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+1 314 925 6925(Support For Travel Abroad) 4 1
+1 800 901 9878(AT&T PrepaidSM) 9 9
+1 844 827 7057(Order New U-Verse TV Service) 3 1
+1 866 861 6075(Order New Digital Phone Service) 2 5
+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Customer Service) 17 37
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+1 866 435 3264(Dial-Up Billing & Payments) 5 3
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Complaints & Reviews

I'm have to pay for service I no longer subscribe

I called in January week of 24 after needing to tighten my budget after my husband passed. I spoke with a very kind agent who understand my problem and suggested instead of the Premium $321 package to the select $103 package. Which would actually fit my budget. Then February 23 I get a letter from AT&T
stating I owe $649 and some cents. Past due for January $321 and $323 for February and forward. I asked how is that? Some how my automatic pay was turned off in January so payment did not go through. Okay so why do I have to continue pay for service I don't have and I know you want turn it back so I can enjoy what I'm paying. The agent said No we want turn it back on but in April we will do a price adjust meant. I told her I was very upset. I don't understand why I have to pay for Premium service don't have. I haven't had Premium service since my first call in January. I Should Not Have To Pay something I don't have. I was told that was At&T policy, I called to late in the monthly for the price change to take place even though I no longer have the service I still have to pay Premium Package for select Package. By Phone [protected]

ATTInternet Service

I received an email dated 1/31/2020 at 4:01pm that states"Since you're a valued AT&T Internet and U-Verse customer, we improved your online experience.
So get ready for faster Internet at no additional cost that's great for streaming on multiple devices, sharing videos and photos, and playing online games.
There's nothing you need to do.
Just keep doing your thing and enjoy the entertainment you love. " I received an increase in my bill for this "free" upgrade with no notice to me.

American Telephone and Telegraph — advertisements

I received advertising from AT&T today, 2/10/2020, selling internet and television. There are so many abbreviations used in the terms described in this advertising for internet...

terrible customer service

On February 1, 2020 I called att with quetions on why my wireless service had increased. We upgraded my daughter's wireless in November paid cash for the Iphone X. Yet my bill had increased. Twice in November 2019 two different Techs came out to repair my landline because when it rains the land line has very loud noise and you can not talk or hear. Each time I was ensured it was repaired. Today is Febraury 6, 2020 still evertime it rains my landline does the exact same thing and I take care of my 80 yr old mother along with working full time and we need the landline for her. My DSL goes in and out Techs have been coming out also, each time we are asured it is repaired. Saturday Feb. 1, 2020 I was on the phone for over an hour or more dealing with your customer service telling me they can not help me let me transfer you, then transferring me here and there to no pervail. I am so exhausted so tired yet no compensation for any of this. I don't know what else to do. I called what I thought was a coporate number you had listed and the same thing operators assuring me they could help me then tell me to hold so they could transfer to the right person. They transferred me so many times or place me on hold becasue(as they stated) you have a bundle and someone else had to help me. ATT don't care about me for real. I been with ATT over 30yrs when they was Bellsouth. I need some help because your service treated me bad in refernce to placing on hold then come transfer someone else and that is not working for me. I am so dissapointed. And I have not paid my bill becasue I feel I need to be compensated I am exhausted and just drained from your bad service. Malinda Baynard 1627 pinklilly rd Prattville, AL [protected], wireless [protected], wireless [protected]. [protected]

AT & Tproduct bundle

After our agreement with AT & T expired my wife to obtain a new agreement since we received a billing that was $80 higher that what we were originally paying. An agreement was reached for an amount that was $10 higher than our former agreement and we agreed to pay it ongoing. The following month (January) the amount billed was not changed. We then called in to speak with AT & T customer service and was told there was no agreement and they could not check recordings to see if one had been reached. We asked for a manager in the retention department and discovered that the retention department of Direct television had made the deal and not AT & T. This is ludicrous, why were we transferred to the Direct television retention department when we called AT & T? Due to inability to obtain a reasonable offer for ongoing services we have cancelled our service and signed with another carrier. We refuse to pay anything above the price we negotiated $128 plus tax for the final billing, since this is due to error on the part of AT & T, not us the customers. Account #[protected]/email [protected] and contact

  • Mi
    MidnightRain38 Jan 25, 2020

    well directv is owned by at&t but still weird but not unusual for them..i left att&t cell phone service long ago cause they was rip offs and then when at&t bought out directv they would not work with me after being with them for 10 years so dropped them went to different cable company..directv was good before then.

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charges on closed account

Switched service to another company; HBO disappeared, no cell service in Maine and CS rep told me the $10.00 bundling of services was never applied to our account over the years we were enrolled. ACTUALLY YOU OWE ME MONEY! Time to cut ties with you and I did. All services were switched to my knowledge. I rec a bill and was locked out of my AT&T port. I could not verify what the bill was for. An invoice finally came via postal mail and I paid it. Now I'm told the iPad is still being charged. What kind of company charges for an iPad when the customer called to tell you they are unhappy and going to switch, and they do, but leave an iPad open? I will tell you 'NO ONE'. It is drastically apparent the iPad was not supposed to stay active! After visiting my local storefront and calling the CS department from there, I am told the bill is still owed. I don't think so. Please remove any outstanding charges to our cancelled phone package and send comfirmation. Lisa Anderson 256 Town Hill Road in Terryville, CT 06786

ATTunethical behaviour

In September, I called ATT customer service and asked whether an android phone I was looking at on Amazon would be compatible with my ATT plan. I was told by the representative that she could offer me a Free I-phone 7 by just paying the tax and making 3 payments. I would then be getting a refund of those 3 payments on the next bill. I repeated back what she said twice and then agreed to the deal. A couple of days later I called ATT again and asked about my Free phone. I stated the terms of getting this phone to this person and was assured it was coming. I called back again after I got my first bill and noticed it said 1 of 30 payments. On 10/24/19 I talked to a Carlos who transferred me to a Pauline who transferred me to a supervisor named Jenize . The offer I had accepted I was told then and only then was dependent on adding another line of service. This was NEVER stated when I oringinally accepted the deal. If I had know this I would have bought the Amazon phone. Jenize said she would take care of the situation. When I called back again about my FREE phone I was told that after the 3rd payment, the payments would drop off. This person's name was Ann and she said she lived in the Phillipines. On 12/14/19 I called again because a 4th payment had been taken out and I had been assured that there would be no more payments. I talked to a Roxanne, Diana, and a Tammy(id#TD084U). She gave me a case#CM20191214_[protected] and said it would be cleared up by the 24th of December. I called back on 1/10/20 and asked to speak to a supervisor. The first one I talked to was Jacob(id#JJ324Y) then Christina(id#CL1790). I was told that my case had been rejected. I asked to speak to their supervisor whose name was Odane(ID#OR261S). I wanted to know if he was going to honor the agreement I made with the ATT rep a few months earlier. He said he wasn't because I didn't have a line added to my service. I explained AGAIN that I was never told this originally. I told him I felt like I had been lied to. I said ATT lies, do you lie Odane? His response was"Yeah I lie."I know I would get in serious trouble if I said that to someone I was waiting on. I told him that we were done and disconnected the call. I plan on going on social media and reporting this to as many sites as possible. My wife wants me to report it also to the BBB and the attorney general's office. If you want to contact me my e-mail is [protected]

AT&T/Direct TVsatellite tv service

My husband and I have been Direct TV customers since 2012. Prior to the AT&T takeover, their customer service was great, if I had any billing issues they were always resolved to my satisfaction and with great customer service, they made me feel like a valued customer.

Fast forward to present day under AT&T control customer service is non existent. I recently had to use the payment arrangement option due to a death in my family I for the 1st time got behind on my November bill, it double with the December bill. I used the online make a payment arrangement option with 2 payments 1 of $131 due by 12/27/19 and the other of $131 due by 01/10/20. I made the 1st payment a bit earlier on 12/24/19.

Today is 01/07/20 and my service has been suspended and I have emails stating my account is in collections. I called their customer service and was told my service was suspended because my new bill for January 2020 was due 12/28/19. And that in order to restore service I would need to pay the full balance for both months. I explained that I understood a new bill generated in he middle of a payment arrangement, however I should have been informed that I would need to create an arrangement for the 12/28 bill.

At the time I created the arrangement that bill was not even in the system. The rep persisted in telling me that my JAN bill was due 12/28 and it is now Jan 7 and service was interrupted, that voided the arrangement. I advised the agent that this was not acceptable at all and opted to just disconnect the service altogether.. I was transferred to their customer loyalty department and was not given any help their either, no options to help me, a longtime customer at all.

I kept my end of the agreement and they did not.

This agent said she was sorry I was canceling and preceded to read me agreement that I have until 01/17/20 to return all receivers or there would be additional fees, absolutely no attempt at all to save a customer from leaving. I will say this I will never do business with this company again!!

satellite tv service


I tried to pay off a phone using the instruction on my bill and online. My next bill came with a credit instead of paying off the phone. I called and supposedly got it cleared up, paid the 11/23 bill of $79.18 but then received the next bill for 12/23 indicating in red a past due amount, due immediately. I called and was assured by 2 employees, including collections and billing specialists that the matter would be cleared up and that I could go to the store to add a line and get an upgrade on a phone. Att called my son, who is not authorized on the account, and was told we were being taken to collections for the past due amount. AND we were not allowed to add a line or upgrade a device at the store because of our past due amount. Another call and 2 more employees told me this would be cleared up and we could add a line and upgrade a device. For the second we were not allowed to add a line or upgrade a device due to a past due amount. 2 more employees told me tow different things. That it would take 24 hours to fix the errors and several days. I was also told this was under investigation and that I would hear back on the status of this issue. I have not head anything back. I am angry about having a past due amount posted and being told I would be taken to collections over an Att mistake, being told it was resolved when it wasn't, being humiliated when being denied an upgrade and adding a line because of a past due amount, Att not being able to figure out what caused the issues with the billing and causing a past due amount but being sent to, being lied to by employees who are supposed to be billing specialists, and not having any response back on the investigation. After being customers for decades, we have been wronged and this is poor customer service.

ATT-u-verseno internet, tv, phone

Have not had service since 12/11 when Spectrum cut the line. Jamie came 12/14, submitted an emergency work order and we are still waiting 21 days later. I teach school and have been on Christmas vacation since 12/20. I was confident it would be repaired by then. No tv, no news, no Christmas specials, no New Year specials. I'm beginning to wonder if you will ever come. Better start shopping for a new provider.

my phone

Ok I got a phone with at&t about a week now been having trouble with it all this I have never been able to put in my password and my use ID to get on line to see my bill...

ATTbilled 3 months consecutively for restore of late pay.

October 2019, I called att about billing, told i had to pay to restore service, so np. I don't get my SS untill 3rd, of each month; and i thought my bill wasn't due untill the 17th. Eitherway i paid to keep my bundle. The billing He, said was in error and my cost is $109.??
Regions Bank has all my transactions, if you need more info on the money...
Nov. 2019, told to pay restore fee but less charged as it was a mistake; taken care of, and told once more that my cost is only $109.??...BIG difference!
Now Dec. 2019, banking show 2 payments for this month. I've had technical issues for a week now, so i have disconnected service of the phone, only thing is He says I have to pay restore fee again this month, less phone service; brings me to one hundred dollars to pay for jan.2020. We never recieved our rewards cards either. Can you plz help me fix this problem? The account is in Erica Hubbard and she is my grand-child, the att account was to teach her in time; as I paid her bill always, and I'm sorry for these situations have not been what I had hoped

ATTphone service

My 91 yr old Mother got a call from Att last Sept about her landline service. The gentlemen convinced her to change her landline and they would sent her a free cell phone. Being 91 she was confused and unfortunately agreed to it not realizing that they would turn off her landline completely. Being a Senior she's relies on that landline for a lot of things. She tried to change it back, she returned the cell phone and spent many hours on the phone with Att, as of today she is still having issues, being billed for services she doesn't have and charged for the cell phone that Att has confirmed they have back. Both myself, my husband and my niece have spent numerous hours trying to get this fixed with many promises but no action. To me this is taking advantage of a Senior... my Mother is so upset. She was currently billed 270 dollars and then another 360 charged to her charge card.
We have no other recourse then to file a complaint against Att unless this issue is resolved once and for all now... A 91 yr old women who lives alone should never have to deal with this issue and be billed for services she doesn't have or money she doesn't have to pay for this.

Ralph & Gayle Ventura

sales for phone and direct-tv and move date

I'm use to calling AT&T and get service right right than and fast and complete. Anytime I get a male on the phone lately with all my calls, I know it's going to be a...

modem service man

I recently had a service tech come to my house and 30 min. after he left My camera went out my landline went out and to make matters worse I had no phone the whole night until the morning I managed to get online and get help from a representative online. My landline phone sounded tapped I called in to tell them I needed a representative they sent him in and all these issues occurred after he left. Another issue we encountered was the new modum he installed smelled as if a circuit was catching fire. I'm not sure how to explain it properly, I am describing to best of my ability. I no longer hear a tapping noise on my phone and am receiving my phone calls. I am a single Christian mother and I pay for my services every month and am very dissatisfied with my experience. A third issue I noticed was every time I put in password he gave me on the modum it did not work for my camera phones or anything only my computer. My camera was disabled all night. Again I pay for these services unsattisfied, another issue was my calls were not coming in. Please look into my account there is a number linked to my account that is not mine. From this point forward please make sure you are doing federal background checks on any service provider in my area DEA informants are getting backgrounds expunged and some of these men are criminals. Thank you for your time regarding this matter.

  • Updated by ednaflores · Dec 23, 2019

    Fees every month going higher and higher, they told me they would wave a $9.96 fee and are now sending me bill that it is past due. Also when I signed the contract they stated my bill would be around 158.56. My bill has gone from 203.00 to 1730.00 to 183.00 to 193.00 I am outraged at my experience with this company. Please look into my account.

AT&T Directvdirectv accounts mismanagement

Re; SUSPENDED Account [protected] Carroll, 19, Cayo Costa. CAPTIVA, Florida. 33924.

We live in England but spend 3 months of each year in Florida. For 12 years, since 2006, we've enjoyed DirecTV for THREE MONTHS of each year have successfully suspended the DTV service between April and December each year when we return to England for 9 months. We have been aware since 2006 that DTV's suspension Policy only lasts 6 months max (DTV Rules), so each October (the 6 month deadline) we have had to re-suspend DTV until the date we return in January each year. No real problem for us until this year.

In April 201 we settled our DTV account leaving it in CREDIT by -$63.54 and suspended the DTV service until our return in January 2020 - or so we thought!

On 25th October this year, the day before the 6 month reconnection date, I called DTV, but was told to "call tomorrow to re-suspend". I contacted again on the 26th October and was told that our DTV service had been successfully re-suspended the service. On an email dated 25th October DTV sent an email with confirmation that our DTV service is suspended until 28th January 2020. A few days later I received a bill showing the correct opening balance of CREDIT -$63.54 but a small charge of $10.59 apparently relating to a short period when the service was incorrectly deemed as being 'in use', so I contacted DTV to have this charge removed. I was given the 'runaround' by DTV because various people who wouldn't or couldn't explain how this charge had happened - and after hours on many Chats was told it couldn't be credited. When I re-suspended the DTV service our account was, at that time, IN CREDIT by - $63.54.

A few days later I got a bill for $238.00 showing the CREDIT balance had disappeared. On 9th December 2019 I then received another emailed letter saying our account had been closed - we had been 'terminated', without our knowledge or agreement.

Our Credit balance has apparently been removed by currently ongoing charges, which cannot be stopped even though I have written evidence dated 25th October confirming the re-suspension until 28th January 2020.

I've spent many hours during December on various CHATS (up to 3 hours on one occasion), but they all say the account is open, running and can't be closed until I pay the ever-increasing illegal and illicit ransom. It seems the DTV service has been re-connected and running at around $20 per day, even though we are in England and the DTV box and TV are in our vacant shuttered up Florida home???

Yesterday 20th December I CHATTED to two DTV reps who were very polite and tried to understand the unusual problems. They revealed that one of your DTV CHAT reps Jorge has reconnected our DTV service without our knowledge, or agreement, and that illicit charges were mounting up. Jorge then went on to CLOSE OUR ACCOUNT, again without our knowledge or agreement. We then used the TV chat service to reinstate our account, but because many illicit charges were racking up due to DTV Jorge's incompetence, nothing could be done to rectify the mistakes due to the high level of fictitious usage that has (or stiull is) racking up in during our absence
I have spent around 13 wasted hours CHATTING to DTV staff to no resolution whatsoever, so I'm bringing considerable evidence over to the USA next month (January 2020) including written transcripts of hours of wasted Chats, copies of DTV confirmation of re-suspension dated 25th October, a copy of DTV closing our account without reason or our knowledge in the hope that I can get some sense by telephone when we arrive. DTV Chat staff seem totally unable to resolve these continuing DTV errors of mal-administration. They seem incapable or blinkered to the unreasonable situation that DTV has created and that seems to be getting worse by the day. They each finally suggest that phone a DTV 800 number but I am not prepared to spend hours on an expensive chargeable (800) International phone call to get nowhere with this ridiculous situation.

We have no intention of paying DTV anything between April 2019 and January 2020 as we regard our DTV service as suspended. We require reinstatement of our CREDIT balance of $63.54 and hope to get some sensible solution to this ridiculous situation that DTV mal-administration has caused. We are prepared to continue with DTV service once all fictitious charges since April 2019 have been removed and our $63.54 credit has been reinstated.

If DTV decide they will not co-operate with our fair and reasonable request and then re-connect us when we arrive back in the USA around mid to late January, we are prepared to argue our case in court if necessary. We will bring the written evidence for such an unwanted action and will demand that if DTV wish the matter to be dealt with in court that the case must be heard in Fort Myers County Court. We return to the USA mid January 2020 and will require DTV service to be resumed continuously between January 20th 2020 and a date in April 2020 when we will be returning to our UK residence.

To assist you in understanding this incredible DTV administrative mess, I am happy to send you copies of some of the evidence we hold proving our case. Please request further info if you find your records too complicated and confusing.

Yours sincerely!

Michael & Janetta Carroll.
Broad Green Barn.
Hooe Village.
BATTLE. England. T33 9HN

att - customer service - billing - cancellation dept - directtv

10/25/19- called to cancel ATT Direct TV, was told my bill payment has been posted until 11/17/19. They do not give refunds. Early termination fee will apply $160.
10/28/19-(Miles)called, asked for final bill and box to return device, was told an email will be sent with that information.
11/6/19-called(John) didn't receive email, asked for final bill and box to return device. Was told cancellation fee will be $80. and box will be sent.
11/25/19-called because I received bill, for another month, told them i cancelled a month ago, was told to disregard bill, was a mistake.
12/10/19-called ATT again, on phone for 3 HOURS, total spoke to Olga, Arvi, Paige, Ann, Mike, and Wally. All very unqualified, incompetent and all have ZERO knowledge on what to do in their roles. Paige, Ann Mike and Wally unfortunately for customer service positions sounded very uneducated and plain ignorant, to add to that, they were rude. I have never dealt with such stupid people who are supposed to be Managers, their lack of training and people skills definitely showed, it was very sad to see. When they admit to the issue being ATT mistake and then say sorry this has happened, you were told the wrong information in the past 4 phone calls, but too bad, you have to pay for service you didn't use. NO CUSTOMER should be on the phone for 3 hours trying to solve a problem that was caused by ATT in the first place. Thankfully, I was then transferred to another department, spoke to a nice lady Dawn who transferred me to another nice woman Bobbie who explained the issue and gave me a partial credit because of the HUGE LIE I was told by ATT in the first place. If I charged ATT for my time in all this, they would be paying me. This type of business is very unethical and should not be able to do business.

returned phone not received

ATT sent wrong phone when a claim was submitted for theft. My husband's phone was a 6 and they sent a xs, some mix up on our account when we upgraded. A very long drawn out process just to get this mess fixed. Now 3 months later and 2 months since sending wrong phone back and using return label provided they have not recieved phone and charged me yet another deductible. I have complained to anyone I can think of . Asurion says I need to check with ATT, ATT says I need to check with Asurion. Asuruion and ATT say to check with post office, in which I filed 2 claims and both times tell me to check with ATT and Asurion. Newgistics Smart label you can not reach and if you look at reviews on BBB they have an F. So obviously something is wrong.This has been the biggest run around. I have complianed to BBB and now the FCC and will be sending in official papers for complaint. I have all my records from the tracking in which it made it to Greenwood IN and never anywhere else. I will be leaving ATT if this cannot get resolved.I will complain to every outlet I can think of until I hear of the resolution.My tracking is 9202390100705162207785

AT&T - Marina Del Rey Retail Store — no contract wireless phone service

Hello, First I want to apologize for this delayed feedback for my visit to an AT&T store. I am just to complete a multi city holiday. Los Angeles was one of the cities I...

AT&T DirectTVtelevision services

Called DirectTV back in October because all of our boxes went to
Error Code 776 2 days ago, satellite hardware needs updating. Prior to this, on 09/24/2019, I received and email from DirectTv telling me that I needed to call for an equipment upgrade or my service would stop working. I called as directed and was sent a replacement box for one of my TV's and told me that there would be no additional charge for the replacement equipment~ I asked him several times to confirm before ending the call. Fast Forward to early October and all of our boxes go to error 776. I reset all of our boxes, made sure the SWIM was plugged in and such with no luck. All boxes would playback shows recorded on our DVR but would not stream live TV. When I called "tech support" 10/11/19 at 645am, I was told that I would need to call back when I was at home for troubleshooting. I had already done the troubleshooting~ I am not your average customer. I have 14+ years in technical support and had already completed the troubleshooting suggested in the forums. At that time I asked that my service be canceled as I was fed up and was told that I would be transferred to the DirecTV cancellation department. I was instead BLIND transferred to UVerse. 20 minutes in on my phone call, the Uverse rep then BLIND transferred me the DirecTV cancellation department where I was asked for the 3rd time to provide my account information and for the 3rd time had to explain the issue. The representative I spoke with, Hector, advised that a tech would need to come to my home for yet more troubleshooting and that I would need to be home~ It would be a 4 hour window. That is not an option, like most folks, my husband and I both work and cannot afford to take time off to sit around for 4 hours waiting for the tech to show up. I asked if there was a possibility of narrowing that window down to a more reasonable time frame and was told no. Okay, I get it but I cannot take time off work and previously, when there was an issue, a tech was sent while we were away and the issue was resolved. At this time I reiterated my request to cancel my service and was told that the cancellation would be effective 10/24/19 due to my billing cycle, that is 13 days of service I was forced to pay for but not be able to use. I then asked that he take a look at my bill because it was higher than it was supposed to be, he told me that a promotion I had expired and that was why my bill was higher. The $50.00 monthly promotion was not supposed to expire. I was told specifically by customer service that it had no end date and that I would not have to call again to get it re-added. Well apparently that was misinformation. Super. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that the supervisor was on another call and would say the same thing anyway but that I could hold for an unknown amount of time to hear it from him, Chris. Needless to say, I had to get back to work and could not hold any longer. I canceled my service on that call and had to suck it up and pay for the rest of my bill cycle since DirectTv doesn't pro rate. So there I was with no service but still being charged. No promotion that was not supposed to have an expiration date so I had a much larger bill than anticipated and pissed off. I had been with DirecTV for more than 11 years, paid their ridiculous fees on time every month even when I was between jobs but that apparently didn't carry any weight. I thought I was free of DirectTV but here I am a month after cancelling and I get charged $40.78. When I called "customer service" I am told that the charges are for me adding another TV and a pay per view movie. I did not add a TV nor did I order a movie, we have Hulu and Netflix! I can only assume that the record for adding another TV was for the replacement box that was sent out when I called about the email I received. The rep I spoke with just kept repeating herself so I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that one was not available but that I would get a call back within an hour….nope. So here I am, I want my money back and to be truly free of DirectTV.

private cell phone

I am a care representative for Robert Barker Jr [protected] is his cell number. If you look back at the account he called on November 29th the agreement that was made was $100 then and the remainder on December 3rd.His services were interrupted today. We called togetherBoth reps we spoke with were antagonizing causing undue stress to my clientI wish for a call at [protected] to discuss this situation. Lisa Cooksey

multiple fraudulent accounts allowed, despite freeze on credit report

Last May, I received notification of a Hard credit inquiry on my name for AT&T wireless. Since I didn't open an AT&T account, I immediately called AT&T and asked them to close it, and remove the hard inquiry from my credit. The account was closed promptly, but the hard inquiry is still on my account to date.

The same day this happened, I froze all my credit reports. The AT&T account was opened using my name and SSN. I thought that freezing my accounts would protect me from further abuses.

Last week, I noticed my credit score dropped 30 points due to an account under collections. The account was for an AT&T Uverse account. After being bumped around between 4 different phone numbers, I was finally able to speak to an AT&T/Uverse Fraud expert. She confirmed that 3 days after the day I called AT&T wireless to report the first infraction, someone was able to open an AT&T Uverse account using my name and SSN. I don't know how this is possible since I had already notified AT&T of the fraudulent activity, and my account would have been frozen by that time.

Now I'm being told I need to physically mail all sorts of sensitive and personal information (such as my SSN / passport / drivers license) to dispute the fraudulent account on uVerse. I'm miffed that even though AT&T clearly did not do due diligence on this application, all the burden is placed on me to resolve it, and I'm being asked to further put my personal information at risk by physically mailing sensitive information? There has to be a better way to handle this, and I simply don't understand why the burden is put on the consumer to prove their identity when earlier fraudulent activity was already noted. I'm not sure if it was the same person who tried to open both the wireless and uverse account, but it sure is upsetting to have to put all this effort in to fix something that AT&T clearly was extremely lax and careless about.

ATT — rewards cards

I receive my 2nd reward card and it do not work.The 16 numbers they printed do not match any when you try to activate.I call many times to the rewards center and was very...

ATT.comlong distance service

In July my long-distance service was removed from my account, I didn't authorize
anyone to make any changes to my account or did I call, Bill has been incorrect
from then on
Plans and Services$15.81
AT&T Long Distance Service$23.26Account Details| [protected]

Previous Bill Activity for Aug 29 - Sep 28, 2019
Previous Balance$24.39
10-28 Late Payment Charge$6.50
Past Due - Please Pay Immediately$30.89
New charges for Sep 29 - Oct 28, 2019View all usage
Plans and Services$15.81
AT&T Long Distance Service$23.26
Activity Since Oct 28, 2019
Adjustment - 11/01−$71.95
Total Recent Activity−$71.95
Total Amount Due:
$1.99 CR
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Compare Bills
Month Total Charges
October 2019, Current Bill $69.96
September 2019 $24.39
August 2019 $18.85
July 2019 $17.01
June 2019 $0.55
May 2019 $17.42
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March 2019 $17.42
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internet service

AT&T current bill issued 10/15/19 unexpectedly increased by $33.11. Invoice displayed reason due to removal of a "$30 off promotion having a 12-month duration (expires Mar 19...

internet and land line

AT&T is victimizing its customers with illegal sales tactics such as lying about products and services in an attempt to reach sales quotas. There appears to be a "do...

AT&T dba Direct TVfailure to return my credit amount

Direct TV customer for several years. During that time I was signed up for autopay with no problem. A few months ago I began receiving bills from AT&T for my Direct TV service When I get bills, I pay them. So I paid them. They kept billing, I kept paying, for about 6 months. Whille searching my bank records I discovered they had also been taking the payment out of my bank account. By this time I had a credit of over $600.00. I called to request the money back and they refused saying they would just take my future payments out of the credit. I said NO, I want my money. I talked to several different people, many in foreign countries, and got a different story from each one. All requests to speak to someone "higher up" were denied. I was told...1) my service was cancelled and would get a refund in 6 to 10 working days. After that I received another bill. 2) They would refund me with a MasterCard gift card. I said NO, I want my money. 3) The last person assured me I would receive my refund within a week. That was over two weeks ago and still no refund. I want my money now! It is now about $650.00 due me.

AT&T Uverseequipment return

I cancelled my account after it was shut off on new years eve of 2017, the bill was apparently over due. I paid the account and when it had happened previously it was turned back on soon after. Nothing happened after a couple of hours so I called customer service. I ended up on the phone with a woman from most likely India. She was trying to shame my about being up so late ( I worked until 10:00 and that was none of her business. She said no one was available to restore the service. I was quite surprised because I thought this was a tech company. After going around and around I said, just cancel my service. It's not worth it to me...etc. So we went through that process and I gave her my email address so I could get the return address label. I did not receive it. I called them to have them send it and make sure they had the right email...I still didn't get it. I've gotten calls from them, still no return address label. I'm about to ship this box to the address on the collection notices I've been getting. I feel like it's total retribution by them. I haven't had cable or wifi for coming up on two years and I still have this junk in my house that they expect me to pay for! And there is no way to find a return address anywhere, I have been searching the Internet forever.

American Telephone & Telegraphuverse cable tv, landline phone, and internet bundle mistakes & excessive activation fees

October 22, 2019

2317 Royal Road
Deland, FL 32724

PO Box 536216
Atlanta, GA 30353

Dear Sir/Madam:

In September we went to our local AT&T store to get some more cellphone lines, and the representative, Vishaud, noticed we were paying way too much for Uverse TV & Internet bundle. He got us the additional cellphone lines on our cellular account with no problem. He then attempted to rectify how much we were paying for the Uverse bundle which necessitated a tech coming out to install an additional line to enable a modem like box that would speed up our Internet and provide 30 channels on cellphones. A miscommunication ensued whereby we thought the modem/box would come in the mail. We waited 10 or 11 days only to find out we were supposed to come by the local office and get it. Also, after the tech left we did not have our Filipino TV and Sportsman/Hunting channels. I was able to restore the Filipino channels using channel 9910, but a phone call was needed to get the Sportsmans package on a whole new cable box which turned out to be incompatible with the new box/modem. Since then we have had dropped and slow internet, inability to consistently watch TV on the second house television, as well as the 10 or 11 days of no phone service awaiting the box we thought would come in the mail.

The old account under my name was canceled, and a new one created under my wife's name. Please rectify the billing situation and eliminate the excessive activation fees on our bills. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.


Mark & Lourdes Murphy

extremely rude and incompetent AT&T customer service person

I called AT&T's Customer Service # [protected] today, 10-23-19, to try to get some idea about why my 87 year-old mom's phone bill was so outrageously high. After being forced to listen to the recorded nonsense I was finally put thru to Shykeria - a very nasty attitude rude young woman. She would not shut up long enough for me to ask her questions about the bill. When I could finally ask her one of the few questions I had she didn't know the answer... Shykeria told me to 'hold on a minute' and when she came back on the phone (I could hear background noise) she promptly hung up on me! So I called right back hoping to get an AT&T representative that had a little more interest in a customer who has retired from and been with South Central Bell/ Bell South/AT&T for 65+ years! I got Stephanie who was worse than Shykeria!!! Or perhaps it was really Shykeria again as I can't fathom reaching two unreasonably rude and unprofessional people back to back! Anyway, she hung up on me as well/again!

I cannot imagine that AT&T powers-that-be has reduced themselves to hiring these kind of people to represent them in their Customer Service Department!
And getting that kind of treatment after AT&T has the gall to charge $70+ per month for the most basic service is extremely difficult to swallow!

I feel pretty certain this complaint will go into the trashcan file, however, someone at the AT&T conglomerate really should pay attention and figure out a new policy for hiring customer service personnel. As I can attest, what I received today from Skykeria/Stephanie was definitely not service of any kind much less professional!

My Mom feels a certain amount of loyalty to AT&T because of the 42 years my Dad worked for the company. However, I do not feel any such loyalty in the least and will switch her to another carrier as soon as I relate this debacle to her this afternoon! The phone number I called about is [protected].

The instructions are to state a desirable resolution to my complaint but there's really not one because since AT&T has no interest in older folks struggling to get by they certainly won't care about having employees like Shykeia/Stephanie!

I do want to thank Complaints Board for being the platform to launch my complaint!

Patt Helton


At&t owns cnn they are the worst news company on tv I have been a at&t customer for fifty one years and stock holder for twenty years I will not support you in any way if you can't do something about cnn and the management they are a anti american as they get do a dijustice to every american in this great country do something fast or your customers will flee fast. Jim sutton

wrongfully charged for services

In June of 2017, I went to the store at 86th and Cottage Grove to discuss the problems I was having with Direct TV. I was told that I could switched to Uverse without any transferring fees because Direct TV and Uverse were both agencies of the parent company AT&T. So I switched to Uverse. When I received my July 2017 bill I had a charge of $76. I called the 800 number and was told that it the charge was for services provided Driect TV before changing service. TThis bill was paid in full. In August 2017, I had a charge of $125 on my bill I called in was told it was an err and would be romoved. However the charge was never removed and late fees were added each month there after. I called many times and got all kinds of answers forwhy the charge was stillon my bill. what the charge suspicious was that it was not on page 1( the summary page) but on the second page . Somewhat burried. I feel I was harssed because I was told my service would be disconnected and I had peoploe from a collection agency calling me. My services was disconnected for several days. Therfore a moved to another company completed. I had sevices with AAA since 1961 and ended being bullied by a Mega company for $125.
I hope no one else will suffer the kind of harassment an d bulling that I experience

billing (phone)

Dear Sir

I stopped my AT&T autopay at your point of sales (Bellview Sq. Mall, Bellview, Washington) on August 25th.

I have all the relevant reciets

MY number was [protected]

The Store manager told me that the service had been stopped.

I realize that I made 2 additional $40 payments after already leaving the USA

I believe I should be refunded

Best Regards

Noa Tweezer



cable tv

I called them on friday (10/11/19) when my tv reception went out. The young lady in billing department spoke poor english. I had difficulty understanding her! She asked her...

cancelling phone service

My poor 84-year old mother lost her AT&T phone, and reported it lost on 6/10/19. They continued to bill & harass my mother for several months after the phone was lost. Several visits to the store and phone calls to Customer Service (an ironic name for what they do), and yet we still can't resolve this issue. She has never paid a bill late in her life, and it's upsetting her so much. I can only imagine how many elderly folks AT&T has hoodwinked over the's just criminal that a large company like this is allowed to operate this way.

AT&T Direct TVcustomer service/ I recorded being lied to, for proof.

Re: I have recordings of broken promises
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Oct 7, 2019 11:02 PM

I have recordings of broken promises.
I decided to start recording conversations I have had with your CSRs because they promise things, and don't follow through. We have been so disappointed with your service. We decided to start recording conversations with your employees so we can prove that they promise things (costs, service) and then deny said promises. I am VERY close to posting these recordings on Facebook, so everyone else can hear for themselves, your representatives promise things, and then a different representative say, " I don't know what you're talking about, whatever you were promised is not possible." Think about this... the customer service is SO bad, that we had to start recording our conversations to prove what we were promised. This is very sad. Your CSRs lie to customers, and then have the audacity to be rude when you ask them about it. How can you be okay with such horrible customer service? You will not be able to deny the recorded telephone conversations. Your employees promise things, and then retract those promises. They give their employee ID numbers in the recordings, and one CSR went as far as giving us a huge attitude for questioning her. What will you do about this?

charging for addition service that was supposed to be canceled over a year ago

Upgraded my iPad mini to an iPad mini 4 last July and followed the directions of the agent to transfer the new iPad to the old number. He actually actives the SIM card as a new line instead of An upgrade on existing number so a new a third new line was added but was told it would be removed as I didn't need 3 lines for only 2 devices. Apparently he never removes the third line so I have been paying an extra 15 months of $13 extra for a line that has never been used nor was ever suppose to be added. The agent I first spoke with removed the line then told me I needed to go to a store for a new SIM card so my iPad mini 4 would work cause it was on the wrong line. Which was an error on AT&T fault in the first place. He told me couldn't help me and I needed to go to a store. After I told him I could not get to a store he finally agreed to send me a new SIM card, but he pretty much told me too bad on recovering any of the fees I was wrongfully charged for. I received the card today and end over an hr with another agent who was much more helpful and after an hr and a half she finally got it working and credited me a measly $40 when I was scammed out of $120. Then after an 1 hr it was saying no SIM card again and I have no cellular service once again. This is a work iPad and just totally unacceptable!!I have been a loyal customer for over 12 yrs and spend over $200 a month for wireless and another $183 for direct tv and I am appalled by the service I have received the past 3 days. The customer service was horrible and screwing your loyal customer out of money is just bad business. I will definitely be looking into other services for both direct tv and my cell service

AT&T unethical behavior, misinformation and poor service. — misinformed about internet service and given the runaround

Re: (Complaint) FYI, I hate making complaints but as 45-year long loyal customer who loved AT&T until now, I have no choice. Being disabled it would be appreciated if someone...

ATT — I am complaining about my visa reward card.

I am complaining about my Visa Reward Card. I was promised I would receive the card after 3-4 months of continued service. I had ATT and switched to Comcast. I am on a fixed...

wireless phone and dsl

Was sent a hotspot to help with the terrible service that I get with DSL. This resulted in a huge run around, and I'm probably on my tenth call totey and resolve the issue.

I returned the hotspot within the time allowed, and was told by EVERY rep I've had to speak to, that my billing would be credited ($135.00) BEFORE the payment would hit my auto-pay. Well, it's been a month, and when I last called (a few days ago) I was AGAIN told by rep (Grace) in the Philippines, that my bill would show the credit of $135.00 within 24 hrs., and I wouldn't need to call back.

Well... today I see that I wasn't credited the $135.00, and it has now been debuted from my account.

What is going on at AT&T? Why does it take so many phone calls, so much time on hold, and so many phone calls to get things done? Why does a credit that's owed to you, need to sit in a twilight zone billing are, while you wait for the billing God's to credit your account? Ifcalls are recited for quality assurance, who's reviewing these recorded calls?

I'm so angry with AT&T, that just as soon as my family has another provider option, I'll be switching our service, for our wireless phones, as well as our whimsy DSL.

Every time I call, I also get a rep from the Philippines, and I DON'T WANT TO SPEAK YO AN OFF-SHORE REP, as they talk entirely too much, and NEVER DO what they say they're Going to do.

In a letter written by an investment firm that holds over 1 billion dollars in AT&T stock, the investment firms CEO clearly states the issues with AT&T, which begins at the TOP.

All we want, is for AT&T to wake up, and take care of its customers!! I'm sick of spending so much of MY time trying to fix what AT&T should have fixed, over a month ago!!!

  • Updated by Frustrated and fed-up · Oct 03, 2019

    I've been waiting for over a month fir a $135.00 credit to hit my account! I've spent hours on the phone with billing to try and resolve the issue, but so far NO-ONE has taken the initiative to correct the wrong, and today AT&T took the money out of my checking account.

    Why is it so difficult to get the credit on your account, that you are owed?

    I along with thousands of other consumers will be dropping AT&T just as soon as we have another viable option.

    Heck, the CEO of the investment firm that holds over a billion dollars worth of AT&T stock, has even issued AT&T CEO and exes. a letter detailing where AT&T has screwed up, and where they need to improve. Proving to me, and many, many other AT&T customers, that AT&T has become incompetent, and I'm assuming they'll most likely sell their stock in AT&T if things don't change rapidly.

    Correct this situation now, and stop routing the calls to the Philippines, where the reps don't do anything they say they'll do!

    This is frustrating and shouldn't be happening!