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I have been trying to book my free companion flight for a month now and no one will call me back. I tried contacting t mobile only to be hung up on. I am ready to just purchase both tickets but I am very angry they have scammed so many people. Does anyone have any advice on what can be done about it?

false advertisement

I've noticed that we have become a victim of this airline ticket scam by T-Mobile. I am very disgusted because it seems there is no recourse for the T-Mobile customers. What a horrible way to treat the people who is keeping your business alive. then when you want to discontinue service for them not living up to thier end of the deal they want to threaten you with $150 early disconnect.

I don't know what to do or where the burden of Blame lies at this point everything that was asked of us was completed and it is now march and we still have no tickets.

Sounds like a class action suit to me???!!!

  • Ma
    MARI MCARTHUR Mar 06, 2009

    The t-mobile companion flight is a joke. I am into the third day of banging my head against awall. I give up. After all the incurred expenses of trying to get help and paying for faxes @ $2.50 per (page as it is a long distance #), using gas and hours of time, paying for airline parking to try to resolve this with a person. I will now wait and see if I ever hear from them. next I will fight this chargr for all it's worht and do all I can. I see fromwhat others say nothing good will come out of this. I also now have Cal. attorney general's # but can't get thru threr eithr. sooo? we can all hope for a class action lawsuit.
    Everyone: keep all records of papers, expenses, calling record etc. We may all need them to prove our case.
    Ms. Mcarthur

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  • Ma
    mark Mar 07, 2009

    I am in if there is a suit. Too much to write about, but I will say one thing; these corp. are the definition of bad (really )business. Never use them. mark

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  • Mi
    Mildred Mar 25, 2009

    Please, let's get together for a suit against these companies. It's pure fraud what they have done to us...
    Mildred, Las Vegas, Nv

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  • Ro
    Roya Nov 29, 2009

    I have the same problem, I never got my flight ticket and, I am in if there is any class action lawsuit. Please contact me.

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changed my plan without my permission

Metropcs changed thier plans after I had service for over a year. Upon their changing of their plans they took services from me that were moved to a more expensive plan and told me that if I wanted those services back that I was going to have to pay the higher rate. When I asked to be connected to a supervisor they refused and hung up on me several times. There is no way of contacting any of the upper level managers as the customer service reps (whick suck) will transfer you. When you asked to be transfered they either tell you that there is no way of contacting the upper level managers or they just plainly hang up on you. I have turned them into the fcc for not grand-fathering me into their plan changes and then over charging me for the plan that they put me in after they changed their plans. I would suggest that everyone that is not satified with them that they also talk to the fcc as they will pull their communications license after a certain amount of complaints. Them metropcs will be shut down for good.

  • Me
    Meher Jul 24, 2009

    I agree.. I have just bought phone from metro PCS and after 3 days of services found its not working properly...and so I called the customer care service person and they said tha I can return the phone is am not happy with the services and said number of hours didnot matter...if its less than 30 days. But when I went to return the phone..they r not taking it back at all.
    There is no good sound quality or network. Even with in LA if u r walking up stairs in a building call drops...Its just horrible.

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added unlimited text messaging service and then was charged for text messages

In November, I called T-mobile customer service to see if I could replace my damaged phone with a new phone without having to lengthen my contract. I have been a loyal T-mobile customer for 4 years. They said sorry, have to extend your contract, they even recommended my buying a new unregistered phone and switching the little PIN card(or whatever it is called) once I got the new phone. While I was on the phone with the rep, he suggested that I add on the unlimited texting plan since I had a few small charges for text messages. I am not a texting fool like some, but my wife was starting to use the feature more and more. So I said yes, please add that on to my plan. So I hung up the phone and told my wife, we now have the unlimited texting plan so feel free to text at will.

Well you can imagine what happened next. My next bill came in with 300 dollars worth of text messaging charges. I figured this would be an easy fix, I would just call customer service and explain it, and someone with a brain would look at my past history and realize this was all a mistake. The rep was pleasant and helpful, but acted like her hands were tied behind her back, I asked to talk to someone higher and was told they were not available. So I hung up, wrote a letter to accompany my bill and as life goes, time went by. I just received my second bill and again, it has the charge and of course now THEY are mad because they want the money of course. I have used the support section of My T-Mobile site and resubmitted my claim that I believed I was on the unlimited texting plan and that I will not pay for a mistake that one of their reps did. I will update this complaint as I continue the process. I think the thing that frustrates me the most is the lack of a willingness to listen/work any sort of solution to the problem with me. Even though the customer service reps were both pleasant and polite, they have absolutely no power to make any decisions, and the folks that do sit back and do not talk to the actual customers.

terrible company

T mobile blackberry wireless uma service is a sham. I purchased the blackberry curve from t-mobile for one reason only, they were the only company that offered an option where you could make calls via wireless through their UMA feature. As i travel internationally frequently and this service was recommended to me by someone else that had been using it, i purchased it.

This was in March of 2008. It worked fine for several months. I am in 20 inches away from my wireless router most of the day. All of a sudden, I start getting very large phone bills and my UMA feature is no longer working. I spent close to 5 hours talking to different techs ar tmobile trying to determine he cause of it all to no avail. I as most people have a hectic life and can't afford to spend endless hours on the phone with techs that can't help.

After receiving another huge phone bill, i called tmobile and after another 7 hours or so of dealing, with 'customer service' reps and techs, i come to find out that T mobile discontinued the compatibility with belkin routers (the one i use). Again, my UMA service worked just fine until all of a sudden, my bill goes through the roof. I spoke to supervisor Sherry. She credited part of the bill but not all of the overage. I explained that i was not happy as this is not what was sold to me and it sounded like classic bait and switch. They disabled the service so they could bill me on overage. I asked to have it escalated to the highest level because i am sure i am not the only person this has happened to. She then gave me supervisor Roland badge number [protected] who was no help. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was promised a call back. I have yet to receive this call.

This seems to be a very simple bait and switch. They sold me a service that worked for a while and all of a sudden, that service no longer works and i am charge huge overage fees. Does this sound like a class action lawsuit? I plan on filing complaints with the FCC and all other agencies I can think of. If there is a lawyer out there that sees this as a potential issue, please contact me.

  • Pl
    plunger Oct 07, 2009

    This is a widespread problem, and it's questionable whether T-Mobile should even be allowed to charge a monthly fee for UMA service. Also, a lot of people were sold the Blackberry with the claim that it lets you do "Skype" calling, or free calls from wifi without mentioning that unless the monthly fee was paid, T-Mobile would bill as if it were regular air time.

    If you are interested in joing a class action against T-Mobile, please contact Joshua at [email protected]

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doubt of fraud under name of bank of england & t-mobile-uk

Dear Sir,

This is to make your kind attention.
I feel there are people from UK trying to make fraud with innocent peoples of our country.
Here is one exmaple, please go through below mail..

I have received SMS from "AT-T-MOBILE" as
" Congratulation!!! Your mobile number has won won 150 000 G.B.Pounds from T-mobile promo...for claims contact Mr.Paul simth, call +[protected], [protected]@yahoo.com...powered by T-Mobile-UK."

Subsequent to this sms when I replied on above e-mail ID the following reply is received from email id of : [protected]@yahoo.com


One Tenterden Street London
W1S 1TA United Kingdom.


I am in receipt of your e-mail and wish to inform you that Your Mobile Number Has been one of the selected winner among the twenty seven lucky winner from the T-MOBILE Company of UK to Received the Sum of (150, 000.00 GB Pounds) from T-MOBILE Company UK. and wish to thank you for your Co-operation Regarding this program. Your fund have been deposited Temporarry in our Bank of England here in U.K in a temporary Account and shall be sent to you through the approval of the British Lottery Promotion Organization.

However, the 2009 T-MOBILE U.K Mobile Numbers Award is no doubt, a momentous achievement in the chequered history of this Corporation. On behalf of the entire staff of the Organization, I wish to congratulate all non-Governmental Organizations who have in no little way contributed immensely towards the success of this program as well as taking concrete steps towards it's actualization. All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Mobile numbers Directories. This promotion is part of the financial empowerment program of the T-MOBILE Company (T.M.C.U.k) in it's struggle to alleviate poverty.

I wish to seize this opportunity to acquaint you with guidelines as you must follow in order to complete your claims. On our part, we have a mandate to see you through. We will work assiduously to realize this mandate as we respect your views, opinions and most importantly protect your Privacy.

You are advised to complete the below form and send it to the fund release Application Letter to the Bank of England United Kingdom by email:[protected]@yahoo.co.uk so that they can process it and release your fund to you immediatelly.

Dr. Paul Smith
+44 (0) [protected]

(Prize Administrator )

You are requered to contact bank of England through the address below.

The Division Director
Bank of England
Thread needle Street London EC2R 8AH
Tel: +44 (0) [protected] / +44 (0) [protected]
Fax: 00-44-[protected]



I write to apply for the release of my fund with regards to the winning notification that was received on my Mobile from the T-MOBILE Company of UK. I was made to Understand that this sum of (150, 000.00 GB Pounds) is deposited in a temporary Account in your Bank.I here by request that the above mentioned sum be remitted to me at the earliest.

Below is my Personal Information:

My Full Name:...
My Address:...
My House Telephone:...
My Mobile Telephone:...
My State:...
My E-mail Address:...
My Age:...
Marital Status:...
My Prize Amount:...

Yours Faithfully
(Your Full Name)

Copyright 2009 T-MOBILE Claims Procedures. All Rights Reserved.


However after this I have replied to the mail & sent application to e-mail id : [protected]@yahoo.co.uk / CONTACT PERSON: DR. MICHEAL ROLAND.

Request you all to please look in to this matter, since I feel this is a big fraud being try to do with innocent peoples of our nation.

I have seen couple of articles regarding such frauds on internet.

Request you all to pls look in to the matter & take stronge actions against such frauds.

And kindly suggest me what I shall do with this.

Best Regards,

poor service, dropped calls

I purchased a T-Mobile phone and, of course, the two year contract. I asked for the insurance also. 3 day...

fraud and cheating

The ads read 'unlimit yourself' and 'permission to speak freely' - but that has NOT been...


My daughter fell in love with the sidekick LX phone. I spent almost $500.00 when the phone first came out. I started my contract in with t-mobile in march of 2008. 6 months later she experience problems texing. The scam is sending the phones back to tech support req by CS they want to say the phone had water damege and charge a fee of $104.00. i have been charged twice and they refuse to take the charges off . It has been stressful. All phones were request to sent back they declined to be taken to the nearest t-mobile store. Water damage that's bull..

  • Valerie Jul 23, 2008

    IN January or 06 I had to go to Chicago for a Family emergency. I was there for a week. While there I had the worse reception and coverage in any of my phones. I tried to complain about dropped calls and other problems, but I could never get through. When I got my bill it was $200, vs the normal $50.00. They charged me for 55 minutes. I counted 65+ minutes that calls were dropped and calls were lost since I had to recall them. (I had 4 calls in one minute) They offered a 25 dollars in credit. That was all she can do, I asked for a supervisor and got the same statement.

    I then asked them if they knew what mail fraud was? They said what did that have to do with it. I said by placing this fraudulent bill in the US mail, they had committed mail fraud. And when they tried to extort more money than was supposed to be done, they became part of the mail fraud. I needed their full name so I can give it to the Federal Agents. They hung up.

    Remember if anyone sends you a bill and it has falsehoods and they refuse to fix it, or they know it does (It is common to over bill on cell phone.) It is mail fraud. Look IT Up.

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  • Ca
    Calvin w Jul 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you have no ground! At all. You used the service regardless dropped calls or not. They give you a way to check you minutes you went over be a grown up and pay what you owe and stop vomplaining. If it was att they would have hung up right away.

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  • Co
    CommonSense Feb 05, 2009

    Water damage is provable by a sticker inside the phone that changes from white to pink once it gets wet.

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  • Po
    Poppabird_1 Jul 04, 2009

    I used to have auto pay from my visa card but because of paydays not always falling in sync with my bill due day...I cancelled auto pay. Now three months later, T-Mobile has decided to remove a monthly payment from my debit card WITHOUT my authorization...leaving me with no money to buy the nitroglycerene and other needed heart medications I ordered online with my local pharmacey. After finally getting through to someone who sounded like she had a mouth full of marbles while talking too me, she reversed the payment...but I've seen no reversal in my visa account after waiting three weeks!!! Strange...they can take your money immediately when they want it...but take their sweetass time getting it back into your account ( and I KNOW FOR FACT...that an immediate reversal of funds can be made). Evidently...I have to have a forth heart attack now, to get them to do anything...or just die from no meds and let my attornety file a wrongfull death suit against them for failure to return an anuthorized transaction.

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  • Ic
    ichloverdu May 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a T-Mobile Costumer since October 2010. About a month ago, I enrolled in a prepaid plan. I have received messages from T-Mobile telling me that on May 22nd, it will upgrade my plan to unlimited internet (my original plan was unlimited talk, messaging and 100 MB web) with no additional cost. However, I used 34 MB out of the 100 MB last month.

    I have no access to internet since Saturday morning, probably, at 4 am. I called T-Mobile customer services and the representative told me that he will call me back after he checks what is going on. He called me back and told me that "the technical support works on upgrading my plan, and it might take 24 to 72 hours to get the service back". I was convinced with that, and after 72 hours nothing changed. I called them many times, and every time they ask me to make the same thing (Troubleshooting); take off the battery and put it back ... go to option ...etc, . After all these calls, nothing happened and I got disappointed.

    On May 23rd, at 11 AM, I went to the T-Mobile store that is located in 2nd Ave on 74th St, NY. The representative that works there told me that she can't help me with this issue and I have to call the customer service directly!!

    I decided to reach the fact of my problem, so at 10 PM, I called them and stayed on the line for 2 hours, talked to 4 persons (one was a representative of Blackberry). Finally, they told me that " to use your Blackberry with this plan you have to pay additional fees. I told them that I don't want this plan and please switch me to the old one, (I didn't ask them to upgrade my plan and at the same time this cell phone I have is registered on their system). They refused to switch me to the old plan that I had and told me my old plan is not available any more. I checked on T-Mobile website and found that the plan still exists.

    I got tired with all this (this is not the first time I face an issue with T-Mobile). I want to get the good service that I am paying for.

    This the first time I know that "upgrade" means "handicapped" service.

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Free Companion Flight Fraud

An email I sent in response to "We are always looking for participant feedback on our promotions. Please...

irresponsible corporate behavior

A valued client as they say. For 8 years, less than 100 USD per month charges, ohhh suddenly it's 2000! Makes sense right?

T-mobile - thanks for letting me know that my phone bill in a few days ended up in 2000 USD. Oh, T-Mobilester couldn't have suspended the account? Any refund for the obvious fraud which I've reported several times? Not a single dollar, simply outrageous.

Short sell T-Mobile, never sign a contract with them. Worst client service, oh sorry they don't have that nor client retention policies. Rubbish firm that will go bust soon. Make money on them by selling their stock.

Good luck to the next consumer, may T-Mobile go down as a crook they are.

Kristian Jensen
New York

false claim

Hi my name is Sandra Antoine and I was sent to the collection agency by T-mobile wireless. I've paid all of my bills but they're telling me that I have a past due balance from my previous account which doesn't make sense to me, because T-mobile won't let upgrade/resign your contract without paying the pass due balances on the account. So if you can respond back with any information as soon as possible I would appreciate it. If any questions i can be reached on [protected] or by email [protected]@hotmail.com Account number: [protected]-A Thank You!

Sandra Antoine

  • Al
    Algonquinjcalhoun Mar 26, 2010

    While I don't work at this company, I am sure they will get this right for they are a great company. I do hope you get everything working well and best of luck to you and yours.

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free airline tickets for signing up

I have done everything that was required to sign up for 2 free airline tickets when you sign up for the my faves contract. I am scheduled to fly on Feb 13, 2009. I haven't even been called yet. I have been calling T-mobile and TLC Marketing since before August 2008. They say my account has open task since August but nobody bothers to call, they just ignore you. I have never in my life seen such bad customer service and false advertising as T-mobile. If I don't get my tickets, I am prepared to file a class action suit based on this scam. This year we signed up again for another 2 yr contract and was giving a buy one ticket get one free airline ticket, and if you read about this process the tickets for one are prices higher than any airline out there. What is T- Mobile thinking, this is no way to keep loyal customers or to get new ones! I will cancel my phone service and go somewhere else.

  • Di
    Dianne Lowry Feb 24, 2009

    We have had the same problem. First of all, it took forever to get the booking request forms. We finally received them about six months ago. I sent in the request form for my son to return home from college for spring break in mid-March 2009. I sent the request form to TLC in mid-January (they request 30 days between booking and departure dates as stated on the form - I allowed about 60 days). As stated on the form, we were supposed to be contacted within 14 days. It has been 5 weeks, and we have not heard a word!!! I have tried to contact them many times, and have left numerous messages to no avail.

    How sad is it that the incompetence and negligence of a company has ruined the plans of a young college student to visit his family over spring break. This is a scam and both TLC and T-mobile should be held accountable.

    I have read numerous stories about people experiencing the same situation with TLC and T-mobile. It is false advertising and a class action lawsuit should be filed.

    We plan to cancel our T-mobile plan as soon as the contract is up.

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  • Dr
    Dr Spock Mar 03, 2009

    If you got your booking PIN just go on line to


    You enter your pin and select the flights. I just booked 2 tickets from JFK-Las Vegas and right after I booked them I went to AA's web site and the reservation was there. It really is set up as a Web Booking process and although you can do it by mail you can tell from your results that it doesn't work too well. Good Luck

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  • Vi
    vivian Mar 20, 2009

    TLC just ###ing ripped me off and I have been trying to call them for two days. they keep giving me the run around. i am now having to dispute the charges with my bank because these ### holes do not like to call people back. this free companion flight is a scam. all of a sudden my flights were hiked up in dollar amounts and i have no clue . they keep sending me an email that says my bill but wont send the break down. it is fraud and i will not rest till i 1) have my money back 2)cancel my tmobile account 3)never use tmobile again and go back to helio.

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  • Mm
    mmlef Sep 01, 2009

    I experienced the same run around with TLC through an HSBC travel voucher. I never got my ticket. TLC kept promising something and in the end I got nothing. I am going to pursue some sort of class action suit. If anyone wishes to be a part please email me at [email protected]

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super over charges

T Mobile charges me for $3, 500.oo because of the international roaming charges, that"s what they explained...


T-Mobile is a very dishonest company. I returned a phone that simply quite working. I was told to return it...


Besides sprint. T-mobile is the worst wireless provider that I have ever had to deal with. Customer service is horrible and need to shut up while lying to customers or go through extension customer service training to learn how to treat customers. The billing department will tack on charges that you have never heard of before with any other wireless provider. Every month prior to opening my bill I had to brace myself for charges that are illegally on my bill. When I would call about the unknown charges on my bill and ask for a manager or a supervisor, they were just as bad and no help. I am very upset that I had to pay t-mobile a 200.00 early out fee to to get away from the worst disaster of my life. They do not care about customers they just want out money. How about everyone that is interested in filing a class action lawsuit against t-mobile get together and just do it and get back some of the money that was stolen from us by t-mobile. If interested please email me at [protected]@comcast.net. The t-mobile customers in other states such as california did it and won. They can not continue to still from customers like this.

  • Ma
    Matthew55904 May 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    T-Mobile is a vary bad company they charge 20cents a text message on a plan with UNLIMITED text messaging they are charging 300 a month on a plan that is only 80 get the run around and nothing is dont not to mentaion the service is just terriable cuts out and drops calls constantly horriable service we now have NET10 never once have we dropped a call or have had calls cut out

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money theith

My service was altered to be made to be more than what my bill is .said by a agent that someone got money for a previous payment on my bill, but yet a whole month after I had service.And now this Month a payment I made misterously does not show in the computer system.For this payment I have a receipt of my payment.I feell like I've been robbed by this company, and I'd really would like to sue them for money they took from me and the mental anguish, and inconveince they have cause me and other members on my account.

  • Bi
    BIGGIBABY09 Feb 19, 2009


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  • Co
    CommonSense Feb 19, 2009

    They probably couldn't understand what you were saying either

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no signal

Metropcs... Hello, hello, hello?... Thats actually a very good description of wat you will b doing while in the middle of a freakin conversation... There service finds new ways to become the worse mobile carrier n the world. One day u get service in a certain area then, a few minutes later... While in the same m%?*[email protected]&*$#!~"spot... Guess what people, u get no service... Oh im sorry, it will display searching for service... Unlimited??? Unlimited??? Maybe metropcs needs to look up the word on"unlimited." its like a sick pun n words... Metropcs... Hello, hello, goodbye... And good rid ens

  • Ca
    carsrac Jun 05, 2009

    i have to break dance when i am talking on my phone to get signal.its awful network.

    1 Votes
  • Ke
    ken rickner Jul 12, 2010

    I have called and filed many complaints . I live in Bethel Island Ca. My calls are continually being dropped .I did say Continueally and I mean that ! ! ! Today July 12 I seem to NOT be able to get a TX to go out, message FAILED . The call in and complaining 3 -4 times a week is getting very OLD .Not to mention dropping calls in the middle of that . I have used my home phone phone as asked to do which adds to major time to get though, only to have them drop that call . I will be setting in a chair in my house and not even turn my head . I try to run a bussiness with this phone . I know this is a test of patience for me . I Love the Lord and I am Growing in him .I know in the patience department because I would lonched my phone long ago had it not been for him. If you can't improve the service out here how do I go about getting a rebate, money back so I can get a phone and service that works ?? I AM looking forward to service improvement . Thank you kindly

    1 Votes

Termination Fee

I am a single mother with two kids, and my main income is talking to clients over the cell phone. Around Aug. I have made frequent complaints to T-mobile letting them know that when i continued my contract with them i expected the same type of service. The lack of service was due to a tower being down within my area, so i asked them how long will this take to get fixed. They told me about three months. I asked the customer service rep how will i continue to make income to pay for my means and my cell phone bills if i continue to experience drop calls. The person stated the there was nothing they can do and they definately will not wave my early termination fee due to drop calls. T-mobile is known for what... " fewest drop calls". I refuse to pay 600.00 for my early termination because i chose to due business with a company that works for me.

  • Ju
    justine mace Jan 04, 2009

    I took out a phone on contract for my daughter, unfortunatley, she lost her job, i contacted t. mobile and was encouraged to take out a bigger contract. then realised that this was really poor customer service, and as a manager at tesco, on the non food department, it is now going to be my mission to advice anyone and everyone to take out a phone on every other contract!!! and the ignorant, unhelpful, smug, usless (yes, sheraz, this means you!!!) t. mobile customer service assistant, can go whistle. I do have to say thank you to 'amy' for trying. But please, what a bunch of idiots!!! and as a manager at Tesco, please go to any other network because these are the worst i have ever dealt with!!!

    0 Votes

offensive, mean, nasty, abusive, threats of violence, threats, vulgar and bigot sms messages

offensive, Mean, nasty, abusive, threats of violence, threats, vulgar and bigot SMS messages from account holder/client with phone # [protected]

Type: Cell Phone
Location: Dallas, TX

[protected] is in Dallas area, TX
in or around Dallas, TX (zip 75207)

Exchange 214-881 appears to be located in Dallas, TX. (Dallas County, Zipcode 75201)
City: Dallas
State: TX - TEXAS
Zip: [protected]
[protected]@amaonline.com; [protected]@amaonline.com; [protected]@amatechtel.com
[protected]@amaonline.com; [protected]@amaonline.com

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