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Three months ago I called this company about the predictive which is on there plan . I notify them of their mistake hoping that they will correct the error. And I am getting is hanged up on are send back in Que. You guys better know charge my credit card. I will be contacting the fcc and the customer protection service. No one should be place on a account they did not ask for.


This company must be foreign in ownership and business origin. They have no concept of fair business practices.in fact, if you get a person on the line you will be shocked at how they conduct themselves. They are part of the criminal enterprise.co-conspirators. There is no other way to explain this alternate universe of deception, abusive treatment of customers and absolute avoidance. I have tried for 10 months to cancel my services. Since september 2019 I have been trying to cancel my account. Over 100 phone calls and even a traditional piece of mail to cancel my services. Not... One... Response. Btw, you can't do it or even address cancellation online, you must call. When you do you will te tortured through 6-8 redundant prompts to be put on hold for several mniutes only to end up in voicemail and never get a return call. I guarantee this will happen to you. I finally cancelled the credit card. Oh, and when you do. You will get a call back. They will berate you, then declare you are under contract (try to find this in your service agreement) and then offer you a cancellation will make you laugh until you realize they are dead serious. Bad behavior is so endemic to this organization all of the employees must be in on it. It's a vary well organized criminal enterprise,


If you want -to screw you business up please port your telephone number to RingCentral! You will pay dearly trying to retreive it back. I am for my phone to be ported back on November 27, 2019 and today is December 16, 2019. I have missed all by business call trying to retrieve my number. Ring Central will deactivate your account after the subscrition expires even though the porting request prior to the deactivation! This tactic is hamstring your business and persuade a business to return to them. LOVE TO TELL YOU SOMEONE WILL CALL YOU BACK DO NOT BELIEVE!

customer loyalty reps

I have been a user of Ring Central for over fifteen years..in fact when I joined Ring Central the service was pretty darn basic. My business has changed and I tried to cancel the service. I had to call back twice, was lied to in the first phone conversation by their Customer Loyalty Representative (she told me she would send me a copy of my contract, but never did)

On the second call I was informed I was under contract (pretty hard to believe since I have been with them for so long)

Bottom line - Sir, you are under contract and it has an auto renew feature that you cannot remove until 30 days before the end of the contract. Another lie.

This the way Ring Central is treating long term customers - don't become a new one. I got absolutley no satisfaction.


my refund and the way I have been completely mislead

I am Mohammad Kumarsi ceo of Go Marketing and media group Ltd. I have signed one year contract and cancelled it within first 10 days. I have spoken to a staff and they said it was cancelled. And I should see the refund within 7 days. It has been a month and no refund. Everytime I call I get transferred and hanged up on. I will be complaining to BBB and the writing I teittwe and online blog about my treatment if this is not resolved. Please call me [protected]

  • Updated by Mo kumarsi · Feb 22, 2020

    This has been resolved how do I delete this review. The company has refunded me and I have received full compensation. It was a misunderstanding. I now like to delete this review. Can you help where I login and delete my review please.

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cancellation, customer service

Why bother going through all the details, there's plenty of other horror stories here to read about this horrible company.

Long story short, do not give them your credit card for any reason during setup (unless you are SURE you want their service). They make it super easy to give them your credit card and IT TAKES AN ACT OF CONGRESS TO CANCEL with them.

You must call them to cancel and it's a nightmare. It reminds me of the worst scams of the 1990's.

They run you around. Lie to you. Put you on long holds. And then when you FINALLY get someone on the phone to cancel the service, they play games with you just to make the already grueling process unbearable.

Die Ring Central. You are an abysmal company.

  • Jo
    Joe Gage May 13, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I couldn't agree with you more. Anyone sticking up going with RingCentral please go elsewhere. To all these businesses that are associated with RingCentral now and are using their services I would suggest that you call them and find out when that contract is yours is up. Then be very firm with them and tell them that you do not want to be in Auto renewal. They still won't do anything because I've done that. Do not trust these people. They're not an ethical company.

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Unauthorized signer and still supposedly under contract

Cant believe this company. First of all, they duped my past employee to sign my company into a multi-year agreement without telling anyone and once i found out, they wouldn't let me cancel. My employee was under the impression this was a month to month service as i was too. I kept the service since they wouldn't let me off and thought my contract was over after years of paying those b######s, but then was told that the contract auto renewed... Wtf. Now they want me to pay them to cancel my service when i sold my business. These guys are crooks. Never again. Customer service is horrible and they will tell you anything to get you to sign up. Their services goes down time to time as well. Weird things like your hours of operations are reset and calls don't come in and so on. Horrible company


Ring Central offers a unique set of phone packages, but oh boy are you in for issues when you need customer...

Terrible tech support, constant problems,

First let me state that the only reason I'm still with Ring Central is because I need the call logs for some legal issues I'm currently involved in. If not for that I'd be gone.

So much wrong with this company such as not receiving 90% of my emails for years and never knowing about it. When I discovered it by accident it took them months to resolve. Who knows how much business I lost. For that time they should have refunded me what I paid for the fax service but they only gave me a few months of free service.

Even then, they still took the money from my account and each month I had to contact them to get the money back. Each time took about an hour. If I hadn't been watching my account I still would have been paying for the service and never known it. This is illegal. They also tried to cheat me out of a month of that free service.

Recently its been every few weeks I have a problem. Tech support is a major problem, particularly if you're a single line user. Then you only get support Mon-Fri 8a to 9p EST. Small businesses today with the internet may work in all US time zones and need later hours and may work weekends. I work both. I cannot be without my phone. There are plenty of other VoIP providers that do provide 24/7/365 support.

When you get the full business package it also becomes over priced. There are other VoIP providers that provide more reliable service at better prices. These guys keep ignoring the basics.

It seems lately every few weeks I'm having problems, further back every few months. This is way to often.

Most recently on my soft phone I lost date information on my calls. It just no longer shows. This is important for me to track recent calls that come in so I can respond to them. I called tech support to get help and they requested I allow them to share my screen. I agreed on the condition that I be informed of anything they do before they do it. They lied, literally.

I specifically said I did not want to update my soft phone because incompetently they had not done anything about migrating messages on the current soft phone to updates. If we don't delete those messages there's a reason for it. That reason is we need those messages. Twice he went ahead and tried to update without my permission. He lied about having a way to migrate messages. I'd had this discussion on 3 prior tech support calls. I had to catch him at it and stop him. He lied saying he brought me to one of the download screens saying he just wanted to check to see if it was there. Come on, they know whats there. Finally he admitted trying to do it. So he was going to update me and throw away important information I needed without my permission. He finally admitted he was trying to force his fix on me without my permission.

If you go online and search for Ring Central's financials you'll find they've lost money every quarter for the last 3 years. They waste money on useless/minor/unwanted things in development. The do not do many of the basics right and don't properly maintain them. It's next to impossible to find anything in their online help it's so poorly organized. I've gone to the online support for other VoIP providers and found my answers in moments. Tech support is not 24/7/365. If they had decent online support they wouldn't have so many people calling for live support, they'd save money and be able to afford to provide 24/7/365 support for all their users for when it's really needed. Tech support has lied to me on a number of occasions. This last time was most blatant when they told me they had a fix they didn't and tried to update me against my wishes and I had to take back control of the mouse to stop them.

These guys are liars and thieves. Do not use them, particularly if you are a small business with only one line. They don't really care about you and will try to get over on you. I wish I could post better companies to use than Ring Central. As soon as my legal issue is sufficiently resolved, hopefully in the next couple of months, I'm gone.

Services and lack of Service

Unfortunately, when starting a business, I chose Ring Central for my phone service and purchased a full year...

Failed to fax during trial

I signed up for the "7 day free trail" to Ring Central because I needed to send a fax, but my family had...

Cancelled during trial period but they kept billing!

I signed up for a 2 week trail membership and since the product did not meet my expectations I cancelled the account well within the 2 weeks. Unknown to me (because it is an account that I rately used) they continued billing the account for months!! I called and explained what happened and they said they would not give me a refund and they had no record of the cancellation. I told them I did have a record and if they checked their records they would see that the service was not used during those months. I asked Andre
if I could speak with his supervisor and he gave me a first name -Joe - and when I asked for his last both (both Andre's and Joe) he flippantly said they did not have one.
When I asked for the name of the company president - he said he did not know. I asked him where he was located and he told me to look it up on the internet.

  • An
    angrycustomera Jan 08, 2012

    1000% AGREE! This company cut my service off at thee 89the day and still charged my credit card.
    They have all theeir service people in FLIP LAND! Not Americans at all. I spent hours on the phone with them with trying to slove this issue. When promised a $100.00 credit for inconvenience never got it at all. I have an Unlimited plan including Fax service for $39.99 a monthe plus tax. I paid $525.00 for 12 monthes service. They have not provided me withe thee service. I highly suggest to anyone theinking about getting Ring Central Phone Service. DON'T DO IT! They will Rip you off.

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  • Sc
    scammedbyringcentral Jun 28, 2012

    There is no customer service. Some gay person named MIKE in the Sales Department is as queer as a 3 dollar bill told me if I did not like the way how I was being treated then just cancel. He said that he won't sit there and listen to all the negative comments about the company he works for. Ring Central is a SCAM COMPANY. They will SCAM you for $525.xx for 1 year of so called Unlimited Service which is only 5000 mins per line. They they will charge you per min when you go over also if someone calls you from a PAY PHONE, they will charge you additional money. Also the so called Fax Plan is a complete JOKE. I don't get all my faxes and most of my calls are MISSED. They don't disclose any of this info during the time when they sign you up. After my year I am CANCELLING the ### SERVICE.

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Don't waste your money

I use a lot of phone and fax services in my work and I'm always looking for great deals.

Ring Central appeared to have good rates for phone and fax services so I was thrilled to try this service. What a dud that was! I think this is the WORSE service I have deal with in the past 10 years. Truly atrocious. When we tried to use the fax features in our office, it was so poorly developed it takes you hours to send only a few hundred faxes to our clients. They must have outsourced the creation of the website abroad, because it truly is such poor workmanship with no common sense at all. The technical errors are endless and you spend more time offering support and suggestions to the company than even the full day of wasted time on using their features. And the site does not follow Federal Trade Commisson regulations either and have no opt-outs so you have to handle this manually which is another half day of work.

Customer support is so frustrating with this company and it takes 5-6 or more one hour phone conversations with the company's support before they understand how to resolve issues.

This company is extremely unprofessional.

Save yourself the headaches and costs of losing work time dealing with Ring Central! Truly one of the worse companies around!

Stealing numbers

I got my 1-800 number for my business in the first few months of 2001, I was with a company

called Toll Free Numbers .com. I liked the company because I thought they had good service and good prices. In 2008 I heard about a company called ringcentral. I checked it out and they offered a lower price then what I was paying and they gave me more features and "award winning customer service." I signed up to switch my toll free number to ringcentral.com in november of 2008. By January I saw the cost of my monthly bills were decreasing, I thought I made a good move.

That is until Feburary 2009. My business opened as usual, within a few hours we were

wondering why we were not getting any calls. I called my toll free number to make sure it's

at least working and sure enough I get a disconnected recording. I hung up the phone and

called ringcentral fearing that I didnt pay a bill or something. After 10 minutes on hold, I

get an agent. I tell them my toll free number, verify my name, and tell them that I cant

call my toll free number. the agent tells me that she can not find the number I gave her, I

verify it again, again she tells me that there is no account using that number. So I give

her my ringcentral account number and she imediatly pulls up my account and tells me that

there is no toll free number listed on the account. she looked in the notes and saw that it

looks like it was removed over the weekend, she didn't know why. I went thorugh the same

thing with her manager and he ended up saying that he will look more into it and call me


I went through the run around all day and the next day with them without getting ANY

support of any kind. Wednesday morning I called my toll free number to check it and sure

enough, it rang and someone answered. The problem now? The person answering my toll free

number doesn't work for me, I come to find out that he bought the toll free number from

ringcentral. He thought I was crazy. He refused to want to help give my toll free number

back to me because of an advertisment he had running using the toll free number. I called

ringcentral and they confirmed that the toll free number had been ordered on Monday by the

man i spoke to. Ringcentral at this point began giving me the brushoff and saying they will

call me back and they never do. Ringcentral says that they were going to talk to the new

'owner' of the toll free number and see about giving him a new number, but this never

happened. after 8 days without my toll free number, I ordered a new "temporary" number from

my old company Toll Free Numbers .com and began an emergency update of as much of the current advertising, and website listings of my old toll free number. It has been over a year and I still have not gotten my old toll free number back, and the temporary number I got from Toll Free Numbers .com has unfourtunatly become my semi-perminant new number. To make it worse, the new number I got is only a standard 866 number, IF I would have known that I was never going to get my 800 number released from ringcentral, I would have started new with a vanity number instead of what I got. Switching to ringcentral was the worse decesion I ever made for my business. I switched over to ringcentral to save money and get more features; instead, I got my number stolen by them and lost contact with thousands of my customers. I estimate I have lost at least $90, 000 in new sales as a result from losing my old toll free number. Stay far away from Ringcentral.com, instead, use tollfreenumbers.com or another company like AT&T or someone reputable, and dont believe the advertising claims made by these companies, try to check testimonials if you can in advance.

Rincentral Stole my 800 number

I got my 1-800 number for my business in the first few months of 2001, I was with a company called Toll...


I used RingCentral for fax services in June 2009. I did not like how the software interacted with my computer. I cancelled the service and received confirmation of that cancellation. I seldom use the bank card that I used for this service. While grieving over the loss of a family member for the last 4 months I neglected to check my bank statement. I have been charged for the service since June even though I sent them and they accepted a cancellation notice on June 25. My bank called yesterday to tell me personal charges at one store and on Yahoo Personals have been made on my card...I did not make those purchases. I cancelled my bank card. I have copies of all email correspondence with the sales associate who handled my account.



We only signed on with them in May and have had nothing but trouble trying to get our phone system up and running properly. We pumped up our customer base with the promise of our newly offered phone support, and have been paying staff to answer these calls. However, the calls never come. The reason: All of our phones for some reason will automatically return to an Unavailable state for no reason. So every few minutes you have to log into the RingCentral website to change it back, or go into your voice mail options on your phone to change it. Just to have it return to Unavailable without notice. Our customers cannot get through to us, and we cannot even call other staff members, it just goes straight to voice mail.

I have spent countless time on the phone with them. Calling for support is worthless. Literally every time I would ask a question, I was placed on hold. Then when I would ask for clarification of the answer, because they never made sense, I was placed on hold again, or transferred altogether. Then I would have to repeat the entire scenario again, and always with the most annoying loud, crackling, popping sound in my ear. Ultimately, we would go through all the Preferences, and rules, and edit everything, but nothing we did ever worked. To date, we still have the same issues.

In addition to that; when we signed up with RingCentral we requested a fax line, and they did provide us with the fax number. Only to find out two weeks ago, when we could not locate a fax from a client; they had never set it up. They issued the fax number to us, so we advertised it, but they never dedicated a line for it. When I called to find out how to access our faxes, they acted like I was an idiot, because I had never created an extension for that fax line, how could I expect to get faxes if I did not dedicate an extension for the fax line.

We have been paying staff to answer phones that do not ring. We have lost numerous customers because of the lack of service we have been able to provide (because of RingCentral), and they are blogging about it. This is not good for business.

Most recently our company decided to cut our losses and move to a different phone service. When I contacted RingCentral to discuss this; I was told that we would have to pay an early termination fee on each phone that we have or they would remain locked to RingCentral and would not be compatible with any other service. Basically they would be useless.

So not only have we never achieved a working phone system, but we have lost customers, we have had our name bashed, we paid to have staff trained for phone support and continue to pay them hourly to answer phones that will not ring because all the calls go to voice mail, and RingCentral, although we have already paid them for this service and the phones themselves, now wants us to pay them so we can leave.

I spent 45 minutes yesterday (7/20/09) taking with Kelly, the Sales Manager about all of this, and she said she would email Daniel in upper Management about this situation. I had to give her my personal cell phone number for him to call me back on. Since calling my RingCentral phone would only bring him to my voice mail.

AND THEN, just before we hung up, she said - but I should clarify that you will be charged an early termination fee for each phone if you choose to leave.

SERIOUSLY, like she had no clue that is what our entire conversation was about. The whole purpose I requested to speak to a manager. Of course, I am still waiting to hear back from Daniel.

I feel it is unethical and insulting to ask us for an early termination fee, due to these circumstances.

As of 7/23/09, I am requesting a full refund of all monies we have paid to RingCentral, and we will return the handsets.

  • Re
    rebant May 28, 2010

    This horrible company put me on hold on the phone for 1 hour and 23 minutes before I hung up. This is not a single incident. They do this all the time. Service and features are simply awful.

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everything - you name it!

Ringcentral falsely advertises its services on its website and provides brutal "service" to it...

Cannot cancel subscription

When registering with Virtual Office Temps, they REQUIRE you to have Ringcentral installed in your computer...