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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingfacility cleanliness - store #1363

Date was 8/1/19 at 4:06pm. The restaurant's condition was deplorable. There was trash all over the drink area. Lots of straw wrappers, drink lids, and napkins laying between the two sode drink machines. Just about EVERY table was dirty and not wiped down. All trash can containers were overflowing with trash and needed to be emptied.
This was probably the worst looking Burger King that I have ever seen. and I have seen a lot, as I am 60 years old.
Also the time from when order was taken (4:06pm) to delivery (4:24pm) was bad. That was 18 minutes for 2 Cheeseburgers, 1 Whopper Jr and 2 Onion Rings.
Just before we left I used the Men's Restroom, and the handsoap dispenser was empty. Either they were short-handed or the manager of the store is just a BAD manager.
Thank you! My name is Scott Mullikin and email address is "[protected]"