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cannot transfer to me to a live operator

My payment is due the 10th ea mo. I made an online payment on the 9th of June. 06/11 service disoconnected. I called MetroPCS, customer service told me to call their 3rd party payment proc. co, "Bill Matrix" to confirm pymt was rec'd. I called, they confirmed pymnt was rec'd. I called Metro PCS back with the confirmation #. They told me it would take up to 2 hrs for them to check their computer data base. Service never resumed. I called, they now turned my service back on but only for 2 days while they investigate (again, they say they will investigate further). I gave the Metro PCS customer service rep. the trace # and the reference # my bank shows to confirm they debited my bank account. 2 days later, I get a text msg. saying the case is closed and that I need to pay another month's bill to resume my service. Metro PCS claims they have 24/7 Customer Service. I attempted to call Customer Service after hours, the automated system says it cannot transfer to me to a live operator at this time.

misleading and telling the wrong price on buying a phone, then wouldn't admit it

I called a tmobile representative to see if I had any upgrades on my account and was told I had some. I then proceeded to have him tell me the different types of phones to choose from and the prices. I ended up choosing 2 and he gave me a total of$126.88. I asked him twice to repeat it and he told me the same price each time. I ordered them and it was done. Then, fast forward a month and I get the bill and it has an extra $32.49 on it for"other expense". It also said it was an installment of 3. I called them and they said "Oh no, this is what you owe on the phone. We only billed you for part of the phone. Then I pointed out that the total was already on my bill and there even was an extra $32.49 added on for no reason. The manager proceeded to tell me that the one phone I ordered was $129.99. I said no, the representative told me it would be $79.99 with the upgrade. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! I asked her if they could find the taped conversation of the representative and me when I ordered the phone and she said no. I told her this is insane, the representative gave me a total of $126.88. Where else would that come from????How would he come up with a figure like that?????? I was totally given the wrong total and ended up purchasing the phone thinking it was that price. I WOULD NOT HAVE PURCHASED THE PHONE IF IT WAS $129.99!!! The total they have comes to $100.00 more than I was told. I am furious!

Julie Mazick

service interruption

"senior citizens/Retired customers who receive social security benefits"

It has never been considered by the executives of T mobile, that you have retired customers who are on fixed income (paid monthly). Some
people receive their benefits on the first, third or the fifth of the month. Then you have the people who receive benefits on the first, second, third or fourth Wednesdays of the month.

The problem is as follows: Customers who receive their benefits on the fourth Wednesday of the month may exceed the deadline and the service is cut off. For example: The fourth Wednesday may come between the 21st and the 30th of the month. If the payment due date
is the 14th day of the month. Now you have retired customers who
have no service until his or her check arrive.



I cannot believe T-mobile. When I moved and couldn't get service in my home, several tech support people told me they would do everything they could to fix the problem, and if not, they would let me out of my contract. After 6 weeks of switching phones, sim cards, cell towers and $$$ they couldn't fix it, so when I finally decided to switch carriers, they peg me with a final bill for almost $500!!! Including the cancellation fee and overage minutes they promised to remove. They lie! Now I can't even see my bill because they won't send me a paper bill and I no longer have access to my account online! T-MOBILE IS CRIMINAL AND NO ONE SHOULD USE THIS SERVICE. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Re
    Reznik Jan 25, 2010

    I'd call you state attorney and see if there are any rules about charging for canceling contracts. Some states have rules that keep companies, namely cell phone companies, from charging people cancellation fees and other obtuse charges.

    If that's a bust, I'd try to figure out who you talked to at t mobile. if it was over the phone, the conversation may have been recorded. And if you issued a complaint it should be on file. They should have a description of the problem which will make it easier to argue your point and hopefully reduce that final bill drastically.

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  • Rk
    rkn29 Mar 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I been receiving Spanish text messages every day from 50501, which I did not even
    asked for it.ALSO I do not speak Spanish, and do not understand those ads
    I been charged $4.99, its adding up, I been trying to call 611 T-Mobile from my phone for past weeks I am unable to get hold of Customer Representative, after long waiting for atleast 45 minutes or hour or more, and line gets cut off. I been customer for more than 8 years phone I am frustrated and I am thinking off cancelling my account because because of these ads been sending to me. I been charged too much. please some one call me as soon as possible so we can resolve this issue. Thankyou

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  • Ac
    A complaints Apr 27, 2011

    The customer service is terrible. They have been overcharging me since th every start of the two years contract. I have been calling them about this and every time I call they apologize and say that they will give a refund but they never do and keep overcharging me. They even charge me for services that I have never used!

    I email them at the Contac us section in their webpage and ask them to email me and they never do.

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not my debt wrong perosn on my credit report

I have a problem that is bringing mt credit report down A bill from TMobile is on my Transunion credit report and I am writing this because I have credit fraud on my acct and a well establish communication relationship with NYS Atty. general's Office and was informed to asked you all prove to me that my social security number is on that acct. which I know it is not I have never had TMobile cell phone service nor have I ever lived on Hertel Ave. in Buffalo New York BUT I can tell you my son who has misused me and my credit HIs name is Patrick j felder whose D.O.B. is 7/18/1985 and lives in Tampa Florida I have asked the previous company to follow up with the info. I have just given you all but no one took the advice so now the problem is still there and I am asking for u all to follow up w the social security on that acct because I know for a fact it is not me thanks Pattrick Felder-Barker 636 Norfolk Ave. Buffalo, New York 14215

  • Re
    Reznik Jan 25, 2010

    First get rid of all the personally info in your complaint. Not a good idea. Second, if you truly didn't subscribe to the provider you are correct about the SS number, unfortunately your son could of got a hold of it. Third, which should of been first. cancel the phone with tmobile. Make sure they understand you do not want this active and do not want it to be turned back on in the future. Talk to the state atty about the 500$ or so cancellation fee they may charge you.

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terrible customer service

I am a student and i thought this would be the best phone company to join since a they say- no contract and i would be here for just one year...I have had problems with this service since i bought this phone in December. I called and called their customer service and no one was able to assist me. I even went to their went customer service shop three times where they did not do anything about it. i kept on calling and they would tell me maybe its the other network, but the funny thing is i have a friend with the same kind of phone, who had the same kind of service and we come from the same place, and she didnt have any problem whatsoever. Finally i went back to the place where i bought the phone, the dealer called the company using their dealer line, and CAN YOU BELIEVE THE PROBLEM WAS SORTED! But sadly one month later i realised it was not working again, so i started calling their customer service line, basically i am back to square one.I feel like no one is willing to assist me, i even told them to take away the service, and no one even bothered to ask me why.

  • Ro
    rosalynmardis Mar 03, 2011

    Ipaid my bill at 1100pm lastnight ssn46s conferm number its been paid a second timeconferm numberssnn52 my phone is stil not on metro custmer to long to have this happen to me.4155245855

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  • Ro
    rosalynmardis Mar 03, 2011

    Had to pay twice to get my phone on

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aaa scam

I was told that I would receive 13% off my entire bill if I had proof that I was a AAA member. After signing up for this discount. A few days later my bill had split its cycle and I was being charged an extra 200.00 for a billing period in order for my bill to be printed out on the same days that the AAA members billing cycle is printed.

I asked them to change it back and i was told that the fees would only go up higher if I switched it back. The real SHOCK came in when i found out that my discount was only for the taxes on the data packages which was only $5.00 This is a royal flush scam and i am sure that AAA would not have anything to do with this scam!

Please don't fall for it. T-Mobile is misrepresenting that AAA discount to sell the discount plan. You will only end up paying more money in the end. The discount is not on your entire bill!

  • Gm
    GM2000 Sep 02, 2011

    Hey, after visiting a T-Mobile Store my phone was cloned and international calls were made. Maybe someone in the store is involved in the scam. T-Mobile refused to investigate and, since, has charged me for everything but the kitchen sink. Don't use T-Mobile and if the merge with AT&T, don't use AT&T.

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customer servive, billing

T-Mobile is by far the worst I have ever seen. The customer service is horrible. The website is only helpful if you want to pay your bill. I went out of the country for vacation and I got super overcharged. After not being able to reach anybody to help me explain why all the charges, I got so fed up I decided to just to pay and cancel my phone. That was on september, and I am still receiving bills from them.

I finally called and I was told if I don't pay the last 40$, it will just go to a "third party". I am so upset, I don't even want to type anymore.

I hate T-Mobile. I hope they go out of business. I really do.

unauthorized withdrawal

T-Mobile went into my account and withdraw funds without authorization to do so. When I spoke to them about...

ripped me off for$ 531. plus ; lie, lie, lie and fraud, fraud. fraud

tmobile sold me a 2 yr contract and I picked them for a free flight. the com. THEY chose as theri partner is a BIG scam and fraud, I type slow and I could write pages of what I have done so far to at least get my money bakc. they lie all the time. after making it impossible to fly at all and a person has to make changes to accomodate them then they send a different itneerary and they are totally and completely unreachable thru any means of media and T - mobile wouldn't help at all. they nver did a price match and I was told by muy credit card co. to dispute the entire amt. so I did. now the tickets have no value and U. S. air doesn't caare nor does T-mobile and tlc is going to get what they deserve a sI see complaints on them all the time on many site!!! they will fold and I hope I can sue them. they have caused me great stress and tears and cost valuable time. I lost $531 plus many other expenses and countless hours.

what do I do? I tried to reach the attorney general in Mass. (one of the states they are in and showas on my papers). no answer. I really am angry that out of 3 lg. companys noone will make this right with me and my child. so much for the free flight and our vacation. My # is [protected] if any pre law students can help or anyone has advice. I pray soon a class action lawsuit ensues. HOW DO I start this???
ms Mcarthur

out of warranty fee

This is the letter I sent to Tmobile executive e-mail accounts I found on-line after 1 hour on the phone with regular customer service department, out of all nights on my birthday 11/05/09 :)

"Hi all,
My Name is Jasmin and I have been with t-mobile for few months now, I have 3 lines 586-703-XXXX; 586-662-XXXX, and 586-850-XXXX on my account working on 2 Blackberries and a regular Motorola cell phone.

The Motorola cell phone (586-850-XXXX) has been breaking down constantly and I had it replaced 3 times already. This last time I have sent in this phone to be replaced after I received the new phone I got a letter that the phone I have sent in was damaged and that my account will be charged $100 out of warranty fee, the phone was NOT damaged and I should not be charged this fee.

I called your Customer Service department and talked to the regular representative and a supervisor named Douglas employee ID 0840193 and they told me that there is nothing that they do for me. I also asked to for them to provide me the proof of this alleged damage, they said they can not do that.

It is not fair that after all the issues I had with this Motorola phone I get charged $100 for "damaged" phone which was not the case.

I was with Verizon for 10 years and have switched to T-Mobile to get good customer service and a good value. So far this is not what I have experienced.

I am reaching out to you for your help. I am asking for this $100 fee to be waived.
I will remain to be a customer and hope to stay with T-Mobile for years, if this issue is resolved.

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely "

customer service is rude

I called T-Mobile requesting a copy of the terms and conditions of my agreement and the specifics regarding my account. They told me that they would not fax or e-mail and that I must go to the store where I purchased my phone. I told them that I did my transactions with them over the telephone and have never used a store and if they can change modify or add new lines, etc. over the phone, they should be able to conduct my business electronically as well. I asked to speak to a manager and had the ugliest, rudest conversation of my life. "Johnny" told me that he did not like my tone and he was putting me on warning and that I could not speak with anyone else and too bad for me. As a long time, loyal, pay-on-time customer, I was completely disgusted at their treatment and do not recommend anyone do business with this firm.

unfair charge

My Dear Brothers & Sisters, Today I came home from a long day of work & school, and in the top of my desk...

selling defective phones

Back in the beginning of January I bought my daughter a side kick slider two weeks into it the phone shut off by itself and came back on doubling her contacts.

This kept happing over and over. Come to find out there was a malfunction with the side kicks and they stopped selling them. They clam that the problem was fixed and the started selling them again. As it turns out they didn't fix the problem and it is still happening.

They said they would exchange the phone but they couldn't promise the phone would be new it may be kind of new. I asked if they could just fix hers and they said they cant promise if they would be able to. This makes no since just because the 14 days are over they wouldn't make any promises.

I paid good money for this phone I think the only reason there doing this is cause they know the problem wasn't fixed. There has to be something I can do they only give you 14 days cause they know that this problem happens on most of these phones around the 14th day I just don't know how these people get away with this and how they can get away with taking your new phone and giving you back a used one. They know the problem with the phone they admitted to it they should be selling it.

  • Al
    Alisgram Jan 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Agree, my granddaughter has TWO defective phones! They instructed us to send her phone in for fixing. The US Postal Service provided a tracker and states that it was delivered but T-Mobile can't locate it. She cannot be without a phone so we had to purchase another phone and it doesn't work either. There is no resolution to the first defective phone and customer service had the nerve to suggest that we mail in the second defective phone. The first one is under warantee but they claim never ot have received it despite the USPS tracker stating otherwise. Each call results in a hang-up. No supervisor or manager is "available"; no resolution is proposed. Unbelievable. The complaint process is also a mystery. We paid way too much money for two defective phones. I am disgusted.

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sidekick outage, no resolution, shoddy cs, $200 cancellation fee, refusal to speak to supervisors.

Ok just quickly posted this on their forums: I am at wits end at this point. I will be posting negative...


I dropped my phone in water and took it to T Mobil for repair or replacement. The salesman wanting to make a buck so he said most people don't buy a replacement phone they just add another line on their account and they can get a new free cell phone.

The Kicker, the salesman said my phone was $200. to replace. When I said I'd look at the other phones, I saw mine was $89. not $200. to replace. The salesman just wanted to make money adding a line to my plan which would have cost $240. When he saw I wasn't going to fall for his little scam, the service went straight down hill. I couldn't get the new phone to work and he didn't really care. This happened at the Rosecrans and Midway Drive Store in San Diego. Bad Service and Sneaky Salesmen.

deceptive sales rep/manager

While attempting to upgrade my cell phone with T-Mobile, the sales associate (which was the manager) inform me that I am eligible to add an additional line for $9.99 a month, receive a credit for my $35 activation fee on my bill and receive a mail-in rebate for my phone, however when reviewing my bill, that was definitely not the case.

My bill came to over $220 including an additional line for $39.99 and an activation fee of $35 without a credit. To top that off, T-Mobile refused to accept my mail-in rebate stating I didn't purchase the upgrade within the specified upgrade dates. WTF? The sales associate was the person that gave me the rebate paperwork and prepared all the documents to be mailed in and I mailed it in well ahead of the postmarked date of 31 Oct 09.

I contacted Customer Service (611 on my cell) and was told that they couldn't do anything about it and I needed to take my contract to the nearest T-Mobile store to verify my contract stated as such. Regardless that I have been with T-Mobile for over 5 years and never had an issue with paying my bill. I did as they instructed and was told by a very incompetent sales associate that they couldn't do anything, only Customer Service could rectify the situation. Unacceptable! Now I'm sitting here with a bill over $220 and no T-Mobile rep will do their damn jobs. I'm not taking this likely and will take this as high as I can.

  • Ta
    Tashamighthave81 May 07, 2011

    You can contact www.bbb.org to file a complaint if they can't help you try to take it to the FCC Federal Communications Consumers Breau. I hope this helps you

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bill paying

My bill is normally due on the 20th of every month. For my August bill, I wasn't able to pay my bill until September 5th, which means my phone was disconnected from August 20th until September 5th. My phone was reconnected on the 5th of September. When I paid my bill, I asked the employee that I paid with if my bills would be due on the 5th now instead of the 20th of every month & he said yes. So the 20th of September rolls around & I get a text message saying that my bill is due soon. I disregarded it, thinking it was a mistake. So then on the 21st, my phone gets disconnected. I call 1-888-8METRO8 from my house & ask then what's going on. The man then told me that I should have been informed that there would be a $5 charge to reset my billing cycle (which I was never informed of) & since I didn't pay that $5, I would have to pay my bill plus the $5 to reset my billing cycle in order to restore the service to my phone. The employee kept telling me that there was nothing that he could do. So I asked to speak to his supervisor, who I did speak to. By this time I was livid that I had payed almost $60 for 15 days of service, so I handed my mother the phone. She spoke to the (supposed) vice president of the company (I doubt it) & he said that there was nothing that he could do for me until I paid my bill. So my Mom took his name & we're calling the Better Business Bureau. I doubt we'll get anywhere..but MetroPCS shouldn't be in business.

  • Ga
    gadd Jun 29, 2012

    They told me that the phone has to be turned off for 7 days then they would reset the billing cycle WITH the 5 dollar charge. You would think they would at least prorate it. or something. But i guess you get what you pay for.

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misuse of personal info from salesperson

i have only been with tmobile for a few months, and i got two phones.one for me and one for my girlfriend.when i went to monitor our service her line only showed her number for all calls and messages.like she was talking only to herself.i went to the store and the sevice rep who helped us looked into it, he said that there was no block on the line, and the line was suprisingly fixed after that visit.but then my girlfriend got an e-mail from the employee that i had the info unblocked.i dont know how many of your employees are secretly fixing phones for women for secrecy, so i do not know who to report this to at the store.now if he is in communication with my girlfriend like this, i have to believe that he is using my information against me to get with my girl.i know all this because she showed me the e-mail.i know who the party is, and if it continues i will take matters into my own hands.i want you to treat this matter as if there is more than one person doin this, because i dont know.but i do know this action was not given permission by me.he is not supposed to be able to activate my (i repeat, )my account without my permission, or my security code, (which only i know).how has your company allowed this to happen?i wish my personal info to remain unknown.as this employee is well educated (apparently)with computers, and i dont want my credit to be slammed by him.i repeat (all information that i gave this sales rep, was supposed to be confidential, not to be used against me.

  • Jo
    j okelley Sep 20, 2009

    my name has been filed with my complaint on the blog page.as i was told such info would be blocked as private info.

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deceptive business

I purchased a new cell phone and upgraded my service in in June or July of 2009. I received a bill in July for over $100 which was in direct contradiction to what the cell phone sales person told me(unfortunately I didn't start saving these "erroneous" statements until later). The reason that this complaint is directed at T Mobile is that, when I called to find out what the charges were for I was told by a representative that the statement was sent out in error and I in fact had a $0.00 balance. I received another bill in July for $52.53 and again I called T Mobile's customer service line only to be told again the statement was sent erroneously and that I still had a $0.00 balance. I received another Statement in August, this time for $82.98. This time I began taking the names of the representatives I spoke to and it was Carlita who told me I still had a $0.00 balance. Today I received another Statement for the $82.98 and called to complain about constantly receiving erroneous bills only to be told by Brian that the charges are valid and have always been valid. As it turns out, after I bought my new cell phone and upgraded my service I was being billed for service from my "old account". It was never explained to me that I had an "old account" and I had no reason to believe that anything other than a new cell phone and service upgrade would be integrated into my already existing account. In fact as seen in the aforementioned dialog, even the representatives at T Mobile were unaware that I was being billed for two separate accounts and thought that my statements were all in error. Believing that this is an unfair business practice, I spoke to a supervisor named Denise who not only refused to help but was also aggressive and talked over me. I am of the opinion that the financial hardship I'm going to incur from this ordeal are the direct result of deliberately deceptive policies instituted on the executive level. Denise's rudeness was probably her own fault.

  • Gm
    GM2000 Sep 02, 2011

    Hey, after visiting a T-Mobile Store my phone was cloned and international calls were made. Maybe someone in the store is involved in the scam. T-Mobile refused to investigate and, since, has charged me for everything but the kitchen sink. Don't use T-Mobile and if they merge with AT&T, don't use AT&T.

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