TJX / T.J. Maxxcredit card

I've had my TJ max credit card for 5years or more now. I've never been late and I've always paid more than the minimum due. Recently I was hit with a financial hardship. I called to ask for temporary assistance with an adjusted repayment plan etc.. After speaking with several RUDE employees, I was told by the financial team, that they could provide me with a repayment plan, but they would permanently close my account and this would be my only option. I was able to call and make arrangements with my other credit cards(without permanently closing them) so when a representative told me this was my only option, that was a hard pill to swallow. Needless to say, don't ever fall on hard times and depend on this company to assist you, when times are tough. Once I pay this card off, I will NEVER get another TJ max credit card or refer them to anyone else!!!

Oct 04, 2019

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