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T.J. Maxx verified

unethical behavior

I recently visited your TJMaxx store in Newark, Delaware and am alarmed by the way I was treated by one of your cashiers. I was in the line with my daughter and granddaughter ready to check out. Originally, I was standing behind a woman, who then proceeded to move ahead to speak to one of the cashiers up front. The #8 cashier became available and called for the next customer. As I proceeded to move forward, the customer then turned around and stated that she was next and would like to go to that cash register. I apologized and returned back to the start of the line. When another cash register became available, I moved forward again. This time, it was #6, and she began to speak to me in a condescending tone stating that I had cut the line and will not be serviced. She then demanded I returned to the end of the line. It was humiliating to be spoken to like this, especially when I did not cut the line and had been standing here the entire time. I asked the customer behind me to verify that I in fact did not cut the line in front of him, and at this point a Coordinator stepped in to check me out. The cashier's name was Marie, and I am very disappointed in the way she handled the situation and really hope that for future customers, this type of humiliation does not occur.
I have worked at Tiffany and Co for 22 years and I would never talk or treat a customer the way I was treated today...…

thanks you for your time and I hope this can be addressed. I can be reach if need be @[protected]

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