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Reviews and Complaints

Burger King verified

service and cleanliness

On Wednesday, 7/31/19, my wife and I arrived at the above location at 1:20 pm. As this was past the lunch hour, it was not busy at all. First problem encountered was the kiosk touch ordering system was difficult to operate, but we finally got our orders placed and the system asked for a name and I typed "Jon". We sat down and first observed several people standing around waiting for their orders and an over abundance of flies in the restaurant. People kept coming up to the lady who appeared to be in charge asking when they would get their food. She gruffly asked which order, but never really answered them.
Our order took 25+ minutes to be given to us and they called out a number (instead of a name as the kiosk system had asked for) even though my name was on the screen. We observed several other customers who waited for 25 minutes or more for their order and one man, with 2 young children waited over 41 minutes for his order. When he received it, the order was incomplete and he had to ask multiple times to get it right. I had requested through the kiosk to have "no salt" and when my order finally came, the fries were covered with salt.
Throughout all of this the person in charge did not exhibit any care or customer service and at one point I observed her wiping her nose with her hand and then immediately touch food orders.

As we left the restaurant after eating, we noted that the trash cans were overflowing with trash, preventing us from putting our in the trash bin/can (probably contributor to the excessive flies).
This is absolutely the worst overall service I have ever had or seen in any restaurant in my entire life.
I would appreciate being contacted by corporate regarding this.
Jon Cameron: [protected].