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Taco Bell complaints 2168

Taco Bell - cashier

cashier Niki S. at 2011 allentown road, Lima, Ohio 45805, store number- 023826. was extremely rude, i wasn't done ordering and she told me to go up to the second window. after i received my order...

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Taco Bell - constant incorrect order

I frequent this location on my way to work almost once a week. Every time I go I order the same thing No. 6 with NO TOM cause of a food allergy, it shows registered on the screen as how I order it but then when I get to work and it is time to eat my lunch I seem more often then not to find tomatoes on my chalupas. Leaving me without a lunch for my work shift, which is aggravating since by the time I get out of work everything is closed. There is some instances where I get a feeling and check it while I'm still in the lot so I can run in and have them remake them correctly for me, but today 1/6/19 was not one of those days I checked. This visit was also upsetting cause the cashier at the window walked away to talk to another associate and the line cook was the one handing me everything, to my food & drink after asking for it. Then further asked if this was my credit card too in the machine still? Then he gave me that back too covered in taco meat from his gloves with no receipt (so I do not have my order number to reference).

At this point I'm not sure what I want as the resolution, cause I can't eat my dinner tonight and with the constant mishap of my order I'm also not sure how much more surprise your not eating nights I can take (because it is at multiple locations not just this one either).

Taco Bell - terrible service and no products available

I arrived at the Taco Bell on 6JAN19 at 8 pm hoping to try the new burritos advertised on tv all last week. I decided to get a new burrito box. I sat at the speaker for several minutes waiting for...

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Taco Bell - gm at great falls montana, 3rd street nw store (dana)

3-4 months ago I came to Dana with picture sent to my husband Josh from an Angela Maynard. It was a love note sent from her to Josh written on his cigarette pack. Saying ❤ U Josh. Dana blew me off...

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Taco Bell - call in order

Central city ky on New Year's Eve night. I called in a 30.00 order 20 minutes in advance. Upon arrival no one was at register. Manager was at drive thru. 3 people lined up behind me before manager had someone come from the back. I was told my call in order hadn't been started yet and wasn't offered a discount or coupons for my wait upon my request.

Taco Bell - everything

ive been a fan of taco bell for years ever since I can remember I go there because im always treated right no issues ever until sadly today my daughter and I went to one in Dothan on main street we...

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Taco Bell - hi! the compilation is below

I was extremely disappointed how the crew at the location 2825 Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07306 worked which are Unprofessional, cruelty, so on... I made an order for the Christmas's eve Dec 31...

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Taco Bell - product availability

I am upset and a bit concerned about the product "Chicken tacos". I know it is probably on some type of special trial, but this is the 2nd time I have gone to purchase them and the restaurant no longer carry it. I would like to see this a permanent part of the menu or at least advertise how long they will be available. This is the only reason I go to Taco Bell in the first place and then to get there and they are not available. I have sent friends over to Taco Bell to get these chicken tacos and to find out they aren't available. This is very disappointing.

Taco Bell - customer services

12/26/2018 5:30 Pm. Husband went through drive through Had to repeat order 6 times, Employee was very rude, yelled through head set stating he could not hear order, when husband went to window...

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Taco Bell - 12 pack taco supreme crunchy

On 12/26/18 at around 8:30pm, we went thru the drive thru at 3407 gerstner memorial blvd lake charles, la. I live right across the street from store, ice cold. I call the store to let them now that...

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Taco Bell - order completely wrong and rude management.

My husband ordered 2 taco salads & 2 tacos, 1 without red strips & sour cream. When ready, he asked if the 1 was without strips & sour cream. They said yes. Got home & it was wrong. I took it back, upset cause he asked if it was right. The manager & girl was very rude cause I was upset. Manager pushed the food back at me. I was the one to apologize for being upset, then got home 2 find the tacos were also wrong. This is far from the first time this has happened, but that manager knows nothing about customer service & showed it when she pushed the food back at me. They never did apologize, and said they might have if I hadn't been upset.

Taco Bell - horrible condition of us flag flying over the store

On my 12/17/18 drive thru visit, I couldn't help but notice the disgusting condition of the US flag flying over the store . It was tattered and torn at least a foot in length, the entire side of the...

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Taco Bell - product

My chicken rollers were hard as a rock, my soft taco was soggy and cold, and one of our beefy five layer burritos had the ingredients all over the wrapper rather than inside the burrito. Not happy with this service. The lady who gave us our food was very rude and acted as if we were a bother. This location has never been great but this is definitely the worst service I've ever received here

Taco Bell - I didn't get my change and the manager said he couldn't help me cause the computer said the count was right

My name is tracy I go in there all the time so I got off work and walk over there so I was waiting for my change and I went to the trash thinking oh he's going to give it to me when I get my food but...

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Taco Bell - my order

I ordered a lot of food, half was missing and the rest had onions on it!!! I never got my 2 nachos, part of my grande meal and my enchritos had onions after I told them "NO ONIONS"!!! I spent over...

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Taco Bell - not getting all that I ordered

I stopped by the Taco Bell in Collinsville Il on my way home from work to get food for me and my boyfriend, the wait in the drive thru was long, I got my drinks and a bag of food. I got home and pulled the food out of the bag to eat and realized that I did not receive half of the order. My boyfriend called the location asking to speak to a manager, however they were unavailable, so he was connected with another person, when he told them what happened she advised he she was training a new person and the bag went out the window before everything was put in it. He explained that it will take about 15mins to get up there and asked if it was possible to remake the entire order so it would all be fresh and hot and we could eat together, she said that was not an option, she could only give us what was missing. He told her that he would bring all the food back and have them remake it all and she stated again that was not possible however she could refund the money. I feel like this is very poor customer service, and not good for business.

Taco Bell - paid for $100 gift card that does not work, however really has a balance of $100 but does not work.

I bought a $100 giftcard for taco bell. I have never been able to use it. I have tried online through the application for the last four days. On Thursday and Friday after calling customer service for...

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Taco Bell - online order

Placed an online order to be picked up at 7:45. My husband showed up there at 8:00 to pick up the order and it is still not ready. It is 8:10 now. What's the point in changing the pick up time to...

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Taco Bell - wait time/store unclean/no manager/

waited 30 min for our order. store a mess with dirty tables, floors, glass doors, food on floors etc... other customers wait was just as long as others announced their wait times. order was to go; bc...

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Taco Bell - hours

Got off from a long day at work 45 minutes away, and get to the location for it to be closed. Mind you, it's only 12:30a and it closes at 1a weekdays, 2a weekends. Not only was this inconvenient, but...

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