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constantly needs repairs and doesnt clean dishes

We purchased a Maytag Quiet Series 300 in December of 2004 from The Brick, for around $1200 ca. We also purchased the extended warrenty program, which cost A LOT, and didnt really solve our problem of having a Lemon in the long run. The dishwasher has never really cleaned the dishes without cleaning them before putting them in. It also has many parts made of plastic, including the rollers that support all the weight of the dishes on each of the three racks and the main handle assembly, aswell. We have had the warrenty repair man here so many times, that last time he came, he told us we were at our max. allowable amount for our extra warrenty repairs. Under the "Lemon Clause" in the program we had, we were supposed to recieve a new machine once max was reached, but there was some kind of "way around it for them, this one last time". And now here we are 2 months after Extended Warrenty expires too and the handle breaks, the dishwasher is stuck closed and full of dirty dishes, the rollers are cracking, and I need to pay a repair man again at $100 an hour, plus parts! A Maytag rep. told me when I phoned to lodge a complaint that it is 5 years old, I should expect to be doing repairs on it regulary. I would understand if this was the first repair, or the second, but its been more than yearly and ongoing for the whole time I have owned it. What kind of a company cant stand behind their major household products for even 5 years??? I know my Grandma's Appliances lasted WAY longer than 5 years!

atlantis washer

My wife and I bought my Maytag Atlantis Washer (MAV7600AWW) and the spin and drain cycles have not been working properly. My wife never knows when she will have to run the rinse or spin cycle again because the machine didn't spin the cloths dry or worse, the machine did not even drain the water out of the tub! I had service tech come out in Dec. 09 and checked the machine and said the pump & transmission were fine but suggested we change the belt on the machine which we did. We still have the same problems. This is ridiculous that the machine that cast about $600 and is only 6 years old is junk. We just went out and purchased a front loader by LG to replace this defective product and it is awesome! Cloths come out almost dry and you can barely hear the machine running. We are done with Maytag/Whirlpool products! Not sure what to do with the old washer now, throw it out and then find that Maytag will recall or fix the problem?
It’s sitting in my garage for now.

non working or missing parts

we purchased a refridgerator day after thanksgiving 2009. we got the product home plugged it up "followed instrcutions" to allow 3days of ice making before we used the water n ice to clean out the lines n filter to properly flush then came the big moment to get ice, it came out crushed on all settings, a repair man showed up talked BAD about the product and HIGHLY on his pot bellied pig. he then left and for 2months nothing we contacted the store we purchased it from they ordered another one as they were rolling it out the door it rang bells from underneath the thing i had to again lug this second frig up the stairs again as i was unpacking it i noticed it was missing a shelf bracket on the lowe right hand side on the vegetable tray so again i lugged it back to the store and leaving my groceries in coolers on the kitchen floor for which were out all day so my experience with your product is very disheartning so they did give me my money back but i am out of time-money-gas and a frustrated wife on my back for this sorry quality control check point personnel that you hired to put out a great excuse me BAD PRODUCT look at the over all product the bends and folds even suck. please contact Eli @ [protected] he is the manager we dealt with he has seen exactly what i am saying in this letter to be TRUE. also you can hear the water as it flows thru the lines it burps-gurggles and pisses it sounds loud, i would like for you to contact me and let me know what changes are going to be done and how are you going to gain me back as a satisfied CUSTOMER. i can be reached at [protected] and i am Mr. J. Bean

poor quality washing machines

I purchased a Maytag Washer (ModelMAV208DAWW) and Dryer(ModelMDE308DAYW) on 05/04/2006. On 12/27/2009 the washer went out, after looking at the machine it was decided that we needed a new motor. Well here is where the complaint begins, Why after 3yrs, 7mos, and 23 days would I have to put a new motor in a machine? I take care of the machine, keep it clean, clean under, etc.. My husband is also a Laundry Specialist at his job, so as you can see we do take care of our appliances. I was not going to write this letter but after deciding to purchase a NEW machine instead of repairing my 3 yr, 7 mos, and 23 day old machine, I got VERY angry that I was even having to spend more money. My parents have had their Maytag for over 43 years and when my husband and I went to purchase our First Washer/Dryer as Newly Weds, my parents said get a Maytag they last FOREVER!!! Well I guess they just don't make 'em like they used to... I did NOT purchase a Maytag this time around and when my Dryer goes out, I will NOT replace it with Maytag. Money is VERY tight and when you spend money on appliances, you expect them to last more than 3 yrs, 7 mos, and 23 days. I have a VERY BIG mouth and I will tell EVERYONE I know to NOT purchase MAYTAG. Thank you for your time and I hope that you work hard to try to make a BETTER product in the future so that people who work hard for their money do not have to purchase a NEW Washer after 3 yrs, 7 mos, and 23 days.

Kimberly Mooney

  • Ka
    karl rider Jan 24, 2010

    We just replaced Maytag washer & dryer that were bought new in 2004, over the 5 years we had many breakdowns: timer, motor, transmission, small parts failure, pump... small household and thought of Maytag as "dependable", not for us.

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  • Di
    Dianaaa Feb 26, 2010

    My Maytag washer is 3 1/2 years old. We thought the belt had broken and the repairman came - charged us $70 to look at it and informed us that the seal had leaked and destroyed all the parts below it. It would cost $380 to fix it!
    The motor is still in perfect condition but we have to scrap the whole thing. I just bought a used Kenmore. Would NEVER buy a Maytag again!

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  • Be
    Betrayed Customer Jun 07, 2011

    I was the owner of a the Neptune Washer and Dryer set. It is no longer a set. The washer had to be disposed of. The washer motor was burning hot even though the washer had not been in use for more than a week. The repairman diagnosed it and could replace the part at a $449 cost. The extended warranty I had decided not to repair it but to send me a replacement check for less than half the cost of the washer. My biggest concern is that Maytag was aware that this washer was defective and could have caused a fire in my home had I not unplug it. I trusted Maytag and paid more than$1, 000 for that washer. I am asking for a remedy of at least $500 and not a voucher to purchase another Maytag. I felt betrayed and mislead especially since the description claims "built to last." This claim does not reflect the Maytag reputation. The washer was not even 5 years old. Maytag is neglect for not communicating/alerting all consumers who have the washers in their home when they were well aware of the hazard and defect of the motor running hot and essentially causing a fire. There should have been a national recall and stopped the sales of these washers years ago. Good thing I purchased an extended warranty but it was not enough to purchase another front load HD. Maytag has lost its luster!

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maytag skybox fridge/ vending machine

my maytag skybox that i have is five years old, and the fan that circulates the air inside of the cooler i...

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parts unavailable

We purchased a MayTag Epic Z front loader washing machine in October, 2008, from Gray's Appliance in Melrose, MA. In November, 2009, the machine broke. On December 23, 2009, Gray's came to service the machine and ordered parts. It needs a counterweight, bellows and pump. Well the parts are still on back order and maybe they will be in the 1st week of February. We had owned a MayTag Neptune before buying this one. We will never buy a MayTag again. MayTag use to be quality product years ago. We also bought the five year protection contract from Expert Protection.

bleach stains

I have a Maytag Washer and last year it began leaving bleach stains on my color clothes. Sears Service...

I want to return washer and dryer

I have had my washer and dryer since 3/23/09...I have techs out here 3 times...I have tried everything I know...

rip off company! be aware!!

I like many others was going to purchase an extended service contract with DEPENDABILITY PLUS; I won’t even place the Maytag name in front being Maytag has nothing to do with them They’re a 3rd party company using the Maytag name for business (which Maytag/Whirlpool should put a stop to). First off the company is a complete rip off! I wouldn't trust them to throw dirt on a casket if we were grave diggers !

I was on the Maytag website and noticed the extended contract was cheaper than what was offered when my husband and I purchased our new washer/dryer set. So we decided to go ahead and extend online. After submitting all of my information including payment I received an error message stating there was an error in getting my conformation code but it will be emailed to me within 24-48 hrs. Something seemed a bit odd so I called and spoke with the 1st rep. who also seemed a bit odd and off when she quickly looked me up and was so eager and happy to say "Oh no payment's gone through I can take that now for you!". Was she serious, I mean did she really think that I was going to pay again twice? May I add that upon calling them the 1st time I was placed on hold so too many times to remember because they had incorrect information in "their system" on me such as address, purchase date names and numbers! I couldn't figure out how the even had my address listed as a PO Box when I've never contacted them before. So after getting all of that straight (so I thought), I hang up with the off the wall money hungry rep., I wait a few minutes them I call back because something didn't seem right. Now the 2nd rep. tries to verify my mailing address for security reasons...uh this is very interesting. So after he looks up the account in "their system” I’m on hold again!

Here we go ROUND 2! Once again they have incorrect information, so I'm on hold again and all of a sudden we're disconnected. I call back for ROUND 3! Rep. Number 3 who name begins with V seems to be legit. I explain to her the issue (3rd time doing so in 1 hr). She then tells me the company has been experiencing web issues. After this blah-blah-blah she quotes me an over the top price which is obviously way more than what I thought I was paying for online. I then tell her that's way more than online and asked why. So after some more blah-blah she and a supervisor agree to honor the online price if the payment didn't go through online. I was then instructed to give it a couple of days and call back if I don't get the confirmation email. I take the reps name just in case someone all of a sudden develops a case of amnesia. Ok so I wait and wait and wait, a week later still no confirmation email. I go back to the site which doesn't even let you get further than entering what type of appliance you want a quote on before giving a website error message. Here we go again ROUND 4! I call and immediately tell the rep. that unfortunately gets my call that I would like to leave a message for V. being she took my call and was familiar with the situation.

Mr. Jarred then goes on talking about how he’s the only Jarred there and the name his name is slowly becoming popular because of the Subway guy…hush who really cares! So Jared tries to sell me an extended contract costing more than the online site and more than what all 3 reps quoted to me last week! WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS! Here we go again, after going through the entire story again he tells me they can't honor the price, I say yes a rep. and supervisor told me on XX date that it will be honored they would have to handwrite in the price. Once I say that he all of a sudden remembers...oh yeah thank you for saying that, yes they can. He puts me on hold then comes back telling me oh my supervisor says we can't. I tell him put your supervisor on the line! ROUND 5! She gets on and once again I explain the situation she says the same blah-blah, I tell her put her supervisor on because she's not making any sense to me!

Here we go ROUND 6! This lady whose name I won’t mention but it does begin with MAR and end in LENE. So she gets on the phone trying to say whatever while cutting me off whenever I try to speak! Now by this time I have an outer body experience and let her have it while still being the professional that I am. I tell her it's time out for her to be talking to me she needs to listen because I'm the paying customer! She gives me the same old blah-blah then says a reps. word doesn't hold up...uhh ok! I let her know that I will add to the 200 something complaints already placed on their company within the past 4 months to the BBB. I also let her know that I hate handling business over the phone especially when the person on the other end isn't in the same state or location because you always get the round around and that I like to say what I have to say in your face so nothing gets twisted. She apologizes for me feeling that way and says she will discuss this at the morning meeting to see what can be done but doesn't guarantee anything...well go freaking figure! By the way they never put me through to Valerie's line saying at first they couldn't when I was told they could, then after I pointed that out to them they tried to say they didn't know who she was then covering that up by saying well she's not in today.

ROUND 7! So Marlene calls me back the next morning with more blah-blah, when she finishes I then try to tell her that It's ok because my we've decided not to go with their rip off company and will contact BBB she tries once again to cut me off so I say what I have to then as politely let her discuss anything further with my dial tone!! TKO I'm so done with those idiots and will write a complaint on every complaint board that I can find! My advice read the complaints and DON'T PAY THEM ANYTHING, THEY ARE RIP OFFS!

broken door latch and wont clean dishes

I also have a maytag quiet series 300 and I am having the same problem.. Door latch broke 2 yrs after buying it and it doesn't clean the dishes well you would figure after running heavy cycle for 2 hrs you would be able to see yourself .. We bought it at homedepot im not happy with this product and we paid the extra because my old one was a maytag and older than the hills so we figured maytag was a good name pffft..

  • Sy
    sye Dec 27, 2011

    EXACT same thing happened, nearly 2 years of moderate use and the door latch broke last week. As of today, it's completely shot. It heats, but won't spray water. I really want to encourage anyone else who's stuck with one of these to go on Twitter and Facebook to let the world know what crap Maytag cranks out anymore. They used to be a brank to be trusted, but no longer! NEVER again will I buy their brand and will share my experience with any and everyone.

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lots of problems

We bought this washer about a year and a half ago. I paid alot of money for it. We have had one problem after another. The problems started a few months after we purchased it. It won't drain alot of the time. Sometimes the door locks and the clothes sit in water and you can't get the door to unlock to get them out. It will say nd and not drain. I have had the pump replaced. That did no good at all. It still doesn't work. I can't put more that 4 towels at a time in it, if the door unlocks, then when you pull them out the water is running off of them and I have to wring them out by hand to put them in the dryer. It will say suds and shut off. I have to turn it back on several times to rinse/spin only then hope it will drain. Their is standing water in the washer. It also has a swampy, moldy smell coming from the washer and makes the clothes smell. I paid alot of money for this washer, and it is junk. They had a recall on this washer saying they were having problems with water leaking into the components causing fires. They sent us a GFI plug to plug to put between the washer plug and the electric outlet. They didn't fix the problem (possible water leakage), they just put a band aid on it. What about all the other problems with this machine? Maytag should stand by their products and reimburse us for the washer or give us a new one that works.

  • Bo
    bob7777777 Jan 03, 2010

    Well, just experienced the water leaking and shorting problem. Any one know what I just blew up. I heard and smelled something electrical short and now the washer MAH8700 won't work. Any tips from anyone?

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  • Kw
    kwilson18 Jun 22, 2013

    I have all the same problems with mine as well. Bad smells even though I clean it two times a month with vinegar and leave the door open faithfully. Most expensive washer I have ever had and yet it is the worst quality and most problems!

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doesn't clean dishes

We have a Maytag Quiet Series 300 dishwasher and it does not clean the dishes. How can you get the bottom strainer off to clean the holes. They are all gumed up.

piece of crap after 1 1/2 yr

I also bought a Maytag quiet series legacy 300. It was part of a 3 appliance package. It did not last more than 1.5 years. It is now a dish rack in my newly purchased home. What a shame. I wish I knew then, what I know now. Maytag is also a cheese manufacturer. Mostly Blue Cheese. Hope no one gets sick on that crap like the bad performance I have received from this washer. I will never and hope none of you ever, purchase this product. BTW. The replacement parts are no longer manufactured. So sucks to be us. No repair! if you find the part. It will cost you more than the friggin machine cost! Have a great day MAYTAG. Now I know why your man never does anything. He doesn't have to!!! Machines die, no repair possible, or warranty expires! Like the Maytag!!!

cannot repair

Good Morning, it is too bad I have to send this email as your Brand has always been a favourite in our family's households. While I understand this is not directly your problem as the manufactures warranty has expired it is a slight on your brand which I feel you may have interest in helping resolve.
I will not bore you with the gory details but we are currently in a battle with Comerco (extended Warranty) over replacement of the dryer purchased at Home Depot in 2006. The Dryer hashad several repairs over the short life including two drums and a control panel and finally they could not find a third drum which is out of round and again another control panel. So Comerco the aftermarket warranty compant supporting Home Depot said they would replace it and here is the last chain of emails as of this morning:
Subject: Rush TR: VERY ANGRY! dryer replacement
Importance: High

Good morning Mrs.
I have transferred this email to the replacement department who is the only department that can help you when it's concerning a replacement file. Someone should be in contact with you; this email has been transferred directly to her so that she can take care of you(you are in cc).

Agente, Service à la clientèle, Centre Contact
Agent, Customer Service, Contact Center
Est-ce nécessaire d’imprimer ce courriel ?
Is it necessary to print this e-mail?

Envoyé : 5 novembre 2009 13:12

Objet : VERY ANGRY! dryer replacement, who authorized the replacement? We have a Neptune piece of ### dryer that quit working last. They finally delivered the dryer, it is completely wrong its an apartment size dryer! The guy is just here I am not going to accept this. I have talked to Maytag and they told me to talk to you because the replacement authorization came from you. I am rejecting the delivery as we speak and I want this sorted out ASAP!
I want a dryer and I want it now! OR I will go and purchase a dryer and charge Maytag

If you care at all about your Brand and customer satisfaction you will take notice and try to help us resolve this otherwise disregard and lose a future generation of Maytag customers.

Sorry for the long email and thanks for listening.

dishwasher mdbh945

I want to thank everyone on here who has submitted their complaints, suggestions, and irritations regarding the maytag dishwasher Quiet Series! Mine is a MDBH945, and recently it just stopped working. Actually, the START button would not acuate. The others would let me choose a program, however that much needed start button wouldn't get the game going. After a few days of lengthy research, on phone chats with Maytag techies, it was brought to my attention the control board and/0r the membrane board needed to be replaced. I was at my wits end testing all the circuits, ohms-ac/dc...I bought this machine to avoid having to work on it for God sake! Nevertheless, here I was...after reading further on this site...it occured to me that to avoid more hassel, not to mention costs, it was going to be far worth purchasing another machine by an obviously DIFFERENT company! As on last ditch effort, I decided to do the "mommy" spit shine on the ribbon that connects the the 2 boards. Who would have thought a good ole fashion finger scrub would fix the problem? My husband and I were both amazed that a bit of mommy spit on a mommy finger to clean the stupid ribbon would provide the means necessary to fix the problem! Yippee! Problem fixed~ Machine is working perfect! Oh I am sure its final demise is near, however the new dishwasher savings jar has now been implemented. Goodbye Maytag! I should charge you for simple discovery, instead of you charging me service calls!

service contract non coverage

I purchased my Maytag Dryer Model# MDE4806AYW in Dec. 0f 2005 (less than 4 years ago). 2 days ago is started making a screaching, grinding noise (like metal on metal). I called the number indicated on my service contract and was told it was not covered because it was still functional. Because it would still dry my clothes, I was supposed to run it until it no longer functioned, with the possibility of a causing a fire. I am totally appalled at this. I will not be renewing my contract when it comes due in December. What a waste of money!! I thought Maytag was supposed to be so dependable...buyer BEWARE! No wonder the Maytag repair man isn't busy...he never gets sent out on service calls because it's not covered.

did not provide protection

We purchased the Maytag newptune approx eight years agao. Within a month, the mother computer board went. Within the first year the mother board went again. Both times it was serviced promptly but because of these problems, we purchased the Maytag Dependability Plus Extended Service Plan. We have had occassion to use it about three times in the last few years. On the last renewal of the plan (previously bought two one yr plans for approx $76 each), we purchased the three yr plan for approx $300. I called because the machine sounded like a freight train going thru the house. I was told until it stopped working it wasn't broken and would not service it. I waited a couple of weeks and called back and told them clothes were not wringing out. The tech came and said the machine could not be fixed. The drum was almost totally disconnected from whatever it is suppose to be connected to and it needed ball bearings. With the Plan, it would cost us $1000 approx to get fixed. I don't get it "why would this cost $1000 with the plan". I consider my $300 stolen by an unreputable company. This washer was a piece of junk from the beginning and so isn't the Maytag Dependability Plus Extended Service Plan.


I purchased two "Maytag" Dehumidifiers. They both had 5 year warranties. In less than 5 years they both quit working with compressor problems. When I contacted Maytag, they said the dehumidifiers were made be Fedders under the Maytag name. Fedders has gone bankrupt and Maytag will not support the warranty. In the fine print in the user guide it says the warranty is a Fedders, not Maytag warranty.

Beware of buying anything Maytag! You have to read the fine print to find whether it is a Maytag product. If it's not Maytag, they won't support the warranty. They have done this with more than dehumidifiers. I have also learned that they have done it with air conditioners among other products. The Maytag name in a product doesn't mean it is manufactured and warranted by Maytag, now a part of Whirlpool.

dirty dishes

How to resolve the problem with dirty dishes if you own a Maytag Quiet Series 300.

I am submitting this in the hope that it helps people who are having this problem and it is a relatively easy task to do.

1. Disconnect the applicance from power. (Very Easy)
2. Remove the dish racks. (Very Easy)
3. At the base of the unit remove the fixtures which hold the cleaning blade. (Very Easy. You can also take a digital picture or a marker if you have any reservations where to put the screws back)
4. Pull out the filter. It is a circular rim about 9 inches in diameter.
5. Clean the filter with some strong acidic cleaning fluid. Please note you have to squirt the cleaning fluid into the filter as it does not open. This is very easy as there are two inlets. Please spend the time to clean the filter until it is as clean as you can get. This is ever so easy but it is essential.
6. Assemble the dishwasher back.
7. Power on and you should be set.

Alternatively you can look to buy a new filter. But save the money and clean it yourself and do not call a serviceman in and waste $65,

If this works for you please email me and let me know. I would be bvery pleased to hear that it helped.

scam charges

I was given Maytag Appliance Services' number(by Thermador) to contact to service my Thermador extractor. They said it was $137.95 for the service call which would be applied to the repair job.

The repair man said he would have to return because it was a two man job and they would have to order parts.
Five weeks later having not heard from Maytag I called and was told they would check on parts and call me back within twenty-four hours.

Two weeks later having still not heard from Maytag I call and am told one part is in and they will check on the other part and call back.

One week later having again not heard from Maytag I call and am told by a supervisor, much to my astonishment, that Maytag no longer service Thermador and no parts were ever ordered! However, I am told someone will call me with a solution.

The next day Maytag due actually call me and leave a message (which I still have) on the answering machine stating that they will credit the charge back to my credit card. Three weeks later I call Maytag and ask them why the charge still has not been credited back to my card.

Maytag tell me that they are unable to credit the charge back to my credit card and that they must send my refund in the form of a check! Furthermore since they mail their refund checks out on a Friday and it being Saturday and furthermore I should allow seven to ten days for the check to reach me!

Now I did do the math and I did realize that this would put me just beyond the ninety days that the credit card company gives you to dispute the charge but inspite of the "run around" Maytag had already given me, the operator sounded soo sincere and I still could not believe that a company as large and as I thought at the time, reputable, would stoop to such unethical practices as to continually lie to a customer in order to string them along past the ninety days so as to not have to return money charged for a service they chose not to perform.

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