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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingcleanliness and food quality

71 and 69 refuse to eat MucDonald have been a BK fan for over 20 years

Fri Aug 02 623 pm order 17, on the internet this place gets 1.5 star

Walked in floor dirty and sticky, tables dirty, one seat not just cut but torn to shreds
Ordered two whoppers, two small fry, chicken nuggets, drinks $11.42

Whopper meat dry and cold, assembly sloppy and we had to rebuild the sandwich
Fries cold
Chicken nuggets de-hydrated and cold
Drinks the dispenser base was full of various sodas and ice

I have MCD 5 minutes from home but do BK 15 minutes away

Would appreciate refund and the location of a good location in raymond nh area.