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Taco Bellcustomer service

Wanted to make two orders cus my son was paying for his own food and drive thru Cashier said they were not doin second orders and I asked why and she said we're just not. I asked to speak to manager and she said I'm repeating what my manager told me she's making your food right now so no she's basically goin to tell you the same thing. Cashier at night time is always rude and rushes you when your trying to order. I'm never goin back to that Taco Bell very rude service.

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    sandwic Nov 01, 2019

    In drive thru they want fast service. That is why the do not do separate orders. If that is what the manager told her then you have to go inside for separate orders. GROW UP. Just because you were told "No" does not mean that the cashier was rude. OF course the cashier is going to rush your order. SHe is being timed. There are people behind you. The world does not revolve around you. I bet if someone like you held up the line and you were behind them you would be complaining about wait time. Trust me you won't be missed and I am sure that the other times that you claim she was "rude" to you was because you did not get your way.

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