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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingservice

On 8/1/19 around 10 pm I arrived at the Burger King drive thru to place an order. I sat at the drive thru for roughly 8 min with no acknowledgement. I drove around to both windows and saw no employees. The sign on the door states they are open until midnight. I drove back around to the drive thru and said hello. I finally called the store and said that I had been waiting in the drive thru and asked if someone could take my order. I was informed that the individual was the only one in the store and she was unable to take orders until another employee returned. I stated understanding. As I got ready to drive off I saw another employee enter into the building so I decided to wait a minute or two and return to the drive thru. Again I sat with no acknowledgement. Not only was it myself in the drive thru but there were other cars are well. During the time I was there Burger King lost atleast 8 orders via drive thru. If the store is open for another 2 hours then why is there only one employee in the building. Where is everyone else. The fact that I received no acknowledgement and had to call the store was very unprofessional not to mention disappointing that we did not have what we preferred for dinner. Thank you