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never thought that a company like walgreens would resort to such underhanded business

I picked up a 3 month supply of non generic medication paid the high price for my pills, when I got home and opened the pills they were not the usual color or shape...so I returned to the pharmacy to get some answers, the girl behind the counter was adament that they were just made by another manufacturer... I was not convinced and wanted assurance that I was not getting generic ...well, a very nice pharmacist finally came to my rescue and changed the pills to the correct ones...not only did they expect me to believe that the generic pills were what I received but also were charging me for non generic...I have heard of these types of switches...never thought that a company like Walgreens would resort to such underhanded business.

  • El
    Elyk Jun 24, 2010

    Have worked in a walgreens pharmacy before - occasionally they will have bottles from the same manufacturer, but the manufacturer will have changed the appearance of the drug for whatever reason. What probably happened is they have two bottles from the same manufacturer and you received one that looked different than you are used to. Then they filled it from the other bottle after you asked about it.

    It's also possible that the doctor wrote that a generic version was acceptable, although I don't recall if the pharmacy has to ask which you prefer, or if it depends on the prescription itself.

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computer illiterate pharmacist

I have been trying to get a simple prescription for Androgel filled for the past 2 weeks now, but the...


I have noticed as an employee that when you work your butt off and do everything you can for a company that they bite you in the ###. Management only cares about what you can do for them and doesn't care how it affects you but god forbid anything they need they sure get it. Its all bull**** and I totally see why the company is going down the drain.. Maybe if they treat there employees right, just maybe they wouldnt be so angry and enjoy doing there job. So to all the people complaining about the company, try working for them...

  • Lo
    Louise Feb 10, 2010

    Was just in this store not even an hour ago. Was standing in line to check out. Only one register was open. There were 2 people in the line in front of me and one lady behind me. The customer that was being checked out had 2 or 3 separate orders and coupons, which was taking longer. We had probably been standing in line 5 minutes when a male & female walked up to another employee in the store and asked if she was going to check them out. (Also this couple had just walked in the store while all of us were already waiting in line). The female employee said she would and the lady behind me spoke up and asked if she was going to take us first, as we were already in line. She said she would after she checked them out, as he was an employee. I spoke up and said it didn't matter if he was an employee, we were customers and were already waiting in line when they walked in. She then told the couple to go to the cosmetics counter and she would check them out there, totally ignoring us from that point. The cashier that waited on us asked what happened, we told her and asked if the manager was there and she told us that employee was a manager!!! So sad, to have a manager treat paying customers this way just to satisfy another employee. Where did she get her training? My husband & I run a business also, and would never treat people that way. This Walgreens is only blocks from our house, but this is probably the last time I will set foot in there. There is too many drugstores that would be happy to have our business!!

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  • Jl
    jlongcock Feb 19, 2010

    Good we won't have to hear you ### anymore.

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  • Tu
    tuana4u Aug 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work at a 24 hour store I came into my shift and all the registers were downl, So great I had to ring everything up with a calculator adding tax. Then to make matters worse the talzon which was used to get the price of the items system went down. So I had to run and get the price for each item. To make matters worse its Saturday and realy busy. When does it get rediculous that we can't close the store down intill the problem is fixed? The customers were getting annoyed from waiting for me to get the price of each item. Also that they couldnt use their debit/credit card. Couldnt they have just left the pharmacy drive thrue open. I was told they also do this during a black out. Would they do this during a war, hurricane, tornado, too? just saying. The problem didn't get fixed till 9 hours later so I had to deal with that all night and customers being annoyed. Theres a time when you just have to close the doors. The manager was giving me attitude over it all night when it wasnt my fault and the pharmacist threaten to leave if I didnt ring up in the pharmacy. Im the one ringing and running to check the prices why are they complaining.

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  • Tu
    tuana4u Aug 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I however understand that they dont want to lose business or inconvenance any customers I agree with that but there are emergency cituations where there are only 3 employess working one doing all the ringing and its busy and people complaining which is giving them a bad experience anyways,

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  • Sw
    sweetmeat58 Sep 06, 2010

    I agree with you sbout the management;s responsibility to treat employees fairly. My question is what right does that give you as an employee to take out your frustrations on customers, by not doing your job? Many customers you screw over are ill, drive many miles to wait for you to not do your job and share that nasty I am too busy to help anyone attitude. Do us all a favor and get another job or stay home and share your negativity with your wife or husband, ledave it at homr where it belongs!

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incompetent pharmacist

I'm a long time customer of this particular Walgreens pharmacy (going on 6 or so years now) and this is beyond believed. I’m on a controlled medication and will be for the rest of my life. I have a good insurance coverage and always pay my share. On the day that I was dropping off my prescription to get a refill, I was told that the pharmacist had called my insurance and they had told them (the pharmacist) that from now on all of my and any one on my account medications will be a 100 % out of pocket expense. At first, I was at shock. However, after few minutes I realized that this didn’t sound right and decided to make a call to my insurance myself. To my surprise, I was told that what I was told was nothing but a “hot air”. I went back to pharmacy and requested that the pharmacist calls my insurance and talks to them again. After three (3) attempts and many drives to and from the (not so local to me) pharmacy, I was finally able to get my prescription filled. I will think about my choices of the pharmacies as I was sure that I found and settled with one that I liked…

  • Wa
    Walgreens Rep May 30, 2010

    You know what you say you have been a long time customer, that you have been here shopping with us for six years, however the moment something goes wrong you complain. Well I work in the Head Office of Walgreens and just recieved your complaint. You eventually got the problem fixed. Yet you want to try other pharmacies till you find one you like. I don't know what you are trying to achieve from this, however if you have revieved good service for six or so years and this is the first time something went wrong, (which is not the pharmacist's fault) just miscommunication between the medical insurance company and the pharmacy. Than frankly we can do without you as a customer.

    Have a good rest of the long weekend.

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  • Mi
    Michael1972 May 31, 2010

    Then/than, a common misspelled word, even by well educated people. That does not mean that they are not a rep from Walgreens. That does not make them a troll. Could be true, but we can't judge that because of how they spell "then".

    BlackIrishGirl, I saw your proof, and it appears that that is a typo rather the misspelling. Though I am an adult I never fall for that prank.

    I agree with Walgreens, this is not the pharmacist's fault. Also, IMO royal customers who get good to great service for years do not go and badmouth a company once they have problems, nor do they stop going to that store. Now let's say Kron_Ites has been a good customer for sereral years and all of a sudden he had not one but many bad experiences then I can see why he would badmouth and avoid them. But this is one experience. Now if they were going downhill, he would have something to complain about.

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no longer getting it again in 83716 area code

The walgreens store on E Federal Way has the zipcode listed on their "list of stores" as 83705 The store i...

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the manager - mr. wharton is a nightmare

I live in an upscale neighborhood in mid-town. Tolerated and compromise the ill store management and customer services at Walgreens located on 2nd Ave & E53rd Street for the location convenience. The Manager - Mr. Wharton on duty last night (2/17/2010)is a nightmare. Besides his lack of managerial skill, he is nasty, unsympathic, defensive and very threatening. The evil dominance that he pronouced publicly induced a fear I never thought i have for me shop in this Walgreens again. He is not worthy to be place in such civi neighbourhood. I hope the district manager will relocated him to area of his kind so that he can taste his own medicine.

  • Re
    RestlessHeart Feb 07, 2011

    eeeesh a translation is needed for this one. What the hell is this poster talking about?

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  • Cy
    cyelea Apr 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    " He is not worthy to be place in such civi neighbourhood."
    It's WALGREENS! Were they to bow to you upon entry? It looks like your "Civi" neighborhood isn't so "Civi" after all.

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horrible customer service

I am a diabetic. Under California law, any pharmacy with permission by the City may sell 10 or fewer syringes to customers without a prescription. All Walgreens have that permission and I have had no problems procuring syringes from any Walgreens except recently when Barbara Ann, a pharmacist aid at the at Market & Van Ness Ave in San Francisco, insisted, in a rude, discourteous manner that I needed a prescription. When I explained the facts to her, she still refused to work with me until the pharmacist reluctantly admitted that a script was not necessary. That cleared up, Barbara Ann huffed off in search of this common insulin syringe. When she returned, she claimed the store had none in stock and in fact that the product I needed was obsolete. After explaining that I have been using the same syringe for years, I asked if she would order a new supply. She refused and insisted that it was my responsibility to do that, and I would have to contact the store and reorder more. When I pointed out that she was the store and I was requesting that the she order a new supply, she blew me off, refusing to help me out. She refused and sent me on my way. This arrogant lowlife needs to be sent on her way permanently.

  • Sa
    Sandyd1 Sep 30, 2010

    I had trouble transferring my meds to a new location. Three trips because no one would answer the phone after 15 minutes different days. I even went to my Doctors office and had them Fax it to them, showing they receiving refill. Returning to the store waiting 30 mins in line they did not have the Fax. Three days later they filled the wrong prescription. I got home and had to pay for another prescription I didn't need.
    Gee thanks Walgreens Great Customer Service. I am on a fixed Income. Oh by the way it was for Kidney Stone meds. But I guess since it is not for you you could care less! Thank you for letting me vent this. This is a awesome site Thanks Mrs Sandra South

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I have had the unpleasant experience with them

I have had the unpleasant experience of having to rent medical equipment from walgreens home care. They are the most incompetent provider out! The rental equipment is paid for through the insurance until it meets the purchase price. Walgreens has been paid in full and yet they continue to bill my insurance. This has been going on since august 2009 and now they are still billing january 2010! Yet every month they bill, every month the claim they will fix and the solution for them is to bill the insurance company again. This company has the rudest of customer service assistance and now I hear they are outsourcing outside the us to india and the phillipines. I would seriously never ever consider using this nightmare of an organization. Not only are they incompetent they choose to employee outside the us and create more unemployment. You know what you can do with the "walgreens way" "there's away" - the way is away and far away from having to deal with these idiots! Please check out your options before ever using walgreens home care!!

personal injury

Hi, I have a question about an accident my mother had on February 14, 2010. On this date, my mother slipped...

shortened on prescription

I went to walgreens on Torrence and had a prescription filled and when I got home I took the medicine right...

photo cd

Today is April 11, 2010. It is going on 3 months since I started contacted Walgreen's about this matter...

3,000 cash sweepstakes

I've been consistantly calling for the last two years the toll free number for the $3, 000 cash sweepstakes survey and I have never won neither have heard of anyone winning. Now when you call the number it tells you that they have all the surveys they need for this month. They have done it for the last two months no matter if you call early in the month or later in the month. Is this a scam?????

  • Lu
    luis alarcon Jul 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In our neighborhood, we have a couple of drugstores near-by, but we have found that at walgreen's, we have received the best customer service, and variety, and always in stock products compared to the other stores. We are very happy to have walgreen's as our neighborhood store, and would not change it for anything. sincerelly yours Luis Alarcon.

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substituted medication

On April 12, 2010 I took a prescription for ten 75mg. Fentanyl Duragesic Patches and Hydrocodone 750mg. I...

said i can't get three days of supply after the manager said i could go that way

I have been waiting for preathorization approval on new meds again, The Pharmacy manager of walgreen spoke...

I hope to never have to deal with walgreens mail order pharmacy again

I've been trying for weeks to get a prescription from Walgreens Mail Service Pharmacy . This service is being offered to members of AARP. To begin with they are very S-L-O-W. (We have also dealt with Prescription Solutions through our plan with AARP and their service is blindingly fast by comparison and we have never had issues with them in any way. The only reason we went with Walgreens for this prescription is because it is not covered under our Medicare plan and it was much less through Walgreens. In the future cost will not matter because the stress of dealing with Walgreens makes it no value.)

Okay, so they are slow but since they don't even acknowledge receipt of the order by email or phone I thought it would be best to check to see if they received it. I called and got a recording that told me the order was being processed and would be sent out the next day. Days went by and no prescription so I called and spoke with a person. This time I was told it could take 5 to 10 days for delivery. Still no prescription, called once again and was told it was sent to my address but in another city. The person I spoke with checked and said the records were correct but no explanation for why it was misdirected. That person promised immediate correction of the problem. Because it was a Friday and the following Monday was a holiday I was told to look for the prescription the next week.

Becoming a bit wary of Walgreens effectiveness I checked by phone the next week and was told that the prescription would be delivered the following day. I asked the person to check and make sure it was being addressed properly and was told it was not being mailed, it would be sent by a carrier. I asked how the carrier was going to deliver to a mailbox since that was the address that Walgreens had for mail order service. Ooops! I asked to speak to a supervisor and after some hassling with that person she finally agreed to check with the carrier to see if she could have the shipping address put on the package rather than the mailing address. (We live in a rural area and do not receive home delivery of mail. Had Walgreens bothered to ask for a delivery address OR had they informed me initially that they would be reshipping this way I would have made sure they had the house address.)

The "supervisor" I was speaking with said she couldn't make any change to the address as yet because the carrier hadn't received the package. She told me I should call them later that evening and the following morning to be sure the package was being routed properly. At that point I was really becoming annoyed - I do not work for Walgreens I am the customer - it is not my place to have the package rerouted. Indeed, it seems as though it would not be legal for a shipper to reroute a prescription drug shipment on the say so of a member of the public who was not the original shipper. What is the matter with this picture?

Finally, the "supervisor" agreed she would take care of the matter and said "she would keep me posted". That never happened and the prescription, which was to be sent overnight, never arrived.

Now it is the day after the "delivery date" and once again I called - recording said the shipment was delivered yesterday. Huh? Telephoned again and asked to speak to a supervisor who told me the reason the prescription was not delivered...the carrier could not deliver to a mail box!!! Oh spare me!

I explained that this matter was supposedly corrected days before and requested that the matter be investigated further. She told me to call the carrier and find out why the package was not delivered on time. Once again I went through the explanation that I did not work for Walgreens...yadda, yadda. So she grudgingly called the carrier and then came back on the line and told me it would be delivered today. She also promised she would call me back and keep me informed of the status. She did not and the package was not delivered, so I called the carrier myself. I had little success, was told it was Friday and because they only had a mailing address it was not going to be shipped until next week.

Called Walgreens once again and this time was told that the carrier had attempted delivery today and the day before and was unable to deliver. That is utter nonsense, there has been someone here both days waiting for the shipment. Then I was told I could go to my local Walgreens and could pick up a few pills to get me through until the shipment arrived, that Walgreens would pay for that. Yeah right, it is a 20 minute drive to get to my "local Walgreens", were they planning to pay for my gas too? No.

This is a ridiculous way to run a mail order prescription drug service which is touted as a service for seniors who are members of AARP. Walgreens apparently misplaced my original prescription because I learned they even called my doctor's office for a second prescription for the reshipment of the prescription. The real kicker is that I discovered this afternoon that they had actually charged my credit card one cent as a charge for reshipping! What sort of insanity is that?

Once this mess is over I hope to never have to deal with Walgreens Mail Order Pharmacy again.

  • Ph
    pharmacytech85 May 04, 2010

    You do know that Walgreens bought out the AARP plan, right? http://www.aarphealthcare.com/Products/RxDiscounts/

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refused photo scan

I walked into the walgreens and proceeded to the photo counter where this elder lady customer was getting her...


I david randolph are putting a complaint against walgreens pharmacy because I turn in two prescription on...


First of all this store is the worst drugstore I have ever been too. They are never prepared with your...

slow service

At the Walgreen's pharmacy at 39th and SE Belmont, they have a window for dropping off prescriptions. Fine idea as the transactions only take 30 seconds or less. This window is invariably closed at this store, and who knows at how many others. So they direct me to the pickup line which has a long line so it will be 15-20 minute wait for me to toss in my 20 second drop off. There were three pharmacists at that drop off window and they just didn't care.

I have quit using Walgreen's twice; once when they gave my prescription to someone else and gave someone else's prescription to me. Once when the pharmacist was very snotty to me several times though I was polite.

And now this. I'm going down for the third time and I don't care if I have to walk the extra 6 blocks to Fred Meyer. At least they are fast and accurate.

on line script refills

I ordered my prescription refill on line one week earlier than pick up date and it was not ready for pickup at the pharmacy. I checked before I had logged off, and it was in my "cart", but the assistant at the pharmacy informed me that it had not been placed. I was then informed (in a not so pleasant manner) that it would be at least another hour before it could be filled. I do not have easy access to transportation in this very small town, thus it was quite an inconvience for me.