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sales rona

190954 The sales rona's attitude is awful. I want to return my bag. She refused and I tried to communicate with her in good attitude. I've never seen sales attitude be so...

Michael Aram

Ordered an item online, realized I entered the wrong address (Ordered more than one item going to two addresses - one was a gift). Called customer service to change address and...

versace bathrobe and versace trunks

On December 28th 2019 I ordered a Versace bathrobe $595.00 and Versace trunks $65.00.. also paid for next day shipping $25.00... "off the app" so then later that night check the date and it said January 2 2020!! so I gave them a call they told me wait for a tracking number that will come to my email! I waited another 24hrs I contact them back and they said sorry they will refund my $25.00 for next day shipping: then 1/2/20 came no package I contact them and they said they canceled my order and told me that it didn't go thru security, so then they told me sorry they'll give b me 10% off and free shipping call back when the money is replaced on my card! So I called them back.. 1/6/20 replaced my order said it will arrive 1/9/20. Got my ordered number never got a email from them! Canceled my order once again! I talked to the manger zula and she claims it's because I used my daughter email! the first time I ordered I was shipping to my address and the second time I placed the order I used my daughters address and remind you I placed the order over the phone. Still didn't receive my money back on my card! She told me to contact my bank! Conference call so I told her that I Call her right back after I gave the bank all my information to do the conference call so when I called her back with my bank on the phone they left me on hold for 36 minutes never answer the phone so I hung up with my bank and hung up with them and that was today January 11, 2020! Is very sad you have to go through all this to receive your packages or your money back!

customer service/online

DISGUSTING HORRIBLE SERVICE. I purchased $300 shoes, first time they cancelled my order, never attempted to call or give me a notification about it I HAD TO CALL THEM. But they did take the money off my card and said it would take 3 business days to be put back on. Placed the order again after speaking with supervisor AND THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPND. No notification or attempt to contact me to verify cc. No accommodations just said sorry and blamed it on the fraud department. My card is now on hold for $600 with no items on the way!!!

  • Ka
    Karina lima Oct 07, 2019

    I been trying to get my refund for 3 months and NEVER received!!!

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return item versace jeans

I ordered a pair of Versace jeans that did not fit properly so I returned them with Saks shipping label, yesterday I received that same package back from Saks stating there was an Old Navy and some other cheap item in my return package and refuse to credit me. There is no way I sent back items from stores I don't even shop at. Their employees in the return distribution center must be robbing items and claiming they got an item returned in package that Saks does not even carry, now they feel I should pay the $469.80 for a pair of jeans I don't own. Buyer beware! Customer Service is of no help, they said they asked return center what they received and they claim jeans were not in package. Of course they did, would they say, we did get them back but decided to rob them to sell elsewhere. I will never shop at Saks again, neither online nor in the store

arletta off the shoulder top xs sun - lack of effective customer service


Since I received a faulty product I rang last week over four times from Overseas.
All the time wasted with various people who Never got back to me as promised.
Three Emails sent not even replied.

Can someone PLEASE call me back as There were only two places who had the same item and size and not in my time zone, let alone getting a Return Authorisation for this damaged item.
Where is your real customer service ?
So disappointed at this bad treatment. My number again is: +[protected]


Sophie Constance

Saks Off 5th AvenueI didn't receive the products

I ordered products on Sakes off 5th Avenue on July 1 and they sent me an email which said my order(#8038486) is comfirmed and the products will be arrived on July 8. But now it's July 17 I still didn't receive the products. The products are for my friends when I go back to my country, it makes so much troubles for me! I have no time to make a new order. Please solve this issue for me, thank you.

I am waiting for the reply .My email: [protected]

I didn't receive the products

unethical behavior by sales associate

To whom it may concern,

I had a very bad experience with an associate by the name of Evelyn #881313 at the Camarillo Factory Outlet 6/12/2019 at 4:07pm. After paying for my items with Evelyn, I noticed that I was charged full price for a sale item, so I get back in line and was helped by another associate by the name of Anthony. While he was helping me Evelyn looks over and asked him if I was returning something and he replied no I am trying to adjust the price. Evelyn leans over and grabs the item and replies, let me check very rudely. She looks over to me and says this is not on sale someone put this on this item. Then she tried to take the sale sticker off of the tag. I asked her did an another associate put it on and she replies rudely, no a customer and there is a lot more of these items, so I asked her to show me. Evelyn then walks to the dressing room and was telling another associate that I put a sale tag on the item. She did not realize I was behind her and the other associate replied to her no that is on sale and is the last one and showed her where it was. I was so insulted by Evelyn's accusations and rude behavior. That's when I asked for a manger. Evelyn claimed there was no store manager. Than Anthony claimed he was out to lunch. That's when Zach came out and said he was a supervisor and also claimed they did not have a store manager. I asked him for a number to reach someone in management and he gave me a fake phone number that was Identity theft services. This is really bad customer service and if this is the kind of customer service that Saks Fifth is going to condone, I would rather spend my money else where. This was not a pleasant shopping experience and I hope that Saks can educate and emphasize to their associates on better customer service because no paying customer deserves to be treated badly.

they didn’t let fedex to deliver my package

I ordered a pair of boots and when I checked the tracking number it says: undeliverable. So I called to saks costumer services and told me that the package was damage, and that I had to buy it again while waiting the refund. It turns out that I called to fedex and gave them the tracking number and they told me that they didn't delivered my package because they received and order from saks to stop the shipping process. First they lied to me by saying that the package was damaged and then they are not willing to reship my order like a regular store would do. Now I don't have the money in my bank account and I don't have my boots.

they didn’t let fedex to deliver my package


My order #[protected] placed on september, 5 2018. Was returned next day after I got it.. It was shoes and was small on me.. But when I called asking why I didnt get refund for long.. They said //I cannot get refund because box was not seal... My question was.. How it could seal if I have to try it.. But they said it was on the way back to me. I got it... It was in new condition.. Not even one since of wearing.. I called explaining situation and they said.. Ok no problem.. Sent it back and u get refund.. I send it back... Never got refund and they are saying they didnt get it base on my trucking number.. But their automatic system saying it was process to refund... Im trying to resolve this issue for long trying to explain that maybe I saved wrong trucking number and they can check the correct trucking number on their web where I created return label... And I am sure they got this shoes back... It was scanned if automatic system saying it was delivered... They just dont wanna look to my issue... But its big money for me to loose $323.00

horrible customer service

I ordered a $1000 bag. They sent me the wrong bag. They corrected it, but, I was owed $174. There customer service is not in the us!!! For 2 months I have been calling to inquire about my refund and they keep promising me that it is coming. I called 20 times, totally wasting my time. I have no choice but to make a charge back. I will also file a complaint with the better business bureau

terrible management/ poor service by employee shirley

Worst customer service at Saks fifth ave Manhattan by the employee name Shirley. Other day Was trying to buy a set of perfume and wanted to know more about the set of perfumes but she was more interested in indecent talk . And was offering one night stand this is so inappropriate behavior by an employee. Extremely poor customer service. So disappointed that Some sale representative don't know how to deal with customer.

miansai necklace

I received damage product that I had send back for repair but after waiting over 30 days I just received a letter from their customer service dept. indicating that they are unable to fix a damage necklace or refund my money. I have never encounter such unprofessional bunch kids that they all sound a same with a bad accent and even worser attitude.
Please for your own sake don't buy anything from saks or as I like to call them grinch who stoled the holiday.

gift card “aug2018”_order [protected]

I placed this order and expected to receive $600 gift card. But only received $75. I contact the customer representatives. They were very disappointing and lied to me and tried to fool me.

1. The first one said I was issued $75 because I received a free sample. But in fact promotion code of free sample online didn't say it could not be combined with the gift card code. And he even blame me by saying it was me not read the small words under the advertisement carefully.

Actually, both of them were part of the advertisement to attract the customers to buy. I've attached the advertisement from dealsea. Saks fifth lied and tried to cheating me in saying so.

2. The representative said he could do nothing because the order had been placed and completed. This was so irresponsible and rude! Saks fifth induced the customer spent more by sending this promotion. And when they knew it was their fault they refused to correct their mistake. This is vicious not negligent.

3. The representative hold me a long time then hung up. When I called the another representative, he knew it was Saks fifth fault but he refused to correct it by issuing a right amount gift card. Instead he said they had to investigate for 10- 15 days!

Saks fifth neglectly issued a wrong gift card. They didn't admit it, refuse to correct their mistake when they know it was their fault. Instead, they tried to fool me and delay the compensation process.

gift card “aug2018”_order [protected]
gift card “aug2018”_order [protected]
gift card “aug2018”_order [protected]
gift card “aug2018”_order [protected]
gift card “aug2018”_order [protected]
gift card “aug2018”_order [protected]

order#[protected] and called customer service but they were not helpful at all!!!

I ordered my 2 Clinique products on 8//13/2018. I received the email confirmation on 8/14 that the products have been sent out and I will be received the products approximately on 8/16.

I have been tracking the package but the only update was on 8/14. I thought I will give few days to see if there is any update. However, until today (8/27) I still have not receive any updated information for my order.

I just called Sak Fifth Ave customer service and I spoke to 1 representative (named Joe), 2 supervisors, and 1 Customer service manager (named Dan; Employee ID#3032005) who didn't provide me any help at all. The help they gave me was they will open investigation with FedEx as to what happen to the shipment, which they think it's ok for me to wait another 14 days after 13 days of waiting. They expected to have a customer wait for a minimum of 27 days for the order issue to be resolved. I asked to get the refund to me while they are figuring out with Fedex. However, I was told that I have to wait until investigation end in order to get my refund. That's totally a horrible customer service from a High End department store. I was told by Dan, the customer service manager that it's the normal practice they need to do with any customer who has the same problem. As a result, I am not getting my products nor my money for at least 27 days and it caused me huge inconvenience that I don't have the products to use. Honestly speaking, I got better service from any other retailers handling the similar situation and I am super surprise that I got this unacceptable customer services from such an high end department store.

I would like to ask someone else to help me solving this simple problem as soon as possible.


  • Updated by S Chen · Aug 27, 2018

    I ordered my 2 Clinique products on 8//13/2018. I received the email confirmation on 8/14 that the products have been sent out and I will be received the products approximately on 8/16.

    I have been tracking the package but the only update was on 8/14. I thought I will give few days to see if there is any update. However, until today (8/27) I still have not receive any updated information for my order.

    I just called Sak Fifth Ave customer service and I spoke to 1 representative (named Joe), 2 supervisors, and 1 Customer service manager (named Dan; Employee ID#3032005) who didn't provide me any help at all. The help they gave me was they will open investigation with FedEx as to what happen to the shipment, which they think it's ok for me to wait another 14 days after 13 days of waiting. They expected to have a customer wait for a minimum of 27 days for the order issue to be resolved. I asked to get the refund to me while they are figuring out with Fedex. However, I was told that I have to wait until investigation end in order to get my refund. That's totally a horrible customer service from a High End department store. I was told by Dan, the customer service manager that it's the normal practice they need to do with any customer who has the same problem. As a result, I am not getting my products nor my money for at least 27 days and it caused me huge inconvenience that I don't have the products to use. Honestly speaking, I got better service from any other retailers handling the similar situation and I am super surprise that I got this unacceptable customer services from such an high end department store.

    I would like to ask someone else to help me solving this simple problem as soon as possible.


online purchase

I purchased a pair of shoes for my wife 3 weeks before our wedding as a surprise to her. When placing the order i specifically requested that a note be placed on the account to require a signature when being delivered. Apparently this was not done as requested because on the day that the item was to be delivered i checked my tracking and was told that my package was delivered. I checked my porch as i had been home waiting for the package. There was no package delivered. I waited for several hours before reaching out to customer service, thinking that maybe the delivery was just running behind. Upon speaking to customer service i was told that an investigation would be made and i would receive a call within a few days. This also never happened. So i placed several calls back to Saks Customer service only to be given the run around by everyone that i have spoken to. I have been placed on hold for hours at a time when requesting a supervisor. Each time which is now 7 times that ive called. I have been told that a refund was processed. This refund was never received. Upon my last call i was told that the item had been returned. Unsure as to how this happened being that ive never received the item nor do i have a location in my City to return the item i was told that further investigation would be made and here we are over a month later and still no shoes nor a refund has been processed. However i refuse to give up. If i have to involve my lawyer than that is the route i will have to take. Needless to say my wedding has come and gone, and although my wife looked amazing. I believe the gift that was purchased for her would have been the icing on the cake.

fraud identity theft beware it’s ongoing!

Due to a computer issue I had to place an online order over the phone. Rep was very "nice"& offered free unsolicited overnight shipping. 3 weeks later when I made a return to a saks store for another item, a fradulant charge appeared. Contacted saks who are aware of a male individual in Chevy chase who placed the order . Saks has a severe breach that hasn't been addressed. They outsource - penny wise, pound foolish. I'm pressing charges. Getting an attorney. Pure negligence on saks's behalf. All this is directly related to the online order I placed. There is no "nice" in saks.
What was once a revered institution, has become a cesspool . Greed begets stupidity and crime.

their sales representatives cheery chen scams my account

I went to saks queen toronto store on july 17.2018 with transaction of $2000 cad... There is a promotion event going on.. When you spend $2000 and get back $450. Your sale...

saks returns

Returned item to sfa 38 days ago, 20+ phone calls and still no refund. I got the run around by every one I spoke with being told something different every time I called. Is this what you call great customer service??? I have been a loyal sfa customer for 35 years and have never been treated so poorly
Bought shoes on 5-22
Order #[protected]
Shipped back to them usps tracking #9406103699300009243521
Was received back to saks on 5-31-18
Where is my refund??? I want it now, I am tired of all lies.

poor and unacceptable service at the brookfield place men's store

On the day of May 19th, my husband and I went to buy his yearly Summer clothes. It's one of the only times when, he shops for clothes before his birthday. We have been eyeing several outfits at Saks previously, and since we moved into the area, we decided to wait until we had the time to make one big purchase. It was also the pre-sale thus, things were looking good for us to enjoy a great day of shopping. We started helping ourselves then, a nice salesperson named Omar started helping us. He seemed new, unknowledgeable of the merchandise but, friendly. My husband purchased several outfits (over $1500 worth of Saks casual wear and a hat). He also had two pairs of pants altered. Everything was folded into a paper bag. We were told we could pick the items up on Tuesday (5/22), when the pre-sale was over. Well...we arrived on Saturday (5/26) and was told our items were shipped to our home. The issue was... we never gave them our address and paid New York tax! This is what Omar, our salesperson said. We asked for a manager and told the manager that shipping was impossible. He looked into this and they kept us waiting for over an hour... they did not offer any updates, no water...nothing. Omar kept helping other people. By this time, we let them know about our alterations, which we were told would be ready by Tuesday (5/22) now...they said that the pants would not be ready until the 5/29! We were hungry, angry (because they could not find our clothes for an hour) and lied to. Finally after 90 minutes they found our clothes in the ladies department! They handed us the paper bag of clothes (the same bag they held them in) ...with no tissue and his hat was on top getting smashed! The department manager did not even come by to apologize (she saw us and walked away). We were told that they are going to call us and apologize which they never did which is why I am writing this letter. It was pathetic. The only bright spot for the day was the alterations department rushed his pants so, we did not have to go back to that terrible store. I really want to believe in going to stores for service but, online shopping is the way to go...and Saks has truly lost our business.

I never received the online order at store to my house

to whom may concern,

My name is Rogan Tousi, I have a Sax Fifth Ave credit card # [protected].
I was in Tyson's Corner VA Store on November 15, 2017 to purchase a top. My size top that I liked wasn't available in the store, therefore the sales associate ordered one online to deliver to my home the next day, since I told him I am going out of town on nov 17 and need it before I travel. He assured me that I receive next day. By the time I left on nov 17, I hadn't received my order. When I came back after 10 days, I called the costumer service and they told me it was delivered by fedex on nov 17th afternoon, which I was gone by then. They gave me the fedex track number, I called fedex and they told me the same. By customer service advice I went to tysons corner store and explained to the manager. He promised me that he'll follow up and either send me another one or return the purchase amount to my sax credit card. I never heard from him and I couldn't reach him by phone. Again I was advised by saks customer service that I disputed the amount, and I did. After while I received a letter that they denied my dispute and gave my account to capital one. Now, not only I don't have the merchandise, but I end up with the price of $344.50 + the late fee and interest which end up to $412.31.
I don't believe that Sax Fifth Avenue treats their customers this way and its not fare at all.
For many months I am dealing with this problem and a lot of stress. I taught may the Corporate office could help me to solve this matter.
In advance I appreciate your attention to this matter.

Rogan Tousi
cell# [protected]
7523 Bradley Blvd Bethesda MD 20817

wedding shoes

190954 I bought shoes for my wedding and when I opened the box my shoes were damaged. I called them and asked if I can exchange them and they said I can't I will have to ship it back and...



I have had ongoing issues with Saks
Cancelled orders, mistakes, hours on the phone and no resolution. Finally got a call back from a manager from number [protected], by the name of Karen. She tried to rectify one order and placed it on the phone thru a store. I had no email confirmation or details. I received a phone call from Fedex and they informed me that I need too pay 176$ duties. Which normally to canada are included. Then I spend another hour on the phone. No one hoped me and fedex showed up at my door. I paid the amount but would like to have it reimbursed.
the order number is 9580174
Please help

not receiving a product ordered in store

I went into the Troy MI store for a pair of shoes which they did not have in my size. So the salesman offered to order them and have them sent to my home. Which he also told me I...

poor customer service

I ordered a Moncler barbel jacket online via on 9 April 2018. I had a $758 gift voucher, which I used to pay for part of the jacket. The remaining amount was put on my...

terrible service

I have filed a dispute with American Express already however, I do want to file a direct complaint for the store as well as the employee that worked with me. This was Vicky Lynn...

online shopping

Jan-feb 2018; I ordered 5 watches; with gift messages; 3 watches arrived together; with no messages; the fourth and fifth arrived days after one was in a white box with someone's red and green christmas paper still on, but when I opened box not even the watch I ordered!!! (I needed for gifts that weekend) the other watch was just in mailing box without its proper box... So I call get someone who could not understand!!! He arranged to have watches picked up, but could not resend the correct watch or one package correctly, I had to return, and reorder!!! So I do this, only to again receive wrong watch!!!, I go thru all this again, reorder again get wrong watch...3 times each time a different watch but not the one I ordered; to date I finally get credit for one of the watch, only to have credit given as a gift card!!! I don't want a gift card I want it back on my account!!! And this was a gift, both were and the gifts were not given as they kept messing me up with wrong watches, an embarassement; never will I order again, and phone agents were not at all sympathetic or helpful

worse and worse

How is this company still operating? It's a nightmare. Been with them for several years and they have never been perfect. There always was something wrong and sometimes it...

customer service troy michigan

I went in to return a coat, I was passed on to two different associates, I requested a manager, the manager told the associate she would researched the item from her system in the...

order # [protected] ref: returned merchandise: armani collezioni navy coat.

August 15, 2017
Order # [protected]
Ref: Returned Merchandise: Armani Collezioni navy coat. $444.40 - 1st time June 26th & August 3rd, 2017
To: Customer Service Department/Distribution Department
From: Yogi Strait

I wanted to let you know on August 3rd I returned Armani Collezioni navy coat for second time. No one followed up with me for 20 days and I am leaving town for a while and wanted to get the merchandise back to you before I left town. I am back in town and I still have not heard from Saks F Customer Service Department and it's been 32 days since I talked to Rochelle for help.

I talked with Rochelle on July 14, 2017, after receiving the above merchandise with a letter stating the merchandise had been worn or altered and Saks F could not issue a credit.
I let her know this merchandise has not been worn or altered by me.
I got back in town late Sunday the 25th to find the merchandise was delivered Saturday 24th at 3:46PM. I promptly returned the merchandise the next morning, Monday, June 26, 2017 in the condition it was shipped with tags intact.
The merchandise was received in poor condition; it was crumpled in the box not on a hanger or in a protected plastic bag or tissue paper. Please see photo for the condition the merchandise was shipped.

I explained to Rochelle I live in Austin, Texas where July weather is in the high 80's - 90's; not coat weather and the merchandise was return promptly with no time to wear the coat as stated in your letter. I assure you I did not wear to sleep.
Rochelle explained after contacting her; customer service on July 14th, her next step would be to email the distribution center with my request to once again return the unwanted Armani Collezioni
coat and to have my account credited for the full amount of $444.40. She informed me she would get back with me once she heard from the distribution department within 24 to 48 hours.

It's August 3rd; 20 days since my conversation with Rochelle and I have not heard from anyone from your company.
I would greatly appreciate your prompt attention in crediting my account for $444.40.
Please contact me to discuss any future questions you may have at 512.422-0006.

Thank you kindly, Yogi

order # [protected] ref: returned merchandise: armani collezioni navy coat.

store associates customer service

I would like to make you aware of a situation that happened in your location in Beachwood, OH at the Beachwood Mall.

If the situation itself wasn’t bad enough, the way your associates handled it was even worse.

On July 6th, I was in your contemporary denim section. After searching for jeans with no assistance at all, it took me approximately 5 minutes to flag an associate down to have a dressing room unlocked. On the dressing room floor was a pin which I stepped on and it went underneath the nail bed of my toe. I was bleeding profusely at which time I tried to find an associate with a tissue or towel that I could wrap it in. No luck there. I literally went through the drawers in the dressing room and found paper that I stopped the bleeding with. About this time your associate did show up. I showed her the pin that I pulled out of my foot and explained the situation. She stated, “oh yes, this is the room we do the alternations in. She must have dropped a pin” . Yes, I guess she must have. How about getting me a manager? Or a tissue? Or assuring me this won’t happen to someone else?

Upon leaving that day my friend and I both agreed that the level of service in that store has decreased greatly. I doubt we will be back. There are plenty of other places to buy premium denim and designer purses.

Kim DiTosti

no order!

I ordered a few stuff from Saks Fifth Avenue and was waiting patiently but nothing arrived. I contacted customer service and asked them to cancel my order because I did not want...

still waiting for my product

I called Saks Fifth Avenue and ordered a belt from them, but the one I received was too small, so I contacted them again and they said that in these cases they don't do refunds and offered me a replacement for a bigger size and I agreed. Weeks passed and nothing arrived so I called again and was told that my belt was no longer in stock and that I have to be patient. Then I said that I can choose another one and that I am ready to pay the difference, but they refused and said that I only can get the same product as a replacement. So I'm still waiting for my belt and have no idea what to expect.

online purchase / customer service/ international order placing

i've been shopping online for over 5 years and i have never ever come across such an appalling online retailer platform. If Saks is incapable to handle the online system yet, then...

poor customer service in multiple departments

I attempted to send this complaint directly to the store manager of the Saks Fifth Avenue in Sarasota, Fl but I could not find direct access to an email address. I have never...

terrible online customer service

I purchased an item Nov. 30th 2015 (order no. [protected]) that was to be delivered December 2, 2015. On December 1st I reviewed the order online and saw that it showed as processed, but no delivery time was given and called customer support. I was informed that the purchase was going through security review, "verification", and that I would be contacted within 24-48 hrs . On December 2nd, after no contact, I again called customer service. I was told that I should have been contacted and that they would email the verification department and additionally upgrade the shipping to next business day. At noon on December 1st, I received an email confirming the purchase. As I had not received any contact regarding "verification", I again called customer service. This time I was told that I would only be contacted if they had an issue, but were unable to give any more information about a ship time because the item was still being processed and I would receive the shipping information once the item shipped. I was additionally told to call back in approximately 5-6 hrs if no status change occurred. Approximately 5 hrs later, I again called customer service to inquire about the status. This time I was told the item was being shipped from a store, they needed time to locate the item and they couldn't give an estimate until the item was located. When asked for further clarification, I was told that if after 4 days from processing the item was not found, the transaction would be canceled. Additional I was informed that even though I made the purchase two days prior, it was treated as though it had just been purchased on December 2nd. Since the item is completely sold out, the chances of any store locating the item at this point is very slim. Why the item wasn't put on hold while "verification" took place is unfathomable. Furthermore, why did a customer have to call numerous times for status updates? As my inbox is littered with a virtual litany of sales and specials from Saks daily, I find it hard to believe that they lack the ability to give their customers simple updates or even properly set forth how their purchase is being handled. Not once did I receive any contact about my order being placed on hold and requiring further "verification". Additionally, neither my online account nor emails indicate that the order needed to be store located and may require more time. Only two days after purchase and numerous calls later did I receive a complete understanding of what was going on. This is the second time miscommunication and lack of proper notification caused a purchase to be mishandled (e.g., see order number [protected] that resulted in cancellation of item and again required numerous calls to gain complete understanding prior to cancellation). Seeing this has occurred in the past, I can only assume a cancellation awaits after the four days have elapsed. I purchased an additional item and it appears to require "verification" additionally, as it has not been processed in over 24 hrs on a rush shipment. Again I called the customer service to let them know I am going out of town tomorrow and might not receive any "verification" call. When asked to speak to someone higher up in an attempt to get resolution, their response was to argue and hang up, yes, hang up. This is a new low for a week that I thought couldn't get lower. At this point all I want is my item in the time it is supposed to arrive (December 7th) and I will never return. (order no. [protected])

manolo blahnik pumps - worst online shopping experience ever

I wished I had read all these bad reviews about Saks Fifth Avenue's customer service before I placed my order.I owned few pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes which were bought from Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, I had no trouble returning unsatisfactory items and exchanging suitable sizes - the whole return/exchange and full refund process usually took 10-14 days.

As a frequent online shopper I happily placed my first order at Saks Fifth Avenue and spent almost $1800 on two pairs of Manolo Blahnik without any hesitation. Turned out both sizes were off so I sent an email to request for a return instruction as usual. Guess what -- none reply was given so far!! Actually no surprise at all after reading all these bad reviews and I have no wish to return the items now.

I have heard enough of their stories. I don't want to return the brand new condition goods for their "inspection process", and end up mailing the "defect/unsalable goods" back to me plus zero refund. I hope people stop buying from this shop, and designers as well please stop supplying goods to this shop. People do not mind splurging on designer clothing but unfit items will end up at the back of the wardrobe without wearing once. This is a total waste of money and effort (of the designer and the craftsman).There are too many better shops out there. We don't need this kind of outrageous service.

veterans service animal

May 30, 2015 At Saks Fifth Avenue, Biltmore Fashion Park Phoenix, Arizona At Saks Fifth Avenue, Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix, Arizona: I witnessed a very humiliating and sad...

Saks Fifth Avethieving and disgusting business!

I made a purchase 3 months ago. A week after I purchased I wanted to exchange the size, I called customer service and they told me to drive 2 hours away to their store location because they could not exchange online orders. I drove all the way their and they did not carry that brand in stock. I asked to return the item and they said they would only give me 50$ after calling back the online department, apparently they mixed up another order from a week later and decided they already gave me a half refund... Which does not make any sense. So now its 3 months later and the item is on sale so now they claim in order to return the item I will owe them 85$ and if I want to send it in I will be charged another 85$ plus 9$ shipping???? WT[censored] @SAKS???

lost packages

I ordered two items from, one was a Marc Jacobs cord bracelet and the other, a Rebecca Minkoff top for a birthday present. When the bracelet arrived, I tried to stretch out the bracelet to see if it'll fit my kid's hand, but as I pulled on the cord, the little gold beads that were glued on the tips of the cord came right off. I was shocked, but not too upset since the item was under $26. The RM top ended up being too big on her, so I ended up shipping both items back. Saks did supply a prepaid label, but I was afraid it would take weeks for it to arrive to them. So I spent a total of $20+ on shipping to mail them out separately (this included both tracking and $100 on insurance), and waited 3 days for them to be delivered. And on the weekend, they arrived safely to the Saks warehouse. And thus, I wait for a refund.

I contacted Saks customer service to see if they received the packages. I supplied them my order numbers and tracking number. However, the reps claimed that, because I didn't use their prepaid label, they were unable to locate my packages. But they assured me that it takes 14 days to process the refund. I waited a few more days and I contacted them again. Once again, they couldn't find my package. They claimed a "shipper" sends the packages to their warehouse and they have no time frame of when they receive it. This is BS, I have paid and shipped back packages back to Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, and they received my packages just fine and I was refunded within 2-3 days. How the hell did Saks suddenly lose my packages? This doesn't make a lick of sense.

Since Saks was so incompetent and refuse to help me locate them, I ended up filing a complaint with PayPal and within 3 days, I got my refunds back for both items. I'm never shopping at this crappy store ever again, and I'll make sure to tell my friends the same thing. Nordstrom and Bloomingdales will be getting my business for now on.

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    susansl Apr 06, 2018

    I have a similar compliant as some of those previously noted. I returned an item ($995.00) using their pre-paid
    shipping label. I have been told three times a refund would be issued only then to be told they couldn't
    locate the returned item. No effort was made by Saks to locate the item. I was told to call the store that sent it,
    by that store told to call a distribution center, then told to call another distribution center. Total run around.
    Will never shop there again. Happy that I have convinced friends, ready to buy designer bag and shoes to shop elsewhere.

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    shorts1218 May 24, 2018

    I bought 16 sets of dishes, received 8 sets of the smaller ones, but their 'drop ship from vendor' shows it was all on the same tracking number and so they believe I received all. How can 16 sets of 4 china dishes weigh 22.4 pounds? Calling their customer service is a joke. They do investigations which 'expire' and then they want to open up another 'investigation'. When you ask to speak to a manager, be prepared to hang up after 40 minute without your call being answered. This is the worst company. They stole over $2k of my money. Even tried calling 'their vendor' in France, Christian Lacroix, who said to email them but really a Saks problem. Have not heard from either corporation. I filed with the BBB and attorney general. Do NOT spend your money here.

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    Lisa Kamins Aug 28, 2018

    Seriously, don't shop online or in store - they have the WORST customer service and do not care about their customers. In store, you get hassled if you try to return anything, and online is worse

    Regarding a recent online experience: I purchased 2 dresses for $600, placed a rush 2 day delivery, and never received the items. Called customer service several times, was told that items were "lost" and I cannot be refunded the money until the items were found. I have never heard of something so ridiculous!

    I have called every customer service number I can find, and they all route to the same El Salvador facility. I was also told by the agent(s) that I must have put the wrong address (I didn't) and also that they are doing me a "favor" by putting a trace on the package. The way they treat customers is disgusting.

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