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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Zain Group

Airport Road, Shuwaikh, PO Box 22244
Kuwait - 13083

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+965 24 644 444(Kuwait) 8 1
+966 592 411 111(Saudi Arabia, Head Office) 14 7
+966 590 000 959(Saudi Arabia, Customer Service) 11 4
+961 380 0111(Lebanon) 3 0
+249 90 001 111(Sudan) 2 0
+211 912 300 000(South Sudan​​​​​​) 2 0
+973 36 031 000(Bahrain) 0 0
+964 780 299 9107(Iraq) 0 0
+962 797 900 900(Jordan) 0 0

Zain Group Complaints & Reviews

Zain Group / t [protected]

Sep 24, 2019

Dear sir On 27 of August I want to pay my bill of Sr 100 And by mistake I pay Sr 1000 by my Anb card Mada I have visited zain office many times for refund which they promised to return in 48 hours after completing all relevant formalities Also I gave them all papers signed and stamped by...

Zain Group / service

Sep 23, 2019

The company says " We have 5g internet service now" But now is 4g worst. The internet speed is constantly sold down and it's live chat is bot🤖. I file the complain in complain section and and I done with this MSG: Dear Customer, Thank you for using Zain digital channels The ticket no...

Zain Group / Zain mobile services

Aug 23, 2019

My number is [protected]. On my number some playstore playwin is activated ans daily 1 Sar is deducted from my balance from last 15 days. I called the customer care, they told me that they deactivated ut but still the amount is deducted on a daily basis. I dont want this service or any other...

Zain Group / postpaid internet sim

May 31, 2019

Cheated by zain salespersons 2x Dear sir, I am deeply disappointed by zain services due to cheating done by zain staff. I would never subscribe to zain again and advice all my friends not to go for zain services as zain is indirectly involved in cheating by not taking action against it...

Zain Group / much bad customer services

Apr 24, 2019

Hi I am to much angry on zain customer service, because from 2 days I am calling to customer services agent but after in every call 33 plus minute I get repely that all the customers agent busy this moment and drooped my call. This thing happens 4 time in 2 days. Whats this services? I am to...

Zain Group / stolen funds by zain mobile ksa!!!

Apr 13, 2019

I recharged my account with around sr33 on the 7th of April 2019 and tried to activate the shabab 29 package to no avail and then without even using the credit, the funds disappeared from my account!!! I then recharged my account again today, the 13th of April 2019, with an amount of...

Zain Group / sim card still not active

Feb 25, 2019

Aoa sir.. Iit is intimated that I have puchase a zain number from madena alawali street franchis beofre 2 month to go.. +[protected] post paid connection..60 sr per month but first month I have to pay 100 billand 20sr was pending and now again my bill was 117sr but my connection fee was 60sr...

Zain Group / fraud zain agent issued 6 sims under my iqama without my knowledge

Oct 17, 2018

DearZain Team, I'm really disappointed with zain to deliver worst services. 2 months back I purchased one SIM under my iqama from an authorised Zain agent Infront of Batha Lulu. The fraud agent issued total 6 sim's to others fake persons without my knowledge. I wonder how thi...

Zain Group / ps4 pro

Oct 13, 2018

Zain GroupI took an installment plan from Zain with a PS4 Pro, a data sim, and a 4G LTE router because the plan is quite worth it for 13KD/monthly. The day when the guy from postal plus is about to deliver the units to me. took a peek to my civil ID and said that I cannot take the unit because my...

Zain Group / deductions

Sep 28, 2018

I have the same problem as everyone, there are some deductions on my prepaid sim. Evrytime i have a load i needd to use it immediately coz if i dont, ur company will send something and then they will deduct my load... Its annoying that i opted to use another telcom. And not the...

Zain Group / internet

Aug 31, 2018

I buy internet data sim from dammam with sr 100 for one month unlimited .first of all they just said to me its unlimited offer for only sr 100 then I bought it.but after using 28 days they charged me sr 232 bill again they issued sr 276 bill to my account without inform me they are issue...

Zain Group / charges against my cell phone that I have not used

Jun 21, 2018

My name is Terry Lynn Fralick, my telephone number is [protected] and Zain is my service company. My problem is that on 19 June 2018 I purchased a 100 riyal Zain recharge card and placed it on my telephone which gave me an amount of 95.75 riyals. I have not used my telephone since I...

Dear Zain Team / illegal issuing of sim cards on my iqama without my knowledge

May 03, 2018

Dear Zain Team18 months ago someone issued 10 sim's on my iqama without my knowledge then I visited your office and complaint to your employee, as per his given information he has sent a request for deactivation of all the 10 sim cards and taken my finger print with my iqama copy and said that all sim...

Zain Ksa / sim card cancelling service

Sep 24, 2017

Zain KsaTo Zain Team, I'm really disappointed with zain to deliver worst service for cancel all the 10 sim's which you have issued to fake person's without my knowledge. I visited your office in olaya and several branches to cancel those unknown sim cards, as per them given information they sent...

Zain / Mysterious tricks

Nov 22, 2016

I am getting sms on a weekly basis from a number 701147. The coontent of the message is MysteriousTricks. As soon as message is recieved 05 SAR gets recieved from my account. I dont want this service. Please help me to deactivate this servie. I do not need any additional services from Zain...

Zain Ksa / illegal issuing of zain sim cards on my iqama no. without my knowledge

Sep 17, 2016

Dear Zain Team, I kindly request to cancel all the 10 sim's which you have issued to fake person's without my knowledge. I visited your office and complaint to your employee, as per his given information he has sent a request for deactivation of all the 10 sim cards and taken my finger...

Zain Saudi Arabia / Illegal SIM cards linked to my name

Sep 03, 2016

Dear, Recently I visited STC to buy new SIM card but they refused by saying I have many SIM cards on my name, but the truth is I purchased only 1 Zain data SIM card on my IQAMA. Last week (28-Aug-2016) I visited zain office & lodge complaint to remove all unknown numbers which is linked to...

Zain Telecommunications / Fake Calls from Saudi Arabia

Jul 30, 2016

Hi I am from Pakistan. Me and my mother are getting threatening calls from Saudi Arabian mobile number [protected]). I believe that the person is Pakistani because he was able to speak Urdu and Punjabi. Upon tracing online I got his name as well (Qudos Mirza). I don't know his exact location...

Zain Ksa / Deactivation English Ring back tune

Jan 26, 2016

Dear Sir, I am having through out a big problem of activation English ring back tune on my sim card. It is way if cunsiuming and deducting my money. Please my request is deactivate or unsubscribe this service of English ring back tune. My number is... [protected] Thank you soo much

Zain / Number not Activated

Jan 21, 2016

Hello, I am Parwez from India and I have been recruited as an Engineer to Riyadh. For this I purchase Zain Sim Card(Number is - +966 [protected] ) from Delhi Airport by giving xerox copy of my Passport & Visa. The executive had told me that before reaching to Riyadh the number will be...

Zain / Whatsapp

Nov 02, 2015

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am receiving vulgar messages, Pictures and bad videos form +91 [protected] on whatsapp, his whatsapp name was Aby Mathew. I have requested that Person to not to send me that types of Messages. But he didn't stop the activity. I have blocked him on Whatsapp and later...

Zain Ksa / issue of 10 cards on my eqama number without my notice

Jul 24, 2015

yesterday (23/7/2015), I went to one of zain offices in buraidah (qassim) to get one internet card. The officer refused to give me the same as some one took 10 cards under my eqama (number [protected]) on 20/05/2015. I was shocked to here about it as 10 people in saudi are using card...

Zain kuwait Postpaid bill / Charged around 270 KD for using 180mb

May 04, 2015

I travelled to Europe for 14 days and I used 180 mb of my internet which was suppose to charge me KD 14 (KD 7 per 100 mb) including my monthly bill of KD15 I got the bill of KD300. I called the call center i think 2 times before leaving for europe and no one informed me that you have make...

Zain Mazaya Light / Automaticaly activated charge sms services

Feb 20, 2015

Dear sir, i have been a zain customer for approx 5 years, with the sim number [protected], which i bought with a prepaid service, 6 months prior to this complaint, i changed the package from prepaid to post paid, since then i'm having problems of non availability of outgoing calls and...

Zain / many sim card in my iqama

Dec 26, 2014

Last four month before I buy a new Zain sim card, because I was encourage by my friend to use Zain and the good service you are offering, .. Later on when I check my iqama number [protected], I have found out that a lot of ZAIN numbers and ZAIN internet sim numbers had been registered to...

Zain Ksa / Zain Max Package is not working properly and providing the features promised like 500% bonus

Sep 26, 2014

Zain Max Package is not working properly and providing the features promised like 500% bonus. Contacted the customer service for more than 5 times but no use as they were saying different reasons like they are not able to track the recharge done, etc surprised that zain people are...

Zain / Billing fraud

Aug 12, 2014

Zain Billing Fraud Beware of falling for Zain promotions in KSA !!! Took the courage to switch to Zain mobile operator from STC after 10 years of cell phone usage in order to avail of LTE network and better promotions. However, discovered the following which will never be mentioned to you in...

Zain prepaid / Balance deducted for changing smartphone

Nov 04, 2013

Dear sir/madam, I have changed my prepaid mobile handset to nokia N8 to Samsung Note 3 on 03/11/2013 and my prepaid balance got reduced by BD 7 within the few seconds after switching ON the note 3. After noticing I have deactivated mobile data and also acess point to GSM immediatley. The...

ZAIN speed 4G package / Misleading offer publicity

Oct 12, 2013

In September, I purchased a SPEED 4G Wifi Router and a subscription package from ZAIN. The package was a 6 month (+6 months free) with 3 GB. In the leaflet advertising this package, there is NO MENTION that the 3 GB is daily or weekly or monthly and the seller did not specify. In the end...

zain and sawa fake name used / cheating, fraud

Apr 03, 2013

Dear sir, I was cheated on the nameof lotterry of 200, 000 sar. The culprtis are spoiling the name and reputationof sawa by taking an advantage of high value recharge cards. i recieved a call at 10.06 am from the number [protected] at my mobile [protected]. i was not having balance in that...

Zain Ksa / barred outgoing calls

Apr 03, 2013

I filed a complaint thru the customer service 959 of Zain regarding my outgoing call service which was barred last April 1, 2013 when in fact on the same day i paid the bill due. I spoke to 6 agents in the 24 hour period and all they could say is wait because its a technical issue. 2 day...

Zain Bahrain BSC / iPhone 4S / Charges for recieved SMS

Apr 02, 2013

From last two month I'm receiving SMS from various numbers, for that I've been invoiced with amount of about BD 80.000 without any intimation. I called service center for two times, call attender told me that on 3 Jan I've replied for one SMS, which means I agreed to receive...

Zain Saudi Arabia / Everyday Internet Service Interruption

Feb 24, 2013

I'm an expat here in Saudi Arabia and have been using Zain data simcard for my internet use. I have been experiencing internet service everyday during the period of their prayer time from 5:30 pm till 8:00 pm. Now I'm really pissed with this ISP because when I check the internet...

Zain / Nano sim card activation delay

Feb 04, 2013

This is Mohd. Suhail Khan from KAUST. I purchased new iphone 5 and for that I also bought a new ZAIN nano sim card on 31st jan 2013 from Jeddah. The retailer told me that the Zain mobile services will be activated after 12 hours, but still after 5 DAYS OF PURCHASE MY SIM CARD IS NOT YET...

Zain / line issue


This is regarding my Zain Kuwait mobile line, the new line package I purchased 4 months back and from last 3 weeks I am facing problem with network, I could not make any in/out calls or 3g service when I am in my home area . I complained to Zain technical service daily even I went Zain...

Zain / lost my money


am receiving a message from 759210(natta!) every friday and deducting S.R.5/-per message .how can i unsubscibe from this service.please help me

Zain / zain complaint


I am getting sms on a weekly basis then every other day from a number 759210. The content of the message is Download from the link http://http// with deduction 5 SR without any value from this dirty link, please deactivate this illegal service, urgently my mobile no. [protected] thanks much

Zain / zain sim

please can u check why every week SR12 has been deducted from my Mobile([protected]). i want to stop my deduction as soon as possible and reimburse deducted money if its possible. otherwise, i will have to stop services. thanks

Zain interenet data sim card / network very slow after 4 pm, everyday


i'm residing in mehaboula, near latheefa tower. before one month interenet service was good. the month of september network is very slow and i cannot open any sites.i have contract for one i cannot cancel the connection, this is cheating.please try to solve the issue.

Zain / dedeuction of money


please can u check why every week SR12 has been deducted from my moblie([protected]). i want to stop my deduction as soon as possible and reimburse deducted money if its possible. otherwise, i will have to stop services. thanks