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Costco complaints 1807

Costco - QR Code to enter Costco ?

Respectfully addressed to the Costco management team:

I am writing to express my complete and utter disgust with recent news regarding the requirement for Costco members to present proof of vaccination in order to enter your stores in the province of Québec. While this policy doesn't affect me at this time, I know a large number of people who it will affect. There are people who have chosen not to (and others who cannot) receive the COVID-19 series of inoculations, and in my estimation, their arguments are perfectly reasonable.
The outcome that is guaranteed by your forthcoming policy will not be an increase in safety, but rather, an increase in social tensions and divisions. The precedent this will set will certainly trickle into smaller businesses, aggravating tensions even further. The policy is un-Canadian, and frankly it's immoral and unethical.

People in this country have a right to self-determination and a right to follow their conscience regarding whether or not they wish to engage with the COVID-19 vaccines or any other medical treatment for that matter. It's completely dependent on their circumstances. It is a health choice. Certainly Costco has no quarrels about selling jumbo sized bags and boxes of artery clogging junk food, so why all of a sudden take such a firm stance on a different health matter that pertains to personal choice? For some, the risk of taking these vaccines is acceptable. For others it is not. What is certain is that the consequence of such a decision should not be bound to one's ability to access basic goods or services that ought to be made available equally to all Canadians.

The choice to comply with government mandates is just that, a CHOICE. Government mandates are NOT an excuse to discriminate against your paying members.

I will seriously reconsider keeping my Costco membership should you wish to go through with this policy. Although I enjoy certain benefits of shopping at your store, I will not put up with any bullying and discrimination of this kind regardless of the perceived membership benefits.

I am asking that you seriously consider which side of history you wish to be on.

I live in Ontario but will not support what you are doing to our fellow Canadians


Damase Charlebois
Membership # [protected]
Executive Member for over 22 years

Costco - Citi visa - bottom feeder institution

The reality is Costco can give a sh** less about this review and your complaints. I guess CITI was the only bottom of the barrel sludge Costco could convince to do business with them. It'...

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Costco - sumatriptan

Pharmacy chose to only fill the 90 tablet prescription with 30. Then did not explain to my wife when she picked it up. Instead told her she was saving money by using the costco price instead of the good rx coupon. We paid almost double the amount per tablet. Although I only take about 9 tablets per month, their reasoning that I could take too much makes no sense. Using their logic of I could take the 30 tablets in one day. Therefore they should have only given me 2 tablets for safety sake. rx#6286098 dob 1-7-58. Steven Eagle [protected]

Desired outcome: Full refund and I return all 30 tablets or refund half of the $29.79 we paid.


Costco - Citi visa card dispute against mastermind care

My wife has been trying to dispute a purchase with CITI since August 8th, 2021. The purchase was for $14, 600 to Mastermind Care in Margate, Fl. It was for mental health treatment for our adult...

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Costco - Car insurance

This is not a complaint, but I can't find anywhere else to ask this question. I am in the market for car insurance, but when I look up the car insurance company used by Costco, the web shows they are rated deficient in customer service. Are you aware of this issue? I'm going to research AARP's insurance offer because Hartford is rated with top customer service.

Desired outcome: I'd like a response from someone high enough up in Costco to answer my question.

Costco - Rude, disrespectful, unprofessional customer service employee at citibank customer service

On December 17, 2021, I contacted Costco/CitiBank customer service regarding an issue with my newly issued (original card lost) Cosco/CitiBank credit card. I received this card on December 16th and...

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Costco - GAS

In early December, 2021, I purchased gas. I went directly home and a quarter mile from my home my car started sputtering and shaking. I made it home and on Saturday we drove my car to Ford. Ford said there was 90% water in my gas. My car was running fine prior to me filling up with gas at Costco. I filed a complaint with Costco and was contacted by Gallagher Bassett and was told they would research. Gallagher Bassett called back and informed me they tested their gas and everything was fine and there had been no other complaints. I asked for a supervisor's name and then left the supervisor a message asking for a copy of these reports that had been ran on their gas and to this date I have not heard back from anyone. I have left 3 messages for Gallagher Bassett's supervisor and as of yet heard nothing. Has anyone else had problems with Costco gas?

Desired outcome: To pay for Car Repairs


I feel like I am being ignored now by Gallagher Bassett and I have given their supervisor plenty of time to follow up with me about the information I requested on the gas reports. I had no issues with my expedition until I filled up with gas. How can one company say you have 90% water in your gas and the other company says their gas is fine? Also on the other side of my pump (that I used) their was a gas pump down and it was coned off so I am wondering what was wrong with that pump and why it was blocked? No one will answer that questions ...

Costco - Covid policy

I am done with you. not allowing me to put items in personal shopping bags but people can touch packages, clothes, freezer handles etc? Because of a flu. And not allowing mask exemptions, rude employees who yell at customers after fainting from wearing the mask instead of "can I help you?". You've contributed to the constant fear and division by allowing your staff to treat people like this.

Desired outcome: Drop the draconian new world order attitude

Dec 28, 2021

I do not believe Costco would really intentionally yell at a customer for fainting. They would more so call on the radio for assistance,than yell.

As for the "draconian new world order attitude" that is deceptive information. The definition of draconian is "Athenian law scribe under whom small offenses had heavy punishments (Draconian laws)." A company enforcing safety rules to keep us safe does not constitute heavy punishment. You could be banned from one location but go to another. Now if they say took you to court over not wearing a mask [except approved exemptions] would be harsh but not heavy punishment required still.

If someone fainted from what i recall they would see if the person could respond. If they don't they would do medical procedures. For example call on the radio for security to assist in the safety of the customer and call for medical personnel.

The personal shopping bag is a catch 22. they may have had thieves using personal bags to spirit away items and it sadly is trickled down to affect the innocent. Did you ask the door greeter if it was OK for personal shopping bags?

Though store policies vary location to location. I am not though saying every worker and location is exempt from having rude employees. I'm only saying that it seems your being a bit harsh.

Costco - Costco Citicard

The complaint is about Citicard Website and lack of customer service. I changed our bank account for autopay and received a message that it was successful, although it said Status Unconfirmed. I tried to find out what that meant, but Citicard only offers "Chat" and it kept giving me irrelevant information. I tried to find a customer service phone number and it is not listed on the website. The website requires you to make an appointment to talk a representative. I scheduled an appointment for the next day. No one ever called. I then got an alert from Citicard that minimum payment is due the next day and I needed to make a payment. I tried to make a payment, but it kept telling me my account was unconfirmed. I finally got a phone # from back of card. Then it took me 25 options to listen to and get a live person on the phone. He could not see that any payments had been made with autopay although it was set up. He walked me through making another payment and it posted, but still did not show in my bank account. It is obvious that Citicard does not want customers to call them and make it as difficult as possible. I would drop them if it was not our Costco Card. I hope Costco changes from them soon and gets a company that believes in customer service, even if only half as much as Costco does.

Desired outcome: Get rid of Citicard

Dec 15, 2021

Costco - Discrimination

Today, 12-15-2021, I visited COSTCO in Tukwila, WA to return some online purchased items. The return cashier African-American lady name Loraine worked there since 1992 made some racist assumptions. I...

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Costco - Mattress delivery

My wife and I shopped several online sites and local shops for a new mattress. We settled on Costco because we felt with their reputation, the product and service would be top notch. BOY, were we wrong. After our 'discount'?, the price of the mattress was competitive to a few other options. We read through all of the FAQs on the Costco site regarding purchasing a mattress. Specifically, we wanted to make sure they not only would deliver our mattress to our home, but take away the old one. WRONG ON BOTH!
After we placed our order and confirmed the delivery date, we were informed that their local delivery service will only bring the new mattress to the front door of our condominium building and will not take the old mattresses. What a scam. Now the so called 'discount' we received on the mattress will be mostly wiped out by the $75 we now need to pay to have the mattress disposed of. DO NOT ORDER ANY MATTRESS FROM COSTCO UNLESS YOU ARE OK WITH THIS LEVEL OF SERVICE.

Costco - Membership racism

Racist toilet. I'm a disabled white male veteran. They simply were not going to let me join no matter what. While I was waiting, they processed 5 Hispanics and a black guy who got there after I did...

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Costco - Circulon Premier Hard Induction 13 piece Cookware Set

I purchased a set of the above on order no [protected] and was trilled with them so order 2 sets for my daughters as Christmas present.
I went to heat up some leftovers in the small frying pan and while using it, it fell of the cooker and nearly scalded me luckily it was not too hot but still had to drop it in the floor. it seem that the weight of the handles is heavy than the pan which is why it toppled over. I will not be using the small frying pan again and am very weary of the rest know.

I have returned both set that I order for my daughters because I don't want the same thing to happen to them or even worse god for bid.

Costco - Sherwood Park, Costco Tire Centre

Nov.19 my brand new car was getting new winter tires ( purchased at Costco) and rims installed at 6pm. I waited for almost an hour and a half. When I got my vehicle keys back, it was extremely dirty. My car was also extremely dirty, dirt on the inside door handles, steering wheel, drivers seat, gear shift and brakes. 2 of the all season tires were put in the back seat where my beige sweater had drips of dirt on it as well and my back seat was also filthy with dirt. I immediately went inside to speak fo someone. They apologized and asked me to bring my car up to the garage to have a look. The employee had a look and agreed it was filthy and said he would have his manager call me the following day when he was in. He provided me two rags ( one wet with soap and a dry one) to wipe off the dirt everywhere. It was a nice gesture but he should of did it, not me. I am still waiting for his manager to call. When I got home that evening, I took out all the tires from my car, the two that were in my back seat made my seats extremely dirty. I spent 2 hours cleaning out my brand new car. This was a terrible experience. I had two more pics but could only upload 3.

Desired outcome: I would like to be compensated for my time in cleaning my car, dry cleaning my sweater and the terrible experience.

Nov 07, 2021

Costco - Costco Concierge Service

(Case #s involved [protected] &

On 10/12/31- Opened a case with COSTCO Concierge

On 10/25/21 -Sent laptop in (near new Lenovo but just past manufacture's 1yr warranty) on 10/25/21.

On 10/29/21 - I confirmed laptop arrived at center for repair

On 11/6/21 -received it back damaged. Small tear around left hinge now extends all across the bottom of screen, with 1/2 inch opening exposing internal parts, and display has discoloration along the two sides where it appears to have been yanked hard. Laptop cannot be closed nor display properly.

During the 4 wks experience with COSTCO concierge, they:

(1) Never emailed or called me back when I contacted them nor to inform me of status/report of problem.
(2) Each phone calls I made require minimum 45 mins mostly to hold and repeat info to several employee who sounded half a sleep
(3) Couldn't get me the shipping box to send laptop in correctly. Misspelling both my name and address although I repeated this countless times
(4) Constantly "transfer" my calls and blames between "Concierge svc team, "Concierge dispatch team" and "tech support". And there is an Escalation team? And the people I supposedly need to speak CANNOT BE REACHED DIRECTLY EVER, only to be sent a msg. I NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY/CALL BACK.
(5) Damaged my near new laptop near destroying it without any note, email or explanation. Just dumped it in front of my house via UPS.

My near $800 Lenovo laptop which I sent in for minor hinge repair only has damaged display and tear ripped across the bottom of display. (See photos) And not a word from COSTCO on what happened and what can be done? My 4wks experience with Costco Concierge has been so horrible that I physically feel ill from stress and frustration. I see on Yelp and other platform many others with very similar experience with Costco Concierge. Something must be done!

Nov 08, 2021

I have the exactly same problem with Costco Concierge! I bought a Dell laptop from in August 2020. It became extremely slow in June 2021. I called Costco Concierge several times and they went through many trouble shootings with me, which telling me this is a common problem with my Dell model. After 7-8 phone calls over TEN HOURS on the phone with them, I finally gave up, and started costco online chat for customer service. Then another nightmare started. The girl I talked to initially was very nice and told me it is really unacceptable for a customer to go through what I went through, she said to initiate a return for me and I should also get a UPS label, and I could also return the laptop to the warehouse. So I got a return notification email but nothing else. Then I went to the warehouse and my return got rejected! I was told the return was not properly authorized by the Costco Concierge. So here it goes we started a rat chase, chat said they can't issue a return without concierge's approval, and the concierge asked me to continue to trouble shoot with them after 10 useless hours! I was on the chat for over three hours today, and requested three escalations. Now waiting for a manager to call back.

This is an absolutely unacceptable, unprofessional, unreasonable, unethical process that Costco is putting its loyal customer through. I have been with Costco for over 25 years, will never but another piece of electronics from them!

Costco - Computer Concierge Service

I bought a Lenovo Flex14 laptop from Costco in Mason, Ohio in Nov. 2019, The laptop battery was dead the end of 2020. I felt lucky to have Costco extended warranty. I called the Concierge service, sent my laptop to them, and got a "new battery" in April 2021. However, when I got my computer I found the so-called "new" battery already had 145 cycles on it, and it died after 5 month less frequent usage. I called and requested a good battery for my April service. The Concierge service asked me to send my computer again, without responsible for any shipment damage. This time I would not take that risk for a terribly used battery.
I am very disappointed with Costco Concierge Service after this my very first experience.
I do not recommend Lenovo Flex14 laptop because of its short battery life.

Desired outcome: send me a good battery

Oct 12, 2021

Costco - Shipping address biat maderer 29 elm st great neck, ny ‌[protected]‌

I purchased this swing set which had great reviews. Turn out to be a complete miss. you did not provide any option of assembly, I hired a handyman, the swing set is missing stabilization parts, I reached out to the company. no real answer as of yet I am stuck.

Shipping Address
Delivery Date Thursday, February 18
Room of Choice: Shipping & Handling Included
To make changes to your scheduled delivery date, please View or Change Order.
Cedar Summit by KidKraft Hilltop Playset

Cedar Summit by KidKraft Hilltop Playset
Item # ‌1373562‌
$ 1, 299.99
Quantity 1

Desired outcome: receive $2000 reimbursment for purchase and assembly

Update by bzmader
Oct 12, 2021

Order no: [protected]
Order key:8753tc54682520210218nd
Hi, purchased the swing set for my kids, I became a costco member only for this,
You did not provide an assembly option, found a handyman myself. the swing set is unstable and shaky, unusable, this is not fair for the ordinary customer. it should not be sold like this.
Description quantity instructions
[protected] swing

Problems with the assembly

We cannot use the set.

Oct 06, 2021

Costco - one of your vendors - SUNRUN SOLAR

I purchased solar panels from Sunrun, thanks to Costco at the cost of 45, 000 dollars in June or July of 2019 ( not quite sure of the actual date). They were up and running until December of 2019, now for the last year in a half they have not been working.
I have called Sunrun several times over the last year - and they schedule a date for a technic to come out, and it all ways the following month. And a week before arrival time they send me an email rescheduling the date without an explanation. This has occurred over five times, each time scheduling a month out. Note: my monthly energy bill + solar panel bill is over 500 dollars.

Desired outcome: Reimburse me for lost revenue and/or give me a battery storage at no cost.


Costco - No Notification Reduction in Credit Limit

2 Days Ago Citibank lowered our credit limit by 60%. We rely on our credit line for our monthly bills and expenses, have never made a late payment, in fact hpaid $6000 towards the card 2 days before they lowered out limit, and they lowered the limit basically to what we had left as a balance. All our monthly bills come off this card. My credit got hit because we bought a second house, and they are using that against me. I make 2 house payments, have 8-10 credit cards, all of whom I have never made a late payment, the only negative is that we bought a second house so my DTI went up, well guess what. We have been paying both mortgages, and all our cards without a single late payment for the better part of 6 months, and we won't just stop making them now. I make about 150k a year, this is just absurd and put us in a bad spot. To make matters worse I have spoken to many people including managers and there is nothing they can do because they won't look at my situation as an individual.

Desired outcome: Restoration of our credit limit.

Costco - Laptop

It is a shame of Costco. It is unbelievable that this department is one of Costco's departments. My laptop had a fan issue. It took me a while every time when I called them to reach a person but nobody was helpful so far. The even worse thing was two of them hanged up the call since they didn't know how to handle. I have called them more than 10 times but so far I haven't got a satisfying answer. Funny that in the middle of factory reset process a woman hanged up, I called back but they told me to contact Microsoft. I thought it is a benefit with second year warranty from Costco but it is really useless.

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