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email upgrade

First, their customer service gave me incorrect information resulting in a lot of pain and time for me. They gave me three months credit to make up for it, and then I proceeded with what I should have been told in the first place - upgrade to Office 365. The process started 12/6/2019 @ 4 pm and was supposed to take 24-48 hours and be expedited because of the prior bad advice. It is now 12/15/19 at 6 pm and I still do not have email. As this is a company email, I am in a world of hurt. They have some serious systemic issues: (1) the first call was to tell me know one had validated my account, which should have been done in the prior contact. (2) they did not ask any questions about my set up first - although they could see I had my website elsewhere (because the NS one is not great) - and the DNS settings needed to be edited. After a couple days they asked me to add several records to my Wix DNS settings. With Wix' help that was done, except two SRV codes had inadequate information. So after more days, I received two additional DNS settings to add (TXT) but no additional SRV data. Finally, after trying the chat/call back, email and calling over the course of several days, I received the remaining SRV data and the site propagated. Now I am trying to put in the new email addresses and receiving and Error message with no other details. (3) Every time I call it's like a brand new day and I have to get the new rep up to speed. They don't actually know what is going on, and have to ask wherever the ticket has been expedited to. There is no facilitator/coordinator/client liaison to get a customer through the process. (4) The hold time is 10-15 minutes every time. I gotta believe that any other service provider is better. What a bunch of bumblers! 10 days in and still no email! If I ran my business like they run theirs, I wouldn't have any customers left.

domain locked and being forced to pay for 60 more days for updating the contact info...

this company is a joke. thieves, plan and simple. the most impossible registrar to work with. any other company would let you move the domain whenever you want, but network solutions will not assist in removing the block they placed on the account. they said its not possible and we all know that isnt true. no other registrar does this deceptive practice.. look at their FTC violations, the class actions, no BBB accreditation... just do yourself a favor and never sign up with this company. the only reason i would even deal with them is to move my domain away.

1)We don't want to renew this
2)We have already check no auto renew, we don't want the
auto renew because we have not use this domain

name for many years. We just want it to be expire.

Your system make the auto renew for us and charge the money to us which we think that it is unfair business.

Please cancel it. Why the system charge to us? The money may be very small for you but it is big for us.

Are you need autorenew to make money ??


Although being very good at up selling add on products. They do not perform the essentials and have no desire to. Google date requires a GTIN (UPC) number for the products which are being fed to Google to get viewed in Google shopping results. There is no place to put a GTIN number in any of the edit inventory screens. Their Google data feed will get most of your items rejected by Google. Their answer to us after two weeks of waiting for a reply is "Just re-export the data feed and add the UPC codes manually." NO problem if it was only 10 items. It is over 40, 000 items updated and uploaded weekly to Google. They have not kept up with the ever changing online business model, except for the billing for their services part. They're good at that. We do NOT recommend their service at all.

credit card charges unauthorized

NetworkSolutions makes unauthorized charges to credit cards. Network Solutions and has no way to remove a credit card payment method and therefore you cannot stop them once they have a credit card on file. Networksolutions has been doing this for years. We got trapped within their scam a long time ago and have had nothing but problems with billing and charges. you can change credit cards, cancel old, get new. you can dispute charges using credit card company. Network solutions has designed this specifically to steal your money. Disputes with networksolutions will sometimes result in some credit for recent charges. hosting

Hi, This is Payman Zahedi. I'm writing to you because one guy used my name and my company name in his website without permission on This guy is working and living in Iran and you provide him hosting services which is under US sanction. He clearly mentioned in his website that he is working in Iran and has a network there. You get paid from him which is lead your company to break the US sanctions. I highly advice you to drop the hosting service. This is serious and if you don't stop providing service within next three days then I'd report you to OFAC.


Despite my selecting all possible options for Network Solutions, etc. to not provide my email address to 3rd...

webmail service

The Network Solutions web email has never been great but has recently gone down hill. Every couple of week...

transfer my own domain and give me authorized code

The my domain is created by me through network solutions panel i have got buyer already deal...

good company

Network Solution Co is a great company, i signed up with their relocation service and i got a new house...

billing fraud

Network Solutions is deceptive and dishonest in its billing practices. They have overcharged us and double charged us for services over and over again. We got fed up with problems and the bureaucratic response to our complaints. I had to argue with no less than 5 different managers over weeks to get credited for $1200 in overcharges. It was a nightmare.

Anytime you allow an autorenewal you have to make very sure you cancel and get it in email. They will deliberately cancel it by phone and then continue to charge you until you call and complain then they will say did you write the ticket number down because we don't have any record of your cancellation. Its a scam and it cost me a lot of money.

They basically always fall back on "according to our terms of service" ie. the fine print you never read we cannot give you a refund because we don't have a record of the cancellation. It is a complete scam and I am reporting them to the FTC.

Any other customers who have been scammed by network solutions should also contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a formal complaint on It is very easy to file the complaint and there are obviously many network solutions victims who have complained about their deceptive and fraudulent billing practices. Let's blow the whistle on network solutions and prevent other consumers from being victimized.


When we renewed a domain name we paid an additional fee for "protection" to ensure the name could not be lost if there was a problem the next time the domain was due for renewal. It turns out that the "protection" term is less than the domain renewal term, so what good is the protection? When I learn it was a waste of money to purchase protection, naturally, I requested a refund. It has now been 90 days and no refund has been received. A call to Network Solutions resulted in a promise of a return call, but it has not happened. Based on what I have just read on this site, I guess I should stop wasting my time trying to get the refund; my time is more valuable than chasing after a business practicing fraud.

deceptive and fraudulent business practices

Our company has used the services of Network Solutions when it was owned by VeriSign since 2001. Every now...

billing - auto-renew

Received billing for an auto-renewal for a domain I had intentionally let lapse. I know that I did not have...

unauthorized charging of credit card

Network Solutions used to give the website owner an option to renew their hosting package manually or renew automatically. They have changed their policy and now charge my account automatically (without my authorization), this being the first year. I have tried to stop this practice by following their instructions and calling their toll free number and notifying them personally. But, instead of talking to a person, all I ever get is a recording saying that they are experiencing a higher than normal call volume and to hold. Of course, no one ever answers. This is obviously a devious business practice which allows them to charge your credit card however much they want and make it very difficult for you to stop doing business with them. In my case, it's costing me an additional $40.00 to to renew automatically as opposed to renewing manually! If you are like me and prefer to control your costs, Network Solutions is not the company to work with. I strongly recommend reading the other complaints against this company before deciding to do business. Since they have already charged my card, I am stuck with them another year. But, I won't be next year! It's clear that their management approves of devious business practices and they are not the sort of people I want to deal with.

unauthorized charge

Network Soluions has turned into a nightmare! They charged my Paypal account (which subsequently charged my...

cannot cancel service

Cannot contact anyone at for billing cancellation. No one answers any telephone number...


Network Solutions billed a 10 year old expired credit card for invoice that was not due for 30 days. The...

incompetence. privacy and security violations

We have registered multiple domains with NS, paying handsomely for each and every service. I use the word service advisedly. Always, complaints were slow to find resolution, though we always got the promised auto-response back in 24 hours. The final straw was that they simultaneously shut down one of our company's e-mail and "notified" us, via e-mail. So, we were forced to search our own systems for problems and found none. We notified NS in the prescribed way from a different address, were referred to another department (+ 2 days without company mail), then received and auto-message saying we had been notified of the problem (to the old, non-working e-mail address: +2 more days) and were finally referred to an individual who forwarded the "notification". Said notification was merely another auto-message informing us that an e-mail had been compromised and was spamming, therefore they had no choice but to shut us down (as opposed to contacting us while the mail still worked). At + 1 week with no mail we changed all the passwords, as required, and attempted to stay in contact with NS. + 2more days we received a note saying that the passwords still weren't strong enough. We changed, again (+2 more days). "I'll check with the Techs right away" was the response we got, and we waited another +5 days. Nothing. NS never attempted to help resolve the problem. They did not notify us until after they shut down the e-mail. They have not responded to our attempts to mutually resolve it. AND, they admitted in an e-mail that their "Techs" have access to our passwords and mailboxes, and yours. We suggested in a final e-mail to the company that it may have been their internal security that failed. And, alas, we have contacted an attorney to attempt to recoup the dozens or hundreds of thousands of dollars we lost because we were out of contact for more than two weeks. So, NS at your peril. PS - I'm posting this everywhere and will be paying for an add in three magazines.

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    allisonH Jun 22, 2012

    I got a call today from a girl trying to sell me SEO services, followed by ecommerce platform. When I asked for a few representative clients, she said they did not have a list anymore because the clients were getting too many calls as a result of being listed with them (hardly a complaint an internet retailer would have - "more visitors...oh no!"). I have spoken to countless e-commerce platform providers and not one has refused to tell me who else uses them. Another hint is that they have no case studies on their website.

    Do not waste your time.


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    ftvjr Oct 13, 2012

    We are currently having the same issue. One of our machines was infected with a virus which compromised an email account. Actually found the bad system and resolved the issue. Started to change passwords as a secondary precaution. Before completing all email accounts, we were shut down completely. Spend two days (multiple hours each time) waiting on hold to finally get someone who asked if we received the email about spam complaints. Seriously, you shut our email down... How would I get them I asked. He said "oh, sorry". Not acceptable. I stated you have not only the account owners contact info but a technical contact which anyone can find in via Whois. If the issue were big enough for you to shut us down, could you not call or attempt to call those contacts to advise. Rather you wait till we spend hours to find out you just cut us off. Even logging into our account on NS there was no popup or warning stating your account was compromised and you need to contact us before it is reactivated or something to that affect. After being a paying customer for many years, it's obvious this was not malicious on our part. You need a much better way to advise customers. We are still down after having done what they asked. We will also be leveraging legal council to recoup our losses as a business...

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website builder tool

I have been told by Network Solutions tech support that with the nsHosting package I have, the FREE 'website builder tool' can only be used for 1 of my websites. So now I am, forced to buy TWO nsHosting packages. I would like to understand why Network Solutions charges for a hosting package which allows up to 3 websites to be hosted on it, yet only allows you to use the website builder tool ONE time? Let me just say I have many products with netSol and while it is MORE expensive than the other hosts out there I have remained a loyal customer. However, this illogical rule for the website builder tool has made me seriously reconsider moving everything to another host. Mind you, I even asked if I could PAY to use the website builder tool, and was told by the rep that I could NOT. From the technical aspect, is thee any reason not to allow the website builder tool to be used for more than one site? This makes no sense what so ever and has frustrated me beyond belief.