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Bought a new applaince set from lowes in london kentucky on april of 2021. They informed me it had to he ordered and would take awhile to come in. I took possesion in august of 2021 and purchesed the assurant warranty from lowes. Now may 25 2023 the compressor goes completely out on my fridge. I called the warranty they said we will send out a tech. Guy shows up and notified me the compressor was bad and he doesnt service those. So i called lowes and informed them so they sent out another technician who gave the same diagnosis and he doesnt service them either. So i reached out to lowes again and they sent out a third technician who comfirmed compressor is bad and he doesnt service them. All of this required 3 days off work. So i called lowes back and informed them and they tried to send the first technician out again. I told them no i wanted a replacment so they escallated it to the research team to find me a technician. Not to my suprise they never found one either so. So they approved me to find my own technician which i coudlnt find one that did compressors. So i reached back out and they wanted to send the first technician back out and escallated my claim again its now june 22 almost a month with no refridgerator and they still wont offer to assist me in any way that helps they keep tryinf to send the first technician back out.

Desired outcome: I want a new refridgerator or to be reimbursed to buy a new one