat a customer like this.

Absa Bank — personal account. atm fraud

HJ Van Wyngaarden, is an 81 year old pensioner that has had an account with ABSA for YEARS. This account was opened at Oakfields Branch. She gets a Metal Industries Pension, that...

Absa Bank — unauthorized debit order

Good day. On the 25th October 2019, I was visiting Absa Bank (Kenilworth) to reverse a payment. When checking my balance, I have noted that an amount of R3 846, 02 was journal...

Absa Bankpoor service from absa home loan departments

Thank you for giving me a platform to state my case. In the last month i must have been called over a 100 times by ABSA telling me that my account is in arears. Every time they see it is a system fault on their side, and a promised is made to rectify the
mistake, only to get a call 15 min later and then the whole process starts over again, with a promise that the problem will be rectify, but this never happens. I even have spoken to the supervisor, with the promise from her that the problem is now corrected.
then 15 min later the calls start coming in again and then it is the same story over again.

I even have ask the supervisor to listen to the recordings, but i dont believe this will
happen. I also have send her a email and waiting for her response. My home loan account number is [protected]. The supervisor s email address is billie.[protected] Please this matter is becoming a frustration to me as every time a promises is made by the person at the call center to escalate my problem to some one that will fix the problem. But the next day the phone rings with the same problem, me explaining that the problem is on ABSA side, and the consultant agree s with me and promised that the problem is resolve, but only to get a call 15 min later telling me that my account is in arrears.

Please can some one listen to the recordings and resolve the matter.

Thank You
Johan Fourie

Absa Bank — mandla mphahlele

Mandla Mphahlele from Midrand branch ls a complete incompetent person who kept pointing his finger at me when addressing and l kept on asking me to refrain from doing that and...

Absa Bankhome loans

Acc no [protected]
RJ de Villiers

I've received a e-mail adres for Home Loans at Customer Service/Enquiries at ABSA FOURWAYS MALL after they told me they can not help me or assist me at all.
I've send my mail, no response, and I resend, no response and so I did for several times.
I will go public with this matter if I do not get my problem solved asap.
If the bank want somethi g a client must jump and bend, but If a client needs help, everybody is just like...sorry

I am waiting for you.