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Taco Bell - Predatory towing

Howdy, first thank you for providing my family and me with a place we've always enjoyed being and eating. We have had many fun times and food at Taco Bell.

Unfortunately, yesterday 11/17/2023 I had a horrible experience: I parked at Taco Bell on University Dr. in College Station TX, thinking I'd get something quick to eat and then go home and rest since I was feeling unwell. Once I parked, I thought I'd run to the CVS across the street to see if I could find a kind of coconut water that sometimes helps me feel better; I ended up spending most of my time in CVS in the bathroom as I was very dizzy. Only to come back (not having found the coconut water) to Taco Bell and find that my car had been towed. Even as I was not well before, this made everything worse: I ran inside, and one of the employees (he might have been the manager) actually reached the tow truck but didn't tell them that I was right there, I think he could have stopped the towing, since I was back (I was only away no more than 15-20 minutes due to not feeling well). And they kept saying the parking is for customers: well, I was a customer (I am a customer), I just had to run across the street to see if I could find something to make me feel better. After that, no more appetite, no more dinner for me, I had to call an Uber, go to the towing place (in the middle of nowhere and it was dark and unfriendly and I suffered intimidation tactics from the towing company operator), all with a phone almost out of battery which I thankfully was able to plug in in Taco Bell. At the end of the day, my pocket lighter by about 317 dollars, I went home and crashed after eating some crackers.

Claimed loss: 317 USD (303 for towing, 14 for Uber)

Desired outcome: A monetary amount to offset the cost of towing could be considered a valid apology to a decade long customer.

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