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T-Mobile USA Complaints & Reviews

T-Mobile USA / billing

Darryl Morgan 5555 on Oct 8, 2017
We as T-Mobile customers deserve batting from T-Mobile and the representatives we shouldn't be over build and made to seem like we deserve it if T-Mobile isn't going to listen to all our grievances we should all go to Sprint and if anybody has had a problem with Anthony Montana and hi...

TMobile / mobile withdrawal from my bank account

Fraudulent and unauthorized withdrawal from my checking account using T-mobile. When logging into my online banking, I noticed an unfamiliar charge. A T-mobile device was used. The name Saundra Mendez PCS Svc was associated and identified. A Google search brought to light that this fraud ha...

T-Mobile USA / lies and deception

Flavia Howard on Sep 25, 2017
My old phone was having problems I called T-Mobile and was told that they would send me another phone. Speaking with my husband, I told him that the phone that would replace mine would be a refurbished phone not a new one. He told me that I needed to get a new one because with a used...

T-Mobile USA / strange actions

angela on Aug 22, 2017
I've been with them for 3 years. When transferring I wasn't notified that there was still some money on my previous account. We recently moved and obviously, our address has changed, but I didn't know that they kept sending bills to my previous house. I would have known if they sent me messages. Maybe I moved but my phone number is still the same.

T-Mobile USA / horrible experience

Jimmy Wang on Aug 18, 2017
My recent experience is the reason why I'm done with them. Because of their representatives' advice, my phone broke and I don't have it now, even though I work and I extremely need it. I have been their loyal customer for about 3 years and their managers can't resolve the issue for some...

T-Mobile USA / samsung phones/ t mobile customer service/ dishonest business practices

Candice L. Davies on Aug 17, 2017
I have been with the company since 2008 and I they have changed for the worse. They use to care about their customers, but now they only care for their profits. I have had issues with samsung phones twice on less than 6 months!!! To get a replacement is rare without shelling out another...

T-Mobile USA / unprofessional

Jen Jolliffes on Aug 15, 2017
This is the most unorganized company I've ever seen. Their service is a joke and ridiculous. There's always a problem. I ordered a new phone and it never arrived, even though it's been 3 weeks. Every time I call I talk to different corporates who give me wrong information. Well, they say...

T-Mobile / phone bill switch

eelliott93 on Aug 12, 2017
I have called Verizon and T-Mobile about this several times. I HAD to switch to Verizon for work. Verizon said specifically, that they would send me a prepaid card with my bill on it. I have called them about it many times and they say they have sent it. I am awaiting it in the mail. The...

T-Mobile USA / fraudulent practices

Charlynn Marie Logue on Aug 2, 2017
In November 2016 I went to T-mobile to inquire about service. The sales rep said they would give me a Galaxy On5 free if I paid for 2 months of pay as you go service. (approximately $100). I signed up for the service, unfortunately in December my phone was stolen so I called T-mobile and...

T-Mobile USA / promotional promises "free tablet"

Janice Grannan on Aug 2, 2017
I was told in October 2015 I would received a free tablet if I paid for the Internet for a year. I would see the charge for the tablet on my 20 page bill and call customer service who just like the present administration of the United States, just lies. I had been a customer for over 10...

T-Mobile USA / phone

chico10 on Jul 3, 2017
I was at the Deptford mall T mobile store due to my phone was acting up. I decided to gt a upgrade. All the employees were so nice. Shanice was helping me when the computer system went down. She tried everything from contacting her district manager to calling IT for help. She apologized...

T-Mobile USA / fraudulent activity

juliarnsmeirat on Jun 18, 2017
I noticed my phone bill was considerably higher than normal. I called tmobile and eventually we figured out that fraudulent activity had occurred and I was being charged for iphone 7 phones and accessories that I did not purchase. After 2 months of calling, tmobile threatening to...

T-Mobile USA / business account

Ben Black on May 27, 2017
t-mobile business re: account #951431025 9/11/2017: Las Vegas TMO forced me to open business account in order to port number from ATT business. near completion of app i'm told they need an EIN number. i tell store rep that i am sole proprietor and i don't use my EIN for...

T-Mobile USA / phone notification

Tai Spring on May 13, 2017
Hello, I have been receiving notifications from google play and many other things which is normal. However, lately I have started receiving notifications about music videos that I have been interested in which I found interesting - not bad. However, today I got a notification for a song...

T-Mobile / when I enter buildings my phone stops working!

Dandy on Apr 28, 2017
I'm not satisfied with T-Mobile service and I'm thinking about switching to another provider. I always pay my bills on time but their service is really poor. Recently I discovered a new unexpected problem. When I enter buildings my phone stops working! I can't contact anyone until I get on...

T-Mobile USA / t-mobile

Daniel C. Freeman on Mar 13, 2017
For 5 mos. I have been trying to resolve a billing issue where my bill has varies and is still $40 or more per month higher than told and should be. They cant explain why and have not tried to resolve it at all. I also am frustrated with so many service drops in a metro area of Madison Wi...

T-mobile Customer Relations / poor customer service

rogerdb on Mar 5, 2017
From February 15th through March 5th 2017. I switched phone companies after not being able to resolve the problems I was having with T Mobile. Their customer service was very unreliable and misleading on multiple occasions. I was told a multitude of answers for the resolution of the...

T-Mobile / unethical behavior

Walmart victim97469347 on Feb 23, 2017
As I was not going to have access to my phone, I suspended my account 772 634 4011 at the end of September, 2016. T-Mobile took an unauthorized payment from me in October which closed down my bank account. When I attempted to re-open the account in February, 2017, I was informed that they...

T-Mobile / t-mobile is the worst provider ever!

SuVinitt on Jan 25, 2017
T-Mobile is terrible and they are nothing but bunch of lazy scammers! They do not keep their promises and don't care about their customers! My phone was stolen and I reported that to T-Mobile. They asked for some additional information about the case and I told them everything and gave all...

T-mobile Customer Relations / t-mobile

Win Cowgirl on Dec 2, 2016
Over the pass months I've been having complications with T-Mobile and their billings! Being a customer of theirs for more than 10 years, just having heart surgery and a son that suffers from asthma they just turned off my phone from T-Mobile broken promises, now we have no source of...

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