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8005 South Chester Street, Suite 200, Centennial, CO 80112 – USA

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200 South College Street, Suite 2200, Charlotte, NC 28202

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5901 Broken Sound Parkway, NW, Suite 202, Boca Raton, FL 33487 - USA

United Kingdom
85 Uxbridge Road, 2nd Floor, Ealing, London, W5 5TH
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RingCentral Complaints & Reviews

RingCentral / my refund and the way I have been completely mislead

Feb 28, 2019

I am Mohammad Kumarsi ceo of Go Marketing and media group Ltd. I have signed one year contract and cancelled it within first 10 days. I have spoken to a staff and they said it was cancelled. And I should see the refund within 7 days. It has been a month and no refund. Everytime I call I...

RingCentral / cancellation, customer service

Feb 27, 2018

Why bother going through all the details, there's plenty of other horror stories here to read about this horrible company. Long story short, do not give them your credit card for any reason during setup (unless you are SURE you want their service). They make it super easy to give them your...

RingCentral / Unauthorized signer and still supposedly under contract

Jan 09, 2017

Cant believe this company. First of all, they duped my past employee to sign my company into a multi-year agreement without telling anyone and once i found out, they wouldn't let me cancel. My employee was under the impression this was a month to month service as i was too. I kept the...

RingCentral / Phone

Aug 09, 2016

Ring Central offers a unique set of phone packages, but oh boy are you in for issues when you need customer service. Seems like no one takes responsibility and when asking to speak with a supervisor, was place on hold for 15 minutes only to have the incompetent person come back on the...

RingCentral / Terrible tech support, constant problems,

Jul 14, 2015

First let me state that the only reason I'm still with Ring Central is because I need the call logs for some legal issues I'm currently involved in. If not for that I'd be gone. So much wrong with this company such as not receiving 90% of my emails for years and never...

RingCentral / Services and lack of Service

Mar 26, 2015

Unfortunately, when starting a business, I chose Ring Central for my phone service and purchased a full year of their lack of service. While the concept is terrific, what they provided and how they have serviced my account has been horrible. While their service department for the most part...

RingCentral / Failed to fax during trial

Jun 25, 2014

I signed up for the "7 day free trail" to Ring Central because I needed to send a fax, but my family had recently thrown out our fax machine. I figured I could do this digitally with no problems, right? Well, I was able to sign up, and send the fax just as the site entailed. After around...

RingCentral / Cancelled during trial period but they kept billing!

Oct 19, 2011

I signed up for a 2 week trail membership and since the product did not meet my expectations I cancelled the account well within the 2 weeks. Unknown to me (because it is an account that I rately used) they continued billing the account for months!! I called and explained what happened and...

RingCentral / Don't waste your money


I use a lot of phone and fax services in my work and I'm always looking for great deals. Ring Central appeared to have good rates for phone and fax services so I was thrilled to try this service. What a dud that was! I think this is the WORSE service I have deal with in the past 10... / Stealing numbers


I got my 1-800 number for my business in the first few months of 2001, I was with a company called Toll Free Numbers .com. I liked the company because I thought they had good service and good prices. In 2008 I heard about a company called ringcentral. I checked it out and they offered a... / Rincentral Stole my 800 number


I got my 1-800 number for my business in the first few months of 2001, I was with a company called Toll Free Numbers .com. I liked the company because I thought they had good service and good prices. In 2008 I heard about a company called ringcentral. I checked it out and they offered a...

RingCentral / Charges


I used RingCentral for fax services in June 2009. I did not like how the software interacted with my computer. I cancelled the service and received confirmation of that cancellation. I seldom use the bank card that I used for this service. While grieving over the loss of a family member...

RingCentral / Bust


We only signed on with them in May and have had nothing but trouble trying to get our phone system up and running properly. We pumped up our customer base with the promise of our newly offered phone support, and have been paying staff to answer these calls. However, the calls never come...

RingCentral / everything - you name it!


Ringcentral falsely advertises its services on its website and provides brutal "service" to its clients. Mostly, it's the COMPLETE lack of service. I understand that if you need to use a foreign country for your customer service to weed out simple problems & save money - but when a...

RingCentral / Cannot cancel subscription


When registering with Virtual Office Temps, they REQUIRE you to have Ringcentral installed in your computer for hiring. I found out that VOT is a scam in itself and wished to cancel my 30 day free trial with Ringcentral. No one will answer the phone. I tried the live chat and waited out...