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warranty of softlay couch

I had the 7 year warranty when My couch started to wear after 5 years, I called to have it repaired come to find out the day the repairman was to come your company went out of business, I want my money back on the extended warranty or my couch repaired. Reservation [protected] June 24, 2013. Warranty amount $139.00
My Name us Nancy Gurdak, [protected]@comcast.net

a pair of shoes

Yes I want to Carson Pirie Scott's I purchased a pair of shoes they did not have the size so the guy said don't worry we can have them sent to your house so I said okay no problem he said I just need your ID I said okay he grabbed my ID and I assumed that he was just put my name in the computer then he said all done and I said what wait a minute don't you need my address he said oh I use the address on the ID and that wasn't my address so that I to call your customer service line so I did and the I spoke with them because this is what he told me to do and that they would be able to send it to my address that was not the same on the ID they ended up sending out the shoes to that address then when I went back and told them I still never received the shoes they sent it out to the wrong address and then they said we will send you a gift card with the same amount of money but said they sent the gift card to the same address so whoever is living at that address got my shoes that I paid for and the gift card that I was supposed to receive to reimburse me for my shoes I've called multiple times to Carson Pirie Scott and still have not been reimbursed nor has the issue ever been rectified I'm kind of disgusted with Carson Pirie Scott's I didn't know that they actually stoled from the customers and I'm thinking about getting some kind of lawyer because this is theft this is stealing from your consumers and your company should be ashamed still have the receipt paid $115 for the shoes still haven't got a dime back like I said your company should be ashamed I know you were bankrupt but I didn't know you was what so low as to steal from your consumers

kitchen knife set

I placed an order on October 13. It is now the 17 and my order as not been shipped yet. I called Carson...

mattress delivery

Ordered mattress, box spring, and bed frame online. When Carson's called to confirm delivery, the employee...

rosemary cashier (bradley, il. store)

Thursday 615pm June 25, 2017
I was purchasing approximately 20 items of women's clothing when Rosemary was the cashier. She was extremely rude to me throughout the process of ringing up my items. I ask her if I could have a second to check my coupons and she was in such a hurry and didn't want to see them and just ring me up without them. I ask for her help to use my coupons and she kept saying I don't know about every question I had and talked down to me as a child. I had to basically tell her how to use them because she just couldn't be bothered with me. She spoke to me in such a rude condescending voice and made me feel that I was bothering her. She never helped me figure out what coupons I could use and kept yelling at me that I should know how they can be used. Finally, another associate saw what was happening and took over checking me out and basically everything Rosemary said to me was a lie and other associate said sure you can use your coupons and let me show you best way to save money using them. I have never been so disrespected and mad feel like I was not wanted in the store and treated like a child like I was by Rosemary. You will loose many customers with this woman. If I treated people like she treated me, I would be fired. Please take this woman out of your store because she is scaring away your customers. I met with the other nice coworker who took over after I was done and she agreed that I was treated horrible. In addition, the lady behind me in
Line saw me outside and she said that Rosemary treated her the same way. Thank you! Margaret Buhr- Beaupre [protected].

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customer service

Order #[protected] I have tried to send a message 3 times and every time I send it comes back rejected...

Returning 14kt gold earrings fine jewelry without receipt

On Monday February 20th I had went to Carson's in Yorktown Lombard Illinois, to return a pair of 14kt...

Unethical behaviour

My name is Irina Grossman, I bought a ring in Carson Prerie scott, and when I came home, I found it had a difect. Today, [protected] i came back to the store on Randhust mall, and the saleperson told me that only one store has it on Woodfield mall. The salesperson explained that i simply can exchange the ring or pick up different one for the same price and again exchange for my carson charge without any problem. I came to Shcamburg Carson prerie scott and met Fine Jewerly Manager Nisha Harshavat and the story began. Ring was with the same defect and i chose a different one, price of which was one dollar 20 cents different, she said I need to return my previous ring, then come back in a few days to get another one. I asked her to call credit department and make my credit line avalabale immedetaly beause it wasnt my fall that ring had a defect and i've been a loyal costuner for the years, she said who cares. Finally credit department representative told her and me that I can simply exchange with credit store credit but Nisha Harshavat said she is not going to do it for me. I asked to invite store manager who came immedetly and helped to get a different ring in 5 minutes in the way which salesperson of Randhrust mall advised and representive person of credit department. Thirty minutes Nasha Harshavat spent of arguing with me, made me cry in front of her, it was gift for my 20 Aniversarry. I been loyal client of your store for the years and it was first time of meeting such a rude and unproffetional person. She must be fired and i must get credit store of price of my ring. My attorney will be involved.
My phone number [protected] Irina Grossman,
email [protected]@yahoo.com


On this day 12/28/2016 my wife went into the carson store located 9800 south ridgeland ave chicago ridge il I had gotten her a coach wallet 12/04/2016 and the lady that helped us was so rude my wife wanted to leave she was so rude she didn't want to look up and rewards I had she was acting so rude I just went and got the wallet so my wife gets it for christmas and relize it doesn't go with her purse so she took it back on 12/28/16 and again this women the same sales lady again was rude and abet the purchase my wife asks to talk to the manager and they just said they talk to her I just want to file a complaint on her and I will like to have this issue take care of thanks for you time my name is jerry glasper and I can be reached at [protected] again thanks

Customer service

I went to buy gifts on 12/24/16 at the women's department and as I was being checked out the two cashiers that were at the register were talking about how they like working better from one department than other. The cashier that was checking me out told the other cashier that she liked the other department better (I forgot what department that was) bc she didn't have to deal with customers. She tried to like whisper it but obviously I heard it. As I was asking a question about one of my items, the other cashier interrupted and my cashier replied to her completely ignoring me. Overall it wasn't a good experience.

Customer service

Customer service / shipping order

I am beyond frustrated with carson's. I ordered something through carson's thanksgiving day. It is december 19 and I still have not received my order. I have contacted carson's and the lady I spoke too, was very rude and did not want to help me at all. I asked if I can be transferred to talk to someone who can further assist me. She said no. She just kept saying no. As I asked for a manager she decided to transfer me somewhere else. I am now sitting here for 30 mins to be assisted. I ordered this for a christmas gift and now I see that it is not going to happen and I am furious !! I will make sure to let my friends and family know my horrible experience I had with carson's. I will not be a returning customer and start my shopping at a different department store like kohls that are more professional and will have my orders on time. Im here to let carson's know they have rude unprofessional employees and need to make changes.

  • Wine Is Good Dec 19, 2016

    Sigh. You ordered something online the months of December, like 500, 000, 000, 000 other people did. WHAT DOES THE TRACKING AND ORDER STATUS ON THE TOP OF YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE TELL YOU???????????????????????????????????????

    Please, please, please, NEVER order anything online the month of December that you HAVE to have by Christmas. ORDER BEFORE THANKSGIVING unless you are willing to wait. This is the busiest shipping time of the year. That you can not seem to understand that is ridiculous. It has been ONLY 11 business days since you ordered.

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The sensor wasn't removed from my clothes

I went to the Carson's in North Riverside to purchase clothes to attend my grandmother funeral. I found clothing and went to try it on. Upon going into the fitting room, there were clothes, hangers and paper all over the place. Then when I was ready to check out, the cashiers were just standing around conversing and this is why when she checked me out she didn't remove the sensor. Now I have to get back out in this weather to have them remove it.

I live in Los Angeles and this was definitely not the customer service I was expecting to receive. This is very frustrating to say the least!!! I will not go back to that store again!!!

The sensor wasn't removed from my clothes

  • Wine Is Good Dec 18, 2016

    My husband if being fitted for a portable defibrillator. He is 46 years old. If this is all I had to worry about, I would county my blessings.

    Aside from that, you were standing there while she rang you up. You did not notice that the tag was not removed? Did the alarm not go off? Or were you on your phone not paying attention to the world around you? Mistakes happen with imperfect people. You even make a few. I wonder if anyone has ever jumped on here to complain about your mistakes.

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Halifax Traders packable down jacket size 1X - black

I purchased the packable down jacket some time in October. I cut off all of the tags! I have receipts but not sure which one belongs to the jacket. The reason for the complaint is the defective zipper. Whenever it is zipped up and I sit down the zipper opens from the bottom! I can roll the zipper down at fast as I can and it will close, but this happens every time I use the jacket. I am a crossing guard and always looking for something warm to wear...this jacket would be perfect. Took it back to the Randhurst store and the clerk went out on the floor to find another jacket, but didn't find one, she would not look up my purchase!... I don't know what else to do! I cannot use the jacket and would like a refund or another jacket.

Mattress scam

Carson Pirie Scott sold my husband and I a $5, 000 mattress. We purchased the protective mattress pad because the 30-year warrantee would be void if there was a stain on the mattress. So, doing our due diligence, we purchased everything we could to ensure the mattress would be protected. Fast forward four years. The mattress has a 1 1/2 inch depression. When the company came out to look at the depression, they noticed a small stain on the mattress. My husband wiped it, and it has since come out. It was very small, and I am not sure what the culprit was. We were very careful about cleaning the mattress pad and always had the mattress protected. Perhaps a little sweat got through at some point? I'm not sure.

Regardless, this superior mattress pad we bought was supposed to protect the mattress. Not so. So guess what? We are out $5, 000 because the company will not exchange our mattress. They will, however, refund the $90 mattress pad that didn't work. This is a SCAM sale. I will NEVER purchase anything from Carson Pirie Scott again. They do not stand behind their products, and they are out to take your money. Watch out.

  • Ti
    Timah May 16, 2014

    I feel your pain. I purchased 3 mattress pads and 2 mattresses. I was told that the mattress pad would protect my mattress from stains. The packaging even says that it resists stains and it guarantees to protect the mattress and the mattress pad from stains. This is an outright lie. This is the worst product ever. Carson's (Bon Ton Inc.) has a horrible product and horrible customer service. Their products should be pulled from the shelf because it's false advertisement. It is definitely a scam. All I was offered was my money back for the pad.

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poorly made sofa

They delivered my $1800 Clayton Marcus sofa one week ago and it looks like it's several years old...

Unfair customer service

I am really disappointed with Carson Pirie Scott, especially with a recent visit to this location. This is usually my favorite location because of the area, and selection. Typically I shop more in the women’s clothes and shoes, and once in awhile I will purchase jewelry from the fine jewelry department’s Effie Collection and clearance when I want to treat myself and can afford it! Usually my mother spends more time and money in the fine jewelry department in this location and Woodfield’s than I do.

In this visit a couple of days ago at York Town Mall, Lombard IL it was my mother who actually was just browsing and she told me how she had a horrible time with the sales associate Dawn, and felt like she was being discriminated against because of our Indian ethnicity. My mother explained to me how she felt as if this associate neglected her and treated other customers much more kindly because they had purchased something right away and my mother was just only looking because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to purchase what she was looking at. My mother described this associate as giving her rude looks and rolling her eyes when my mother would “call for help” or ask to see a piece of jewelry, my mother describes “calling for help” because my mother said the sales associate would walk away right after showing something from a case instead of staying with her in one spot at a time. She had to literally call out to the lady just to get her attention to come back. Ultimately my mother did not even want to look anymore because the associate rushed to the next customer that “was just looking”. I never waste my time to scold or report- if a sales associate at some store was tired and lazy, however when my mother explained to me the better customer service Dawn treated to the other customers “that were just looking” and did not even purchase something and were also white ……………..this situation bothers me and makes me not want to visit this Carson’s location again if that really is the case…
I do not want any “I demand a freebie or some sort of special coupon” I want to notify you how unfair the service you provide really is. I had jobs in retail stores when I was in high school and going through college and I was taught to treat customers equally no matter what color or size or sex they were even if they don’t purchase something, even if they are a hassle. I completely understand when you have a terrible customer who is ###, takes almost an hour, and then after her whole tangent does not even purchase anything from you-that is the most stressful situation, I know I worked at T.J Max throughout high school and college which has far less customer service interaction, intimacy and building customer relationships however, if you know you are going to do things like this why did you even bother applying for a job there?. If I was with my mom that day I would have told off this old lady. How dare you roll your eyes at my mother just because you think she is not going to purchase anything that exact day-I don’t think anyone in this day and age would even take out their wallet the same day they just saw something they wanted to buy. Don’t we have a right to look anyways? My mother and I have spent a lot of money just at Carson Pirie Scott, not just with the jewelry but with the cosmetics, fragrance, shoes, kids’ clothes, kitchen aids, men’s clothes, EVERTHING. Carson Pirie Scott is usually the store we think of first to go shopping or purchase gifts just because it is right by my parents’ home-----And this is the kind of customer service that is given?????? I advise this location to re-train their employees or maybe even hire better ones. How are you going to make repeat customers if your employees do not even want to show what the store is selling? What if my mother wants to come back for the item she was looking at? I hate to think and even bring up that this bad service is a race discrimination however it really resonated with my mother and made her that upset to call me and vent to me about it. Also-with the preferential customer treatments, are we suppose to somehow spend a fortune at this department just to get kind and fair service? I know I have probably only spent $400 so far in fine jewelry with multiple sales clerks helping me so I do not have a specific go to person, but my mother has probably spent at least almost $2, 000 or more by now so she should have been treated like a god damn queen.

I know this associate did not say anything directly to my mother but actions speak much louder than words.

I would personally go to this location to speak to someone in charge of the store about this situation but I live and work in the city and travel, and my mother doesn’t even want me to say anything and to leave it alone and move on.

All in all I will most likely still shop here just because of the great prices, however I will always think about this situation and be hesitant towards asking sales associates for help.

  • Un
    Unkind and unfair customer service May 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes there were probbaly other customers looking also, and a couple purchases made, but the main point is fairness, she did not have to make the faces she was making while attending to my mother.

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  • Sh
    Sherry Spaw Mar 27, 2014


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My complaint is regarding discrimination!!! I was at Carsons located at Stratford Square Mall in...

Furniture Damage

I purchase furniture and the warranty on a dining room set from Carsons. We pulled the leaf out of the bag...


I think Carsons coupons are bogus. Its a trick to get you in the store hoping you will see something you like and buy it. They pretty much exclude everything. I went to purchase furniture with a coupon $500 off a $2000 purchase, sound too good to be true? Yes it was,

coupon excludes yellow dot clearance, all clearance furniture, all furniture clearance center merchandise, incredible value merchandise, bonus buys, door busters, temper-pedic, regular priced merchandise, service departments, special orders and giftcards.

So what can I use this coupon on? Everything in the store is a special order. I really wanted a sectional that cost $2600 & a chair, table and so on, but will have to settle for something else somewhere else. For being the only customer in the store the last few days, you'd think the sales manager would at least offer 10% off to keep the sale.


Approximately or on Decebmer 5, 2009. I was shopping for Boots advertised on televison. What transpired upon...

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