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Reviews and Complaints

Taco Bellfood items not being delivered, order being messed up and when complained. the manager giving attitude


Came into the store and placed an order via the self help kiosk. We ordered a Crunchwrap supreme, 2 beefy Fritos burritos and a side of guacamole. We never got the guacamole, Crunchwrap was edited to have light tomatoes, however it has absolutely no meat at all. Also the Fritos burrito had no meat, and no Fritos. Just a burrito filled with rice. I tried calling the store 5 times, but all I got was someone picking up and hanging up right away. I came into the store the next day to talk to the manager Rose, and she could not have been any more rude. She claimed that I should have called, even tho I did and got hung up on. She then said that I should've brought the food back. On that note I cannot bring back food that was never given to me. Also the burritos and wrap were so disappointing we threw them away. She then proceeded to call me a liar even tho showed her my receipt of the transaction. The fact fact that the MANAGER, was this rude and unhelpful makes me feel ashamed for Taco Bell. I will be sure to share this experience on social media and to the world. I will not be a patron of Taco Bell anymore; If this is any indication of how your corporation trains its staff (especially managers) and how it treats its customers. Extremely disappointed