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***Complaints have been filed against Blackberry Mike D Scott and Darcy Johnston with the Better Business Bureau, ombudsman, and the tribunal in regards to their terrible business practices. This is a racist company, I've been discriminated against as well as others and that racism is spear headed BY MIKE D SCOTT and supported by management when consulted regarding his actions. ***

Nelligan O'Brien Payne LLP has commenced a class action against BlackBerry Limited ("BlackBerry") on behalf of a group of BlackBerry's employees working in Ontario and across Canada.

Update. October 7th, 2019
The Divisional Court heard and dismissed BlackBerry's motion for leave to appeal the certification decision on September 17, 2019.

Update. June 12th, 2019
BlackBerry is seeking leave to appeal the decision of Justice Charbonneau dated May 27th, 2019 certifying our action as proper to proceed as a class action.

No date has as yet been fixed for the hearing of the BlackBerry motion. We will provide an update once further details are available.

Update. May 30th, 2019
The Ontario Superior Court certified a class proceeding against BlackBerry.

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice certified a class proceeding against BlackBerry Ltd. Impacted BlackBerry employees allege the company terminated their employment when BlackBerry allowed its business partner, the Ford Motor Co. of Canada, to offer them new employment without providing any clear offer of continued employment with BlackBerry. With no clear offer of employment from BlackBerry, the impacted employees accepted employment with Ford, without receiving severance from BlackBerry and with no recognition of their seniority from Ford.

The Representative Plaintiff, David Parker, was one of the BlackBerry employees who agreed to employment with Ford after BlackBerry would not provide him with any certainty about his future employment with BlackBerry. He started this Action in 2017 on behalf of the impacted employees with Nelligan O'Brien Payne LLP as Class Counsel.

In a decision this week, Justice Michel Charbonneau concluded that Parker's application satisfies the criteria for a class proceeding, as outlined in the Class Proceedings Act. Justice Charbonneau certified the class proceeding on behalf of:

All persons in Canada who were employees and/or dependant contractors of BlackBerry Limited ("BlackBerry"), who worked for BlackBerry in Canada and who were offered and accepted employment with the Ford Motor Company of Canada ("Ford") between January 1, 2017 and April 30, 2017, while excluding BlackBerry employees who filed a complaint pursuant to section 96 of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 seeking termination pay and/or severance pay and did not withdraw that complaint within two weeks.

Parker is named as the representative plaintiff on behalf of these employees. Most of the 300 affected employees are based in Waterloo and Ottawa, Ontario with the rest scattered throughout Ontario and Nova Scotia.

BlackBerry employees interested in more information about the class action should contact our team by reaching out to Leigh Norton: leigh.[protected] and [protected]. We also encourage them to provide their contact information through the BlackBerry Class Action contact form at the bottom of this page to receive updates about this case.

We will provide further information for impacted employees once that becomes available.

business as a whole from management all the way down

I worked for this company in 2003 and then again in 2012 and harassment began to take place and as a result...


I worked for this company in 2003 and then again in 2012 and harassment began to take place and as a result...

not working any software

I received my Order BlackBarry P.150-32LT2, Tablet on [protected].
Order No.[protected]. But still i can't use this tablet, sim card, Bluetooth, many other software not working. I am very upset. I want to return this Playbook(tablet), and i will buy BSNL, or any other Brand tablet with same Price. i Hope will get responsible answer ASAP. Thank you.

not working any software
not working any software

supplier not responding properly or no feedback, and dragging around

ORDER NOS. [protected]

We had purchased Blackberry priv from on 01.01.2016 Order nos. [protected] . Last 2+ weeks back we found it was not charging, ie after 1 or 2% the cell restarts again.

We tried contacting customer services, initially after a loong wait we got connected, and when they tried to contact the Supplier the supplier was not available or reachable, and was infmd to try again later

After 2 days again we contacted customer services, again after a long wait, the service centers ppl gave us the number of the supplier as probably they might not have got answer or the supplier was travelling. When contacted the supplier he asked us to bring the mobile and meet him in some street, and was reluctant to give the Shop address, or the owners name. When clearly stated to him that we can't give the phone to anyone on the street, then he said he will speak to his owner and get back. After a long wait instead of he giving us call, we had to call him then he gaves us some mobile service center nos and asked us to give the phone there.

When we had gone there, then they first said that the mobile has been opened which was not the case, then also we said okay u repair it and give. They asked to keep the cell but we said that we can't and would give him 50% of the money in order to get the parts. Which he agreed as the mobile center person tried to check out many shops for the parts for the battery of priv and some other parts which could not be found out.

Now the situation is such that even after 2+ weeks we could not get a reply even after continous followup with the service center ppl, and the Supplier is least bothered to even after calling them.

Now we have to give it to Axxiom who said its motherboard problem and we will to check it up and the data will be lost.

Is these the way allows ppl to sell there product in there online web. Without checking the supplier authencity, do they have proper shop and service centers. etc etc.

This mobile belongs to my MD, and all his data are there in the phone.
Its really pathetic that Blackberry themselves does not have any authorized service centers in UAE. Then why are they being allowed to sell in dubai.

Hope can give a feedback to us . As this cell phone is not even 6 months old and not a small amt is paid for this.

Am waiting for the response from before forwarding it to the concerened authority

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poor service

Good morning. I went to the Rogers Store after work yesterday. My cell phone was not holding a charge, I thought I could just purchase a battery. When I got there, there were 3 employees just sitting around chatting. I told them that I needed a battery for my phone. Without even asking me what kind of phone I had, they said they didn't sell batteries and that I should go to The Source. When I got to The Source the gentleman looked up the make and model of my phone and said that this particular phone did not accept new batteries. Back I go to The Rogers Store. I spoke with a young lady there, she wasn't very helpful. She said that they would sent my phone away for repairs. (I don't know how they could do a repair on a phone that doesn't accept new batteries.) I asked her if I could just get a new phone. Certainly she said but it would cost me $189.00 plus whatever the new phone cost. Just to clarify, I have only had this phone for 7 months. I asked her if they would replace it again and she said they only had 15 days warranty!!! Really only 15 days. I was also told that if they deemed that it was my problem (I had abused the phone) they would quote me a price and I would have to pay it. If I didn't do that I would have to pay $30.00 for the quotation. Now we get to the part where I am given a loner phone. The phone I was given is barley useable. (I use this phone for my business.) She couldn't get all of my contacts over, and she couldn't set up my e-mails. So, basically I was given a useless phone. I was told that all of my information on my old phone would be lost!!! Some very important e-mails and contact information in there.
Just as an aside, while I was 3 more people came in and all!!! of them had problems. My contract with Rogers is up in November 2016. At that time I will be taking my business elsewhere. I am just warning everyone, please do not use this Company!!!

  • RogersHelps Jun 03, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi there,

    I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that has come of this. All of our phones come standard with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and phones with built in batteries are indeed covered under this warranty.

    In this case, your repair will be free as long as the battery issue is not the result of physical or liquid damage. While the user may not be able to open the phone and install a replacement battery, a certified technician can.

    If I could get you to private message us, I will gather some account info and be certain that this stores agents receive the necessary education they need to be knowledgeable of our warranty policy.

    Thank you,


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Poor Service at Umhlanga Repair centre Dear Vodacom My handset BB 9320 was book in for repairs on the 4 of...

poor customer service

Dear Concerned,

With reference to service doc. ref no. SER/008911/2015, I have submitted brand new BlackBerry (model 9360) on

7th Feb 2015 for repairing. From day1 on wards device getting restarted automatically after a while. Now one

month has completed and I am keep on chasing, but always getting a negative response and stupid excuses. I

never expected and experienced such an extreme poor quality device supply, irresponsible attitude & bad

customer care services in my life. Your immediate assistance will be highly appreciated.
Feel free to contact me in case of any questions.

Thanks & best regards,


We were to meet at a place to see the product but he insisted I pay half of the money because according to him they have been dissapointed severaly by people who make them get to the meeting point without seeing the buyer. He said it was to show commitment and I had to pay into his account and once they get the alert, they would start moving to the people. I initially suspected scam and told him and he insisted that there was nothing like that and that they move in their company vehicle with products I could select from and incase I have anyone around me interested, they could sell to them when they come. He also said they sell to most phone dealers at a cheap rate after whhich the phone dealers resell. He said his name was Mr sunday Adepoju with first bank account number [protected] and phone no [protected]..Everyone beware

software on 9360

Etienne Kassimatis

I got my first Blackberry 9360 handset on 5 Oct 2012 from Cell-C on contract ([protected]). Within the first week the handset was returned due to software errors, it was replaced with a new one under the OTB (out of the box failure) policy. During the next couple of months it was returned to Cell-C, twice, for repairs with the exact same error. Such repairs take from 3 to 4 weeks as the handset is forwarded to Johannesburg for repairs. On receipt after the last repair, the handset was returned again for the same problem within 4 days. This time it was replaced again (handset no 3). On 14 June 2013 the handset was returned again with software problems and soon after that again with audio problems due to software (according to the repair center report) problems. This time it was replaced again (handset no 4). On the morning of 5 July the head of the repair center phone me and said that they are going to send me a new handset again.

I tried to get this matter resolved via e-mails to Cell-C customer care without any success. My last e-mail have not been resolved as the reply received said that it was forwarded to the relevant department. No answer was received from them. I take it that it is because the repair centre replaced the problem handset with the same model handset, which is also giving problems. I searched the Blackberry website for contact details so that I can take the matter up with them, without any success. I even tried several cell shops to get a hold of a Blackberry representative, without success.
On opening the box on Tuesday 9 July it was found that the box contained a black handset. My initial contract was for a white handset which cost more than the normal black one on the same contract. I refused to accept it and asked it be returned and a white one issued. Vivan, from the repair centre, phoned me and said that a white 9360 will be send to me which should arrive around Thursday, I requested that the phone be replaced with a different model or make as I was not happy with this model due to it being unserviceable all the time. Vivan told me that the repair centre can only replace the phone with the same model. He also said that he would contact the couriers and request that the delivery be prioritised as urgent and phone me on Wednesday morning with feedback on the delivery.
When I left the shop I went to the regional office where I requested to speak to the operations manager, Almero. He was not in the office and I was assisted to speak to him via phone. I explained my situation to him and expressed my dissatisfaction with the service and the model of Blackberry handset. He told me that he would take this matter up with Blackberry on Wednesday 10 July during the morning and give me feedback.

The handset was returned to the Cell-C repair centre 7 times in 10 moths resulting in it being away for approximately 20 - 28 weeks (almost 7 of the 10 months that I have this handset). I feel that I pay for a specific handset (price of handset included in the contract price) and yet I do not have the handset that I am paying for. Cell-C cannot even provide me with and equal type of handset while mine is away. Every time I have to go to a Cell-C shop to hand the handset in for repairs I have to take time off from work and travel into town at my expense. Everything ads up to a lot of lost time and money spend on travelling up and down.

I would like to know what Cell-C and Blackberry is going to do to resolve this matter to my satisfaction once and for all. I complained to Cell-C customer services via e-mail on Saturday 6 July, with no feedback what-so-ever.
On Wednesday Almero ([protected])phoned me and said that Blackberry would not assist in this matter and also confirmed that a new (white) 9360 was send to the couriers yesterday at 15h00 for dispatch to Bloemfontein. On Friday 19 July I was told that it wasn’t a new handset but a refurbished one.

On Wednesday 10 July I posted this letter via e-mail on your website for attention customer care.
On receipt of the new handset on Wednesday 10 July 11h20, I tried to switch the data between the handset I used while mine was away and the new handset with the aid of the Blackberry desktop manager. The process started normally until the program requested the new handset be connected. At his stage the program indicated that the memory on the new handset was not enough and that I had to de-select some of the applications. As the applications was dismissed it came down to the fact that none would be able to be transferred to the new handset as there was only enough memory on the new handset when all the applications was dismissed. In other words, the switch between the devices could not take place. All applications had to be installed manually and the phone set up as a new one. On installing BB protect the handset froze and had to be rebooted. After re-boot the installation completed but the authentication could not take place. On installing WhatsApp the installation completed but a message appeared stating that there are no cellular connection, full 3 G signal indicated on face, and the handset had to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. The email setting function was inoperative and could not be set up as it could not connect to the BB server. All applications making use of internet connections had difficulty connecting to the relevant servers and around 17h15 this problem suddenly disappeared. During the whole process I would remove my sim card from the 9360 and put it in an 8520 and repeat the actions on the 8520. All processes ran smoothly on the 8520.
After work, 16h50, I took the handset back to Cell-C Mimosa Mall and showed it to the manager, there was nobody available to assist me as the Blackberry consultant in the shop already left for home. On trying to synchronize the handset with my computer the action could not be completed and error code 0x80040fb3 was displayed.

On Thursday 11 July at 08h04 I phoned Almero stating that I was not happy with all the problems this handset was giving me. He asked whether the staff in Mimosa did not assist me in setting up the new device. I stated that I did not now that the BB representative was supposed to assist me and that the staff did not mention it to me. He said that he would get back to me before 13h00 today after he has taken my queries up with the relevant people. At 09h30 people from Cell-C came and picked up the handset. When they returned the phone said that they loaded the software again and tested the handset with no problems. I immediately tried to sync the handset with my computer but could not; the same error code was displayed as mentioned above. I phoned Mimosa branch. I deleted the desktop manager from my computer and installed the 6.1 version again. The same error code still appears. I did phone Cell-C at 11h22 to request that the members who did the software on the handset contact me; at 12h18 nobody contacted me. I phoned Mimosa branch and explained the problem and was told that they could not assist me over the phone and had to come into the branch. At around 13h00 I went to the branch and the BB buddy could not assist me in simulating the problem as he did not have Microsoft Outlook on his computer. He the phoned BB help line and they could not assist either as they told us to do some settings on the handset and the menus they spoke of is not available on the handset. I went home and deleted all my data from Microsoft Outlook. The synchronisation then went thru without a hitch. The moment you make any change on the computer no synchronization can take place as the following error message appears in the screen; “Synchronization Error: An error has occurred during an attempt to update a device database record.” On the morning of 12 July I upgraded my work computer desktop manager to version 7.1 and tried to synchronize my handset with the computer without any success. After deleting all my data from Outlook the sync process went threw without a glitch but when any changes are made on Outlook the process fails with the same error message as above. The same happens when making a change on the handset and trying to carry it over to the computer. The following error message is displayed. (An error has occurred during an attempt to update a device database record.)

On Friday, telephone conversations sometimes did not succeed as the line just faded away and the person on the other side cannot hear me. This happened several times during my conversation with Abrie Ackerman from Blackberry. Sometimes the BBM indicated that the message was being sent but then failed to send.

On Friday at 14h04 Almero phoned to say that Abrie Ackerman would contact me regarding my problem. At 14h33 I contacted Abrie at [protected].
After speaking to Abrie I decided to try and sync my data again. This time the computer did not recognize my handset and the organizer had to be set up again for synchronization. The handset the sync’d perfectly the first time. After making changes on Microsoft outlook, the same problem was experienced as previously.

Two days ago the synchronization completed without a problem. I tried it several times that day and very time there was no problem. On Wednesday 17 July I phoned Abrie and told him that everything went without a hitch. He then told me to try BB link witch I did try. The software recognized the handset and started the 4 step set-up process. During stage two the program tells me that this software does not work with the older handsets (handset software 7 applicable to the 9360).
On arrival at the office on Thursday morning 18 July, I tried to sync my handset with my computer. The same problem was experienced as on 12 July. I sent an e-mail to Abrie stating this problem and phoned him. He told me that he would take it up with his manager and provide me with feedback today. I insisted on having this problem resolved before the weekend.

Abrie forwarded me an e-mail from Nirvan ( Nirvan.[protected] from Blackberry suggesting I try the following links to the web to assist in resolving my issue. This resolution is from BTSC, should there still be problems kindly visit for more help.

I tried the items suggested on the website mentioned and could find no problems on mi Outlook contacts. Abrie was informed about this and he picked up the handset on Thursday after 12h00. He later informed me that he could not solve my problem and that he dropped the handset at Abrie from Cell-C. Later the afternoon Abrie contacted me and said that the handset sync’d perfectly with his computer on several occasions. He also said that when he wanted to sync his BB with his computer that he experienced the same problem. He speculated that the desktop manger did not sync with different handsets on the same computer and that it is a problem between BB and Microsoft which Cell-C could not resolve. I told him that I never experienced this specific problem with the previous four 9360’s and that on all the occasions the handsets was sent away to the repair center I had to swap data between an old 8520 and the 9360 and my computer without any problems. This specific handset is the only one that gives this specific handset. Abrie phoned me on Friday morning stating that they could not find any problem with the handset and that I had to take the matter up with BB as Cell-C only provides the network and they do not have the expertise to solve this problem. He is going to send the handset back to the repair center.

I contacted Abrie from BB and requested contact details for somebody at BB who could assist in resolving this whole issue of the 9360 and all the software problems experienced from day one.

At this stage I feel that nobody is taking this matter seriously and that Cell-C and Blackberry personnel feels that I only complain to make life difficult for them. I sometimes get the feeling that there is not after sale service.

  • He
    Heather Cannon Dec 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The blackberry curve 9360 has the most pathetic battery life! I charge it for a full day, the next day I have to charge it again! This is ridiculous!

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blackberry and redington cheats

I bought a blackberry pearl 9105 and used it for almost an year like any other phone. All of a sudden, the...

regarding not supporting of sim card in blackberry z10


I have purchase a new Blackberry Z10 last week from a retail shop who is authorized distributor of Blackberry handsets in Chandigarh last week.

But since them i am not able to get the sim working in that handset only. I have visited the support office in the city as well as the distributor for the same problem but they are saying that it will not support Reliance Punjab sim card.

This information was not communicated before the purchase, but now they say that Reliance Punjab sim card will not work in Blackberry Z10.

I have purchased this for a huge amount of Rs. 43500. But i am not getting any support from your side, i am visiting daily to the Blackberry care center & the distributor to solve the problem but it is not helping.

lost mobile

Sir, I lost my mobile. Please help me to recover it.

I have lost my blackberry mobile on 30 aug and I have launch a complain in railway police and they have told me they will inform if some one will use the phone my iemi no., nw I came to knw sum one is using phone through bbm service plzzz help me out to find my mobile

Model blackberry 8520

Iemi no. [protected]

Last used no. [protected]

Bbm pin no. 298a1887

  • Pu
    Puja Pokar May 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Name: Puja Pokar
    Phone model:bold 3 9780
    Last used No.:9987541555
    E-mail for communication: [email protected]
    Missed date: 8th march 2011
    IMEI No.:354261049455231

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  • Su
    sunil194 Mar 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have lost my mobile blackberry curve 8520, imei no.358139041377254, pin no 2798d6bb, sr no 70 d4 f2 3e c3 7a, sr no 843163062382, batt no. bat-06860-009

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blackberry mobile lucky draw

Sir my name is mukesh kumar I am received the below mentioned mails from my mail id, it is really true are fake. The message are sent to really reserve bank of india foreigh remittence department/ any other persons. If really true why rbi foreign remittence deptt. Is not transfer to my wining amount to my bank account till date. Am forwarding all the details including my id card, and all the reports from I am received from. Sir I want to who is sending the below mentioned mails. Please contact me on my mobile no.[protected] and my e-mail id is : m. [protected]

blackberry mobile lucky draw
blackberry mobile lucky draw
blackberry mobile lucky draw

blackberry freezing – internet crashing online

Last December i got my first blackberry i was told they were one of the best phones to have so i decided to get one. after only a month of having my blackberry it started to freeze, then after a while it started freezing everyday. i had to keep rebooting it nearly everyday so that i could stay in contact with my friends and family. then the enternet started crashing, i was not able to go online or even send messeges through bbm. i pay for all these things on my blackberry and i do not get any of them anymore. my blackberry recently started running like brand new again.

i was considering getting a new one this year, but then it started doing the same old things: freezing, no internet, my messages wont send and sometimes i cant receive important phone calls. as i said i am paying for these things every month but not getting them. i am just wasting my money!

  • Su
    Sulaiman sherif Aug 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Airtel Blackberry service is very bad.

    Currently i am using BB5 plan in airtel My Number 9840495238 (Blackberry Bold 9700).I am not able to use Blackberry internet when i connect with my Laptop. It's connecting with GPRS internet and deducting amount from my Main Balance.
    If i use java game (or)opera mini Its connecting with GPRS internet.
    what's the use of Blackberry internet service?.only for Emails I need to spend Rs.399 per Month its too bad.
    I am not able to use normal 3G or 2G Plan in Blackberry Mobile. world worst Mobile is Blackberry.

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harassment and refusing to comply with the warranty procedure

I bought a BlackBerry Phone (8520 curve) on October 3rd, Activated it for the first time on Oct 6th and the...

lost of mobile

sir my mobile got lost from bhendi bazar at date=5/2/2012 night 11pm.. mumbai 400003.. police chawki incharge jj police station... mobile model no blackberry curve 8250.. imei no=[protected]... sir please help me get my mobile please... tanx sir

lost of mobile

cell phone instrument repair - turnaround time breached

On the 13/12/2011 I handed in my cell phone for repair. Based on their contractual turn-around time of a maximum of 30 working days for repair, I returned to follow up on progress. 1) The phone had been returned to the branch and nobody had bothered to notify me. 2) It was returned unrepaired and marked "Quote rejected" when no quotation had ever been drawn or communicated with me - even according to their own system records. 3) I was told to hand it back in for repairs and it would take... ANOTHER 30 WORKING DAYS. 4) When I called in to escalate the complaint, the call centre repeated their scripted response that I was to wait another 30 working days - in a tone that said I was an interruption to their business and not the purpose of it. Surely if we are to legally obligated to honour contracts that we sign with these service providers, they are legally obligated to honour their contracts with us? They wouldn't accept a late monthly payment for services (not even by one day) so why do they think it is OK for us to accept late delivery on a product or service that has been timeously paid for? Oh, and why charge us at all when the product that enables the service has been withheld beyond the contractual time frame??? Can someone tell me the best way to take this further because NASHUA MOBILE's website provides absolutely no guidance on customer complaints!!! A little presumptuous don't you think?

  • Ab
    abeer Apr 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i'm from pakistan and send text messages to my relative in usa he receives and sends reply but somtimes he can't see and receive my text mesages.i'm sooo upset.please consider my complaint it's so serious.i called to my network service center but they told that there is no any issue found about my problem the problem is there in other network.

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  • Ge
    getridhs May 17, 2011

    i lost my blackberry curve 8520 IMEI no. 358473038948144 on 16 May 2011. please help me trace the same.

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  • Te
    tems3 May 18, 2011

    if u lost ur cell phone, we can help you if you show your cash memo with IMEI no. of your lost phone only at GII PROGRAM authorised centre anywhere in India.

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  • Rh
    Rheon Aug 02, 2011

    They phoned me about a cell phone contract from Vodacom. I told him I will only take the phone if I can keep my number. When the phone arrived it had a different number and after a day or so they could not sort it out. I phoned them the 15th June and cancelled the contract and wrote down the time and person I spoke to. The 1st of July I phoned again to make sure the contract was cancelled. The lady that answered told me that it still was not cancelled but that she will cancel it immediately. What am I to do?

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  • Nv
    N Visagie Nov 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First repairs on a cell phone, then dealing with an arrogant store manager by the name of Augosteen.

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playbook return fiasco

I bought a Blackberry playbook tablet and within 2 days it developed a image burn-in issue. I called the customer support and they asked me to do number of things like software update to resolve the problem but the result was the same. After calling BB technical support like 5 times and they agreeing the item was defective, and they asked me to call BB customer support for refund. When I called BB customer support I was shocked when they asked me to go over the problem all over again. They finally said I will get a RMA and refund. Amazingly I did not hear any for next few days, when in called again they assured me they will do it within few days. Again no response, so I called again and to my sheer disbelief the customer representative said, my complaint was not with them. After a painful explanation again they have assured that I should receive the return instructions soon.
The most shocking part of this is it has been more than 3 weeks the defective playbook is sitting with me and my money with BB. Its been a customer service fiasco and I would not buy a BB device never again. No wonder with this kind of customer service where BB is headed.