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T-Mobile USA Customer Service


T-Mobile USA Inc.

12920 SE 38th St
United States - 98006-1350

Customer Support Phone Numbers

611(From T-Mobile Phone)
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+1 844 840 6518(Customer Service)
6 0
+1 844 428 9675(Business)
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+1 505 998 3793(International)
1 1
+1 877 453 1304(Payments)
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Questions and Comments
T-Mobile Customer Relations, PO Box 37380, Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

Bankruptcy Legal Notices
T-Mobile Bankruptcy Team, PO Box 53410, Bellevue, WA 98015-3410

T-Mobile USA Complaints & Reviews

T-Mobile USA / my bill charge

Gunsu on Dec 5, 2018

I have been with TMobile long years... back in April there had been overseas charges on my bill ...when ı reconcile my bill it was only to Canada... I called T mobile and they advice me to turn of my long distance plan... On my oct_ Nov bill I received the same long distance charges... I use...

T-Mobile USA / international calling

Tony Coo on Nov 20, 2018

First of all let me start by saying that T-Mobile Customer Services is the Absolute Worst, Second of All their Signal Quality is a Nightmare. With that said, I recently made a phone call to Chile, duration of Call is 22 Minutes, Charges $66 plus Tax and Fees $76.58 that is $3.58 per minute. I...

T-Mobile USA / scam artists!!!

Ekaterina Drouin on Nov 5, 2018

TMobile offering lower rates than Verizon is the biggest scam on Earth! We switched from Verizon to TMobile because we got misled by their third party sales representatives. One month later we realized that was the biggest mistake we've made. The cell phones did not have the coverage we...

T-Mobile USA / refund

Tina Billy on Nov 4, 2018

Hi, I have change my service to tmobile. While my monthly bill would've been a lot better than another cell company, but the service or signal did not work where I live. I've have the acct for less than a week. During that time I called tmobile a few times about the signal, I was told to...

T-Mobile USA / credit promised

brizzy on Oct 24, 2018

I was asking for assistance due to my phone had a software issue and I wasn't able to take calls. I wasn't able to pay the amount needed to get the phone fixed so T-Mobile offered to give me a credit of $100. I told them I still didn't have enough but they said that that offer would still hold...

TMobile / unauthorized debit card charge & unethical behaviour

Regularjockey on Sep 8, 2018

TIMELINE 04 August, 2018: I purchased a TMobile sim card (937-554-8673). I was informed at the point of purchase that I had 14 days to return the sim card and not get charged the monthly bill of $60+. 13 August, 2018: I decided to discontinue the use of the sim card after 9 days and I...

Vesta T-Mobile / unauthorized credit card charges.

Dr Teo on Aug 31, 2018

Like so many others who have made complaints, I, too, have nothing to do with Vesta T-Mobile, but they have charged my credit with an $89 charge for top-up service for a phone number which is not mine. I disputed the charge on my Citibibank Mastercard, but the charge was eventually upheld...

T-Mobile USA / unlocking my phone

Tsble on Aug 14, 2018

Just wanted everyone to know how T-Mobile treated me. I decided to switch phone companies, when I went to the new company they told me that my phone was locked. I went to T-mobile to get my phone unlocked. The first store I went to refused to help me, the 2nd store told me I owed a total of...

LG/T-Mobile / lg stylo 3 battery bl44e1f

Leigh Jackson on Mar 11, 2018

When I first purchased an LG it was 3 years ago and I got the original LG Stylo. I liked it so much that when my screen broke, I upgraded to the Stylo 3--biggest mistake I have ever made. While my original LG is still going strong with a cracked screen and all, my Stylo 3 started doing...

TMobile / annoying male voice in greeting. ordered item didn't arrive on promised day. awful hold music.

Googleuser1586 on Jan 5, 2018

annoying male voice in greeting. ordered item did not arrive on promised day. awful hold music. too loud country music. staticky. ear piercing. too long. phone rep located my order via phone # i'm calling from but refused to give order confirmation without me saying my address to tell me...

T-Mobile USA / phone line

Patrick0001 on Dec 8, 2017

T-mobile is the worst company I've ever gotten service from. I paid for a phone plan that was totally deceiving. Everything that was included such as unlimited data AND a working line, was not. I initially called a few days into my plan to complain and I talked to people who hung up on me...

T-Mobile USA / using my personal information


On November 29 I went to the t mobile store in city heights of San Diego. I wanted to open an account. They told me that there was another account with my social security number but not my name. Someone committed fraud and they can not release any information. The location is on Fairmont...

T-Mobile USA / fraud charges

nothappycustomer51 on Nov 28, 2017

I recently change phone service due to your tmobile overcharging me for many different things for over a year. Prior to October of 2016, I was on a monthly plan of 80 for two line and 20 for an additional line I also paid for insurance for one phone and $20 for faster internet. On October...

T-Mobile USA / service cancellation

Cesar Diniz on Oct 25, 2017

Date of the incident: 10/25/2017 Description of the incident: I tried to cancel one of two lines attached to my T-Mobile account, over the phone (611), without success. I spoke to 5 different representatives, and no one could solve the problem. The last representative shared her credential...

T-Mobile USA / billing

Darryl Morgan 5555 on Oct 8, 2017

We as T-Mobile customers deserve batting from T-Mobile and the representatives we shouldn't be over build and made to seem like we deserve it if T-Mobile isn't going to listen to all our grievances we should all go to Sprint and if anybody has had a problem with Anthony Montana and hi...

TMobile / mobile withdrawal from my bank account


Fraudulent and unauthorized withdrawal from my checking account using T-mobile. When logging into my online banking, I noticed an unfamiliar charge. A T-mobile device was used. The name Saundra Mendez PCS Svc was associated and identified. A Google search brought to light that this fraud ha...

T-Mobile USA / lies and deception

Flavia Howard on Sep 25, 2017

My old phone was having problems I called T-Mobile and was told that they would send me another phone. Speaking with my husband, I told him that the phone that would replace mine would be a refurbished phone not a new one. He told me that I needed to get a new one because with a used...

South Holland Mobil / car wash/customer service

Nicholeib2 on Sep 18, 2017

On 8/20/17 I purchased a car wash for $5.00 to save money on gas (total purchase $25.00). I know from prior purchases that the car wash code is valid for 30 days (it's printed on the receipt right under the car wash code). Normally I get my car wash right away but on 9/16/17 I decided to...

T-Mobile USA / strange actions

angela on Aug 22, 2017

I've been with them for 3 years. When transferring I wasn't notified that there was still some money on my previous account. We recently moved and obviously, our address has changed, but I didn't know that they kept sending bills to my previous house. I would have known if they sent me messages. Maybe I moved but my phone number is still the same.

T-Mobile USA / horrible experience

Jimmy Wang on Aug 18, 2017

My recent experience is the reason why I'm done with them. Because of their representatives' advice, my phone broke and I don't have it now, even though I work and I extremely need it. I have been their loyal customer for about 3 years and their managers can't resolve the issue for some...