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Complaints & Reviews

Cashier Sara — Cashier yelling at elderly

Kona, Hawaii- Cashier Sara also works in Optical Department. Witnessed her yelling at a grandmother in...

Tire Center

The leadership of the tire center creates a less than desirable atmosphere when shopping. I love the store...

Kirkland Signature Chicken Tortilla Soup

This KS Chicken Tortilla soup is marked with an open date of March 22, 2020. It has been stored in my...


corporate decisions

My family have been members since the San Diego, Store opened in the early 80's. We mainly shopped for bulk and cheaper prices. Times have changed, wish Costco would. Recently, my favorite Keto /Paleo expert has been kicked out of your store for his educational and extremely important informational videos. I am left shaking my head.
When it is predicted that 1 in 3 Americans will be diabetic or have severe Auto Immune issues by 2020 there is a huge percentage of the population that are seeking for information on the appropriate foods for their family to consume. If anything, you should hire this man as a consultant on your products and those which need slight adjustments and Kirkland could be on the cutting edge instead of in the dark. I spend over $800.00 a month on these foods he recommends only. Literally, I watch his videos and order all of his suggestions on line.
You might want to check the number of his followers, the food companies which sponsor him and the number of stores which give him permission to film. When he is filming in other stores, he is constantly referring his followers to go to Costco. Lucky for you he is not petty.
-A seriously amazed and perplexed customer.

harry’s tapioca pudding

My family & friends are soo disappointed that you no longer carry Harry's Tapioca pudding.
We have gone to least 13 Costco's
We were told, either discontinued or they don't know if they will be receiving .
They have looked it up stated no history for future.
This is the best pudding we have ever tasted.
Pls pls pls bring back.
Sandra Villegas

I wanted, to buy 4 packs of your big green tot bags, for my move, today, I was refused and you wanted $60.00 for the priveledge to do so!

I am a senior citisen, alone, Male, 64 years old; I am suffering from many chronic illnesses; I am weak, I need to move in 5 days; time,
i heard from friends that your heavy duty tote bags are excellent. I called your customer service, I was told they are sold by a pack of four, @
$5.99 each decided to go buy four packs today. I went to your store in Vaudreuil Dorion Quebec and was told NO! I had to join! only I could buy them on line! I am an old timer, and I was there, at the store with cash in hand ! Being told NO! was very, very upsetting!
I spoke to the counter man, he was simpathetic, he went to the big manager, he said no again! I am insulted and furious !
Yo defy, Joe Girard's law of 250! Instead this idiot, so called manager could have put the sale on his card, I could have paid it, asnd He should have said to me. Mr. Zakaib, all the best with your move! If you have any other purchases from the store, you must jion Sir, also, I see you did
not have any specials for seniors struggling on pensions! If I am not contacted with a solution to the way I was treated, not to mention wasteing my time and gasoline; and with the bags, and an apology, I will never approach you again! Very sincerely and angry being humiliated! This crap you folks call customer service??? Also, your answering system is terrible ! manu after menu after menu!
Then I get another pavlov's dog, to answer the phone, who puts me onto another menu! horrible ! ken Zakaib March 2nd, 2020

Tire Department

Visited tire center on last day of a sale and tried to order a set of Michelin tires for my car. I was told that they only showed 3 in stock but would order me the 4th tire and get back to me when in. I was given a price for the 4 tires and accepted their offer. They wrote the order on a form down and told me they would call when tire came in.

About 5 days later, I called them to find out what was happening with my tire order and after speaking to several people I was finally told that the tire was on back order and that they didn't know when they would have them in stock. At the point was wasn't given another option or did they suggest that another type of tire could be offered, nothing was said. I COULD GO ON FOREVER ON THIS EXPERIENCE, but do not have the time or energy to revisit this awful experience.,

I am not writing this in order to receive any special offers on tires, I certainly will NEVER SHOP for tires at Costco, very unprofessional staff members, they should be working at a gas station, if that!!

  • Ra
    Ratery Feb 29, 2020

    With your immature attitude I am surprised that you are old. Enough to drive. You waited until the last minute . They did nothing wrong. They have every right to work in the tire department . It s you who is not fit to drive.

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Spinach Bag

5685 Spinach 02/21/2020 This is a complaint about bagged spinach being sold at Costco, I cooked the spinach...

Kirkland Spanish Olive oil

For the past 20 years I have been using pure olive oil for all my cooking for health reasons. Prior to this, I had used oils such as canola, corn, peanut. I had to stop using all of them after I noticed the consistent heavy gummy residue if left on my kitchen cabinets and hood. I could only think of what it was doing to our health if this is what was happening to the surrounding areas. Costco carried Carbonel olive oil from Spain, so I started buying it from them ever since. This brand had been known to my family ever since I was a child, so I knew it's origins. Approx. a year or so ago Costco removed Carbonel from their shelf, & started carrying their Kirkland brand 100% Spanish olive oil. I decided to trust their choice like many other of their generic products. For a while now I have been noticing that the kitchen cabinets & the hood have the same sticky gunk residue like with the other vegetable oils. I couldn't understand what was happening, until I realized that it all started when I decided to use the Kirkland olive oil. This is definitely not a coincidence! I started using Carbonel for 2 weeks, then switched back to the Kirkland brand, & the same thing happened. 100%pure? I don't think so! Will Costco take notice????

Blue Lagoon, Miami, FL

Kirkland Spanish Olive oil

pit smoked "shredded" beef brisket item number 1372947

I assumed this would be of the same high quality as your roasted chicken breast chunks and recipe- or sandwich- ready. I put some SLICES of the beef in a bowl and heated in the microwave. When I had put it into a sandwich and bit into it, I was surprised at the disgusting chunks of fat in each piece.
No one should eat this amount of solid fat and gristle, not even the dogs. I am using the remainder of the bag for the dogs, but I have to trim about 1/2 of the contents out, making the price of the edible food twice as expensive.
Also, a brisket should be tender, and this was quite hard to chew. It is too far to return this, but I would never buy again, and advise others not to.

Rude and unprofessional cashier

When I pay my stuff to cashier, the black guy (cashier) stack banana fruit on hot food, I remind him, he got...

rude behaviour

Very unpleasant experience on feb 2, 2020. afternoon between 1.15-1.45 pm. an old lady serving samples at...

poor product handling

Boise Idaho, 2-1-2020. After experiencing the worst shopping trip ever at a Costco, due to overcrowding and...

your own coupon

A) it become a normal/standards for bj's not to have some of the products for which they send you coupons. This happen just about every time you send us coupons.
B) time for you to teach teach you manager how to be polite when people toke to then just turn do not care turning their back and walk back to their office (fire that person). And leave their work to a cashier.
C) let me know if you like my membership card I can go to costco.
D) I tire to drive 9 miles to get this type of service it sucks.

We may go to costco since we do not buy the untasted, garbage, supply by wesley farm that we refuse to buy.
I am tire an dplan to not remove my membership and may be send my card back to you

dryer purchase and delivery

On december 30th 2019 I ordered a maytag dryer off of The site asks you to supply your zipcode to give you a possible date of delivery. For my zipcode in auburn, wa is said jan 7th. Well the 7th came and went, then the 14th. My order status remained in "recieved" status. I finally call and they say I should hear from them by end of week jan 17th. Do I hear back? No... Call again and they said they had been trying to reach us but the number they gave us was completely wrong. I checked my costco account and the correct number was listed. They arranged delivery for the 23rd. Did they show up on the 23rd? No they did not. Called again, oops truck was too full will deliver between 1-5 on the 24th. Did it come on the 24th? No, called at 5pm, oops sorry the truck had issues, next delivery window is feb case you are counting that would be 5 weeks after my order and I had taken both the 23rd and 24th off of work to wait around. I will never, ever order from ever again.

lack of staff at food court which resulted in long wait time

I have noticed and this has happened several times during my visit to Costco at the Hanover, Md location...

concierge service

I purchased a laptop at Costco and my laptop speakers stopped working after 1.5 years. I called Costco Concierge service and waited on hold for 25 minutes. The Tech had me power cycle off the computer which did not fix the issue. The 2nd thing he wanted me to do was a complete Windows reinstall. No troubleshooting - nothing. He simply wanted me to do a fresh install and wipe out my computer! Are you joking - that is step #2. He said that was their "policy". I said "no thank you". I went online and researched the issue and fixed it in 5 minutes by deleting my audio drivers and then reinstalling. Are you telling me the Tech guy could not figure that out? That is just plain frightening! He never even explained I would lose all my information - he just started to walk me through the process and I had sense enough to ask. Come on Costco - you can do better than that!

kirkland small bottled water

My throat is dry and sore after drinking some Water from Kirkland in a small bottle
I'm not playing I wish it wasn't true I got it from my Dad's house. Now I feel worse. So full of hatred right now. They not making this any easier just leaving a report so you know don't drink that water especially it is warm and it comes from Costco they don't take time to examine anything anymore just ship and serve. [censored]

kirkland small bottled water

ruprecht's braised beef short ribs with sesame bbq sauce

This product was inedible. It was so salty that it was uneatable! I thought I would have a heart attack on the table. The first bag of meat was ok but the second bag was all fat and bone! Disgusting & a rip off. I don't mind paying the $27 but was too expensive. The package was three and a half pounds. I think I paid for the bones, fat & the bags of sauce. Never again!

complaint board

The fact that Costco is allowing this board to tr remain up shows they have horrible business ethics! All...

hearing aid department

On saturday the 28th of december, 2019 I had an appointment for hearing test that was required to get hearing...

copy paper

The copy paper being sold at your store is jamming and multiple copies are coming thru in our copiers and printers in our company offices. During the tax season we normally purchase approximately 25-35 cases of copy paper.
Full cases with 5000 sheets of paper per case; and always had great results with I believe were the Georgia Pacific Brand.
But this new brand your store is selling is not good, and it appears that we will have to start purchasing from Staples Stores. We also use alot of copy papers during the rest of the year, since we have insurance agency and real estate offices in addition to our tax offices.
We just thought you might need to know about this issue with the copy paper since I am sure that my companies are not the only ones having these problems.

Sincerely yours,
Cecil McGee

simply purrfect cat litter

I purchased 2 containers of Simply Purrfect Cat Litter yesterday 12-26-19 at Costco Bella Terra, Huntington...

tire service

I brought in my truck for a tire repair 12/26/2019 account number
Store in Mount Prospect Illinois
when I talked to the tech BEFORE the service
Finding a bolt in the tire leaking on 12/25/2019
and keeping it from destroying the tire going flat
We did a field repair of TEMPORY plugging the tire
I TOLD the TECH that had a field repair at 11am
the tech NEVER said anything
I dropped off the vehicle at 2:45 PM and waited 2 HOURS
so I went to check on the truck
the tire was on the ground next to the truck I was out side the shop area for 15 mins before someone asked me if this was my truck
I said yes
The tech then said he would be right with me
5 minuits later why'll he addressed other vehicles
The tech told me that you do NOT repair tires that have been pluged
well it sure would have been nice or professional to be told that you will not fix the tire before I waisted hours
This is the very last time I will EVER trust your tire department period
I was a master machanic for 45 years and I know what can and should not be done
and field repairs have to be done
Thats you policys of waisting customers time
here's mine you waisted time waiting, driving back, gas

online order

Placed an order for
1. Godiva Holiday Variety Assorted Chocolates, 4-pack (Item # ‌1025787‌ )
Quantity 3
2. GODIVA Assorted Variety Chocolates 2-count (Item # ‌1293281‌)
Quantity 2

Expected delivery was on 12/23/2019; however, only 1 of the GODIVA Assorted Variety Chocolates 2-count arrived. Spent next 24 hours trying to locate the missing items in the mail room.

Called the Costco Customer Service and found out that they only shipped 1 item in the box. Now they are sending the remaining items. However, all my Xmas gift giving plans are ruined because of this mess.

No compensation is being offered.
I should be given money back for or some sort of compensation for this mix-up.

Thank you,

online order

delivery on washer and dryer purchase on 12/6/19

I purchase a Washer and Dryer through Costco/La Habra on December 6, 2019. I never received a email regarding...

backorders and shipping policies need to be reviewed

I ordered (2) laptops online 12-6-19 for our business and elected to receive them by standard shipment as it stated 3 day delivery. Only one shipped as promised and was received and the other was backordered. This is understandable with holidays and was not a big problem until it was reacknowledged for third time that the full order had been delivered and it had not. When I tried to track the shipment the tracking number provided did not have anything referencing a backorder or another tracking number. I contacted CSM by phone 12-17 who apologized and said the back ordered computer was in high demand and could not provide estimated ship date. Yesterday (12-19) I received another confirmation for shipment which when I tracked it showed "delivered on 12/6". I then used the Chat feature and was told the package would be delivered by end of day 12/23. I informed the representative this will not work as we are closing at noon 12/23 until 8am 12/26 and I need garaunteed delivery before noon 12/23. I told representative I was concerned the package would show delivered and be stolen laying outside of our gate. The representative informed me there was nothing that could be done to alter shipment date or delivery.
It seems to me COSTCO altered the shipment several times during the process. If we do this to our customers, we upgrade their delivery to critical shipment status to ensure they receive any shortages as quickly as possible. This experience has revealed to me COSTCO has logistics issues and is not really concerned with customer service. I would be very cautious in the future to purchase anything online from COSTCO.

chafing dish

On 12/7/19 I ordered two (2) chafing dishes. I received one (1) on 12/12/19 but did not receive the second one. I called and was told the vendor would express deliver the second one and I would receive an email confirming shipment with tracking number. On 12/13/19 I did not receive the item and did not receive the confirmation email with tracking number. has committed fraud and I will be filing a complaint against them with the US Attorneys Office.


This is an official protest against those new thin cardboard straws dispensed at the food service area. My...

monthly erroneous interest charges despite proof of receipt by my bank

Every single month I have to phone Citi about erroneous interest charges, despite the fact that I pay my card in full every month! I have proof of timely delivery from my online banking's bill pay service, yet Citi repeatedly doesn't post it until after my due date. Now, they say their terms and conditions only allow 1 interest rate credit and I do not qualify for another. This issue is one being caused by their erroneous billing practices, yet I, a diligent payer, find myself on the losing end of the battle- again. I am extremely unhappy and disappointed that a reputable company like Costco is affiliated with a company with fraudulent business practices. Latest charge is on Dec 2019 statement-$20.17. They say this is from an Oct 2019 charge but just now posted to my account. This is the 4th time this year this has happened. Credit Cd # ending in 8431. Name: Tracy Park. I would like this interest credited ($20.17) and future payments posted on time. My email: [protected]

pharmacy negligent behavior

On 21 Nov I wen to Sand City Costco Pharmacy late afternoon to pick up a prescription that had been...

food court

Encountered the change to paper straws for the first time when having a diet Pepsi with my lunch on...

kirkland signature chocolate chip cookie dough protein bar

I refrigerate these bars prior to eating them so they are more firm. I am not sure if that contributes to the following or not:

On numerous occasions I have had to pull plastic from my mouth as the internal plastic liner separates from the wrapper. It is extremely hard to see or notice any plastic remaining on the bar.

I am VERY CONCERNED that I may have eaten this plastic liner. While I love the bar, I am going to have to discontinue purchasing them.

I believe this is an ongoing issue as I previously received a recall notification (way too late as we had already eaten the bars) for the same issue but with a blue plastic liner.

I would like for someone from the Kirkland brand to reach out to me regarding this matter.


I love Costco! Court Classics are / were the best shoes ever. They have not been stocked for several years at...

bacardi rum

The Anchorage warehouses have stopped selling it and its the one reason I go everyweek, which leads to other...

Costco concierge services

I called for tech support on 11/13/19. After listening to the automated message repeatedly say hold time would be 10 minutes, my call was answered 40 minutes later. Ridiculous! A gal named Kiara, who explained that it took so long to answer because you are understaffed, did absolutely nothing to resolve my laptop issues after speaking with me for approximately 90 minutes. She did not seem to know what she was doing and kept asking me the same questions numerous times after I had answered them and her customer service skills were definitely lacking. Finally, she transferred me over to Microsoft. My observation is that she had difficulty understanding the answers to simple questions, even after I tried to patiently explain it in the most elementary fashion I could (I'm a retired educator with lots of experience in this area:0), which resulted in her asking me the same questions multiple times. I went online to check out customer reviews of Costco's Concierge Tech Support and I was very disappointed to read it has received only a 1 star rating from many other people who have had very frustrating experiences when calling for assistance. I prefer contactin you directly, in hopes of improving your customer service and your ratings.

Thank you for taking time to review my feedback. I look forward to your response.
Andrea Beschta

wiejske wyroby petite dill pickles

Hello, is this Vlasic customer service? If so. My local Costco in Honolulu stopped carrying the Wiejske...

laptop purchase

Purchased a Lenovo Flex Touchscreen computer in 2016 and the touchscreen stopped working when I updated windows. Lenovo issued both screen replacements and full laptop replacements while it was under warranty.

I searched extensively online and found that this was a common issue where Lenovo did not issue updated drivers for the current versions of Windows. I thought that we would be fine as we were covered under the Costco 2+2 extended warranty. I was wrong. While they do extend the warranty, they exclude any product defects which is the only reason you get a warranty . . . for defects. So pretty much this is a worthless gimic to give you peace of mind, but they do not follow through.

I used to only purchase electronics from Costco due to this warm and fuzzy warranty. I will purchase electronics at Best Buy or anywhere else.

simply purrfect cat litter

I have been buying Simply Purrfect Cat Litter for 15 + years from Costco. The recent batch I purchased ha...


Picked up a bottle of wine thinking it was $12.99. Got home and found that I had been charged $39.99. Took...