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Resolved money theith

My service was altered to be made to be more than what my bill is .said by a agent that someone got money for a previous payment on my bill, but yet a whole month after I had service.And now this Month a payment I made misterously does not show in the computer system.For this payment I have a receipt of my payment.I feell like I've been robbed by this company, and I'd really would like to sue them for money they took from me and the mental anguish, and inconveince they have cause me and other members on my account.

  • Bi
    BIGGIBABY09 Feb 19, 2009


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  • Co
    CommonSense Feb 19, 2009

    They probably couldn't understand what you were saying either

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Resolved no signal

Metropcs... Hello, hello, hello?... Thats actually a very good description of wat you will b doing while in the middle of a freakin conversation... There service finds new ways to become the worse mobile carrier n the world. One day u get service in a certain area then, a few minutes later... While in the same m%?*[email protected]&*$#!~"spot... Guess what people, u get no service... Oh im sorry, it will display searching for service... Unlimited??? Unlimited??? Maybe metropcs needs to look up the word on"unlimited." its like a sick pun n words... Metropcs... Hello, hello, goodbye... And good rid ens

  • Ca
    carsrac Jun 05, 2009

    i have to break dance when i am talking on my phone to get signal.its awful network.

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  • Ke
    ken rickner Jul 12, 2010

    I have called and filed many complaints . I live in Bethel Island Ca. My calls are continually being dropped .I did say Continueally and I mean that ! ! ! Today July 12 I seem to NOT be able to get a TX to go out, message FAILED . The call in and complaining 3 -4 times a week is getting very OLD .Not to mention dropping calls in the middle of that . I have used my home phone phone as asked to do which adds to major time to get though, only to have them drop that call . I will be setting in a chair in my house and not even turn my head . I try to run a bussiness with this phone . I know this is a test of patience for me . I Love the Lord and I am Growing in him .I know in the patience department because I would lonched my phone long ago had it not been for him. If you can't improve the service out here how do I go about getting a rebate, money back so I can get a phone and service that works ?? I AM looking forward to service improvement . Thank you kindly

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Resolved Termination Fee

I am a single mother with two kids, and my main income is talking to clients over the cell phone. Around Aug. I have made frequent complaints to T-mobile letting them know that when i continued my contract with them i expected the same type of service. The lack of service was due to a tower being down within my area, so i asked them how long will this take to get fixed. They told me about three months. I asked the customer service rep how will i continue to make income to pay for my means and my cell phone bills if i continue to experience drop calls. The person stated the there was nothing they can do and they definately will not wave my early termination fee due to drop calls. T-mobile is known for what... " fewest drop calls". I refuse to pay 600.00 for my early termination because i chose to due business with a company that works for me.

  • Ju
    justine mace Jan 04, 2009

    I took out a phone on contract for my daughter, unfortunatley, she lost her job, i contacted t. mobile and was encouraged to take out a bigger contract. then realised that this was really poor customer service, and as a manager at tesco, on the non food department, it is now going to be my mission to advice anyone and everyone to take out a phone on every other contract!!! and the ignorant, unhelpful, smug, usless (yes, sheraz, this means you!!!) t. mobile customer service assistant, can go whistle. I do have to say thank you to 'amy' for trying. But please, what a bunch of idiots!!! and as a manager at Tesco, please go to any other network because these are the worst i have ever dealt with!!!

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Resolved offensive, mean, nasty, abusive, threats of violence, threats, vulgar and bigot sms messages

offensive, Mean, nasty, abusive, threats of violence, threats, vulgar and bigot SMS messages from account holder/client with phone # [protected]

Type: Cell Phone
Location: Dallas, TX

[protected] is in Dallas area, TX
in or around Dallas, TX (zip 75207)

Exchange 214-881 appears to be located in Dallas, TX. (Dallas County, Zipcode 75201)
City: Dallas
State: TX - TEXAS
Zip: [protected]
[protected]@amaonline.com; [protected]@amaonline.com; [protected]@amatechtel.com
[protected]@amaonline.com; [protected]@amaonline.com

Resolved charged me twice for bill and refuses to give me a refund

On December 8th, 2008 T-mobile charged me twice for my December bill. I called on the 9th when i noticed what happened and i immediately called customer care.

After speaking with the customer care representative i was told that i would have a full refund for the second charge returned to my account in 5-7 business days.

i waited a week and still no money, i then called again on the 18th of December and was told by both the representative and supervisor that there was no refund report filed and that the money was put as credit towards my account.

i told them that i did not want or ask for it to be credit towards my next bill and that i was told i would get a refund of my money. The supervisor told me that it was not possible to get my money back and that there was nothing she could do to give me a refund?

i hung up and called back this time speaking with a different rep. she said there was a refund posted on my account but it was not filed, she then filed the refund and told me i should receive my money in 3-5 days, so now i am waiting till monday and if not i will call again.

How is it that T-mobile made the mistake of charging me twice for my bill and now there is nothing they can do to give it back? its rediculous.

  • Om
    omee Oct 04, 2009

    did u evr get your money back? im in the same procceess now and if they dont give me my refund theyre gonna know who i am. i needed that money and they just took it without permission. unacceptable. so what happened now?

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  • Ba
    bad tmobile Jan 15, 2011

    Tmobile charged me once for my new phone that was bad so I called to get a new one. But they had to charge me for the new phone, so I told them to put it on the bill and not my card but they did any ways causing me to almost have over draft fees. So I called then again and they asked me to send them a fax of my bank statement showing I got charged so I did, and they said they will give me a call when they put the money back a day later. They finally called saying they put the money back so I checked and they pulled more money out. So they charged me three times for the phone and no money back so far.

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  • Tt
    tt2jzgtes Sep 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i agree they did the same thing to me. billed me twice and made my account negative and theyre excuse was that i made 2 transaction at 2 diff location 1 on my regular 110 monthly bill and the other one for 430dollars and they did not refund my omney and they said that i will be credited, and now this month sep 2011 they billed me twice without letting me know c ause they said they would they change the billing dates. not my problem. i wanna SUE tmobile for bridge of contract since i read the fine prints of my contract saying they have no right to change my billing without them letting me know first.

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  • Ri
    Ringme Apr 25, 2013

    Just to add to the mix I am trying to fix my credit rating and T Mobile have not helped by billing me twice which means in my case a returned direct debit.

    I only just noticed but unable to find the number to call so far.

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tmobile customer service lies and harrasement

I am VERY disappointed in T-Mobile's customer service representatives and their lack of knowledge and usefulness. I had an invalid call on October 29, 2008. It was two 3 hour calls back to back so, it charged it roughly about $52. I had around $200 on October 28th and now I have around $2, I don’t make calls frequently. I called on that same day and spoke to a representative who said I was going to receive the credit-back within 30 minutes. Thinking that T-Mobile had great customer service, I believed him and didn't check my account balance on the next day. On December 20, 2008. I get a automatic call stating that I have a low balance and when I checked it, it said $2! So, I immediately called T-Mobile and the representative said that she and the supervisor would look in to it and listen to my conversion with the representative to see if there was any such promise. She said she would call me back within 2 hours to let me know the status. So, I wait for 2 hours and its already 12 AM so i go to sleep at 3AM. And today, I find out that there was no credit. So, I just called T-Mobile again. And, this extremely rude representative (Name: AJ Ref ID: 72441) was rude and had a very bad attitude. I tried explaining my problem but he would cut in before I finished my sentence. I told him that it was October 29 and instantly he asked why I didn't call sooner like November 1, November 2, etc... without giving me a chance to answer. He tells me, “You have time to make so many voice calls and you don’t have time to call T-Mobile? We’re 24/7.” I told him I don’t make many phone calls frequently. Then he tells me, “WHAT? You ALWAYS make voice calls!! You made one today and yesterday. Okay sir. I can’t help you.” He then said that the representative from last night didn’t leave a notification. I told him to check my 6 hour call and i explained that it was invalid because the phone was on for 6 hours talking to a 1800 number with no one on the line. He told me, "You have a sidekick phone. It's impossible for any sidekick user to not use their phone for 10 minutes, let alone 6 hours. Are you telling me that you didn’t even look at the phone for 6 hours? It’s impossible sir." That rude statement was extremely mean and he tried to say his explanation slowly thinking i was an idiot that couldn’t understand. I asked for his supervisor and he kept telling me, "The supervisor can't help you, No credit will be given to you." I still wanted to speak to the supervisor. He wouldn’t for 2 minutes. I finally was on hold for the supervisor then he comes back saying the supervisor isn’t there and he checked my account and the only notification I had was from last night, that a representative would check my call from October 29 with the representative and see if he did promise me. AJ said that this notification wasn’t there when I first spoke to him and now he's saying its there. I think you should rethink about hiring people in your call center because people like AJ could send a customer like me to another service. The $52 credit that is mine isn’t worth the stress i have to deal with. And I also think ALL representatives should be REQUIRED to leave a notification of what they did BEFORE they go to the next customer on the line. Although the representatives say they do, they don’t. I’ve spoken to 4 representatives regarding this issue and all of them have lied to me. I am REALLY frustrated at T-Mobile and the attitude AJ was giving me.

Resolved tlc worldwide marketing

I was walking in my local Mall when a T-Mobile booth advertised a free flight with upgrading my talk plan, Thanksgiving 2007. I signed up and since then have had the worst experience ever! I filled out the form and mailed it in and confirmed a call with t mobile customer service agent. A month later I received nothing and was told I needed to wait 2 billing cycles. I was advised to fill it out just in case and mail the form in again to TLC. I waited and waited! No Booking Request Form was sent to me! Spoke with TLC representative and they blamed this problem on Tmobile. Spoke with Tmobile and they blamed this problem on TLC! I was smart enough to do a conference call and had representatives from both company's blaming eachother on the phone call! Wow I was in shock to hear such incompetence at both levels! Then TLC requested that T-Mobile cellular service escalate me to Tmobile Business care! Due to every agent from Tmobile customer care requiring to do research every time and placing me on hold for several minutes! T-Mobile Business care had no over the phone support and required me to email and fax my complaint to them. I had replies on the phone and emails telling me they were so sorry! After about 7 months later and 200 free bonus call minutes and a $15 courtesy credit from tmobile on my bill, I finally received the booking request form! I then called in December of 2008 to Tmobile saying I was ready to book my flight and they transferred me to the TLC department. TLC said I could book my flight online or over the phone. Then after a few minutes of speaking with a TLC representative I was told I needed to have the booking request form in their possession 30 days in advance, that I was on an older promotion. I was just invited by my Utah Congressman to attend Obama's historical inauguration on January 20th 2009. I would need to pick up the ticket on January 19th. TLC said I would not be able to get a flight to a selected approved airport on January 19th. I am so frustrated with TLC and their incompetent customer service! They have obviously made big mistakes with my tmobile customers! I have left MULTIPLE voice messages and at times have actually spoken to a few TLC representatives on the phone but NO ONE has helped us. This has turned out to be a huge scam.

Keith Kuder

  • Sh
    shannon Jan 26, 2009

    I am having the same issue with this T-Mobile / TLC Scam. I have sent in mutliple forms to meet their requirements to see if any tickets show up. So far I have got nothing back and no returned calls. I plan on canceling my T-mobile service if they don't compensate me for this issue. It's so frustrating!

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Resolved scam and cheating

The G1 (google phone) from t-mobile has severe problems in getting cellular or data signals and t-mobile refuses to give a refund. I was anxious to get the new Google phone and only t-mobile offers it so far. I bought it 11/3/2008 and couldn't wait to use it's data service to get on the internet. Well it didn't work most of the time and when it did it was slower than a 1200 baud modem.

After a couple days I called t-mobile customer service and they knew less that I did about the phone. So I got on the site and checked the forums to make sure it was set up correctly and still no luck. I called back later and the CS staff were still clueless. Finally on 11/20 I demanded a supervisor and they opened a service request but would not be able to get back to me for 72 hours.

No one got back to me and I called again on 11/24. I finally got and 'advanced technician' and he assured me the problem would get fixed and he would be the last person I needed to talk to. Well, it did not get fixed and I was very annoyed because I was at work and I thought this would be a short call. Wrong, and the steps I went through left me with a brick and he thought I needed a replacement and I should call from home and ask for a replacement. When I got home I was finally able to reboot the G1 and I called t-mobile again but they refused to send a replacement. I talked to a Manager who said she would definitely get my problem resolved.

Wrong again so the next day I went to Costco and they gave me a replacement. The 3G worked a little bit better but would always drop back to Edge and get so slow that the pages would not even load. I left a voice mail for the manager and never got a call back. But I got a call from a local number saying the cells looked ok in my area. I called him on 12/2 and never got a call back either. And when I got to work there was no cell (or data) service at all.

So when I called again on 12/4 I was told by a supervisor this would really be fixed for good this time. She would get all the service requests out right away and they should know something in 72 hours. What is interesting is that I have to repeat the same information on each call. They don't remember my home and work addresses and they don't remember that I get no signal so when they call my cell phone there is no answer. Even though each time I've told them to call my home number.

I got a call back on 12/11 and told them I still did not get a cell signal (no bars) at work and the cell and data reception was intermittent. Well the wrong the tickets were done and new ones had to be done. And, oh by the way, you will have to wait 72 hours again.

This was too much and I asked for a refund but was told I could only get $5 from her and I needed to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor said no to a refund for the last/first month where I've had no consistent service at home and no service at all at work. Or if I wanted she could cancel the service but I would have to pay the termination fee. I asked to speak to a manager and she said NO to that also. The best she could do was give her a message and – you guessed it – I would have to wait another 72 hours.

Phoenix and Scottsdale are large areas and there is no excuse for not having service in these areas. My prior cell phone company did. Plus, t-mobile's own web site shows the coverage in both my home and work locations to be excellent. I counted on that information to be honest before deciding to change to t-mobile. Now because of their stall tactics I'm locked into a contract. I have yet to contact the FCC to see if what they are doing is legal or not and I still have to talk with Costco to see what options are there.

I hope others learn from my experience and avoid T-Mobile. They cannot provide the cellular service they promise and their Customer Service is the worst of any cell phone company I've experienced or heard about.

  • Sc
    Scarlet Dec 25, 2008

    I am having lots of issues with Tmobile and TLC. First of all, I had to report them to the BBB four times before they sent me my husband's booking request form. Then they called me last week to book a flight for this week, of course I had already purchased the tickets.

    Then the representatives proceeded to tell me that they do not have my husband's name in the system, I need to send them the booking request form. I have proof that TLC received the booking request form, it was sent certified mail and they signed for it three months ago.

    I reported them to the BBB again and got a call from Elizabeth Powers, I left her two messages and she has not called me back.

    This promotion was a scam and someone needs to start a class action. I am in the process of contacting a few class action attorneys to see what can be done. Obviously I'm not the only one having these issues. There are stories all over the internet similar to mine. Tmobile/TLC are running a scam together and all they do is play mind games by telling customers to contact the other one.

    There needs to be a class action where even if we cannot get our flights we get compensated from the two year contract we were tricked to sign up for. It is now December 2008, the booking request form expire in March 2009 and TLC wants to send me another booking request from for my husband even though they signed for it three months ago. I still have a copy of the return receipt.

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  • Ju
    Justin Jan 04, 2009

    On or about November 25th, 2007 I signed up for a 2 year family plan with BOTH my T-Mobile accounts which had family plans, under a Free Flight promotion sponsored by TLC Marketing. Under the terms of this agreement I am entitled to 2 round-trip flight tickets per account, which would be a total of 4 tickets. I qualified and met all of the requirements necessary for the promotion. I went online to the website T Mobile gave me to check the status of my entry/applications and ALL 4 numbers were approved and met the requirements.

    In late February, after calling T Mobile a half a dozen times to inquirer about my booking forms, I was sent 4 separate Booking Request Forms around March 2007.

    At the end of March 2007, I mailed one of the Booking Request Forms in to book a flight for my brother to visit me in New York. It then took two more months and 50 more calls from me to T Mobile to finally get the number to try to book the flight. Low and Behold, NONE of the dates or locations I selected were available. I was told the travel agency/booking dept can only check three options at a time, per call and that they were unable to tell me which days were open. So, I proceeded to call numerous times over and over and over and over, only to be told by each booking agent that the dates nor locations were available. This went on for weeks. After which, my brother's availability to travel became less frequent because he had to go back to school.

    After seeing that this whole promotion was far more duplicitous than it advertised when T Mobile got their customers to sign additional two year agreements for this Free Flight Promotion, I hurried up and mailed in the other three Booking Request Forms to get those names in the system so we can start trying to get SOME KIND OF FLIGHT out of it.

    I have been calling and getting the runaround from all parties involved. Although, T Mobile acknowledges that I do in fact have two different account that are on Family Plans thus, entitling me to my 4 Free Flights, I have since been told by the Supervisor at 1-866-465-8903 that TLC Marketing says that I am NOT entitled to 4 Free Flights, only One.

    How the HELL did that happen? I qualified through each number. I got 4 separate Booking Request Form. I have two accounts with two different Family Plans. How can it be decided that I am not entitled to my 4 Free Flights ALL OF A SUDDEN when T Mobile agrees that I am?

    I have been told by each party I talked to that there is NOTHING they can do to resolve this matter. AND that TLC Marketing does not have a phone number to call anyone directly. If I want it escalated further, I would need to send an e-mail to: [email protected]

    This has gone on long enough. I have not been able to redeem a single Free Flight and it is now going on One Year. I want this thoroughly investigated, AND I want my Free Flights OR I want out of my T Mobile Contract ASAP with no early disconnect fees applied, so I can go to Verizon, where Customer Service has always been their specialty.

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  • Nu
    nunya Feb 27, 2009

    I just got a text message from (877) 364-3811 it says its coming Tmobile and my local credit union. IT IS A SCAM!!! If you call the number it wants you to enter in credit card, social and password information. I contacted Tmobile, their response was "We are working on it". If Tmobile was aware of this scam then why have they not notified their customers!!! Once again Tmobile has not risen to the occasion.

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  • Ma
    Matthew55904 May 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    T-Mobile is a vary bad company they charge 20cents a text message on a plan with UNLIMITED text messaging they are charging 300 a month on a plan that is only 80 get the run around and nothing is dont not to mentaion the service is just terriable cuts out and drops calls constantly horriable service we now have NET10 never once have we dropped a call or have had calls cut out

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Resolved additional charges, wrong information

I spent almost 2 hours with a local rep to switch our phone plan to a less expensive family plan for 8 lines. Then, when I called corporate T-Mobile service, I spent another hour and a half trying to get them to understand our plan change only to find out the rep had given us wrong information to begin with and our "new" plan was not legitimate so I spent more time trying to figure out what to do with back and forth phone calls. Finally, when I agreed to the final contract, the corporate service rep said, "An you know it's an additional $10 per line?" and that's when I blew up. This, also, was never explained. I was so frustrated that I spoke words in a tone I never use! I feel deceived! Information was withheld or incorrect through the entire process.

Do not trust T-Mobile's service reps!

Resolved deductable fees

I upgraded my cell phone from a Razr to a T-Mobile Dash this pass September and yesterday it was stolen. I called up T-Mobile for support and was informed that I have to pay an insruance deductable fee of $130.00. When I purchased the phone from the T-Mobile website, it was on sale. It was $150.00 with a $50 mail in rebate. With that also, I was told that my contract will be extented for 2 more years. I pay a monthly fee of $129.00/month family package. I have 3 lines, 700 minutes/month, mobile to mobile, nights & weekends with unlimited text. I have been with T-Mobile since 2005 and have had their "protection plan" ever since and the first time I get to use the "protection plan" I am asked to pay for a deductable fee of $130.00. Does this sound right to anybody? An insurance costing more than the phone itself? T-Mobile told me that I was actually getting a good deal for the phone and that the deductable is pretty resaonable. Now lets all do the math, $150.00- $50.00 ( rebate)= $100.00 but to replace the phone through their 3rd party insurance provider, I have to pay $130.00 deductable. I asked for other alternatives and T-Mobile told me to do a "partial upgrade" and will have to pay $229.00 for another T-Mobile Dash. Either way, I will be forking out more money than I spent on the phone. So now I am stuck with a 2-year contract and no phone. Seriously! ? $130.00 deductable?!

  • Ka
    KAMMY Mar 28, 2009

    HERE HERE! I just left Tmobile because of the same crap! 130$ and they sent me a phone that gave out on me after 2 weeks. Including arguing with them the first week because it was already showing glitches!

    This is after paying $130.00. Tmobile said they can upgrade me to a G1 with 169$. I said, so it can break and I have to go through Asurion again and pay another 130$? I'd rather invest the 169 or 130 I would be paying you for continuously poor service, or invest that in cancellation and a new phone.

    At least the Iphone I can get the mac techies to fix it. Not the evil Asurions...

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  • Jm
    jmeva Jun 05, 2010

    Same boat. The phone's "suggested retail" is $399.99 according to T-Mobile (found it other places for closer to $250). I bought it with a 2 year contract for $150.00. I pay $5.99 a month for insurance. The phone goes out, and I owe a $130.00 deductable just to get a new phone..? Let's do the math here.. 24 months x $5.99= roughly $144.00 + $130.00 deductable = $274.00.

    Why even get insurance? I could just buy a new phone from an outside party for cheaper. ALSO, I specifically asked the Sales person when I first signed up for T-Mobile if the $5.99 was full coverage, and asked if there were any hidden fees to get a broken phone replaced. He said it was just the monthly fee, no other hidden fees to replace a phone, and none of the paperwork that I signed said anything about a deductable.

    I do have to say - T-Mobile is still a heck of a lot better than Alltel, but I will probably switch to Verizon when my contract is up.

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Resolved flex pay refund problems

I have been waiting 5 months for two separate flexpay refunds for 2 accounts that were cancelled several days before the monthly renewal dates, yet my credit cards were charged one week before the renewal dates.

I have called twice, gotten run arounds, get monthly bills with refund amounts stated on them, yet nothing happens.

Since it has happened to two separate accounts, it appears to be not a fluke but company policy to hand on to refunds until customers become irate. How else can you explain this? This is the stuff of class action law suits, and I am going to look into this, - since I am typing this while waiting on hold for 30 minutes while some ding dong gets his supervisor�s approval to credit the first refund.

I am still needing to go through all this a second time to get the second refund? How unprofessional!

OK, so it has now been over 30 minutes on hold waiting for authorization, and NOW � I have been cut off and no resolution has been confirmed. I don�t know the outcome of the first resolution attempt.

This is most aggravating. NOW the phone relayed to someone speaking broken English with a broken phone connection. I tried to start in on the second refund request, but was unable to communicate with them. Bear in mind this is a PHONE company! So I�ve given up and called my credit card company for them to take over and resolve the dispute.

This has been one of the most dissatisfying experiences with any company. T-Mobile is a LOUSY Organization! DON�T risk doing business with them!

  • St
    stacy25 Nov 21, 2009

    OMG I'm goin through the same. I've even attempted to get my bank, Tmobile wants additional information such as names of representatives I've spoken too??? What should I do?

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  • Gl
    G light Aug 29, 2010

    i feel like t-moble need to give back all my money back that they took from my checking account i called all day and the act like the di not know when they do i would like my money back tommorow thank you

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  • Gl
    G light Aug 29, 2010

    all i want all my money back thats it thank you by monday

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  • Br
    brock96 Dec 02, 2010

    I have been on the phone with T mobile for hours at a time with no resoultion. I have been told that I need to wait for 30 days for my refund. My anwser to that is why should I wait 30 days? I f i didnt pay my bill you would shut my service off until you had payment. My bills have always been paid on time and now I want my refund on time. one hour later still the same [censor]. I have left tmobile and have gone to sprint the issues that I had with tmobile has been corrected with Sprint with in 48 hours t mobile can blow goats as far as I am concerned, the have losy customer service and there compays just sucks [censor]

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  • Br
    brock96 Dec 02, 2010

    i feel like i have every right to be angry with tmobile. They hire non americans to do there dirty work [censor] tmobile

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unauthorized credit card charges

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Resolved fraud and cheating

I purchased three T-Mobile To Go Phones about 6 months ago and have enjoyed their service until a ** Free...

promotional misinformation

Nov.17, 2006 while Christmas shopping at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA, we passed a Mobile Solutions kiosk. The young men inside asked if we were T-Mobile customers. We were. They indicated that the company had a great deal on upgrades which provided two airline tickets free with the upgrade. Since we were planning a trip to Florida, we were interested. We increased our one cell phone service of one (7 years old and huge phone) to three new phones and the myfave service. Before the young man began the paperwork, we noticed that the brochure said the program was good from Nov 23-25. We stopped the salesman, who claimed to be the district manager of Mobile Solutions. He said that the brochure was in error and that the company had decided to run the program for the month of Nov. OUR MISTAKE #1 we did not have him put that statement in writing. We offered to return the next week and make the purchase then just to be sure that we qualified for the tickets. NO NEED he reiterated. We purchased. He gave us the paperwork to file for the tickets. We filed. Two weeks later we got a letter from T-Mobile indicating that they had received the airfare information and that all was in order. Three weeks later we received a phone call from a T-Mobile customer service representative who informed us that since we did not purchase the service during the three day window we did not qualify for the tickets. Silly me, I thought if I explained the situation they would understand. After listening politely the rep said she would give me one free months service just to make up for my obvious lack of reading ability (my words not hers). I thanked her politely but said that I wanted what had been promised and I requested a customer service address which she supplied. Mr Samuel Platt responded to my first letter by thanking me for choosing T-Mobile, but there was nothing he could do since I admitted that I had read the brochure with its printed dates. My letter explained the verbal promises. He ignored that in his reply. My letter indicated that since I had not altered my service in 7 years, and suddenly did a sizable update on Nov.17, he might like to conclude that our action was based upon the expectation of two airline tickets. He ignored that part of my letter also. He did indicate that as to my request that at the very least the company cancel my 2 year contract and allow me to consider other options, he agreed that I was entitled to such a consideration just as soon as I paid the $600.00 cancellation fee. My second letter to Mr Platte explained that he totally missed the point of my first letter which was that as long standing customers we were giving T-Mobile a chance to do the Right Thing. We never heard back. When we consulted an attorney she advised contacting the WA state attorney general. We filed a complaint and received an e-mail from a young man that the complaint had been turned over to him. We waited. One month later we received another e-mail from him. Since the company had not returned his calls to the working cell phone number we gave him nor to the letter he sent to the address at the Alderwood Mall, there was nothing he could do, and the case was being closed. I hope people with really serious problems do not have to rely upon the AG's office receiving voluntary contacts before they take any action. We are writing a letter to the corporate office in Bellevue WA to complain that today the company sent us in the mail a letter stating that since we are in the top 5% of their customers based upon years of service and payment of bills they would like to offer us one free airline ticket to a US city after we purchase a ticket. Our letter to Mr. Robert Dotson, or current executive officer, explains that on Nov 17, 2009 our two year contract expires and that we will take the $30, 000 we expect to pay for cell phone service over the next 20 to 25 years to Verizon. We view their promotion as salt into what to us is still a fresh wound, and proof that the company has no idea what it is doing. Possibly a little less spent on advertising television ads done by very pricy actresses might give them a little money to respond to customer service.

caller id not registering my name when I call out

My boss opened an account for me back in '07, the phone was in his name "Seth Brooks" & he paid for the service. I recently put the T-Mobile phone in my name & address, as my boss wanted to cancel the service. I called T-Mobile November 7, 2008 and made this change & TMobile assured me they would also make sure the caller Id will register in my name, they did explain it would take up to 72 hours for the caller ID to register my name "Lisa Lucero". I checked Tues 11/18/2008 by dialing my home phone # & the caller ID was still registering "Seth Brooks" (my boss)..I then called T-Mobile back & they said they would make sure it would be fixed, and it would be another 72 hours for this to get fixed...I called TMobile again a few days later & let them know the caller Id is still registering "Seth Brooks" name & they verified all my info again & stated they have done all they can on there end & it isn't there problem that I need to call all my friends & family & ask who their phone providers are, and the suggest I call Comcast, Qwest, Vonage Etc...to let them know they have my name registering wrong ...I then became upset & asked for a supervisor, which at that point, they put Duane rep ID#0653238 on the line with me, & he stated that TMobile has ehausted all their efforts in this matter. I feel that I have been unfairly mistreated here & demand that T-Mobile fixes this problem.

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    charziee Jun 24, 2009

    I agree ... have been battling this same scenario since I signed onto the TMobile At Home service ... either Qwest or TMobile failed to port my longstanding Qwest phone # over to Tmobile and I was "stuck" with the new number given to me by TMobile.

    This new number carries the name of the person who originally had this phone #. Despite 5 calls to TMobile, I am told virtually the same thing as Ms. Lucero.

    It is very frustrating. It is just wrong. What to do? Short of cancelling my service (which I have had for 5 years on the cell phone side) there seems to be NOTHING.

    Guess I'll change my name? LOL!

    Colorado Springs, CO

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Resolved fraudulent activity

I went to a kisok in Brandon, FL. Spoke to some nice enough (although pushy) sales people. I was considering switching my cell phone service from Metro ONLY BECAUSE I was going to be traveling and did not want to hassle with the pre-purchased air time. I was told that I would have unlimited everything (which I had with Metro) including web, voice, text and picture msg and it would not cost me any more than I was currently paying!

As most of you know, you only have 2 weeks to return your phones to T-Mobile but you don't receive a bill for about 6 weeks. Guess what, to get what I had with Metro I would have to pay $168.51 for 2 phones. I think that is ALOT MORE THAN the $104.00 I was paying to Metro PCS without any contract!!!

I tried calling the company to no avail. They said that they can't do anything about what the guys at the kiosk told me about pricing and that their pricing is fixed. They said they COULD LOWER my bill by removing some of the features. Well, that is not what I asked for when I signed up for the service. I could lower my bill at Metro as well if I wanted to give up some of their features.

Please be careful when you're comparing companies (I guess it is OK for the T-Mobile sales folks to lie to consumers as long as they sell the phones and lock you into your two year contract). I am going to go back and talk to the manager of the keosk am waiting on a call back from my attorney!

awful customer service

My nightmare with T-Mobile began on October 28, 2008 mind you up till this point i have been a faithful customer for almost 8 years even through phone issues down towers and yes bad customer service i still remained faithful and hopeful that T-Mobile would go back to being a good company how wrong was i. I made the mistake of making a payment on the phone of 20 dollars on 10/17/08 and stated i would pay the remaining 140 in store on 10/28/08 rep told me fine and this was done 20 immediatley came out of my account on 10/28/08 i took a check in the store for the remaining balance of 140 in the store o 10/28/08 . On 11/04/08 i had to go into the bank and withdraw funds from my account and noticed my account was incorrect i sasked the teller to please show me my accoount she gladly did that when i noticed T-Mobile had done an electronic withdrawal of 140 and cashed my check of 140 i immediately called an the first hting T-Mobile said was ell you going to have a nother bill due in a few days so just leave it i then replied no please refund me my funds of 140 i did not authorize to have funds withdrawn form my account the rep pput me on hold stated she was putting it in the system and i should hear something in 7-10 days by the end of of the day i had occured 2 overdraft fees due this mistake on T-Mobile part that is an extra 64 dollars out of my account so now my running total that i have lost due to T-Mobile is 204 dollars i cooled down gave it a couple days and called back now i was up to 238 due to another overdraft fee (i had other checks out there for those that live in GA i had just done my emission and tag for my car) so that is how i encoured all these fees. The rep i got this day sarted out polite but as the covnversatiion went out was extremly rude she informed me that well the fees were my problem and tha T-Mobile was still researching the issuse i just wanted my funds and overdraft fees back I then asked to speak to a supervisor his name was Phillip rep ID 1049368 he was the WORST he got loud he was beyond rude when i asked to speak tio his supervisor he told me no i could not and hung up the phone i then waited and called back this time i asked strictly for a rep i got a guy named terrance rep id 0458653 he was polite and helpful. I thought my nightmare was over but it was only the tip of the iceberg a few days laater i recieve a text saying my bill is 428 of course i call now they say i never wrote a check and it was not cashed then they stated it was recievied but returned nsf mind you the check had been cashed and cleared on 11/03/08 but now on 11/10/08 they claim it was not recieved i had to call my bank verfiy that it was recieved, cashed and cleared a week prior to this now i call tmobile back give them the check number transaction number and they say we are going to investigate oh and by the wasy yor bill is due of 114 all i could do at this point was laugh to keep from blowing up . Two days pass i call t see whats going on and they tell me we need the past due amount of 114 and theat i have a past due balance of 160 i ask from when the rep starts looking he goes as far as 09/07 to find how far back this goes and he says i have no answer he states he is confused it shows this amount comes from no where but its there he transfers me to another rep She claimed to be a supervisor her name was crystal rep ID 1725093 she begins by telling me how i basically have no rifght to be upset i owe tmobile and that nothing can be done to help me till i pay them i then go through everything that has taken place since this started she then says let me see what i can do at this point im fustrated i haved lost close to 300 dollars because of tmobile i have gotten the worst customer service of my life im ready to sue tmobile for un do stress cause in the beginning all i wanted was my money back .At this point i would not reccomend or advise ANYONE to become or remain a tmobile customer i have three lines i am pulling my so in law has two he is pulling and family that has 4 lines tmobile is an awful company based on their customer service

t mobile collection

I recieve a bill for afni for a cell phone bill for T-Mobil for $184.17. I have never had a T-Mobil cell...

Resolved free flight scam

I extended my contract and signed up for the MyFaves promotion where I was to receive a free flight. I have submitted my request (as well as two of my friends) and all of us were rejected, saying we didn't fill the form out correctly. It was an automated message that told me this. I've spent four days on the phone with Tmobile and TLC (the scamming travel company that Tmobile contracted with) and no one will help me. The ”Tmobile Concierge Customer Service” people are rude and claim there are no ”supervisors” to talk to except someone named ”Deb.” Deb doesn't return her calls and apparently (or conveniently ) was out of town until 11/12. Her mailbox was full (probably with complaints). Tmobile says there is "no president" of the company as it is "publicly traded." A "supervisor" named Steve told me this today. He then admitted that Robert Potson was the president but doesn't take calls from customers. Tmobile also says TLC, the travel company, doesn't have a "phone number." I told them to sell them one from t-mobile!

I hope everyone is calling or writing their attorney general's office and notifying their news stations about this scam as Tmobile is going to launch another "free flight" scam in about a week or two.

Get the word out! Shame on you Tmobile!

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    tmobileSucks Mar 10, 2009

    I am having the same problem. I have wasted hours on calling TLC and T-Mobile. I it highly likely that it is a scam of a major proportion. I got my phone during 2007 promotion. I was also supposed to get SAMS-club rebates which I didn't.

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    Dylan Mar 10, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems with T-Mobile. You might want see how much you can lower your cell bill by via the website http://www.fixmycellbill.com which is powered by the company that I work for, Validas. We cut the average cell bill by 22 percent, savings of around $450 annually for the typical consumer. Even if you don't stay with T-Mobile (you sound pretty disgruntled), you can still use the service for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular but again, I would recommend seeing what you can get out of T-Mobile first. For more about Validas, check out our recent feature on Good Morning America at http://www.abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=6887412&page=1 or in the NY Times at http://gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com/tag/validas/.

    Good luck!

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  • Lu
    Luis Mar 18, 2009

    Dont buy any phone to a t-mobiel retailer t-mobiel has no control over them t-mobiel as a carrier must have some type of manege over them. Any we are getting a lot of scams by indian people unfortunately.

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  • Ka
    kat Apr 02, 2009

    You know what I did with that little situation...I threatened to go to the Media. I also contacted the BBB and pursued it with them. All the BBB will really do is mediate between T-Mobile and yourself, which is lame. If you still have not received your voucher yet, I suggest you take it to the FCC and the BBB. Also, try to get into contact with their corporate headquarters (located in Seattle). I did that and it eventually worked. Supposedly the voucher is worth $200.00, but who knows. I was sent an overnight check for $200.00 by some Corporate Consultant at T-Mobile because I told him I had connections at CNN and the Chicago Tribune and that I would spread bad press about them and that promotion. I have since switched to Verizon, but is better. All cell phone companies suck and will just nickel and dime you. Just a thought.

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new google g1 phone not working - poor customer support

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