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180 Commissioner Street, Absa Towers North, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27 113 504 000

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ABSA Bank Complaints & Reviews

ABSA Bank / house insurance - building (water damage)

Martin de Wit on Jan 18, 2018
Good Day Claim Number : 336 3448 On 17 November 2017, I submitted a claim for Water Damage to my building (Garage) The water started to make a mark but up until today 18 January 2018 the ceiling is busy collapsing and the water is draining through the ceiling. I Received a sms that Risimu...

ABSA Bank / recall of payment done into a wrong account

Charmaine Venancio on Jan 16, 2018
Good day, On the 29th of December2017, I Charmaine Venancio paid an amount of R2000-00 from my Absa Bank account into my son's Standard Bank account which was actually a wrong account number. I phoned Absa Bank on the 31st of December 2017 to find out whether the money has gone through...

ABSA Bank / helping

Zeldabotha71 on Jan 14, 2018
I have been banking a loyal client with Absa for 28 years now, and the first time I need the banks help they do not want to help me. I am so disappointed, you always hear how absa bank adverts tell everybody how you can go to them for help, but when you do ask them, they have one or the...

ABSA Bank / internet banking

pawze on Jan 11, 2018
Why cancel my internet banking without my consent? And when i try to contact you, you don't respond to my emails. On top of that, you keep me waiting for hours on the phone!! I informed the person I was exchanging emails with that I cannot go to the branch because I am currently in India...

ABSA Bank / slow and no feedback received

ADELE8868 on Jan 11, 2018
On 2017/12- 29 and 30th I was defrauded on my ABSA gold credit card. On the same day I visited my local ABSA branch being in Panorama, Cape Town and cancelled the card. I was told that the fraud declaration section will be handling the investigation into the fraud complaint. on 2018/01/05...

ABSA Bank / life policy

Magrieta123 on Jan 9, 2018
We had a life policy with you. We paid it upfront. My brother got murderded. Now you have suddenly selected our polocy for auditing. It was supposed to be paid out 48 h after claim. Now we cant pay for everything. Not everybody have money for a funeral thats why we take out a policy now...

ABSA Bank / closed account still going into arrears

Lúnette on Jan 8, 2018
I am writing this in regards to my Absa account that I have been struggling to close now for more than 3 months. The reason for the closing was because I paid over R2000 a month on bank fees, which to me was unacceptable. I visited the Ermelo branch several times to close my account and...

ABSA Bank / disinterested, incompetent staff.

Frenchie2464# on Jan 5, 2018
Disinterested, incompetent staff in the ABSA fica department. Given the number of complaints I have read about your fica department I would like to put out a challenge to Maria Ramos. Interview a handful of your customers to find out what they are experiencing at the hands of your staff...

ABSA Bank / unauthorised account freeze

Bushie on Jan 4, 2018
I am an Absa account holder and my account number is 9312566963.Yesterday my account was frozen and no message was sent across to account holders about the so called FICA act.Many account holders including me experienced unnecessary ques and were not satisfied with the service i got.I lost...

ABSA Bank / dragonpass

Pieter Joubert on Dec 28, 2017
I specifically changed to the Private Bank exceller package in mid November as it includes the Dragonpass benefits. I have been to 15 airports in UK, France, USA and Canada since then, and despite several email to Mr Chiloane have not been able to use the Dragonpass for Airport Lounge...

ABSA Bank / cheque account

Mangope on Dec 19, 2017
After I received my pension money I discovered thatthat my physical address was changed from pretoria to randburg without my knowledge, ii never lived in randburg in my entire life and I need to check who changed or authorised the changes.I have more than 23 years with absa. I never...

ABSA Bank / unauthorized transactions on my account

Bhorkins on Dec 13, 2017
an un-authorized, amount was taken off my account, its not the first time, not the second time, i have tried to call the helpline twice but unfortunately the phone keeps cutting, I have visited the branch on several occassions i was told to send through documents and letters, and i am yet...

ABSA Bank / absa loan / cedit life

sunell on Dec 12, 2017
my fiancé and father of my 8 year old daughter. He had a bike accident and is critically ill in hospital. A terrible storm had created a sink hole on Tara road Durban which the municipality neglected to cover. On October 21st at +/- 22:00 Frikkie was returning home on his bike. He had been...

Absa / unauthorized credit card charges

helene harms on Dec 10, 2017
Date of entries: 04.09.2017 Description: Tollgate fees. We have made a return trip from Rustenburg to Pretoria to Rustenburg. Entries on my credit card account 18.08.2017 - 17.09.2017 were made as tollgate fees from Rustenburg to Pretoria to Rustenburg and again to Pretoria, but we definitely...

ABSA Bank / appreciation for outstanding services rendered by bank manager and financial advisor

PCarl on Dec 8, 2017
I hereby wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the Branch Manager and Financial advisor of Kirkwood ABSA Bank for their personal commitment in delivering a most professional service to their clients that extends far beyond comprehension of any words. They both carried us through a tough...

ABSA Bank / reversal

Dennis62 on Dec 8, 2017
I made a wrong EFT payment amount R6324.30 instead of 624.30 Ticket no. 2245543 was mailed to me From my account via internet banking no.1052980336 to account at ABSA Dr.J.Schutte Horizon branch code 632005 account no.4053194082 Date: 11/12/2017 It has been 20 days, with which I am rather unhappy I have phoned sent 72 mails When will this be resolved

ABSA Bank / bad unprofessional service by a bank teller

Thaboar on Dec 5, 2017
I went into an absa bank Tzaneen branch business banking this morning 05/12/2017 and was serviced by a teller with a number 000854 this woman was so unprofessional shouting and yelling cause I did a personal banking at a bulk banking window despite the fact that I had a huge amount to deposit I am really thinking of changing banks. This is appalling

ABSA Vehicle Finance / paid up letter

Mapule Mphaki on Dec 4, 2017
I was owing Absa R56k for my car. In November I decided to pay R51k and the outstanding balance was R5600. The initial installment was R10056.68 and the outstanding balance on the account end of November was R5600. On the 1st December a debit order of R10 056.68 went through . My account...

ABSA Bank / delay with opening npo account (house of victory centre)

cokes on Dec 3, 2017
I approach Absa Jan kemp in early September 2017 to assist with an NPO account. All documentation were submitted but with no response. In October 2017 I went to their Hartswater Branch to again enquire about the progress on the account . I spoke to the enquiry lady and she refferred me to...

ABSA Bank / my card being blocked not paying my refund

Wayne123# on Dec 3, 2017
To whom it may concern I'm very unhappy about this I was suppose to go on debt review at the end of December but u guys decided to block my card on the 29th funds were deposited on the 30th and now I'm stuck with no funds I opened a savings account 9334142793 and now no one getting in...

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