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Network Solutions Complaints & Reviews Network Solutions / credit card charges unauthorized

B R-california on Sep 2, 2018

NetworkSolutions makes unauthorized charges to credit cards. Network Solutions and has no way to remove a credit card payment method and therefore you cannot stop them once they have a credit card on file. Networksolutions has been doing this for years. We got trapped...

Network Solutions / hosting

Payman Zahedi on Mar 13, 2018

Hi, This is Payman Zahedi. I'm writing to you because one guy used my name and my company name in his website without permission on This guy is working and living in Iran and you provide him hosting services which is under US sanction. He clearly mentioned in his website that...

Network Solutions / email

MsJones101 on Aug 9, 2017

Despite my selecting all possible options for Network Solutions, etc. to not provide my email address to 3rd parties, it still happens. My email gets filled with junk from whomever Network Solutions sells my address to, then when I request more storage space, I'm told it will cost me...

Network Solutions / webmail service

pagenotes on May 17, 2017

The Network Solutions web email has never been great but has recently gone down hill. Every couple of weeks my emails stop arriving. I call them up and request that they send me my emails. They mostly oblige. I inquire about the ones that didn't and they say 'spam filter.'...

Network Solutions / Transfer my own domain and give me authorized code

Tiranjan Enterprises on Dec 20, 2016

The my domain is created by me through network solutions panel i have got buyer already deal is in process keep lock off or remove it from network solutions and provide me authorize code for transferring the domain because my domain is still displaying in...

Network Solutions / good company

JohnEdwards11 on Feb 6, 2015

Network Solution Co is a great company, i signed up with their relocation service and i got a new house within a week of signing up! i highly recommend them if you want to move fast! i don't have time to search for my own properties so i used these after i found an advert online for...

Network Solutions / Billing fraud

WhistleBlower69 on Apr 25, 2013

Network Solutions is deceptive and dishonest in its billing practices. They have overcharged us and double charged us for services over and over again. We got fed up with problems and the bureaucratic response to our complaints. I had to argue with no less than 5 different managers over...

Network Solutions / Fraud

SJDills on Mar 15, 2013

When we renewed a domain name we paid an additional fee for "protection" to ensure the name could not be lost if there was a problem the next time the domain was due for renewal. It turns out that the "protection" term is less than the domain renewal term, so what good is the protection?...

Network Solutions / / Deceptive and Fraudulent Business Practices

Jazzmaker on Feb 4, 2013

Our company has used the services of Network Solutions when it was owned by VeriSign since 2001. Every now and again we are contacted by their sales department trying to sell us one of their new products they what us to try. I am not here to slam the company since I am only one of six...

Network Solutions / Billing - Auto-Renew

SeattleM on Jan 27, 2013

Received billing for an auto-renewal for a domain I had intentionally let lapse. I know that I did not have the Auto-Renew checked because I have had highjacked CC #s, so I had recently checked accounts for billing. They said they would remove and issue credit BUT - this is certainly...

Network Solutions / unauthorized charging of credit card

forensic engineer on Jan 20, 2013

Network Solutions used to give the website owner an option to renew their hosting package manually or renew automatically. They have changed their policy and now charge my account automatically (without my authorization), this being the first year. I have tried to stop this practice by...

Network Solutions / unauthorized charge

nightchilde on Sep 23, 2012

Network Soluions has turned into a nightmare! They charged my Paypal account (which subsequently charged my bankcard) for a year ($45!!) of domain registration that was not due nor authorized. No reminder email was sent to me advising me of such activity and now they keep giving me the...

Network Solutions / Cannot cancel service

R. Gankiewicz on Aug 14, 2012

Cannot contact anyone at for billing cancellation. No one answers any telephone number provided. No one responds to e-mail response. originally requested an E-mail domain ID# 51967421. I did not get the requested domain name nor the web site for e-mail paid over...

Network Solutions / Billing

BC Solutions on Jul 31, 2012

Network Solutions billed a 10 year old expired credit card for invoice that was not due for 30 days. The credit card was not in the name of the domain owner. Our accounting department called and had the charges reversed. Network Solutions billed a $10 processing fee for their error. We...

Network Solutions / Incompetence. Privacy and Security violations

DJ-PMA on Jun 18, 2012

We have registered multiple domains with NS, paying handsomely for each and every service. I use the word service advisedly. Always, complaints were slow to find resolution, though we always got the promised auto-response back in 24 hours. The final straw was that they simultaneously shut...

Network Solutions / Website Builder Tool

taras3 on Jun 16, 2012

I have been told by Network Solutions tech support that with the nsHosting package I have, the FREE 'website builder tool' can only be used for 1 of my websites. So now I am, forced to buy TWO nsHosting packages. I would like to understand why Network Solutions charges for a...

Network Solutions / Scammers

ptownben on May 12, 2012

Network Solutions is by far the worst hosting company out there. Not because of their tools, but because of their tactics. Here are a few tactics I noticed from being with them for 2 weeks. 1. Do not run into a billing issue with them, customers can not talk directly to Billing, instead...

Network Solutions / Gauging customers

Bummed in Denver on Apr 23, 2012

We have a domain registered at Network Solutions. Our primary contact left the company and was no longer receiving emails. They didn't bother to send notices to anyone else on the account. So the domain expired. We went to renew it, and they charged us $37.99 to renew the domain...

Network Solutions / Support Responsiveness (or lack of)

Simken on Feb 15, 2012

I have been with this company for 15 years. The deterioration in service towards the client and the blatant attempt to hold hostage and blackmail for further fees to reapir problems of their making is eye watering. I was miss sold a service that has disrupted my access to website...

Network Solutions, LLC / Network Solutions Holds DNS Hostage

Iplet on Jan 19, 2012

Network Solutions pulled every ugly delay tactic in the book to delay our dns transfer until it finally got to within 60 days so we had to wait. Then 2 months later, after paying what amounted to extortion to NS to renew with them against our will, they AGAIN changed the expiry date and are...