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In early March, my wife and I decided on a project to bring life into our kitchen.  We met with countless contractors, companies and installers, but when we met Melissa via the Virtual Design Meeting, we had a good feeling about using Lowes for our remodel.  Melissa was friendly, helpful and asked a lot of good questions so that she could understand how we envisioned our kitchen to not only look, but function.  We loved her draft design and to top it off, Melissa was able to get the cost within our budget. Ready to proceed with the project with Lowes, we happily paid the $49 measurement fee on 3/29/22 and that is where everything went downhill.  The contractor who came to measure took all of 15 minutes and when my wife let him know we would be extending the cabinets he brushed her off by saying that she needed to deal with Lowes.  On 4/11/22 after not hearing anything from Melissa, we emailed her and received the following response: “After reviewing the installer’s measurements last week, I realized that they did not provide me with the overall ceiling heigh where the cabinets will be. I requested this information and just checked for the update. Since there is no way that they can determine what type of structure might be inside of the soffit, they cannot provide me with a measurement until the soffit is removed by others( or yourself) and then they will be able to remeasure to ensure accuracy before cabinets are ordered.   Let me know when you have that completed and they will go back out to re measure.” We have had three other companies come in to measure and we have not had this issue with any other contractor.  My response to Melissa was that we were not willing to demo our kitchen for the sake of a measurement, but would open a small area for the installer to look at.  Melissa advised that while our response was understandable, it was “at the installers discretion”, and she would “confer with her supervisor”.  We emailed Melissa again on 4/13/2022 & 4/15/2022 and was advised that she was trying to find a new installer to get a ceiling measurement and our case had been “escalated up the chain for resolution”. At this point we are also notified that Melissa was leaving the design team and someone else will be assisting us.  On 4/18 we received an email from Ashley Weaver saying nothing about our situation, but that a new designer will contact us.  4/19/2022 Bethany Scruggs is assigned to us and, having clearly no idea what’s happening, emails that “It looks like you have a completed design and had the installer out to measure. Do you know if Melissa has revised your design, if needed, after the installer measured? And if so, has she sent you final pricing?”  As you can imagine, at this point we are just flabbergasted.  We did respond to Bethany letting her know what the current issues were but received no response.  A second “hey what’s going on” email was sent to her on 4/22/2022 where we were advised that Bethany had “reached out to the District Manager to see if there is another installer in your area that we can send out. Once I receive a response I will let you know if I have another installer to send out. I do apologize for the inconvenience”.  And (as usual) we have had no follow up! My wife and I are really dissatisfied with how Lowes handled this project.  With all these dropped balls, its safe to say that Lowes Kitchen Design team is completely disorganized.  Why would you risk losing customers who were ready to sign?  None of it makes any sense.  At this point, if we do not have a comparable resolution as soon as possible, we will be contacting our credit card company to dispute the $49 charge and move on to a different design company for our remodeling needs. 

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