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1800 726 7864 (USA and Canada)
8800 555 5555 (Russia)
444 7711 (Turkey)
1800 228 899 (Malaysia)
1800 588 855 (Vietnam)
1800 726 7864 (Mexico)
+82 222 550 114 (South Korea)
+44 330 726 7864 (United Kingdom)
+61 130 042 5299 (Australia)
+64 800 672 6786 (New Zealand)
+32 22 012 418 (Belgium)
+45 70 701 970 (Denmark)
+31 889 090 100 (Netherlands)
+351 808 207 267 (Portugal)
+41 800 726 7864 (Switzerland)
+852 36 984 698 (Hong Kong)
+63 24 222 111 (Philippines)
+65 69 161 261 (Singapore)
+27 860 726 7864 (South Africa)
+94 115 900 000 (Sri Lanka)
+66 26 893 232 (Thailand)
+54 800 555 7267 (Argentina)
129, Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si
Korea (South)
United States
85 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660, USA

PO Box 303 STN Streetsville, Mississauga, ON, L5M 9Z9

1831 Machelen, Leonardo Da Vincilaan 19E

Evert van de Beekstraat 310, 1118 CX Schiphol 

Iidabashi Grand Bloom, Iidabashi, 2-10-2 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo 102-0071

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Samsung Complaints & Reviews

SamsungElectric Range

Bought a Samsung electric range from Home Depot 1/9. Range was delivered and hooked up today. It did not work delivery crew took it back, said they filed claim and we would receive a call. Called number and was told they have a new range in stock will take another 10 days to be delivered. They offer no expedited delivery for people who received defective product, You are put in the back of the line for another delivery.

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    Feb 23, 2021

    Samsung — Samsung customer service/repair and product

    I dont typically write negative reviews but after the aggravation I now have had to deal with for the ongoing...

    SamsungOrdering and customer service

    Placed two identical orders at Samsung.com for an S21 phone and tab S7+. Should be easy, right?

    Was informed that I could purchase the extended warranty when the product arrived - not accurate. Now, I have to send everything back and order again.

    Was promised the same promotion price as the original order, called, chatted, and email 14 TIMES. At the end of it all, I was told "No refund for the discounted items, only credit to be used at Samsung.com) Mind you I HAVE SEVERAL EMAILS IN WHICH I WAS PROMISED A REFUND, but they refuse to grant it.

    Now, for one of my orders, they are demand that I return the item within 15 days, however, the replacement that order still has not shipped after 2 weeks "Due to weather" Wait a minute...doesn't weather work both ways? In the meantime I am stuck without a phone and/tablet to use for work.

    P.S. Same issue with the S10 I ordered 16 months ago - bait and switch on the price. Figured everyone is entitled to one mistake, but APPLE - HERE I COME!!!

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      Samsungsamsung refrigerator model RF22K9581SG/AA

      I bought the so called top end of refrigerators the samsung with the huge tablet screen on the front. I was so proud to show it off to friends and family when i entertained until the time came to get ice!!! It would always be out and i couldnt understand why a fridge the cost me 4000 bucks could never make ice so i looked up the problem online and found that its horrible manufacturing. The ice jams up in the box and it stops producing ice. The trick is to get a blow dryer and defrost the box and after i do this it makes ice for a day of so then it stops again. This is highly unacceptable from a 4000 dollar machine!!! I need samsung to stand by their name and make this right asap!!!

      samsung refrigerator model RF22K9581SG/AA

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        Feb 17, 2021

        Samsung — Refrigerator quality, customer service

        My husband and I purchased a Samsung 4 door model refrigerator Model RF2339011SR/AA from our local store in...

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        Feb 10, 2021

        Samsung — Galaxy buds

        I bought my galaxy buds from raya shop - samsung authorized agent in cairo - egypt 45 days back and after few...


        My stove-top knob broke. The stove is out of warranty but is only about a year and a half old. The replacement knob will cost over $103.00 ! This is to replace a poorly made product. The inside of the knob is made of a cheap plastic. This price is clearly ridiculous.

        In good conscience I can not recommend Samsung products. Because as of right now I have not had a good experience.

        Madeline Forlai


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          SamsungRequest to know samsung china mainland complaint email address

          To whom it may concern,

          This is a Samsung China mainland customer writing the email, and I want ask for help from you to forward my question to China Mainland complaint department leadership team, cause I have no trust on the tel commissioner.
          I want to vent my experience because I am too frustrated with the product and their customer service:
          1. I bought a Samsung galaxy Z Fold 2, and in the app (called Samsung assistant)sales promotion, I can apply for a galaxy watch 3 LTE edition as gift. I applied the gift and type my receiving address in the app (on Jan.15 or 16), and did further confirm after 7 working days (on Jan. 26) from the first application date following the rules shown in the app without any caution or warning to me. According to the rules, the watch will be sent to me within 7 working days. However, I didn't get any update since then. On Feb. 2, I made call to samsung for the first time, and get the answer I am not qualified because I bought the phone online. There is no related rule statement on the app page (attached picture, as comparison, I also upload similar promotion page in app for note 10+, while the page of note 10+ say that this campaign is only for customer offline) and there isn't any limitation or rules statement during my whole apply process
          2. The other thing that made my experience horrible is the Samsung customer service. First when I decide to make a call, I have to make decision by myself because Samsung club transfer me to the online shop, the online shop told me it has nothing to do with them. I then called the samsung electronic customer service (CS) and was told they only in charge of tech & usage related affairs. I then insist the CS should help me to coordinate and solve the problem, then each time I got a new answer and it still has no progress until now
          3. One thing made me really confused and angry is I want to get the e-mail address for further communication and detailed picture upload, but the CS told me they have a e-mail box but can not provide to me. I ask them again and again do you have rules stating that they can not provide the adress to customer and only got the same answer they can not provide. They were extremely aggresive on the phone and seems no will to help me further.

          Hope you can help me forward my concern to China mainland related departments, really appreciate for your help!
          Thanks & Regards,

          Request to know samsung china mainland complaint email address
          Request to know samsung china mainland complaint email address

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            Model: ME19R7041FS
            Serial #: 0BQK7WTM800749E

            We purchased a BRAND NEW HOME and when we moved in the control panel cover was badly scratched. I tried talking to one of your representatives and she basically told me that there was nothing we could do because we don't have the receipt. The builder will not phone us back in order to get the receipt. The touch pad looks awful - I don't know what they did to it, but we would very much like to have a nice, clear new touch pad. I'm extremely upset with Samsung and am looking to you for help.

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              Feb 01, 2021

              Samsung — Refrigerator model erf28m9580

              Here's a copy of the CHAT I had because I was passed around and got no assistance from Support. Support just...

              SamsungGalaxy S20

              I purchased this handset new direct from Samsung France 24/7. It suffers from very poor network performance admittedly in the rural area in which we live which has poor reception. Always dropping the signal. Consequently I've had to resort to using an old battered iPhone 8 which does work without issue and is reliable. Okay these issues are a fact of everyday life when using tech items. I contacted Samsung 4th January but despite numerous calls to both FR and the UK (who don't want to know and specialise in busk passing despite the fact I'm English) not one person within the Samsung organisation has bothered to take ownership of my problem or even done what they promised to do. I received an email from Simona 13/01/2021 suggesting they send out a return label but despite several replies to this email I've still heard nothing. I confirm that I've made sure all software updates are current and have also carried out a full factory reset. All to no avail. Certainly It's the last Samsung product I ever buy!

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                SamsungCell phones

                The Samsung A20 I have worked well at first. Plenty of storage and room enough for the apps I liked to have on the phone, this despite over 650 megabytes of bloatware from Samsung.

                There was once over 1.5 gigabytes of storage available until T-Mobile and a random third part began to add bloatware as well.

                Now, even after removing four apps used almost daily there is less that a gigabyte of free storage, not enough to do anything with when it comes to updating apps.

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                  SamsungPayment not received to my bank.

                  Transaction failed in Samsung Pay ID:[protected]
                  Amount was debited and credit was failed.

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                    SamsungNote 8 phone

                    I have owned 2 note 8 phones. The first one totally died one year after I purchased it. I lost all info, photos and contacts. Samsung sent me another note 8. Great I thought. WEll, the battery went south, swelled up and cracked the case and killed the phone. I went to 3 places to try to get my information, photos and contacts downloaded and all three places told me the phone information was not retrievable due to the damage created by the battery.

                    So no hove no phone and will warn all the people I can that Samsung phones are trash. I was told by the repair places I visited that I was luck y the phone had not burst into blames in my pocket.

                    Thanks alot Samsung. Your phones are crap and I am out of a phonel

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                      Jan 26, 2021

                      Samsung — Refrigerator model # RF25HMEDBWW

                      Our fridge is about 5 yrs old & for the last 15-18 months the ice maker/H20 unit hasn't worked...

                      Samsungnot receiving the free TV like they promised

                      Good Day

                      I upgraded in Dec 2020.
                      Sent proof of TV account paid up to date. (attached below again)
                      Yet you still deny me getting the FREE TV with the phone upgrade I had. Ref: 425xjpehn)

                      I have phoned on numerous occasions asking for someone to phone me back to see what problem is, but no one, not even a supervisor like I asked for, calls me back.

                      I spoke to Saiph again this morning Tue19 Jan, but yet, still no joy.
                      I send emails on 21 Dec to verify, yet nothing.
                      I spoke to Zunaid today Friday 22, no joy, also go escalate like everyone else.
                      Teamlead again not avail. They never are.

                      I now giving one more chance to resolve this before I take it up with the ombudsman as I have never ever received such bad service ever and I was a full believer in Samsung, but now, not again.

                      As I''ve told the customer care before, the email used was [protected]@gmail.com
                      I don''t often use it, that''s why I use this one.

                      Pls, respond and honor your deal.

                      Ursula Wright

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                        SamsungSamsung washing machine

                        This washing machine was bought new in Nov 2019. With only 2 adults living here, we do not have a large number of loads/week. Today I started a medium sized load and the machine filled up and started without a problem. Now the machine is only humming, with water sitting in the tub. The machine will not spin and appears to be unable to pull water or run a cycle. I called Samsung today and they were not able to help. I do not feel that I should have to pay for repairs on a machine that is only 14 months old.

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                          Samsung South AfricaMy double door fridge

                          I have been trying to get samsung to come out and fix my fridge for the last 7 days. Please call the call centre yourself and see how bad the quality of the lines, how you get cut off, nobody gets back to you, don't collect the correct information
                          I now am in a position where I have to call a non samsung service provider to come fix my fridge. The service comes nowhere close to the brand. I have had such good service from the product and now that I need someone to help samsung cannot help me I have to call a general service provider.
                          I will think twice again before I buy another samsung product if this is the service I am going to get from samsung

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                            Jan 14, 2021

                            Samsung — Samsung s6 galaxy tablet with pen and customer service

                            I spent months saving up for my treat, and bought a twenty thousand rand, Samsung galaxy S6 tablet with...


                            As the one year warranty was up this piece of crap went south. I have since paid the cost of another dishwasher in repairs alone. I have now spent the cost of another dishwasher to replace it. I also bought your washer & dryer & have had problems with your dryer. Because the problem is intermittent I am unable to get it even looked at. Get out of the home appliance business because your products are useless. I have relayed this to the store I bought your products from & to the store I have bought replacement products from & to everyone I know.

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