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I am submitting this letter as a formal complaint regarding the Lowes Home Improvement Center in Clermont Florida.
I am a Residential Contractor and I shop for a many products for home renovations at Lowes Home Improvement.
This letter is in response to an incident that happened today at the Lowes store in Clermont Florida 34711.
I had come in the store a couple of days ago and a nice gentleman helped me look up bathroom and kitchen sinks. I saw some models that I liked and I wrote down the dimensions to make sure they would fit.
I came into the store today 04/29/11 at 3-3:45 to place an order for two copper sinks. There was a different salesperson in the department named Steve. He had dark hair and spoke with an accent. I asked him for help and he pointed down the isle as if he was headed somewhere and walked away. This took some time and when he came back thru, I again asked for his help with the book that I had been shown before and he just pointed to the books on the desk and told me to look in the Kohler book. I did this and then I asked him for the Store book with prices and he turned away and started talking to someone else. I again waited, this time I again asked him for his help and exactly what I needed and he looked thru some books, mumbled to himself and got up and walked away. I walked over to where he was and again asked for his help and he looked away and completely ignored me. I again looked thru the books trying to help myself and was unable to find the book I had just looked at a couple of days prior. After spending a good 20 minutes or more in the dept I gave up.
I walked over to the customer service desk and asked for assistance, the manager and the customer service number. The customer service lady pointed to the 1-800-44LOWES number and she went to the back offices. She said she told the manager and then she turned and walked away. I stood there and again waited and no one showed. I was thoroughly humiliated. There was a name on the “Manager on Duty Board” and it said that Keith Brown. I wrote down Keith’s number.
I went outside and tried to call the 800 number, but my cell phone does not have the corresponding letters beside the number so I had to go back in and ask for it.
I asked for a customer complaint form which I was not given even though I asked for it several times. A lady came out named Ann Marie and she represented herself as the manager. I asked her why her name was not on the board as manager and she said that Keith Brown opened that day. I let her know that I found this highly irregular and that Mr Keith Brown’s was about to receive a complaint wrongly.
I let her know what happened in the kitchen dept and asked for the corporate address. I had to ask several times since she was reluctant to give it to me. When she came out of the offices with the address written down, another employee named Barbara walked ahead of her in an aggressive manner. Barbara leaned on the counter, looked at me as though she was going to hit me and again in a snide manner asked me what I wanted. I let her know that I needed the corporate address. She then sarcastically repeated “how can I help you!, and then repeated again “how can I help you!.
When Ann Marie gave me the corporate address for complaints (1000 Lowe’s Blvd. Mooresville, NC) I thanked her and turned to leave when Barbara intercepted me behind the cash register and said in a very sarcastic condescending manner “you have a wonderful day!” I said “please” she then repeated several times to my face, and as she walked away “you just have a wonderful day!” I then let another employee that was there know that this was condescending and I did not appreciate it.
I called the corporate number and spoke with Laura who gave me the appropriate corporate address for complaints which is the 1605 Curtis Bridge Rd address.
She told me that she was going to let the store manager know. I let Laura know that I wanted to speak to someone else since I perceived this as ultimately a Management problem. Laura is very nice and let me know that I had to start with the manager of the store. I do not believe that this will bring the problem to resolution since the poor service and malice is ubiquitous.
I have had both good and bad experiences at this store location over the years. This one was one of the worst.
Thank you for your time and consideration with this matter. I look forward to hearing from someone on the corporate level regarding this issue.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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