Maytagfront load washing machine

U Oct 12, 2019

I have used Maytag washers for then i purchased one of your front loading machines after ge started building them, All you get now is the name Maytag, You no longer get a quality machine like you did. I will never buy another maytag machine or any other maytag appliance again.GE you sure did ruin a good name for washing machines, I should tell you what to do with them, but one is probally all that could be forced up there anyway. You have a bunch of sorry good for nothing so-called engineers. Where did you find them ? in a cracker jax box? No they would have been too cheep even for cracker Jax would have degraded their tattoos that you wet and stick on your kid's arm. such a waste of sheet metal and plastic to build these machines. I hope you all rot in hell for building such pieces of [censored].

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