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+44 33 0726 7864(UK) 2 1
+44 33 0726 7467(UK) 1 0
+1 800 726 7864(USA & Canada) 17 9
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+44 19 3245 5000

Technical Phone Support / Customer Complaints
+44 80 0169 1269
+44 33 0726 7864

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Samsung Electronics Complaints & Reviews

Samsung Electronics Uk / cash lottery

Nareshkumarsaini on Jul 18, 2017
I Nareshkumarsaini from sikar rajsthan(india) A winner choose me in Samsung uk financial program2017 Payment number NK249-NAA Verification number NM_00222-674 Dr.Andy Griffith contact number 00441618504898 company address samsung electronic uk ltd samsung house 1000 Willswood drive chertsey...

Samsung Electronics / samsung mega. phones

Sueandcindy on Jul 15, 2017
We bought samsung mega phones and they both have been wiped and memory boards fried we sent them to be fixed 4 months ago through best way here in clarksville tn. I just received a call saying they can not be fixed and it's a total loss... how can this happen? We had these phones less then...

Samsung Electronics / a winning cheque 500000 gbp

Nareshkumarsaini on Jul 15, 2017
Sir i Nareshkumarsaini from rajsthan india Pay a cheque from samsung electronic company, gaming board London uk payment number NK-249NAA Verification number-NM-00222-674PF Lucky winning number 62353006 Flight number VS-300 London to Delhi terminal number 3 land time 11July 09:12am ticket...

Samsung Electronics / french door refrigerator model rf23hced8sr/aa

Ritu Agarwal on Jul 14, 2017
Will never buy any Samsung product ever again ! Horrible product and no customer support to speak of. Bought the French door refrigerator May 2016. The ice maker unit does not make more that 1 cup of ice even after 48 hours. Problem not resolved even after replacing motherboard, ice maker...

Samsung Electronics / s7 edge

blake gallagher on Jun 30, 2017
Ticket numbers: 4140677831 4140974936 4141674575 4142137739 4142998327 4143086150 See the above ticket history. I was promised a refund on June 2 2017. today June 30 I recieved my phone back. I have been dealing with Samsungs defective merchandise starting with my recalled note 7. The S7 edge wa...

Samsung Electronics / customer service and promotions

Lrharris on Jun 21, 2017
I preordered the Galaxy 8 on April 15th and was supposed to be eligible for the VR Headset promotion. I was instructed to register on shop Samsung app and I did. I submitted all information requested and was still denied the promotion after 2 attempts. I then called and was told I would be...

Samsung Electronics / eastern province porches of tv with in 3 months lines on display samsung says its not belong to them contact othaim

azizroy on Jun 16, 2017
Dear othaim team, I have porches the samsung tv model number hg48ac690dw model code is hg48c690dwzn s/n oagb3mkg300418. Which I have porches this tv on 27 mar 17 and with in 3 month there is lines on the display and color and picture is not clear. I have complaint to samsung call center...

Samsung Electronics / galaxy s7 edge

Very first day of using this phone, it slid from the console of my truck to the floor. The screen broke. I question if this is a defect in the phone. It should not have broken. I hadn't even had it long enough to get to the store and buy a case & screen protector. We have Assurian...

Samsung / samsung making customers suffer

Kunal6475 on Jun 11, 2017
am reaching out to you because I have no more avenue left. I have been loyal Samsung customer through out my life. I have used Samsung Galaxy phones, television, washing machine. So I was always a huge supporter of Samsung until I am having this miserable experience. Before I go into...

Samsung Electronics / galaxy s7 edge

KFitzg on Jun 5, 2017
My phone rang, no big deal right? Except that when I went to answer it the phone was so hot it actually burned my hand. The intense pain caused me to drop the phone. Because I could not hold onto the phone that was burning me neither Samsung or Verizon Wireless will replace it. Clearly...

Samsung Electronics / samsung galaxy j2

Neasa on May 30, 2017
I've recently purchased this phone and the sd card will not accept any apps which means I am stuck with a phone that has no gb's which means I can't use this phone please can you solve this problem for me. My mobile is 353 0877677395. Is there a way you can fix the sd card or replace my...

Samsung / gear s3 at&t

thatme on May 28, 2017
samsung will not gave me a ra number to return the smartwatch, and they are changing me for a smartwatch gear s3 not the at&t one that i did not get.numbersync does not work.I have call them and email them and they will not gave me a RA number to return the smartwatch .I do have a copy of...

Samsung Electronics / gear s2 - the worst customer service experience I have ever had.

Derrick Hembree on May 26, 2017
It all started with my Gear S2 burning a hole in the back of the watch while it was on its charger one night. I get it, any product has the chance to fail and mine was the lucky one. I wasn’t even concerned with the fact that it burnt a hole in the watch itself. I called Samsung to...

Samsung Electronics / s8 plus

Angela Harris-dalton on May 24, 2017
Is it just me or does the outside of this phone seem poorly made? Glass on the back and front of a phone... Really??? Yes I know nothing is foolproof and it should be in a case, but dang!!! Maybe we should petition for a recall or some kind of compensation. I didn't have a case on my last...

Samsung Electronics / samsung galaxy s7 edge

Saundra Gilbert on May 22, 2017
Our phone stopped working over a month ago after the battery started smoking when it was plugged into the charger. The phone is under warranty. The phone was mailed to repairs where they said it doesn't work because we dropped it. I asked for the technical report and it hasn't been...

Samsung Electronics / samsung galaxy s7

Natasja Tinker on May 19, 2017
With my Vodacom upgrade 24.09.2016 I have had endless problems with my Samsung Galaxy S7 with overheating. I took my phone to Samsung directly twice for them to check it and it still overheated after that. Eventually my apps stopped working and once again I booked it in with Samsung...

Samsung / Very poor quality phones

James on May 17, 2017
I don't like Samsung, their phones are poorly made! I bought my previous Samsung one year ago and it broke only after one year of using. I never dropped it or something, always took a good care of my phone, but as the time passed the more lugs showed up. Then I bought another phone which...

Samsung / un65ks8500 suhd tv

Mindy James on May 15, 2017
I purchased this television 11-28-16 and the TV is still well within warranty. I turned the TV on one day it had a black streak running vertically from to bottom. After an hour on the phone running through the trouble shooting hoops, nothing worked and a tech was scheduled to look at the...

Samsung Electronics / Blu ray dvd player

Stuart Degraff on May 11, 2017
I have a DVD player, under warranty, that keeps turning itself off and restarting. I was told to send it back, at my expense, and let the technical team fix it. They sent it back to me and it's not any better, in fact it's worse than when I sent it in. I called and talked to two different...

Samsung Electronics / not received my replacement cell from oct 2016 recall on samsung note 7

Stacey Lynn Cogswell on May 5, 2017
Oct 1 2016 I was so jazzed I saved money up for my brand new samsung note 7, it was my first high tech cell that I ever owned, I was charging it not even a full five minutes later my dog is barking and I see flames, scared I went to put out a fire which was my samsung note, my hand i...

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