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Carl's Jr. Restaurants Complaints & Reviews

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / customer service

Sep 19, 2019

We hosted a fundraiser at the location above on 9/18/19. The first complaint will be about the store manager approaching myself with my students raising his voice and being extremely rude. The next complaint will be that the store refused to accept digital copies of our flyer. Which i...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / order was incorrect, protein burger a mess, customer service horrible

Sep 19, 2019

Drive thru order placed waited over 20 min just to arrive at window then asked to wait in front of restuarant for order. When Manager brought out order I noticed my sons drink was missing she went back to bring it her facial expressions were not happy about having to go back. I opened bag...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / #18 and #19

Sep 17, 2019

Carl's Jr. RestaurantsMy two kids and I when last night. I ordered the boys the number # 18 double cheeseburger with chicken sandwich fries and a drink and I got the number# 19triple cheeseburger chicken sandwich and crisscut fries and a drink and maybe you got about 45 minutes after we ate we all got sick on...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / 30 box meals

Sep 11, 2019

I was very disapointed in your companys food. I work rifgt down the steet as na hotel manager which means we cant run off and eat, I sent off and ordered our employee meals and the fries were old and cold and our burgers looked like it seen better days yesterday. We usually go to burger...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / customer service and manager

Sep 11, 2019

The lady manager that works there griselda is very rude and disrespectful. I had an issue with her recently because she gave me my chance wrong and started arguing and yelling at me and everyone else was also complaining about her. I put a complaint on their corporate office and said they...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / 1/3 pound guacamole bacon burger and zucchini chips

Sep 11, 2019

Carl's Jr. RestaurantsI made a late night stop for dinner and went through the drive through. When I got home and began eating my hamburger I noticed that the bacon was not fully cooked so I removed it from my burger then as I was eating my zucchini chips I found one which someone had taken a bite and put in my...

Carl's Jr, Restaurant Cheney Washington / incorrect order

Sep 08, 2019

On September 7, 2019, my son took several family members to the carl's jr restaurant in cheney, washingon and paid for everyone's meals, almost $76.00! Yes, it was that much. We had all just finished moving my granddaughter to her apartment for college, we were all tired and very...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / service & product

Sep 05, 2019

I went to the drive through today around 6pm. with only 5 cars in front of me &:waited in line for almost 20 min. I watched business disappear as cars were backing out & driving through not taking orders. The person taking order was distracted while I was ordering cut me off first time & I...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / horrible service!!!

Aug 27, 2019

I had not been to a carls jr for six years. because on that occasion i ordered a hawaiian burger, got home and wow no burger inside the bun!! went back, the manager said you should expect these things while we are training people!!! are you kidding me!!! today after my six year absence, i...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / my 1/2 pound six dollar burger

Aug 21, 2019

My order # 107252 My order total amount :12.80 8/21/2019 4:20:47PM When I get my order. The meat was cold and the bun almost warm And the cashier was sooo cold not even half smile on her face she and the other lady at the kitchen act like I bother them and they do me a favor Bathroom not...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / denial of valid credit card

Aug 19, 2019

Carl's has instituted a software screen that denies a second use of the same credit card to deter theft by employees who run duplicate charges and remove cash from the register. The problem is customers like me are denied service if a second item of the same price is desired during a...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / found used sanitation gloves disposed in my bag

Aug 10, 2019

Carl's Jr. RestaurantsI was craving a late night snack from my favorite burger restaurant and I ordered a western burger from the drive through window. When i arrived home i found a pair of used sanitizing gloves disposed in the bag!!! I am so disgusted and appalled by this!!! I am embarrassed and ashamed to...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / beyond burger is made of concentrated pea protein

Aug 04, 2019

Saturday August 3, 2019 I went through the Carl's Jr. drive through in Hayward California, sometime after 11:30 am. I had a coupon for a free small fries and coke with a purchase of a beyound burger. After eating about 1/3 of the beyound burger my upper lip started to swell. Then my throat...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / labor laws

Jul 26, 2019

My daughter started working at Carl's junior a couple of months ago she did not receive a good faith estimate of hours which is required by Oregon state law She has been told when she gets to work that they don't need her and she needs to go home which is against the law She's gone text...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / service

Jul 03, 2019

I will never buy anything from Carly's Jr. Due to my religious beliefs I cannot eat pork. I purchased a cheeseburger and bacon was inside. The second time I got a kids meal for my kid and again a piece of bacon was inside the cheeseburger. You are very irresponsible and I and my family...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / the new beyond meat burger

Jun 24, 2019

Carl's Jr. RestaurantsI went ahead and order a beyond burger at a location in South Gate, Ca next to ELAC. As it supposed to be a vegetarian burger and it had bacon in it. Very disappointed with the food because it's wasnt fully cooked there was a chunk still cold. Never coming back here again but if anyone...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / famous star

Jun 15, 2019

I ordered the two for five dollar famous star deal today. I wanted it without onions, and it had an incredible amount of onions on it. It didn't just have a normal amount as you would expect, but so many that when i took them off you could still taste them very strongly. I thought they may...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / incorrect item, overcharged, promised remake, denied

Jun 01, 2019

I paid for a breakfast burger with sourdough bread. Charged an extra dollar and the GM at the store did not give me the sandwich with sourdough bread. I called no problem, the gm said he would take care of me no problem. Now when I just went through to get it fixed, they would not fix it...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / 899 el camino ave sacramento ca 95815

May 26, 2019

Hi my name is Timothy im making my complaint about ur worker @ 899 elcamino ave they give out dry double western burger and they wer talking in Spanish about giving me that old burger and they tryed to rush me out and they wer being so suspicious talk and try to cover the burger up as they...

Carls Jr / drive thru closed for employees to take a break

May 19, 2019

on 5/19/2019 at 3:25 am I went to the Carls Jr on Ave. L and 10th Street West in Lancaster, Ca. When I pulled in the drive thru I waited for the employee to take my order and instead of taking my order the employee informed me that the restaurant will be closed for 15 min and for me to...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / wrong sandwich given forcing me to drive all the way back

May 06, 2019

Carl's Jr. RestaurantsSure you guys have heard it all... this is the final straw for me. Ordered a #12, advertised as a chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese etc. When I got home, it was not the sandwich I ordered. It was a chicken sandwich, however, the crispy patty was no bigger than that Froot Loop doughnut...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / general manager oroville,. ca. location

May 02, 2019

Hardees - Incompetent General Manager Oroville Location. April 2019.   I am a shift leader at the Carl's Jr. in Oroville. I work the 5 to 11 shift. I've been a proud employee of this establishment for over a year now. Due to my managerial experience and my expertise in the food and...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / six dollar 1/3 lb original, chicken tenders, and french fries. also excessive time in drive thru

Apr 15, 2019

Carl's Jr. RestaurantsThe burger was cold when received as well as the French fries. The lettuce was not fresh. It was brown and wilted. There was an excessive amount of condiments on burger. I only received two tenders and were very small in size. with both orders the fries were cold and over cooked. Also we...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / about the store on douglas blvd in roseville cs

Mar 20, 2019

I've been eating at the Douglas Roseville store for years. Recently new management is skimping on the food. Like one piece of tomato instead of two..two pickles not four..half pieces of bacon and so on thru out the menu. I thought you should know they are messing with your business model...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / western cheeseburgers and chicken club

Feb 09, 2019

Gave Carl's Jr. another try yesterday after a bad experience months back so tryed again because we used to eat at lease twice a week so we ordered a dbl western cheese combo and a chicken club combo both combos were horrible first the burger was not cooked all the way it was pink and cold...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / service horrible

Feb 02, 2019

On 2/2 I was in the drive thru waiting for already 15 minutes it was ridiculous, the person taking orders was rude and dry didn't even say hello or thank you then waited and waited and waited then the man taking my payment didn't say hi either or thank you then handed me a bag of my food...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / drive through

Jan 21, 2019

12:midnight I order French toast sticks asked for syrup and ended up with hot sauce I ordered harsh browns and didn't get them ordered California Burger, double cheese burger heavy onion no pickles and a famous star heavy onion lots of pickles when I get home I have hot sauce and no syrup...

Carl's Jr. Restaurant in Kennewick, WA. / unethical behavior, foul language, disrespectful behavior on more than one occasion by 1 particular mgr.

Jan 14, 2019

Hi. I am contacting you in regards to several less than pleasant in store visits at the closest Carl's Jr.'s to my residence. Beginning early last summer my friends, family & myself noticed the quality of food diminish. Somewhere around mid-summer 2018 I went into eat dinner there. It wa...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / manager and food

Jan 07, 2019

I ordered a super star with cheese with a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free . As I presented the coupon to the cashier who I assume was a manager she snatched it out my hand Slammed the sliding window and rolled her eyes. At me I could hear her through the window bad talking to her coworker...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / service

Dec 07, 2018

I just visited a carls jr location through the drive thru and i recieved the worst customer service. The guy on the microphone was extremely rude and slammed his window on me after taking my card without a word. I didnt get any receipt or anything. I waited there for a couple of minute...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / customer service drive-thru

Dec 07, 2018

Carl's Jr. RestaurantsThe staff of your location at 996 Third Avenue in Chula Vista, CA. repeatedly hold up the drive thru customers so they can re-set some type of running clock. I'm not sure what the clock is for, but they continually won't let customers pull up to the window until the clock re-sets to their...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / life threatening dairy allergy preclude cheese and all dairy by products

Oct 27, 2018

Today, I ordered a hamburger without CHEESE; upon opening the order at home, I found that cheese was on it; needless to say, I could not eat it. This is not the first time I have placed orders to go, from this site: 2nd Street in El Cajon, CA.; upon arriving home discover that my order wa...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / management negligence

Oct 27, 2018

I'm an employee at Carl's Jr. and I submitted a complaint and I'm soon to be fired because of it. My general manager is not running the store properly we often run out of bread. When my general manager was on vacations the play was closed for a week because the a/c wasn't working and we...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / ordered one thing and got another

Oct 26, 2018

i visited the carls jr on beach blvd in Huntington beach ca today and ordered a slider. the guy said double slider and i asked if i order a slider then do i get one or two. he said i could order one or two. i ordered 2 sliders and apparently he clicked on 2 double sliders even though i...

Carl's Jr. / coupon not honored

Oct 25, 2018

I was at Carl's Jr on Oct 22, 2018. I presented 2 coupons for a meal i got a bag thinking my order was fulfilled, when I got home, opened the bag I did t' get everything I ordered. There was no receipt either in the bag. I had my grand kids with me, they were hungry and I needed to...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / longmore and southern in mesa az

Oct 19, 2018

I was at Carl Jrs Longmore and Southern in Mesa Az. The girl by the name of Lena waited on us as we went through the drive through. She has attitude problem. I asked for a grill chicken sandwich which you do not care anymore. Then I asked for plain burger. I told her I did not cheese on my...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / order

Oct 18, 2018

Carl's Jr. RestaurantsToday October 18 2018 it's thru @12:30pm. 4th time this year going to Carl jrs. So i choose the chicken sandwich meal. Simple it said it came with lettece, mayo and a tomato. I was on my lunch and work at a bank just a couple miles away. 30 minutes only. I came to work and...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / buttermilk ranch

Oct 07, 2018

I can not express how upset and frustrated I get whenever I go to purchase my favorite items from your store, zucchini fries, and 5 piece chicken tenders. If I only buy one order of zucchini I am allocated 2 buttermilk ranch. This Is the perfect amount to allow me to dunk each one of my...

Carl's Jr / food

Sep 30, 2018

my orders were not fresh! the Crisscut Fries was old, cold and so soft instead of crunchy !! I paid a $36 for an old/cold food with a noisy place. It didn't look like a fast food restaurant, it looked like a bar where people are looking for a new date!! Sorry, but I must be honest. I don't...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / poor service

Sep 25, 2018

My thoughts were to patronize Carl Jr. located Rosecrans and Long Beach blvd, Long Beach Ca, I could have easily went across the street to Mc Donalds, and save myself 15 mins since I ended up there anyway. I asked the attendant if I could have a token for the rest room. "Her reply I can...