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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingservice/ product

Aug.1 2019 at 10:45am went and ordered 2 10pc chicken nuggets and headed home . Got on the out side of town went to eat and my nuggets were rubbery pass there hold time and not eatable. . I live 15mins away so I tried call none stop and no one would answer the phone. So not only was my money wasted but so was my time. I use to work for your company, in another state as Manger so there for I know they were 20mins on hold way to long. And for a manger to let food go out like that is uncalled for, and disgraceful. Not very good business either. Thank you Reba Clarke

service/ product
service/ product

Burger King — slow and nasty

Me and my wife her sister and husband came in on Tuesday the 19 and order 2 triple whoppers no tomatoes or mayonnaise add mustard and ketchup as a cheese bacon large onion ring...