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Omaha Steaks Complaints & Reviews

Omaha Steaks / meat order

Rami K Tahhan on Dec 17, 2017
The MEAT was very defrosted and maybe spoiled the order was missing almost 250$ worth of meet and they had mixed up some meats so I called omaha steak to tell them that my Order was missing items and they mixed up some wrong meats I also explained that the meet was very defrosted The...

Omaha Steaks / I am furious

George Turiansky on Nov 24, 2017
after a decade of ordering food i was told a 10.99 fee could not be waived for an order to arrive at a disabled persons home at 19 dec. i was ready to pay for a huge order as i do each year. being military this made no sense to me. i cancelled my other 5 orders and will NEVER use this company...

Omaha Steaks / service

Terrell A Gray on Jul 7, 2017
Ordered product for "Fathers Day Special" It was shipped to the wrong town. When I discovered it I contacted them and they said they would fix it. But contacted me later asking if I could do it instead. It took three times with UPS to get it corrected and the product was ruined when it got...

Omaha Steaks / Ordering

Patti01 on Jan 9, 2017
Pleased order for my boss (brand new employee) for the holidays. Ordered on Dec 16th and order to be delivered by 12/21/16. Worst tracking (lack of) capabilities I have ever seen! On 12/22/16, speaking to my boss and asked did you get a package? No, pleasantries and said he would text me...

Omaha Steaks / Poor product

meah on Jan 4, 2017
In november 2016; my husband & I called to place (Our first time ever) order. We were pressured into the upgrade for free shipping. What we received appalled us. Garbage! Absolute garbage. The filet mignon that is pictured in their ads (Mailers and tv) is nothing... I repeat... Nothing...

Omaha Steaks / Unethical Ads (Bait and Switch)

DavidDCarr on Feb 16, 2015
They bombard you with emails and mail showing major discounts. Then when you order they will tell you it does not qualify for many products. So to me it is an attack on consumers with Bait and Switch tactics. I would only recommend to everyone who reads this to never buy anything from...

Omaha Steaks / Will Not Guarantee Products if you utilize the refund option

Cmartinez on Nov 5, 2014
Horrible Customer service!! They say they will guarantee their products 100% but what they don't tell you is that if you decide you don't like something and ask for a refund they NEVER guarantee another order. I placed a large over few months ago and did not like some of the...

Omaha Steaks / Senior Representative &chef& Karl Marsh disgraced me

NAAMCR on May 16, 2013
Omaha Steaks Complaint. The following took place on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at approximately 3:30 pm in the training room at Omaha Steaks, in Omaha, Ne. Among other positions, Omaha Steaks offers a Direct Sales position, selling over the phone to it‘s existing customers. Thi...

Omaha Steaks / shipping charge

fblount on Dec 13, 2012
Omaha Steaks ad says free shipping if order is $59.99 or more but when you have an order for $59.99 they give you and instant discount to bring it below $59.99 then charge you $17.99 in shipping.

Omaha Steaks / Incessant calls

Intrspctiv on Sep 27, 2012
I have placed exactly one order with this company and have received incessant phone calls at all hours of the day, from early morning to as late as 9 pm. I am on the Do Not Call list, but, yes, I placed one order, so I guess I'm fair game. Their products are mediocre and phenomenally...

Omaha Steaks / Very expensive and Very Small Steaks

Mr Tony on Jul 17, 2012
The first time I every tried Omaha Steaks (4 years ago), it was a gift sent to me. The fillet mignon was tender and easy to cook, and the taste was good. However, since then something has happened to the quality of the meat, and size of the steaks are smaller. My recent order I found the...

Omaha Steaks / Poor value

downhill8 on Jul 11, 2011
My wife ordered me a package of various steaks for my birthday. On arrival I inspected the meat and to my surprise the steaks were no more than 1/2 inch thick and the price per LBS was $20.00. I was very dissatisfied with the cut of meats. For half the price I could have went to...

Omaha Steaks / Bad Company

On December 7, 2010 I saw a christmas gift assortment from Omaha Steaks advertised on a popular morning show for a fraction of the retail cost which included a $20.00 e-Reward certificate with each purchase. I purchased a gift assortment for myself and later purchased one for my mom. The e...

Omaha Steaks / Take my advice, just get your meat from the local butcher

Ordered one time then asked to have all emails and snail mail stopped. Told that will take up to 90 days to stop the snail mail, and in the meantime, I receive 1 to 2 mailings per week which I throw away. You know that the 90 day time period is totally wasteful. Why send ads to people who...

Omaha Steaks / Take a close look at the prices before you buy

I received an email and snail mail, both within a couple of days of each other. The email gave 15% off any purchase including SALE Prices. The paper I recived advertised a package for $49.99. When I tried to use the coupon code, they said it was not applicable because it was an OFFER, not...

Omaha Steaks / Lousy service

Ordered from omahasteaks.com wasn't pleased with the product(s) and when i called customer service, they got huffy. i asked for a supervisor and she was being huffy too. even though they sent a $10 gift card they acted as if they were doing me the favor. don't do me a favor w/ a...

Omaha Steaks / Beware

I had a Omaha Steaks retail store in my general area but it closed about two months ago. Since then I have been bombarded with mail telling me that I could go to two of their stores in another state and receive fantastic bargains. Today I received an envelope that must have cost them two...

Omaha Steaks / Dishonesty

The Oamaha steaks I received as a gift for Christmas were pretty bad...don't bother with the hype. Get your meat fresh from the market...honest!

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