Burger Kingcustomer service

W Aug 01, 2019

Was so happy when I heard there was a Burger King opening in Dallas, GA. Have gone there four times and 3 times out of the four were bad visits. The first time I was given cold...and I do mean COLD, food. Second time we ordered three chicken fries, were given one, went back through the line to be told they were OUT of chicken fries and offered something instead since we had already paid for three. The issue being that they never communicated that and let us leave with one chicken fry after we paid for three! Very untrustworthy behaviour. The last time, kept waiting in line for 15 mins with one person in front of me and then received cold food AGAIN.
I love Burger King and I have a large family so when we go we spend at least 60 dollars a visit. If they don't hire more reliable workers or train them properly then they will not only lose my business but many others. PLEASE fix these issues at our new location so we can enjoy your food chain. Thank you.

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