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Reviews and Complaints

T.J. Maxxtreated a return with bad form.

I went into a local TJ maxx this morning before work to return two items from a purchase made about a week ago. It was early in the morning, so I may have been one of the cashiers first customers. When I told her it was a return she was really initially unhappy about it which I understand might be because it reflects poorly on her sales. She asked me if they were used and what my reason for the return was. I had just made the purchase, both items were brand new, and the top had its original tag.

She pointed to the shoes and said they were used and could not be returned to which I pointed out that they were in prestene condition with stickers still attached. She took them over to a manager on the side. I heard the manager tell the cashier the shoes looked new. After speaking to him for a bit, they both returned and told me they were used and could not be purchased. Really? I asked her to point out signs of whare. She could not. She then tried to tell me my recipt was incorrect, and had no shoes listed on it. I had to point out that the last item was the footwear. Again no apology, no reasoning, no offer to exchange or find another size. Just continued to insist I couldn't make the return, and made me feel like a honest transaction was criminal. I have taken photos of the shoes while with the cashier. I called the customer hotline this morning and was told I would be sent an email within an hour. Its 4 PM I have yet to hear anything. I'll wait, but honestly I will not be shopping the Tj Maxx stores again.