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10:48 am EST
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CKE Restaurants, Inc. Employee treatment

I am not sure how to report a former boss or shift lead named John Craig.

My wife Bethany had multiple issues with him, scheduling and call in shifts.

There was a alspituation where a gun was pulled out on my Wife and nothing was done. I was furious. This happened again and the store was robbed and she was instructed to chase the assalent. She was denied any time off for post traumatic issues. The store and GM failed to supply any sort of gun safety. She was forced to work after the multple armed robbery with the front doors unlocked to the public still... This was requested by multiple employees to remain locked for safety

Desired outcome: -Provide the necessary gun safety for your management and allow them to train the associates properly. -I would like to see John or his superior Aldo punished for the unnecessary and unfair treatment

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Update by Kingkol13
Dec 31, 2022 11:23 am EST

Nothing has been done still

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6:03 am EST

CKE Restaurants, Inc. To whom it may concern, this complaint is about the parking area and being towed

Hi on october 23, 2022 Saturday at 12:10am my car was towed from the parking lot of Carl's jr on 3500 s redwood road there is wood springs suites also, same towing company has the contract for both parking lots are connected. There are signs that say Carl's jr and also handicap signs. I have pictures of all to show you. I ordered food from Carl's jr

Desired outcome: I want to be reimbursed my tow please contact me Pauline Sauer [protected]

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5:19 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

CKE Restaurants, Inc. 1/3 lbs angus burger

Got a coupon for 2 1/3 Angus burgers. Went through the drive through to order. I let them know I wanted no onion, ketchup, or mustard. I also ask that extra mayo be put on the burger. I got home to enjoy.

Problem was there was mustard on the burger and no mayo. Very disappointed, I called the store and ask to speak to the manager or a supervisor. After a few minutes the associate got back on the phone, to reply he was outside. The associate then ask if he could help. I let him know what occurred, his response was yea he was there when the ordered was placed and they had it right the first time and then the speaker system screwed up. When the ordered was placed and I went to the window to pay and pick up, I went through my request at least twice. Despite that they still managed to mess up my request.

I recently lived in Phoenix and have gone to Carls Jr many times. I was given a receipt, which was also negelgated. Wow no mgr available and a bad reason for why my burger wasn't how I ordered it.

Desired outcome: Somebody should replied sorry that occurred the next time you come in you will receive a discount or a refund. Personally I don't see my self going to that Hardee's again

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10:00 pm EDT
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CKE Restaurants, Inc. rusted out doors, unfinished paint, filthy premises

I've complained 3 times about rodents and bugs getting into the back rusted out doors. Nipomo was recently shut down due to a mouse problem by the county health dept whom I'm filing a formal complaint with tomorrow. The manager refuses to take care of this after I've mentioned now several times. I'll let the health dept handle it since they don't seem to care about the rodents and bugs

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7:09 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CKE Restaurants, Inc. Sexual Harassment

My name is Minnie Rivera, I am 52yrs old and I was hired on July 17, 2013 to work at Carl's Jr in Globe, Arizona. Training was to be held in Mesa at the Carl's Jr located in the corner of Greenfield and Mckilopps. Training varied on the shift you were scheduled on. Carl's Jr. provided a motel for employees who did not want to travel back and forth to Globe. I refused to stay in the motel due to the fact that 3 person's were assigned to a room which only had 2 beds and two people were to share a bed. I personally feel that this is inappropriate to even ask anyone to do. I would leave Globe at 3:30 in the morning to get to work on time at 5:00 in the morning. When I was trained to close, I would drive back to Globe and arrive at 1:30 in the morning. This training was for 3 weeks! Finally, we were training at the Globe store and training every day for the Grand Opening on 7/12/2013 at 6:00AM. During training the Vice President Sergio Lopez and Human Resource Linda along with 6 other employees from other Carl's Jr restuarants were there assisting and training the new employees. Sergio Lopez was loud and showed know reservation for anyone. During training one day my Supervisor was training me on temperatures of the food and charting. Sergio Lopez in front of the entire staff asked Tony, "What are you doing Tony?", Tony replied, "Training Minnie on how to take temperatures and chart." "Put that away!, ". What Sergio Lopez did to the store manager in front of his staff was defamation of character and that's exactly what he did to me and more! The morning of Grand Opening 7/12/2013 I was the shift leader on the cook line, which is making burgers for the drive through only. There were two other workers 1 was from Mesa who only spoke spanish and the other was a gentleman who was really good. The restaurant open and it was a mad house ...the front counter was packed of people who spent the night, so they could recieve the coupon book which was a hamburger every week for a year, The restuarant was very small, there was so many employees, managers from other stores, human resource, shift managers fand crew employees to assist with Grand Opening. The front counter is about 5 to 6 ft. away from the hamburger line. Sergio Lopez was behind me coaching, if call coaching, yelling. A manager from another store was assisting with breakfast grill, I've never seen him before. It slowed down for a little bit and that's when Sergio Lopez started making sexual slurs to a employee from the Mesa restaurant in Spanish. I can read, write and speak Spanish, not many people from Globe working, can speak Sanish or understand it. Sergio involved the other store manager that was at the grill in the sexual slurs being made to Weda. Weda would try to make it a joke, but you could see it in her face that she was embarrased and upset. Sergio continued making sexual slurs and finanlly she made a remark that she did'nt care what he had to say. Sergio then looked at me and said "Minnie be careful with this guy" and pointed towards the manager that was helping on the grill. This comment made me feel uncomfortable, because that manager was behind me and I didnt want to bend over to pick up extra refills, I felt as though he was checking my behind out. I would turn around at times and would catch him starring at me. This is a sensitive area for me for I was molested when I was 8 years old. It began to get really busy again, especially the dining area, drive thru slowed down. My manager was assisting the dining hamburger line and asked me to make a bacon western burger for them. I began making it and then a order came in drive thru and Sergio began yelling at me, "Come on Minnie, what are you doing? why are you making a bacon western burger? Your screen does not show that! Can't you read thr screen?! I try to tell him that my manager told me to make the burger I was making but, he would not let me get a word in. I started the order on the screen and he corrected me on every procedure and continued yelling at me, "Hurry, Minnie!" "You need to pay attention and do our job! Do you hear me?!, I turned around and said "yes". By then I felt so embarassed and humiliated. Sergio was behind me, so close to me, that I turned around to get more supplies for the line that I almost tripped, because I had know room to move. Sergio said to me, "You don't go any where, you stay here!, I replied "OK". He then began asking me "What's wrong with you?" I voiced, "Nothing" by then I was at the verge of crying, from the embarrasment Sergio caused me in front of everyone including customer's. I began to clean my line, to stay busy and get my mind focussed. Sergio yelled at me, and pointed to the office which is located next to the front counter, "Minnie go sit down in the office for 5 minutes!, I turned around and went to the office. Customer's were looking at me when I walked to the office. I sat there, got up, and got a glass of water to help calm myself down, I was nervous and teary eyed. I drank my water and washed my hands and put my gloves on and walked to the line to work and Sergio yelled and pointed to me "Go back to the office Minnie" in front of a counter packed of customers and employees. I began to cry and I got my purse and left. I realized I self terminated myself by leaving but I could'nt take any more of his defamation, harassment for two continuos hours. Linda, the human resource manager witnessed Sergio's actions, she made a comment to Sergio, "That's double standards". I didn't know what she meant by that. Later on that day I texted my manager and asked him for my check. Payday was Monday the 8th and I did'nt recieve a check and spoke to my manager and Linda. Linda informed me that my check was being sent down from phx. Two day's passed and I asked Linda again, and she stated that someone from Phx was bringing it. Well it was now Friday and No Check! I texted Tony my manager and asked him if I needed to call Karl the owner to get my check, he then stated for me to come in and Linda would have my money. I went in and my manager Tony met me and gave me the money and signed for it. Tony then stated "I'm sorry Minnie, I told Tony that I don't get paid enough to be demeaned in public lby Sergio or anyone in that matter or the staff." Linda the resource manager was watching Tony the manager and I talk, not one time did she come ask me what happened, she showed know concern at all. I signed a paper that I recieved my check, which was in cash. On Monday I placed a call to the corporate office of Karl Levecke and was informed by Lisa Anderson to call Karl directly and inform him of my complaint. I called, and, as soon as I said who I was Karl began yelling at me asking me why I called the corporate office! Karl stated that he gave the employees his cell phone number at orientation and the employees are to call him first! Karl finally gave me a chance to hear my complaint and said, "don't worry". Karl stated for me to call him tomorrow in the evening. I called several times and left several messages and never recieved a return call. The next day I called and finally got to talk to him. Karl voiced that he address the issue and at this time I was not for rehire, there were no positions available. Karl stated, "You walked out", I said, "What? Was I suppose to stay and take some more?", " What Sergio did to me was unprofessional, inappropriate and demeaning to me, especially in public and my co-workers." Karl voiced that he would help me in any way to get a job. I then stated that I was going to take this to another level and asked Karl what were the results of this. Karl said that Sergio looked over many employees and many of his franchises and he did address it with him. I spent over $250.00 in clothing for work, shoes, accessories and gas for my car to drive back and forth for training and now I have know job, because the Vice President conducted a form of harassment and sexual harassment repeatedly! According to the Confirmation of Policies, on Anti-Harassment Policy; IT IS THE POLICY OF THE COMPANY TO PROVIDE A WORK ENVIRONMENT FREE FROM ANY FORM OF HARASSMENT; IT PROHIBITS HARASSMENT IN ANY FORM, INCLUDING VERBAL, PHYSICAL AND VISUAL HARASSMENT! I can see two of these forms that the Vice President, Sergio Lopez committed towards me and this is a violation of my rights... U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity and I am asking that I get reimbursed for the expenses that I paid to work at Carl's Jr.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, US
Jun 20, 2009 1:42 pm EDT

This establishment has had many calls of complaints. One of the bosses, will not do anything to correct the problem to the correct people. She only gets onto those she doesn't like. She also like to harass the employees if they don't confine to her ways or do certain "favors". Plus, if you call in a complaint and she finds out who you are, and its your friend or relative who works there, she will take trash on you to other employees. Nothing has or ever will be done on this matters cause she is connected to one of big bosses. So, if you want a job that will treat you fairly and with respect, go somewhere else.

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