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rebate scam

I bought a Samsung Behold in Jan 2009 wich included a 50 rebate offer. The first problem I encountered was the phone was back ordered and when I ordered it was not made aware of this. When I finally recieved my phone I sent in the required information. After a month and a half I checked the status and there was no record of my submission. I emailed them and a week later got a response saying my rebate was denied because the label was ripped and to resubmit the orginal label. This was bull&#%$ first of all I sent in the bubble wrap envelope I dont even think it is possible to rip those, Second I made copies of what I sent. I asked them to send me the "alleged ripped label" and went to further more stating that the amount of people who are experiencing there non fullfillment of rebate offers in my opinion warrented an investigation by the Consumer Fraud Agency. I recieved a email back saying sorry for the inconvience and my information was being resubmitted. That was 2 weeks ago, now I recieved an email saying my rebate was denied because my service is suspended. Im not paying my bill until I recieve my rebate. I replied and told them that no where does it state that if you submit for a rebate offer and your account becomes suspended your rebate will be denied and that my when I began inquiring my account was in good standing. Enough is enough already something needs to be done about this company and the "rebate scam" the Consumer Fraud Agency needs to be contacted as well as the BBB and State Attorney General. There are hundreds of people that have been scammed, come on people its time for us to do something about this.

  • Ju
    Julie Mazick Mar 02, 2010

    The same thing has happened to me over and over again!!! I am wanting to get rid of Tmobile so bad, but they have you tied to them with the disconnect fees at $200 per line and we have 7 lines. I feel trapped and very violated. They are not to be trusted!

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no refund

I'm with this company as long as i know.I recently bought a phone from them and got contract with them, they were suppose to give me mail rebate.I called the representive of T-mobile and they said it was denied because i didn't buy internet with it.Before I bought the phone they said i didn't need internet for the rebate.Now i can't change plans because they made me wait for my refund for six weeks.Now i have to say with them for 2 years or i have to pay the redicouls charges.If you are plannig to go with t mobile think again they are not supportive.

  • Mi
    michelle_earvin May 16, 2009

    I purchased the Blackberry on 02/27/09 @ 9.00 a.m. via the telephone. At around 1:00 p.m. I checked my checking acct., and saw they had debited my acct for the amount of $473.57, which was almost $200.00 over the amount that was quoted to me over the phone. I immediately contacted tmobile to inform them to cancel the order because of the amount I was charged. I was charged 2 mos. in advance for services (Flex Pay), although the phone had not yet been shipped to me. I was told that the phone had already left the wearhouse and I would be credited the amount that was debited from my account when they received the phone back. The phone was received and signed for back at the wearhouse, 3/05/09. I called back on 3/05/09, and was told I would have to wait 6-8 weeks for refund and each dept. would have to credit their portion that I was charged (Sales & Flexpay). I received a credit in the amt. of $231.20 only from sales dept., and that wasn't until 4/20/09. As of today's date 05/16/09, I have yet to receive my refund from Flexpay which is $247.37. Since, 2/27/09, I have spoken to a total of 34 customer service representatives and supervisors and still no complete credit. NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER, purchase anything from T-Mobile. They should be charged with GRAND THEFT!!!

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  • Ba
    BaitandSwitch Sep 12, 2012

    Two days ago I went in to activate my phone, pay as you go for a month to month service $87.00. For the last two days I’ve had little or no reception where I use my cell phone 97% of the time. So today I went back to T-mobile store and they said I would have to call customer service at T-Mobile and they would credit back some money. I contacted customer service and they inform me that you get no refund for Month-to-Month service regardless if the signals are not strong where I use the phone. So buyer be alert of T-mobile, if you can understand them, because no one really speaks good English.

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  • Is
    ISOFURIOUS Aug 20, 2013

    My journey appears to be on the same path.
    Purchased a phone on August 03 and my card was charged $145.00, the order was cancelled by them and they intercepted the package and charged my card again August 10 for another $145.
    They received the order back on August 13 in their warehouse and told me that it would automatically generate my refund. Well as of today no refund and have been told that the refund can take anywhere from 3-30 days. Luckily I initiated a dispute with my bank and they will investigate and put a provisional credit on my account until the matter is resolved. But that will take 10 business days from the date of dispute.
    Tmobile is awful a bunch of reps and none of them could tell me why I was charged a second time or that I had even been billed twice for an order they cancelled.

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  • Ji
    JimenezJ Jan 03, 2014

    At the beginning of my contract with T-Mobile I was given a fixed price that excluded the taxes and added costs that came later in my first bill ($93). Fine. I payed my bill promptly and awaited the day that my contract ended. At the end of my contract they have switched the billing cycle- first telling me that I was paying the month ahead, then that I was paying the last month- anyway charging me for an extra month and the weeks of my use under contract. They kept switching the billing cycle- that I was paying for the last month or the month ahead. Then, after speaking to reps twice and clearing my dispute they continued to send me the bill for the full month- that, according to them, was going to go into collection for negligence. This, after paying my bill promptly for two years.

    (They did not even wait any substantial time to put in me in collection)

    Needless to say, the reps declined to help me or give me the response that I received initially- telling me that I had to pay for only partial service before the contract expired. I now seek help in this dispute and it is added grief after having to deal with them for two years, paying a hefty monthly fee.

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terrible service

I have been with tmobile for about 6 years now and never had an issue. I changed my number in the past few months 12/08 due to a divorce. Ever since then My number shows up on caller ID's as the wrong name. I have talked T-Mobile over 12 times now and they still can not get this issues fixed. I was told today that I need to call the phone companies myself and tell them that they need to change it to read right. I'm not happy with my service and all I'm asking for is for them to release me from my contract. They still will not do this. Just wanted to see if anyone else is having these issues.

  • Al
    Algonquinjcalhoun Mar 26, 2010

    Yep, had the same problem...

    "and tell them that they need to change it to read right"

    Go to the phone settings and change the owner. Took me 2 minutes. Tops. Same for every phone.

    Hope you aren't changing the settings so you can stalk your ex, or watch her every move, or videotape her having sex with other guys/girls or see her naked across the street while she parades herself in front of the mirrors beside her bed.

    I didn't get sent to Leavenworth for 7 years for that. Just so you know.

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never had this service

I have never had service with t-mobile, I always had at-t for the last 10 years, they say i owe them 400.00 they turned me in to a collection company and never told me.they have an address from 15-20 years ago and a driver licence that is not even me..I can't see way they don't go after the person with the driver licence he is the one who owes the money not me!! I guess if they can't collect from one person the go after someone else...WRONG MOVE!! every one who reads this should check to see if the acount is really yours...

  • Al
    Algonquinjcalhoun Mar 26, 2010

    From checking your email, profile on this log, tracing you back to your house, canvas of your postman an such, seeing your Social Security number then cross checking that with your car registration and phone hookup:
    Yeah, it's you. Pay the money or it will get serious. Pay up the ###ing money or Goombas will be there next, capice?
    Dumb ###ing icicle. Think he can get away wit out payin. Sttoopid.

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technolgy is unreliable and will cost you far more than it will save you

I work from a home office and was often going over my minutes with T Mobile. They recommended a new technolgy and product called T Mobile at home or T Mobile @ home. Through a wireless router a special cell phone would pick up my internet signal and all calls would be through the router and not create any minutes on my bill. Basically for 100 a month I had unlimited free calls. Well the first month I received a bill for 300 due to overages. All calls were made from home while sitting 3 feet from the router. I paid the bill after they refused to credit me. Several months later the same thing happened but this time for 600.00 worth of overages. I went rhough dozens of levels of service people and nobody would adjust my bill. I spent a lot of money to switch to a service that does not work and now it is on my credit. I am going to file a complaint with the better business bureau. T Mobile is a frad of a company selling technolgy that is not stable. I work in the field of I.T. so I know technology is not 100%. So I told the entire Fortune 500 company I work for in network support to stay away from them. They lost a lot of money because they refused to work with me after I tried their new technolgy. This was started in September of 2007 and I dropped them in July of 2008 and swwitched to Verizon who have been great.
AVOID T MOBILE and their AT HOME SERVICE for cell phones because it doesnt work and they will not own up to this fact.

  • Bo
    boakeeper65 Mar 23, 2009

    Sorry for all of the typos. As I wrote this all of the feelings of anger came back and I should have proof read it.

    Needless to say a company who will not reverse a fee that is nothing but a profit for them after I spent hundreds to switch to a new phone and router etc. is not worth doing business with.

    Stay clear of T Mobile and especially their At Home wi fi service because it will not work 100% of the time and when it fails they will not adjust your bill. When it fails you will not know that the call is not through the router and being charged to your phone.

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  • Ja
    jaghorse May 21, 2009

    Same problem. T-mobile terminated my service for having the nerve to complain and refuse to pay my bill until I have service. They did not terminate for non-payment as payment isn't due for two weeks. They have been verbally abusive, combative, harassing. I filed complaints with the FCC, BBB, AG, small claims and think a class action lawsuit is necessary. They refuse to behave responsibly and terminate my service yet keeping all my money for activation fees, equipment, etc. American consumers have to demand what we pay for - service.

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poor customer care/ misleading advertising

Yesterday, I heard that T-mobile had launched a customer loyalty program in which an exsisting client who has been a T-mobile customer for over 22 months would be rewarded with an incredible $49.00 monthly rate of for unlimited local and long distance calling $79.00 for two lines. Since I have been a dedicated client and fan of t-mobile for over 26 months now, I wanted to take advantage of the new rate.

Today to my dismay, I was told by CUSTOMER NO SERVICE that I was ineligible for the new promotion because I had switched my plan from a personal account to a business account 18 months ago and therefore, they were unable or should I say UNWILLING to accomodate my request.

Since becoming a T-mobile customer, I have spent well over $7, 000 in the last 2 years in phone and data plans for 3 lines. I have purchased 4 phones in that time frame and until recently, have been an extemely satisfied client. I guess that was not enough.

With all the new all you can eat rate plans from companies like Metro PCS, T-mobile must be loosing clients. With that said, and following the old business adage that it is cheaper to maintain a client that acquire a new one, t-mobile has decided to be more competitive in their rates.

But after the service that I received today, I suppose that their most lucrative clients are not worth retaining and therefore I will start my search for another carrier who can meet my needs.

So long T-mobile!

  • Ac
    a.customer Apr 24, 2009

    T-Mobile customer "service" has become abusive. I had massive incoming international calls from numbers that are untraceable appear on my bill and T-Mobile insists that the charges are "indisputable" because their records show my serial number, and I have to pay them without explanation. It's Kafka-esque.

    I have used them for a long time but I would NOT recommend anyone looking for a carrier to go with T-Mobile at this point.

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  • Ar
    AriesXX Sep 04, 2009

    Yep, I like how they lie about prepaid rates right to your face. I cut and pasted this from my customer service chat online. Basically I was told it was going to be billed at .09 cents per minute NO MATTER HOW MANY MINUTES I BOUGHT. When I actually paid, I was charged at .15 per minute, and they refused to just cancel the transaction and give me back my money, equaling FRAUD!!! F#CK YOU TMOBILE, I can do without a cell phone if you can't offer reasonable rates.

    ~Carol M: Hi Wes, welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m ~Carol and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
    Wes Swafford: Thanks
    ~Carol M: Hello Wes, For your reference, my rep ID is 1320843. I understand you want to know if you added 20 dollars to your account will you get 200 minutes?
    Wes Swafford: That's right :)
    ~Carol M: I will definitely find out for you. I will just need a few minutes to gather that information.
    ~Carol M: Thanks Wes, I do you your current decrement rate is 9 cents a minute, so right now, 20 dollars would get you 222 minutes.
    ~Carol M: I do *see your current rate is 9 cents.
    Wes Swafford: That's great, thank you for your help Carol :D
    ~Carol M: You're welcome.
    ~Carol M: Is there anything else we can assist you with today?
    Wes Swafford: No, thanks

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  • Gm
    GM2000 Sep 02, 2011

    Hey, after visiting a T-Mobile Store my phone was cloned and international calls were made. Maybe someone in the store is involved in the scam. T-Mobile refused to investigate and, since, has charged me for everything but the kitchen sink. Don't use T-Mobile and if they merge with AT&T, don't use AT&T.

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mis-leading and false advertisment

very bad experience. First I want to tell you that customer service reps at this location don't have any...

price protection during return period

During the 2-week return period for a new Google G1 cell phone, the price was reduced $80. When I discovered this after the 2-week period, I tried to claim a refund and was denied.

overdraft issues

Do not allow t-mobile to accept any payments off your debit or credit card and this is why... On monday 03/09/2009 I contacted t-mobile via the 800 number. I authorized a customer service rep by the name of ashtin to withdraw a payment of $300 towards my mothers cell phone account. Ashtin accepted my payment even though I am not authorized on the account. She placed me on hold and came back to verify that the $300 payment had been posted to my mothers account. This was at 4:16pm. At 5:47pm I was contacted by my bank of irregular activity. Ashtin ran my card 3 seperate times posting total payments of $600. I called back and spoke with a customer service rep by the name of kim. At first she was saying she couldn't do anything about it because I wasn't an authorized user on the account. After struggling to get in touch with my mother she promised the reverse of the payment back into my account also promising that the refund will take only 1 - 3 days. Today is the 3rd day and I still have no refund. I had to get an authorized user to call back and see if the refund was completed. She was told that the refund would be completed on tomorrow and its 1-3 business days. Which I was not informed of that. I am going to my bank first thing in the morning to file a dispute form.

  • Do
    doekna Jun 05, 2011


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free companion flight promotion

This T-mobile 'free companion flight promotion' is nothing short of a big joke! Too bad the joke i...

terrible service and overpriced

I have been using T-Mobil for a year and a half now, with a contract for 2 years in total I cannot wait till it expires next June to call and cancel my service so I don't have to pay the penalty of $200. I went only once over my minutes in all this time and for only 50 extra minutes they charged me $25 and would not refund it basically telling me to go somewhere else or upgrade to an expensive unlimited for $99. apart from that the service really sucks and the reception is terrible, I get dropped calls all the time and the customer service is very unfriendly and stuck up. I think they should offer an alert option but they don't and I am sure it is because of the capital it creates every month. overall I think you should stay away or you will definitely get burnt

fraudulent offer

After signing a new two-year contract with T-Mobile and being excited over the prospect of a free companion flight promotion, I requested a PIN number from T-Mobile in order to book a flight and companion flight. I was advised four separate times that "the pin number would be sent via e-mail." NOT ONCE receiveing ANY return correspondence from T-Mobile regarding this issue, I called (after spending hours trying to get a contact number) the concierge service and was given a PIN number. I found an inexpensive flight online and told the concierge I wanted to book the flight with the "guaranteed price match." I was advised that "the price-match process was taking UP TO 14 business days." Well, I am on business day 16 and still no contact from T-Mobile whatsoever. This offer has caused me extreme stress. Trying to get in touch with a T-Mobile representative who is truthful has been impossible. I feel this offer was offered with little-to-no intention of actually honoring the promotion.

In the meantime, my eight fellow travelers (all family members) booked their flights weeks ago and I am hoping to just get on the same flight. By the way, their booking prices were extremely reasonable and I wish I had just booked two full-price tickets at the time the rest of my family booked.

I intend on dropping my T-Mobile account, opting out of my contract based on fraudulent business practices.

T-Mobile, you should be ashamed!!!

  • Si
    sissypwr Mar 10, 2009

    I am waiting for a class action lawsuit to come through on this one. I have seen lesser things go to court. I am also undergoing massive stress and upset, because of this scam Tmobile is trying to pull on the public. I have been trying to get 4 RT airfares to see my newborn nephew. Got my pins okay, but what awful fares they have! Tmobile's vendor, TLC, roundtrip fares, taxes and fees are double what the airlines have available, which as you know translates to people receiving no free air fare at all. In my experience it has come to buy 3 roundtrip airfare get the 4th at a teeny discount. It's all just a sham!!

    We were already Tmobile customers with no complaints then decided to renew because of companion flight promotion of theirs. I'm posting my upset and beef with Tmobile anywhere and everywhere I can online. To be honest I don't even think their vendor, TLC, exists. I mean what money would Tmobile even be paying the airlines or vendor with no real discount happening? I hope this scam blows up in their face ... as it should.

    I told my husband I don't even trust they will call us back in the supposed 10 to 14 BUSINESS days the unloaded on me. Your circumstance is proof of that. Doubt we can even take our trip now. I totally know what you are going through. My husband is astonished with Tmobile's dishonesty as well.

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  • Jo
    Joe in TX Mar 26, 2009

    I am going through the same experience right now. I submitted a price match 3/23/09. After I did not recieve a response in the 2 business days that the automatic response e-mail stated, I decided to call the TLC concierge. She said I would not get a response to my Price match request for 2 weeks. I asked to speak to a manager so she tranferred me to someone's voice mail. I left a message with my contact info. and, you guessed it, I have not been contacted.
    I re-sent my price match request via-email and explained my dissatisfaction and CC'd John Birrer, VP of T-mobile's customer care division. ([email protected]) I recievd a personal e-mail the next morning and an actual phone call from a T-mobile rep. He said he would try to help and would let me know when he finds something out. The T-mobile customer service lady who gave me the VP's e-mail address, Mr. Birrer and Jean-Paul Hines were all very nice and seem to be willing to help. The TLC people are the culprits that give T-mobile a bad rap. I hope this gets sorted out before my trip to Chicago on May 7th.

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  • Me
    Melissa Mar 30, 2009

    I already went through this situation. I submitted a price match for a flight and it took 6 phone calls on MY part to get to someone that would help me. I expressed my concern that I would not get the flight that I had submitted my price match for and was assured several times that "we have deals with the airlines and that never happens. Even if the same flight is not available we would get you on another flight the same day" Now, this was said to me on THREE different occasions by THREE different reps at TLC. When the "supervisor" finally called me back he said the flights I had requested were not available and the only ones they had were for two days after my original departure day and one day after my original arrival day. Needless to say I did not book the flights and ended up spending about $600 more than if I had just bought all the tickets at full price. FYI- I just checked the TLC site again and I tried 30 different combinations and none of the flights were available.

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  • We
    wendy May 13, 2009

    Class action suit is definetly in order. What a scam! I, too was a satisfied tmob customer until now. Got my PIN number with no problem. I've been struggling with this for months, the situation is a bit different than scenarios above. I can't find any flight availability to anywhere from the Los Angeles area other than limited dates to Seattle on the TLC booking site. After calling the 'concierge' line, I was told that price matching doesn't even come into play if you can't find flight availabilty for city pairs. Really? Wow. No matches from LAX to DFW, NYC, or even Portland, Oregon for that matter, using multiple combinations of differnt dates within months into the future. Every week I try to book something and it's the same story every time, though the conceirge emails say to check the 'new' inventory each week. Even the one flight I can find to Seattle is twice that which is offered anywhere else. Overpriced flights, (if you can find one) that's non changeable, non refundable, and has to be 30 days in advance. Shame on Tmobile for not clearing this up.

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  • Me
    mels1229 May 16, 2009

    I think this may be a 100% complete and total scam! The T-Mobile rep I spoke with insists that it is legit. I've been trying for days to book a flight online. For EVERY departure and destination and date combination tried (I tried tons form all over the country), the same error message comes up:

    Warning: An availability for your flight(s) was not found due to one of the following reasons: flights not found for time/time window requested; not offered for routing requested; not offered for date requested. Please verify your search criteria and try again. (66258)

    I even tried calling the TLC 'concierge' number during their normal business hours, yet they don't answer the phone. I don't know how anyone has been able to get as far as seeing overpriced flights online, when I don't believe they offer any flights at this time!

    I extended the contract for 3 phones in exchange for this "promotion." If it turns out to be fake, I expect T-Mobile to honor cancellation of my contract.

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  • La
    Laurelee86 Jul 07, 2009

    I am getting the same 66258 error message. I was just curious if anyone has even booked a flight through this before becuase I am not having any luck as the above person stated. There are no flights anywhere at anytime. I continue to get the same error. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Ma
    maorvi Jul 23, 2009

    I also had the same experiences in trying to get to Orlando! Of all the common destinations!!! Currently attempting to give one away to my sister out of Philadelphia- I hope it works because I have had them since January and have yet to find where they have been able to work for me and I renewed 2 lines also!

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  • Ma
    Makir Aug 17, 2009

    This is going to haunt T-Mobile for a long time unless they make this right. I'm here reading this because I can't book any flight. I tried Los Angeles to Las Vegas and nothing! SFO to Dallas/Fort Worth, nothing! I'm calling a lawyer friend in the morning if I can't join a class action suit online tonight.

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  • An
    angry24 Oct 18, 2009

    I am having the same problem as everyone else! I keep getting the error message with every single comination i try. I am traveling out of Los Angeles and I have to tried to find a flight to any major city, but every time i recieve the error message! This is really starting to anger me! I will not be renewing my contract with them after this! If there are this many complaints, you would think that TMobile would try to fix it so they won't lose customers! I really think there should be a lawsuit against them!

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  • Ro
    Romgtr Nov 05, 2009

    My story is different. I was told when I originally signed up with T-mob that I would be eligible for the flight companion eventhough my registration date was 8 days late. I spoke with 2 T-mob reps and they told me no problem it should be ok. So when I received an e-mail declining my registration I called and the customer rep told me that who ever told me about the late registration was wrong and that it is too late. See all the complaints perhaps it is better not to register at all. What a scam!

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number porting nightmare

Metropcs, sounds oh so great on commercials, not even the unicorn was sure of the services they "suppose" to...

fraudulent company

Today I started my day by trying to book a flight. Other than a drive to take my daughter to school, I spent all day trying to reach real people with this fraudulent company. I made calls to all the # T-mobile refrred me to and got the total run around and would end up on the same phone # I had called earlier. NEVER! !!!was I able to reach a real person with this company called, tlc. I had 4 option choices and, by the way I pay per minute for all my long distance, since ironically T-mobile 's services do not work here just out side of town!! So I keep trying this long distance # and running up my bill. I happened to also hear of the PRICEMATCH and will try to see if they do as they say (tomorrow), because I checked after FINALLY booking by myself and the price is lower if i did my own booking than their prices EVEN WITH THE SO-CALLED free companion flight!!! get a grip on that for a scam!!.
It gets better. Besides my daughter had to be alone after school due to the being tied up with this whole project (which it shouldn't be) I clearly clicked on the return flight that leaves Atlanta at 5:p.m.. (or 6) ish' p.m. The itenerary was identical from San Diego to Atlanta, though, but they, the return flights of very differing times, were on different pages. well ther it is and I can't change it or talk to a real person and I am booked onto a 6 am flight from Atlanta !!! I don't know if the computer just got info from the first 1/2 of my itenerary and went with the cheapest and worst time or what. Maybe there is a person behind the scenes who directs this stuff to make more money for these ###s. Does anyone want to start a class action lawsuit? I'm in. they stole my money and time from my daughter and many other things I have to email is: [protected]
I have tried to access the site and I am not allowed to as I already booked my very bad flight. So they make it harder yet.

Please be in touch for support and for class action lawsuit. maybe a law student will see this and decide it's good for their name or grade or money. We the public need to be safe. These are hard times and it is literally food or rent taken from people. It isn't right. Ms. M. Mcarthur

fraudulent company

T-Mobile / Tlc Or A.K.A. , TMFeedbackSignTLC

fraud and money

I took a contract out with t-mobile in September 2008, after about 2 months off being with t-mobile realised that i was overdrawn with my bank, i investigated this matter to find out that t-mobile had sent up 2 accounts with my bank details but in the name of Miss Cod.
after getting a refund from t-mobile i then realised on the 04/03/2009 that i was was again over drawn with my bank, after investigating i found that Mobile has taken 2 payments out instead of 1 this has caused me great stress and upset as i have spent hrs on the phone to the bank and to t-mobile .I now have to send a bank statement to t- mobile to prove what they have done.
I do i go about claiming compensation for my time, stress and bank charges?

  • Bt
    BTS STAFFORD May 30, 2011

    yes i send a contract also with tmobile also i told them that i would try them out and see if they would work where i live they told me that i shouldnt have any proublems with there service guess what i did so i called them over and over they wouldnt listen to me so i went and bought me a pay as u go phone and it works great i said to them i would like to send them back they said i couldnt that i would break the contract i even ask for there address so i can send them back they wouldnt give me the address so i stop sending them money on something that wouldnt work so what they do they got into my checking account and took 200 from my account with out asking to do so thats very wrong now iam behind on my rent and every thing eles thanks very much tmobile great job never again

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  • Bt
    BTS STAFFORD May 30, 2011

    no comment at this time

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  • Bt
    BTS STAFFORD May 30, 2011

    tmobile turn off my cell phones and still was charging me for service that i didnt have they send me a bill over 400 and for what for service i didnt have and than they sent me another bill over 700 and double my cell phone theres no way my bill was that high for service i didnt have give me a break fars im concern i have no bill thanks for nothing

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not replace defective cell phone

It has been less than 6 mths of becoming a new customer with T-Mobile that I have been complaing of defective phones and have been complaining to cust serv to exchange for a different model. I had to write a letter to headquarters of complaint. Executive Cust Relations Dept called me to work things out. their answer was to accept a cheap free phone for 1 of the 3 defective phones and exchange the Shadow phone AGAIN even thou these phone is constanting having problems. They also said I can upgrade my phones but pay more out of pocket for the phone instead of exchanging the Shadows for a differnt model of the same price range I originally paid for them. I have to call headquarters back several times, before they return my call. They do not take my complaint seriously and do not care to solve this problem. I have been talking to headquarters for over 6 weeks and still have not gotten this problem resolved. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH T-MOBILE, they do not care for your business and do not treat you like an important customer. With this economy it is better to take your business to another cell phone company that will be happy to have your business and will handle your complaints quickly and courteously. T-Mobile will just keep giving your the run-around.

deceptive billing process

At the time of signing up with T-Mobile for a family plan, I was told clearly and repeatedly that there is NO activation fee. Unfortunately, the bill shows otherwise, there is US$140 activation fee. I immediately contacted T-Mobile billing department. They declined to provide credit to my account; they told me to contact the agent instead. The matter is still unresolved after making contact to the agent. As a consumer and customer, why should I have to go through these inconvenience to fight for their elusive mistake? I strongly believe this is a policy of deception; this type of business conduct is unacceptable and detrimental... It has never been any similar painful experience with AT&T or Verizon in the past!

  • Th
    thililini Oct 26, 2009

    totally agree...t mobile is the worst, they love to send fraud bills to customers, im a victim of that..
    thilini kalinga

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  • Co
    consumer anger Nov 01, 2009

    I have had been lied to By T-Mobil, after previously being a Flex Family Plan member, I decide to not continue my service. It was my understanding that with the Flex Plan if I did not pay for the service I would not have it. After reciveing several bills for high dollar amount, I allow my service to be terminated. Just recently I deceide to try them One more time, I went to a down town Indianapolis T-mobil store and I inquired what I would have to pay restart my service. I was told if I select one of the new plans then they would wave the previous charges for early termination of my Flex-family plan. I paid the agreed upon amoun signed what I thought was a new agreement with new terms to have my service turned-off less than 7 hours later. and told that I now owe for the termination of my flex family plan, minus the money I paid for what I understood to be a new agreement.

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I have been trying to book my free companion flight for a month now and no one will call me back. I tried contacting t mobile only to be hung up on. I am ready to just purchase both tickets but I am very angry they have scammed so many people. Does anyone have any advice on what can be done about it?

false advertisement

I've noticed that we have become a victim of this airline ticket scam by T-Mobile. I am very disgusted because it seems there is no recourse for the T-Mobile customers. What a horrible way to treat the people who is keeping your business alive. then when you want to discontinue service for them not living up to thier end of the deal they want to threaten you with $150 early disconnect.

I don't know what to do or where the burden of Blame lies at this point everything that was asked of us was completed and it is now march and we still have no tickets.

Sounds like a class action suit to me???!!!

  • Ma
    MARI MCARTHUR Mar 06, 2009

    The t-mobile companion flight is a joke. I am into the third day of banging my head against awall. I give up. After all the incurred expenses of trying to get help and paying for faxes @ $2.50 per (page as it is a long distance #), using gas and hours of time, paying for airline parking to try to resolve this with a person. I will now wait and see if I ever hear from them. next I will fight this chargr for all it's worht and do all I can. I see fromwhat others say nothing good will come out of this. I also now have Cal. attorney general's # but can't get thru threr eithr. sooo? we can all hope for a class action lawsuit.
    Everyone: keep all records of papers, expenses, calling record etc. We may all need them to prove our case.
    Ms. Mcarthur

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  • Ma
    mark Mar 07, 2009

    I am in if there is a suit. Too much to write about, but I will say one thing; these corp. are the definition of bad (really )business. Never use them. mark

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  • Mi
    Mildred Mar 25, 2009

    Please, let's get together for a suit against these companies. It's pure fraud what they have done to us...
    Mildred, Las Vegas, Nv

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  • Ro
    Roya Nov 29, 2009

    I have the same problem, I never got my flight ticket and, I am in if there is any class action lawsuit. Please contact me.

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changed my plan without my permission

Metropcs changed thier plans after I had service for over a year. Upon their changing of their plans they took services from me that were moved to a more expensive plan and told me that if I wanted those services back that I was going to have to pay the higher rate. When I asked to be connected to a supervisor they refused and hung up on me several times. There is no way of contacting any of the upper level managers as the customer service reps (whick suck) will transfer you. When you asked to be transfered they either tell you that there is no way of contacting the upper level managers or they just plainly hang up on you. I have turned them into the fcc for not grand-fathering me into their plan changes and then over charging me for the plan that they put me in after they changed their plans. I would suggest that everyone that is not satified with them that they also talk to the fcc as they will pull their communications license after a certain amount of complaints. Them metropcs will be shut down for good.

  • Me
    Meher Jul 24, 2009

    I agree.. I have just bought phone from metro PCS and after 3 days of services found its not working properly...and so I called the customer care service person and they said tha I can return the phone is am not happy with the services and said number of hours didnot matter...if its less than 30 days. But when I went to return the phone..they r not taking it back at all.
    There is no good sound quality or network. Even with in LA if u r walking up stairs in a building call drops...Its just horrible.

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