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ABSA Bank Customer Care Service

ABSA Bank Ltd

7th Floor, Barclays Towers, West 15 Troye Street
South Africa - 5241

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 860 008 600(General Enquiries)
84 66
+27 860 557 557(Fraud Hotline)
33 25
+27 800 414 141(Complaint Resolution Suite)
142 79
+27 115 015 050(Lost & Stolen Cards)
8 14
+27 115 015 110(Digital Banking)
15 18
+27 113 354 019(Retail International Banking)
5 7
+27 860 109 085(Credit Cards (Premium)
12 8
+27 861 114 411(Credit Cards (Gold Card)
19 14
+27 861 788 888(Absa Rewards)
8 11
+27 860 111 630(Car Insurance)
5 11
+27 861 227 284(Travel Insurance)
3 9
+27 113 504 000(Head Office, Johannesburg)
176 103

Retail International Banking 
Service Centre
170 Main Street, Johannesburg, 2001

ABSA Bank Complaints & Reviews

ABSA Bank / customer services.

A.J.Haley on Dec 7, 2018

Good Day, I wish to complain about the whole concept, of the customer service that is offered at most ABSA banks. This is what I, and most people have found at the ABSA branch in the Garden Route Mall. Here is a recently upgraded bank, which has a large open space, which has numerou...

ABSA Bank / refund

Mangi Mzolo on Dec 6, 2018

I previously had a cheque account with ABSA, I lost my job and had a couple of transactions bounce and ended owing the bank just over R1000. SARS deposited a big refund into that account. I went into the bank on the 31st (Friday) Nov, the customer agent Thuli at Gandhi square ABSA assisted...

ABSA Bank / absa vehicle finance

Gerhard Mulder on Dec 3, 2018

My Name is Mr Mulder ID 8003175099080, my Vehicle is Financed through ABSA Bank. My residual came up and i applied to re finance it with ABSA, i called and made arrangements and received confirmation that all was in place. A month later the debit order never went off my account, i called...

ABSA Bank / wrong info from 08600 08600

Elna vColler on Nov 28, 2018

I phoned the technical assistance on the line about uninstalling and installing bank app on my telephone. I do internet banking from my pc. They assured me that if I know my password and pin, I would be able to reinstall. The app was givving fault messages all day on black. Friday. I...

ABSA Bank / credit card

cesar de Almeida on Nov 28, 2018

CMO de Almeida ID: 5604105210086 I have been with Absa for 42 years. I had a credit card with R27800 credit limit fo MANY years. I never ever went OVERDRAFT ONCE. I have paid my full credit account EVERY MONTH. Therefor I think that I am a good and trustable customer. I had a fraud transaction...

ABSA Bank / lack of communication

HWAfrica on Nov 27, 2018

On the 14th, 19th and 23rd November, I sent a mail to Absa Port Alfred requesting that they send me forms to signs with regard to allowing access to a business account, change of responsible person for this account and change of internet banking details and to date I have not even had a...

ABSA Bank / missing payments

panny on Nov 27, 2018

i made a payment to my mother's credit card via fnb online banking i used the reference number instead of the number on the card the transaction was successful on my side but my mom did not receive the money i went to absa to inquire i was told the money is in the suspended account i must...

ABSA Bank / credit card legal collection

Mr Q on Nov 26, 2018

On the 23rd November I went to the atm to withdraw money and i noticed that my balance is R1990 and and R19 751 was taken by ABSA bank as a set off payment. I am currently over indebted at the momemt. The amount taken was might to the for my rental accommodation and buy food for my family...

ABSA Bank / continued deductions after cancellation of policy

Labash on Nov 26, 2018

I have taken a ABSA Provider Plus Life Policy(Number: 6415034743) with ABSA in November 2007 and decided to terminate(cancel) it in 2012. I have sent my letter of termination of the policy and after months I realised that deductions are carrying on. When I enquire about tese deductions I...

ABSA / absa vehicle finance

phumudzo on Nov 25, 2018

i am feel unfairly treated by ABSA, i bought a car via car finance via absa, the police finds that the car is a stolen car, i reported the matter to absa, we had a meeting last month with absa sale manager Aysha Missi and the dealer, we agreed on that i must get dockets from police which...

ABSA Bank / credit card cloned and no help from absa

JohanvS on Nov 23, 2018

My Absa credit card was cloned in 2015 and I called the fraud line within 5 minutes of becoming aware of the incident. Absa is putting the blame on me for something that is beyond my control. The letter received from them in this regard did not even have a signature on it. They reffered me...

ABSA Bank / customer service extremely slow.

Shaun Malek on Nov 15, 2018

Has Absa - Galleria branch reduced staff members or reassigned their staff members. The bulk tellers are operating with just one teller. This is the second time that the line is backed up and there is just one teller. This has only changed in the past 2-4 months. Prior to this there were...

ABSA Bank / unauthorised debit order rccs j bos

Robin Van Wyk on Nov 8, 2018

I The sole account holder & client state the following…. Im a Barclays ancestral trust account holder in the UK & I been a client of ABSA since I was 10 years old. I have; in the last 5 days spent over 4hours on the phone with ABSA & been running around from branch to branch & i have been...

ABSA Bank / failure to issue an appropriate account confirmation

LwaziFuze on Nov 7, 2018

I am typing this message to you with a heavy heart and wholeheartedly hope that you can assist. My mother runs an NGO and has banked with ABSA for more than 12 Years. She has recently been granted funding on one of her applications but now in order to fully process her application, an...

ABSA Bank / loan application

Beverley 3011 on Nov 7, 2018

2 month ago I was offered a loan for 88000.00 due to the consultant taking to long to get back to me the loan expired. Today 07.11.2018 I applied for the same amount and was declined. Firstly I'm my Dept. Secondly why would you offer me a loan not give it and decline me now because I'm...

ABSA Bank / building insurance

Igenatius Bekker on Nov 7, 2018

This claim was submitted almost 3 months ago. It has been extremely difficult, I cannot stress that enough, to get feedback from the Absa Insurance Department. The only way to contact these people is via email or telephonically. This means that there is zero responsibility for these people...

ABSA Bank / atm money deposits

Louise Els on Nov 1, 2018

Good Day, I have a problem with ATM money deposits. It happens that every time I deposit money, some banknotes get rejected by the ATM . To solve the issue, one has to get other banknotes in order to complete the transaction. You don't always have extra banknotes in your purse and have...

ABSA Bank / understaffing at absa branch

Shaun Malek on Nov 1, 2018

Hi, It appears that your Amanzimtoti branch is understaffed and has been for a while. It is month end and the business teller/bulk teller has just one person/employee inside. The line is backed up and one has to wait a long time to get in. It is prudent to revise what appears to be budget...

ABSA Bank / unauthorized journal debit

Juanitavdm on Oct 31, 2018

Your institution today took R24000 from my account with not so much as a phine call or payment arrangement, if I owe money please contact me to make arrangements and I will gladly comply, however what you have done is fraudulent, and goes against the NCPA. I require the funds returned a...

ABSA Bank / bank profile error

Leon van der Berg on Oct 30, 2018

On Friday 26th October profile was locked I went into Absa Mall of the North ro unlock profile and in the process got a new card.After this I lost all my beneficiaries on my bank.I went to Absa Mall of the North the profile was a mess the employee assisted to load benefisiaries took 2...