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Chicken Cottage Complaints & Reviews

Chicken Cottage / rubbish disposal

Jan 30, 2018

Since the Portslade branch of Chicken Cottage re-opened around a month ago, the rubbish has been mounting up by the back door of the restaurant. As of this morning there are 10 or more black bin bags in a huge disgusting pile, all of which have been ripped open by seagulls so that there i...

Chicken Cottage / missing fries and cold food as well as rude management

Nov 12, 2017

I ordered from your feltham branch it was my first and last time. I ordered it though hungry house who where so helpful and apologetic unlike the branch manager who didn't care that my fries where missing and my food was cold and also the spicey wings were not cooked. I spent ocer £23 it i...

Chicken Cottage / product and service I am complaining about

Jun 1, 2017

We went into the shop and ordered a large chicken popper meal and six wings and chips, and he charged us £4.80. We thought he charged for all the food we ordered but he only charged for the chicken popper meal. When we went to ask him where the 6 wings and chips were, he was being very rude...

Chicken Cottage / food

May 26, 2017

I ordered a spicy mountain burger with chips and spicy wings; I bit into the burger and realised it wasn't spicy and when I opened the burger to add chilli sauce there were a few strands of hair in the food, I then looked in the box of wings which the children were eating from - and again...

Chicken Cottage / full order not complete

Dec 1, 2012

i order therough just eat all thee time.chicken cottage do amazing food.but what disappoints me is thee service?? theis is thee 4the time i have order's a kids meal and no chips been sent again.when i ring up to ask where thee chips are, all i get is we will sort you out next time...