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Samsung Electronics Customer Care Service


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

129, Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si
England, Surrey
Korea (South)

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 726 7864(USA and Canada) 6 0
8800 555 5555(Russia) 0 0
444 7711(Turkey) 0 0
1800 407 267 864(India) 7 6
1800 228 899(Malaysia) 1 0
1800 588 855(Vietnam) 0 0
1800 726 7864(Mexico) 6 0
+82 222 550 114(South Korea) 1 1
+44 330 726 7864(United Kingdom) 1 1
+353 818 717 100(Ireland) 0 0
+61 130 042 5299(Australia) 0 0
+64 800 672 6786(New Zealand) 0 0
+42 800 726 7864(Austria) 0 0
+32 22 012 418(Belgium) 0 0
+45 70 701 970(Denmark) 0 0
+33805 504 504(France) 0 0
+49 619 6775 5566(Germany) 0 0
+39 800 726 7864(Italy) 0 0
+31 889 090 100(Netherlands) 0 0
+47 21 629 099(Norway) 0 0
+351 808 207 267(Portugal) 0 0
+34 902 172 678(Spain) 0 0
+46 771 726 786(Sweden) 0 0
+41 800 726 7864(Switzerland) 0 0
+86 400 810 5858(China) 0 0
+852 36 984 698(Hong Kong) 0 1
+81 363 332 000(Japan) 0 0
+63 24 222 111(Philippines) 0 0
+65 69 161 261(Singapore) 0 0
+27 860 726 7864(South Africa) 0 0
+94 115 900 000(Sri Lanka) 1 0
+66 26 893 232(Thailand) 1 0
+971 800 726 7864(UAE) 3 0
+54 800 555 7267(Argentina) 0 0
+55 800 124 421(Brazil) 0 0
United States
85 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660, USA

PO Box 303 STN Streetsville, Mississauga, ON, L5M 9Z9

1831 Machelen, Leonardo Da Vincilaan 19E

Evert van de Beekstraat 310, 1118 CX Schiphol 

Iidabashi Grand Bloom, Iidabashi, 2-10-2 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo 102-0071

Samsung Electronics Complaints & Reviews

Samsung Electronics, America, INC / dw80k5050us

Samsung Dishwasher on Feb 18, 2019

We purchased a Samsung suite of kitchen appliances from Home Depot. The Dishwasher model DW80K5050US is less than a year old and it won't turn on now. I noticed there are numerous complaints of the same problem for over a year. I called Samsung to resolve the issue and was advised they...

Samsung Dryer / dryer

Bishop2013 on Feb 7, 2019

I purchased my dryer from lowe's on 10-7-15 with the additional warranty and have had the dryer serviced because it stopped heating... Now 4 months later it's doing the same thing... I paid $760.50 for this dryer and now it's not heating and I can't afford to pay $150 for service plu...

Samsung Electronics / warranty issue on a 65 inch tv/ terrible customer service

vandelet44 on Feb 3, 2019

I bought a 65inch Samsung TV and this was what happened to me. I contacted Samsung on January 22nd 2018 because my TV had a cloudy white object on my TV scene. on Jan 24, 2018 at 3:07 PM They sent me a ticket # 4146664022 and listed it as under warranty and service tech on Jan 24, 2018 at...

Samsung Electronics / heat pump tumble dryer

Heidi Hadley on Feb 1, 2019

After sales is dreadful. I'm sure this post will be deleted as Samsung are trying to salvage their after sales reputation. We have a dryer which was 2 months old. It stopped working. Two separate service engineers came out and didn't even look into the machine to check it out. It's a...

Samsung Electronics / microwave oven

Mazumdarm on Jan 30, 2019

Complainant was lodged for repair of the product. Service engineer visited and did some repair work on 25/01/2019. But the product did not become functional. Again we contacted the service engineer who advised to lodge complainant again calling at customer care toll free number. But the...

Samsung Electronics / buyer beware - horrible customer service

disapointedcustomer789 on Jan 29, 2019

HISTORY: Up until this incident, I had no complaints about Samsung. I have been loyal consumer and repeat customer. I own multiple Samsung products: cell phones, tablets, TVs, and large appliances. ISSUE: A week or two before Christmas I ordered a smartwatch and a charger directly from...

Samsung Appliances / refrigerator 25.5 cu ft 3 door

vormichael on Jan 24, 2019

If it were simply the case that the unit was defective and samsung fixed the problem, I would not be able to complain. Unfortunately, the samsung refrigerator never worked properly and after 8 phone calls and 14 hours on the phone it still did not! Samsung customer service is totally...

Samsung Electronics / 5000747459

Oleg K on Jan 23, 2019

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Book 12", model number SM-W720NZKAXAR from Microsoft in March because my phone and many othee products were also Samsung. After a few months the keyboard cover stopped working, together with the sound, all of the sudden and for no good reason. I completed all...

Samsung Electronics / samsung note 9 purchase

GonzalesW on Jan 23, 2019

WHY SAMSUNG GETS AN "F" IN CUSTOMER SERVICE OCT 14, 2018 I decided to order the new #Samsung #Note9, order #VRC9C80VX, for my birthday. Samsung sold me the phone for $999, less "up to a $300 trade in", amount to be determined later after Samsung received my phone? The worst deal you could...

Samsung / solid state hard drive

PaulZane on Jan 21, 2019

Ordered hard drive and given shipment date of 2 weeks. 2 Months later still not shipped and still not being told when it will be shipped. Gone through automated chat, online chat and various other attempts to resolve. Even asked if they would ship me a SSD with more memory for all the...

Samsung Usa / galaxy note8

B-T on Jan 18, 2019

I got this Samsung Note8 from Costco in Dec 2017. It came with an accessory package. One of them was a small adaptor that connected to the smaller ports and made it possible to connect them to my phone. This small piece of adaptor soon became so loose that couldn't be used any more. I...

Samsung Electronics / samsung range

Larry McC on Jan 17, 2019

8 mth, new black series line. We bought 3 New Appliances for $4000. Paint is chipping off on Oven Door around Handle, Samsung won't do Anything about it. Says Cosmetic damage, , , , , We did nothing, its their product flaw, So if this happens to our Oven, , , , then all Future Customers, ...

Samsung Electronics / mobile

Nikhil Gore on Jan 10, 2019

Mukund Bhaskar Gadgil, 3, Visawa, Dr.Rajendra Prasad Road, Dombivli - 421204. M-9769811861. Date : 01.12.2018 Dear Sir, Your reputation also depends on how your service stations behave. You will not know about it unless your customers tell you. Hence, this letter. I am a...

Samsung Electronics / oled tv - q9fn

Mihir Kulkarni on Dec 31, 2018

Purchased Samsung qled tv - q9fn series around 8 months for $8000. 3 weeks back we encountered multiple vertical and horizontal lines on the screen, Called samsung support and explained them the issue. a ticket was created and someone named Robert (cell 3216144688) from ussi was asked to...

Samsung / note 5

relationshrink on Dec 30, 2018

I have been loyal to and happy with your note series phones since you brought them to market. I have only one com;plaint. The stylus on your platinum note 5 has come apart where the plastic meets the metal. I have replaced it twice, and now carry the broken stylus in my eyeglass case. It...

Samsung / 4k samsung tv

shorbella on Dec 27, 2018

I purchased a 4k ready tv 65 inch almost $6000 in 2013. At that time 4k was not ready for all platforms. last year or this year our direct tv was finally ready with 4k channels. they came and installed a new 4k nos. my tv says it's not 4k compatible. I have called Samsung numerous times to...

Samsung Electronics / camera failure on samsung s7

Avalon Skye on Dec 23, 2018

This is the biggest peice of crap phone i ha e ever owned. Samsung has bragged about their fantastic phone and how great it is. The color is horrible (orange tones), the camera has failed, been fixed, still failed and wiped out half my pictures due to the camera freezing up when it did...

Samsung Dishwasher / inferior product - terrible customer service

Pharmergurl on Dec 23, 2018

Bought a Samsung Waterwall Dishwasher in November 2015. Picked up from store April 2016 when the warranty starts. It wasn't installed until November 2016. When I tried it, it didn't wash well at all, soap was still in a pile at the bottom of the dishwasher. When I made the first call to...

Samsung Electronics / samsung s8 plus return for credit

Kate Shipman Cott on Dec 9, 2018

I recently upgraded my Galaxy S8 Plus phone to the Galaxy S9 Plus. The purchase included a promotional trade-in credit of $450 towards the purchase of the S9 Plus upon return of the S8. The first problem--and the one that is the cause of all my subsequent problems--was that Samsung neglected...

Samsung Electronics / re:job title: salesman male

Syesa on Dec 9, 2018

I buy a Samsung tab...some day it's not working...I come next day...This keep tab ...till know 1 month over not money return, their sales boys very bad...don't know how to talk with female I sitting 1 hour ...he was play game in tab ...and saying I will check this the way to do...