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Samsung Electronics Complaints & Reviews

Samsung Electronics / Samsung s7 edge

Marco Gilmore on Jan 19, 2018
BEWARE OF SAMSUNG...attempted to switch to android. (Never again) This is my experience with Samsung, enjoy!😤😤😤😤😤 Good Afternoon, I purchased my Samsung Edge 7, 8 months ago from Wireless Etc. in the Costco on Dundas in Mississauga. I am very upset with this phone thus far. I am certain...

Samsung Customer Service / french door purchased in november 2016

Buffrisd on Jan 18, 2018
Rather than go through the details of the 20 or so phone calls to them, i'll cut to the chase. The ice maker never worked satisfactorily and after two repairs we called for the third repair. They offered and we accepted the offer of a refund of 90% of the original cost. That was in...

Samsung Appliances / family hub

Jonni1 on Jan 8, 2018
Have tried to get help many times for the family hub working with IPhone and transferred many times without a resolution Now today I got a phone call asking how my call went and I started to say "terrible" and he hung up on me. I have to give you a -0- on customer service and by them...

Samsung Electronics / samsung 255 cu ft french door refrigerator

valeryclayton on Jan 8, 2018
I picked up my Samsung refrigerator from Best Buy on December 1, 2017. There was a crack in the drawer inside. I called best buy and they told me to swap my drawer with the one they had in store and they would order me a new one. Four weeks later I called back and they had not ordered me...

Samsung Electronics / I have re-appear my mobile authorized service center west bengal, ukhra. I could not satisfaction form her service

Amit Singh on Jan 2, 2018
I am complain my mobile phone my phone have touch problem and I re-apper on authorized service center in west Bengal, ukhra but after servicing my mobile I have new problem in my mobile it is receive calls from both ism cards even during call and touch is properly not work . when we want...

Samsung Electronics / service rendered for a7-2017 issue

sahalmy on Dec 29, 2017
Hello Team, Greetings!!! I would like to use this mail to express the depth of discontent and unattended service rendered by Samsung / Lulu, despite of being a loyal customer since years. This is related to Samsung A7 -2017 which I had purchased from Mushrif Lulu Hypermarket on 18 Feb 2017. I...

Samsung / powerbot vacuum

Bcjj on Dec 19, 2017
Powerbot only worked for two weeks then died. Spent $600 on this. Samsung wouldn't stand behind their product or even guarantee to price match a replacement one. Have to send broken one back, wait for them to refund me, then purchase a replacement at the current price and then once I...

Samsung Electronics / samsung gear 2 watch

Jennifer LaFrenz on Dec 19, 2017
After owning it for less than a year my watch quit working correctly. I sent in for repairs twice (starting on July 2017) and it still didn't work. I sent it in for replacement in Nov. 2017 and it was received on 11/8/17, I heard nothing until I called on 12/8/17, 12/15/17, and 12/19/17. I...

Samsung Electronics / phone sent for repair 3 weeks ago

shabnam kapadia on Dec 14, 2017
hello i sent my phone in three weeks ago i was told that it was repaired and being sent back it was dispatched on the 4th the 6th the 8th 11th and 13th of December and still today is the 14th of December and no phone has come no call from Samsung customer relation or any tracking info...

Samsung / customer service, repair timeline and water in bottom of fridge

Lynda Welchel on Dec 7, 2017
Samsung cannot provide a repair person in San Antonio, TX for 9 days. The refrigerator is 16 months old and cost of approx. $3000.00 Part is backordered and NOT available until February. The leaking around the filter housing is a know problem with this model RF28K93880SG/AA. The repairman stated...

Samsung Electronics / cell phone

Patrick Murphy on Dec 5, 2017
I can not connect to my carrier. Contacted my carrier and they said go to settings > Mobil network> network mode > global > Then turn off and back on again and should have cellular service. I went to settings > Mobil network > the only available option not greyed out was access point...

Samsung Electronics / cell phone

Maxxxxx on Dec 5, 2017
You already know that the service is horrible, they should have hired more of you and I get it. However I would like you to "get" that I am in as forgein country without a phone and spending my vacation in the hotel room typing, typing and getting nowhere while others are laughing and...

Samsung Electronics / samsung galaxy s8

Lisa Gyzen on Nov 27, 2017
I received my phone on 10 August 2017. On 27 October 2017 it stopped working. The next day I took it to Samsung, The Grove mall. They promised me it would be fixed in 7 days. It has now been a month and everytime I call them they say they are waiting for parts. I have children and an...

Samsung Electronics / samsung galaxy s6 edge plus phone

ramware on Nov 22, 2017
The mistake was buying a Samsung phone - a new S6-Edge Plus - for my wife. When I bought the device from Amazon, did not realize it was an AT&T phone (since I have always been a T-mobile customer), but the device was unlocked and the phone worked fine. In 3 months though the phone would...

Samsung Electronics / top load washer

Djdw98 on Nov 20, 2017
Washer makes grinding/clunking noise while agitating then quits working. Restarts several times then shuts off. This washer is only two years old. One part has been replaced and machine still doesn't work. Awaiting delivery of two more parts, an actuator and a pump. Unable to use machine...

Samsung Electronics / customer service

Gates Jones on Nov 16, 2017
Congratulations Samsung! You just lost what used to be 2 very loyal customers. Not only did you take a MONTH longer than you told me the warranty fix would take, but you still didn't send the correct item that you said you would. I have gone through multiple customer service reps and many...

Samsung / samsung fridge model no rt45 k5110sp 450 ltr

Ranil on Nov 14, 2017
Dear Sir, I have purchased a Samsung fridge model no RT45 K5110sp 450 LTR, Invoice No. 272474 purchased on dated 31 July 2017 from Lulu D ring road Hypermarket and I have shipped to Sri Lanka without opening (Original packing). When I bring to my home in Sri Lankan, open and Connected to Power I...

Samsung Electronics / samsung refrigerator - customer service

emsephs on Nov 7, 2017
Not just their phones. I had horrible issues with them over a refrigerator. Dealt with them over the phone for 10 days, they asked me to document this then document that and provide additional information everytime we spoke. Finally, when they could not make me jump through anymore hoop...

Samsung / customer service on cleaning services

Lmc 123 on Nov 6, 2017
SAMSUNG customer service is horrible. Haved called for appointment last week. The customer service indicated appointmet today 7 Nov for the first or 2nd slot ie between 9 to 11 am. I have called more than 7 times since 9 am and yet they are unable to advise whether they are coming. Just...

Samsung Electronics / galaxy s6 phone

SriramSom on Nov 2, 2017
Am extremely dissatisfied with the phone and EXTREMELY dissatisfied with the customer service provided by Samsung - I have called at least 10-15 times and have set in the phone on 3 occasions and while Samsung attempted to repair the phone, they failed miserably and after promising to...

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