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CostcoLG Washer and Dryer

In my last response to Costco Concierge after numerous phone calls, speaking endlessly to no avail with representatives and their supervisors I reached the end of my options and parted ways without any resolve or support from Costco. Here is the final text I sent and their lackluster response. I truly wish I had read these reviews before I purchased my LG Washer and Dryer.

My text to Costco Concierge: I had canceled my appointment for a possible reschedule prior to the appointment. If a technician came out he or she never contacted me to let me know they were here. I was home. I have my doubts that it occurred. Additionally, I have struggled with your mandate that I have to find a way to unstack my machine. I would have to hire a separate company to unstack removing all electrical and tubing and then rehire them again to reinstall. I do not have friends who are willing to or have any technical skills in this area. I was completely willing to pay a reasonable fee or assist technician and was flatly denied my offers. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. I recently had another company come out and had my drain pump replaced which I paid as I am currently unable to work with your company. I'm unsure if the problem with my washer is resolved and if you're able to accommodate my situation I would be willing to make another go of it. Certainly my recommendation to others moving forward will be not to purchase such equipment from Costco as the warranty has too many "read the small print" caveats that makes accessing support too difficult.

Their response: Okay thank you for the information and we apologize for the inconvenience. The claim will be close. Thank you.

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    CostcoRacial Profiling!

    Really disappointed in you Costco. Today while shopping inside Diamond Costco in Anchorage, Alaska I was racially profiled. I'm Hispanic and never in my 28 yrs of living has anybody just assumed I stole something from their store. While shopping my mom was hot because she was wearing a big black coat and told my brother to go take it to the car since he was on his way over there because he forgot his wallet... So just to be on the safe side he told the people at the doors he forgot his wallet and was gonna put my mom's jacket in the car. And of course, they said it was totally fine... So we went on with our shopping but I kept noticing a man who was an employee following me with the same jacket I had on. Mind you I had bought the same pink jacket a couple of weeks ago. I didn't think much of it and finished checking out (spending over $200)...but when I was leaving and walking towards the parking lot he came up to me again with the same pink jacket and said "where did you get that jacket and when?"...Me super confused said "a couple of weeks ago, why?" and then realized he thinks I stole it...SO I asked him "wait do you think I stole this" and he said no... and I said "then why are you asking me" He then WALKS AWAY!!! and so I follow him inside. Carrying my two toddlers... and asked to speak to a manager. I asked the manager why he thinks I stole it, with no words he just says "well we saw a man walk out with one so we just assumed." And said "if you didn't do it then don't worry you didn't do it..."...when I asked him why he couldn't look at the cameras and not just assume he said, "we don't have time too"...All I have to say is...Wow. Is this how you train your employees? I felt embarrassed and disappointed. If the employee just came up to me and asked me in a respectful manner instead of stalking me and being so rude it wouldn't have been an issue... It's the way the situation was handled. Nobody ever apologized to me... I guess this is what happens to single Hispanic moms right?

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      CostcoApple imac

      What Good is an Extended Warranty, when you get the Constant Runaround???

      I Purchased an Apple I Mac on Costco.com with my Citi Visa Costco Card...
      1 year, + 1 year, 2 years x2...
      Concierge told me, take it to Apple... I did
      Apple gave me a price of $468 to repair...
      Concierge told me return to Apple, Retrieve the IMAC... I did... Now they told me to take a picture of the thing, send it in, return to Apple, for an itemized repair order, send it in, and wait for authorization...

      WTF??? This thing is barely used, as I purchased it for an office I was building, April 5, 2019...

      It's 18 months old, and has maybe 3 hours on it...

      I've already gone to an from Apple, 3 times, and spent about 15 hours on the phone...

      Joe [protected]@aol.com

      Apple imac

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        Jan 12, 2021

        Costco — Service at front door on entering building

        On Monday January 11 and I entered the Sherwood Park Costco with my 4 year old daughter. I was very upset...

        Sherwood Park

        CostcoSpecial Kiosk Customer Care Support or lack there of

        We ordered plantation blinds through Costco (they use a third party Southwest Blinds) mid spring 2020. Months later they came in and they are bulky and ugly making our windows look odd to the others shutters (different order) in front yard windows near by. started the complaint from day one of install with the third party Southwest shutters and then Costco because Southwest flat our ignored our complaint about the ugly product. we have had pathetic customer "support" from Costco on top of the Southwest Blinds since last July 2020. Each side has asked us to send pictures of the product. They have had two people to my home to take such pictures and measurements and they wanted me to take measurements of the windows and send pictures. They have crossed over emails, not return calls and just recently Costco authorized some person named "Dean" to make a decision to close our complaint about the product AND we have never talked directly with this person. Costco was obviously reading from the same script Southwest Blinds did, "this is a special order...". And of recent they are blaming the computer for the products appearance. "we just punch in the measurements and the computer tells us how to frame it." they thought they could outwit me by saying "it was only 7/8's off." What they FAIL at is the they are only taking in one measurement in, double that for accuracy of the frame and it is well over 1.5 inches. visually it is beyond obvious. that's why the shutters are bulky and ugly,

        Costco continues to ask me "what would you like to do at this point?"

        We were suppose to receive a Costco cash card with this special order. On the last conversation with Southwest I was informed that they wanted to send the cash card but refused because I did not sign the order was completed. If I sign, then they trap us with with these bulky and ugly plantation shutters.

        Can it be clearly stated here, "We hate the product, your third party Southwest shutters is a horrible company to work with, we want our money back, come and get these UGLY shutters off my windows."

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          Jan 07, 2021

          Costco — Hearing aids

          I visited the Hearing Center at Costco 8000 Paramore Rd, Jacksonville [protected] and after seeing the...

          Jan 04, 2021

          Costco — No mens size small clothing in warehouse

          No one at my club could answer my questions why they don't have any small men's clothing so I went...

          CostcoProducts and website.

          I recently received an online flyer with the latest promotions. I see N-95 masks made in Shenzhen China and I am immediately struck with the question "why". I am a retired Exec from 3M. They make the best masks worldwide and in every region. Why couldn't you get an agreement from them? They made over 100 million N-95s just last month but Costco is buying from a marginal company in China at inflated prices. Those masks cost less than $.50/ea to produce but your price for over 100 puts them at $2.70 ea!
          Why help China capitalize on a pandemic they started!
          Also, there is no place on Costco.com to provide this kind of feedback? Don't you want it easy for members to provide feedback? It isn't always a complaint for the local team.

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            I ordered LG Dishwasher Costco online on November 30, 2020. Some contractor delivered it on December 15, 2020 and I was told some other contractor will install it. Contractor left the Dishwasher in the middle of my kitchen. Costco DID NOT communicate with me about delivery and installation are different. I also purchased LG Refrigerator. Both delivery and installation done by the same contractor on the same day and time. So I though it is the same for Dishwasher. Dishwasher delivery contractor gave me a number for installation. When I called that number they scheduled it for the following day December 16, 2020. We had snow on that day, so appointment has cancelled. I totally understand. I was told I would receive a call in the following day which is December 17, 2020. But I DID NOT receive, so I called Costco.com member service and they connected me to some contractor and they scheduled for installation on December 22, 2020 and they said I would receive a call night before or morning. But I did NOT receive any call on December 22, 2020. So I called Costco and they asked me to contact contractor. I called contractor, after 40 minutes of hold, they said they DO NOT have my name on that day December 22, 2020. I am totally disappointed and I wanted to return it. I called Costco again and asked them to return. My wife wanted to try one more time. So she called Costco, cancelled the return and they scheduled for December 29, 2020. Same thing happened, we DID NOT receive any call. When my wife called installation company, they said we are NOT in their schedule on December 29, 2020. She called Costco again and they scheduled for January 4, 2011. We received a call from contractor on 12/31/2020 and they said they don't have any appointment on January 4, 2021 and they scheduled for January 11, 2021. When we asked them why they keep doing like this, they said Costco is scheduling and Costco does not have access to their scheduling system. At this time, NOT sure whom to trust. The pain we are going through. Dishwasher is sitting in middle of my kitchen since December 15, 2020. Today is December 31, 2020. I should have ordered through either Home Deport or Lowes during that time. I wouldn't have gone this harassment.


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              CostcoOnline order for Refrigerator

              On 11/26/20202, I ordered item # 1358272 a Refrigerator which I assumed that it would be delivery before Christmas get-together. A few weeks later I received an email to schedule the delivery of my item which I promptly did for 12/19/20 (Saturday). I received a confirmation that my item would be delivered on 12/19/20. On 18th and 19th morning I got a few messages that the item would be delivered and was given a 2-hour window and it also said that someone would call me 30 minutes earlier so that I am prepared to take the delivery. So far, so good.
              Then the nightmare started.
              Nobody showed up during the confirmed timeslot. I called the Costco shipping company twice but after holding the phone for 30 minutes each time, nobody picked up the phone. I then called Costco customer service and asked the person about the status of my order. The wonderful lady said that she CANNOT HELP ME, and the best she can do is CANCEL THE ORDER. I told her that I have been waiting for the refrigerator for this long and do need the order delivered.
              It seems that Costco has some very rude people working for them who don't understand the meaning of customer service.
              The driver showed up unannounced after the timeslot. He immediately told me that the item was wider than the standard door of my house hence he cannot deliver. I told them that the only way to get any refrigerator in is to remove the doors of the fridge. He flatly refused to do that and left. I got a call from Costco customer service and I explained them the incident. The customer service person agreed that removing the door of the fridge is a standard thing and the deliver people should have done that. He apologized for the incident and told me that because the delivery person where behind schedule, that's the reason they didn't deliver my fridge. He promptly scheduled the delivery of my fridge for next day, 12/20/20 (Sunday). He also told me that he would create a work order so that the warehouse people would remove the doors of the fridge at the warehouse itself to save time next day.
              I got confirmation messages confirming the 12/20/20 as delivery date with a timeslot of 7AM - 9PM (14 hours).
              On 12/20/20, around 5:30PM I got a call from someone that they would be coming to my house soon to REMOVE THE DOORS OF THE REFRIGATOR. I told them that the fridge was not even delivered. Costco customer service called me to enquire about the incident which I did. The person explained me that the customer service person at Costco had made a WRONG workorder which only mentioned about removing the doors of my refrigerator, the refrigerator which was still at Costco.
              It seems that Costco has some very bright people working for them.
              This time I was given 12/26/20 (Saturday) as my delivery date.
              On 12/24/20, I called Costco customer service to reconfirm the order status and that the delivery people would remove the doors at the warehouse which was suggested by Costco customer service in the first place. That person had no clue about what I was talking about and told me that he cannot see any such notes at his end. He did promise me that he would add that I called and about the doors to be removed on the notes.
              On 12/25/20 & 12/26/20, I got reconfirmation messages about my delivery of my item with 2-hour timeslot.
              On 12/26/20, I received a call from Costco delivery service that the delivery truck has met with an accident and my item would not be delivered that day. I told the person that I do not believe about the accident based on my past experiences with Costco. I asked the person to confirm if the doors of the refrigerator were already taken off to avoid the fiasco from last week. She told me that the doors would be removed by the delivery people outside my house when they make the delivery on 12/27/20 (Today). I told her if that's what was gong to happen, why was that not done last week and why I was told the doors would be removed at your warehouse.
              It seems that Costco has some very good liars working for them.
              I called Costco customer service again and asked to speak to a supervisor. I explained the supervisor the entire sequence of events and pleaded with her that all I want is that my item is delivered and voice my concern about the timeslot of 7AM - 9PM for 12/27/20. She told me that she is not in a position to help me with that.
              Today, 12/27/20, I got messages and my item would be delivered as schedule. I then got a call from Costco shipping informing me that they open the box and found some damage marks on the fridge. Yesterday the same people told me that they would open the box at my house to take the doors off and this morning magically they open and box at their warehouse and found the damage. The person told me that she would call me in an hour and then call Costco customer service but that never happened.
              I am very sure that all this is a false cooked up story.
              Me and my family go to Costco warehouse all the time and the people there are very nice and professional and are always willing to help.
              That's why I could never imagine such a thing from an organization like Costco.
              I feel that Costco is not equipped to handle big appliances but would leave that to you guys to figure this out and maybe fix it.
              I want my refrigerator delivered IMMEDIATELY.
              Looking at all the pain and suffering, Costco should ensure that my fridge is delivered immediately and refund my money in full.
              Hope you would do the right thing.

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                Dec 22, 2020

                Costco — Generic adderall

                On December 22nd 2020 I picked up my prescription for 30mg adderall at the Costco location in Raleigh North...

                Costco7rq09ua#aba hp lap top 15-cs3073ci

                called support at 6 pm on 12-16-2020 got message long wait set up call back. got call back in approx 1 hour automated system could not recognize my response said it would call back shortly, recieved sanother call about 1 hour later auto attendant could not recognize my response said it would call back shortly, got another call back this response was recognized talked to a gal in Florida she put me on hold till till 10 pm call terminated.

                Called 12-17-2020 1 hour wait then talked to gal that failed to address or resolve the bogus operating system installed on computer.

                Was told operating system on computer sold can not be upgraded as it is not genuine. No support resolution offer

                Will be returning machine received on 12-16-2020 today not able to do set up. HP says its Microsoft problem Microsoft says its hp problem. Machine operating system has been disabled by Microsoft.

                sales order number [protected]

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                  CostcoI am complaining about my treatment at costco

                  Me and my husband was at vancouver wash costco last night about 4.30 12/15/2020 I was walking my husband was behind me a customer had a wagon cart and rammed it in to my leg and knock me to the ground the girl that was working there told me to walk around a little bit to make sure I was ok then she said if you need to fill out a accident report come up front well my leg swelled really bad so I talk to the asst manager he told me there was nothing he could do and it wouldn't help to do a accident report because are cameras don't work that good he was really rude he didn't make sure I was ok or offer ice or anything I went to the urgent care and they did a x-ray it wasn't broke just loses a trauma to my leg and knee swollen and very bruised I can not believe the service I got I would appreciate if this matter could be taking care of thank you my e-mail [protected]@yahoo.com.

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                    Dec 08, 2020

                    Costco — Online order

                    What happened to the Costco.com professionally handling of customer questions? We are now transferred to...

                    Dec 07, 2020

                    Costco — Meats

                    We have been buying our meat from Sudbury, ON Costco store since they've open the store. Purchased a...

                    Dec 06, 2020

                    Costco — Horrible cust service, horrible chat, no one has a clue!!!

                    I have not been able to log into my account for 2 days - information is correct. Password reset on their link...

                    CostcoCiti card

                    Citi bank closed my acount due to a matrix trigger that was set off by 2 attempts to pay bill weeks early, and then a third all early. Finally had to pay by phone with debit card nov 5 due date nov 6, person phone says all good, next due date dec 10th. November 28th they close acct, unbelievable!. My credit rating is 748 and I have not made a late payment on any of my other accts for three years. Thank you for repeatedly asking me so sign up so I could be treated this way by your corporate partners. Please honer your membership values you are famous for, thankyou richard siggers member #[protected]

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                      Nov 26, 2020

                      Costco — Against costco updates and corona virus response

                      Costco at Edison (205 Vineyard Rd, Edison, NJ 08817) is not following the updates from Costco.com. I am a...

                      Nov 25, 2020

                      Costco — Kirkland pots and pans

                      Four days ago I emailed Customer Service at Costco and have not received any acknowledgement or reply. First...

                      Nov 24, 2020

                      Costco — Being stalked and harassed by employees

                      I just returned from Costco. We have had a membership for probably 20+ years. I've always enjoyed my...

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